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Nathan Nathan has re-occupied his normal table a glass of beer resting on the table as he people watches taking sips from his beer and relaxing back in his seat since it's late at night and the entertaining drunks are starting to show their true colors now. His beer winds up empty no idea how that could have happened and he lifts it up looking around for a server or to see if the bar's not super packed for him to get it replace with a less leaky glass of beer.
Sarah The door opens on one of the few establishments more active this late at night. The raven haired woman strides comfortably inside, dressed well, in a fine satin dress of green. She makes ber way to the bar with a hip sway and a smile on her plum paintd lips. "Good evening. I would like three shots of tequila in one glass." She settles to the stool confidently, crossing her stocking covered legs. "Is there a placs one might purchase a pistol. Mine was fouled in the wastes on the trip from Nevada?" She asks when he returns with the drink.
Nathan Nathan had decided the bar is likely the best place to go so he vacates his table and makes his way up to the bar. Glancing back at his table he shakes his head as it looks like it's already been taken over by somebody else so instead he settles down on a stool at the bar which happens to be next to the pretty woman asking about a pistol. He motions towards his glass to the bartender before he looks over at Sarah, "Well miss you might be in luck. I happen to seel various items and a few of which are pistols. What kind are you looking for exactly?" The businessman is dressed to impress in a pre-war suit which he pulls off fairly well.
Sarah Sarah smiles, shifting her stool for better angle to speak. "Well, good evening then. I am already in luck, it would seem, Sir. If you happen to have a suitable firearm, doublely so." She offers a soft hand, manicured and tipped with nails that match her lips. "I am Sarah Wayne." She offers and waits for the reciprication. "Something small, simple. I am a healer, so I don't wish to injure my hands. Enough to suggest one shouldn't harm me."
Nathan Nathan takes her offered hand into his own and looks at it, "A pleasure Miss Sarah Wayne. I'm Nathan Jones and I've got a couple of pistols that could work. I think the 9 mm mauser pistol would be perfect for your delicate hands. It's a smaller gun but still has a solid punch. It's a well designed and elegant gun for a beautiful and elegant lady such as yourself. If you'll give me just a moment I've got it upstairs in my room and I can retrieve it for you to look at."
Sarah "A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Jones." Sarah says, letting him hold and measure the hand patiently, her dark eyes remaining on his, "Why thank you, that sounds about perfect. Nine millimeter should be a fine calibre." The hand is slipped back and she takes her glass, "I shall await your return."
Nathan Nathan nods and heads off towards the stairs. Not terribly long after he returns and takes a seat again, setting a box down next to Sarah, "Here you go Miss Wayne. I do believe this would suit your needs best."
Sarah The dark brows rise when she opens the box. "Rather unusual design." She reaches to lift it, checcking for the safety followed by the magazine. A test of the handle and trigger fit. "Execellent, certainly intimidating looking. How much, Mr. Jones?"
Nathan Nathan hmmms and shrugs, "What can you afford to pay? I'll work out a deal with you no issues there. I'd hate for anybody to go defenseless into the wastes doesn't usually work out very well." He watches her as she fiddles with the pistol and nods, "It is an unusual design though a very very antique gun."
Sarah There is a smile and she slips the pistol in the case. "Well, I was looking to save a bit of caps on this investment." Her hand raises and she taps her chin. "Well, it is also interesting to show off. One hundred fifty?"
Nathan Nathan hmms and nods after a moment of thought, "I can do one hundred and fifty for it. Was there anything else you needed?"
Sarah "Fair enough then. That would be all I would require for weapons, or at least I hope." Sarah offers a quick grin as she looks up from the case. "You would not have any utility items, would you?"
Nathan Nathan hmmms and shrugs, "i've got some holo discs but since you'd said you were a healer I doubt you need a Technology disc or deception. I've got an assortment of chems though. And some armor."
Sarah "I would need a Pip-Boy, which I do need. Perhaps after I see about one of those? As to the armor. If you had something really light?" Sarah offers, "I do have other training, and I did train in New Reno, so I learn the local skill. But, I am a Followers certified doctor, I am trained in advanced medical tech."
Nathan Nathan nods a bit, "I don't have a pip-boy for sale right now. Have a leather chestpiece that might fit you it's not very heavy and would protect your vital assets." He looks at her a bit and hmmms, "Which local skills did you learn in New Reno? That's one of the stops I make with my caravan."
Sarah "I might get back to you about the chestpiece as well." Sarah lifts her drink and grins, "Too your health." The raven haired lady offers, "I am known there by the name of Sarah Cortana, such classics as 'Cortana Rides Again, and Again,' and 'Deep Deposits.' I also worked at 'Silver Linings.'" She puts the glass down, tapping for a repour. "Not that I really mind admitting it, it can be quits theraputic, paid for medical training."
Nathan Nathan takes a sip from his beer, "And to your health as well." as she talks about... Then he blinks and looks at her again, "Oh you did seem a little familiar. But at least you're debt free and trained as a medical person now right?" He does look at her again and nods, "I have to ask did you enjoy the work or was it just work?"
Sarah "Debt free I am," Sarah starts and grins. "Horror stories abound, I wouldn't suggest young women run off to New Reno for fame and fortune. That said, I am the exception." Sarah says and leans a little forward. "I did enjoy more than I hated. I am not ashamed of it. I just worry my family would. But, mostly I liked it."
Nathan Nathan nods a bit and smiles, "Well it sure looked like it. I appreciated the extra effort it looked like you put into really taking care of business. Of course that's from what I remember seeing when I was back in New Reno and watching them. It's been a while so my memory might be a bit fuzzy on some of the details."
Sarah A slight head tilt and nod, "Always nice to meet a fan. It is a different skill set in front of the camera. Lots of posing and shifting." The dark haired woman says, shifting her shoulders. "Lot of friends though. Easier when you get to that point. You could probably do it."
Nathan Nathan smiles and shakes his head, "No I think I'd fail to be able to perform with all the cameras and folks watching." He taps her glass with his before he takes another long sip of his beer, "Easier to do things with lots of friends or just nice having lots of friends?"
Sarah "They have a girl for that." Sarah offers with a grin. "Easier to do things with friends.. Always better to have friends too." The woman reclines back, a slight slouch even. Her weight versus that much tequila. "What about you, Nathan. I spent several years to and from New Reno with caravans. You must have great stories."
Nathan Nathan grins and nods, "Some interesting stories yes. One trip out I ran across some refugees that were fleeing some ferals. Managed to fight them off but I ended up breaking my arm in the process. That was the most exciting time for me since I was out without any guards with my wagon." He sips on his beer some more, "And a girl for that?"
Sarah "Ouch.. That's what I did, I learned basic first aid here. I am also a fairly decent cook. I was looking for medical training to bring back." Sarah offers, then a coy smile rises on her features. "A fluffer. It is on camera, her job is to prepare the actor. Things are rarely one take. Some times .. Well, you get the idea."
Nathan Nathan hmmms and nods, "I see. So she takes care of keeping him hard but not finished. That sounds like torment for it to take so long." He looks at her coy smile and grins, "And for the ladies? Did they need somebody to keep them... Ready?"
Sarah A musical laugh that causes her head to lift up. "No.. No. There are breaks. Yes she prepairs him, sometimes because it is a long day.. Sometimes because he .. Doesn't take all day long. The fluffer sometimes needs to help him be ready for the next take." A giggle and she leans forward. "No.. But we have more than applicants anyway." She looks at the bartender, the man that might have been washing the same glass for the last ten minutes. "Coffee please."
Nathan Nathan nods a bit, "There's so much more that goes on behind the scenes than I expected." He finishes up his beer and smiles setting the glass down, "So you were always the star never had to do fluffing?"
Sarah Sarah is seated at the bar with Nathan, in the process of swapping from booze to coffee. "If you think about it is less. No super-humans." The dark haired well dressed woman offers. "Actually," Her voice rising as if giving a fun fact. "I never technically was. First two vids were bottom tier stuff, no story. No great camera work. And no fluffy, the actress just has to do the duty. But, I was recruited from the brothels, so I amsure there are people that jump line in the caravans because of training."
Rexus The doors swing open and in wanders Rexus. His bag of scrap and sundries slung over one shoulder, taking a moment to dust off his wastelander attire before heading for the bar. Finding a vacant stool, he slides into a spot, "Water." he orders rather simply, looking at all the other patrons for a moment, raising an eyebrow at Sarah's conversation.
Nathan Nathan hmmms and nods as he listens to Sarah, "Very interesting. You've lived a much more interesting life than my own." He thinks for a moment, "Perhaps that chest armor I've got we could negociate a trade for. Services from you for the armor." He waits a moment, "You'd said you were a healer correct? I'm sure I'll end up getting hurt in the wasteland again sometime and would love to know that if I made it back alive I'd be nursed back to health by a beautiful woman." As the doors swing open Nathan glances over to take a look at the newcommer to the bar just for curiosity's sake at least for now.
Sarah Sarah's attention is yanked to the door, and she winces at the state of the man, waiting and watching till be gets some hydration. Seeing he is alright though, the woman turns back to Nathan, "Hmm.. Oh, ah." A cough and a grin, "Certainly Nathan, we can work out a deal. It will bea bit of a novelty to negotiate with someone about me wearing more. I'd be happy to restore you to.." a grin "peak condition."
Rexus Rexus waits for his water to be served in a glass, very pedestrian. Sarah's wince causes him to look down at himself. Does he really look that bad? Ok fair enough, he probably needs a bath... his hair is a little... very.. unkempt, dirt smudges here and there and holes in his clothing but... well this is the wasteland. Quite a contrast to Sarah's impeccable turnout, something that causes him to smirk over at Sarah, "Yes?" he teases playfully.
Nathan Nathan grins and nods, "I'd have offered for other services but you seem to have put so much work and effort to become a doctor that I believe it would have been an insult." He does give the wasteland wanderer clothes another look as he's a bit closer to them, "'lo there sir. Have anything in the bag of goodies for sale?"
Sarah The dark hair woman seated between the pair of men glances back to Rexus. The man did come in dusty and worn from the wastes calling for water. What self respecting medic would not have looked? "Hmm?" She asks, lifting her coffee for a gentle sip. "You're alright, yes?" She asks with a hint of concern, then turns back to Nathan. "All a part of whole person healing, when you think about it. Strains and minor injuries add up. Just because you don't need a bandage, doesn't mean there isn't some healing to be done."
Rexus Rexus looks down at himself once more, nodding to Sarah, "Aye, mostly... least today... seems I always end up busting something workin on the wall." he murmurs, spinning his drink on the bartop a moment. He sets his bag on the bar next to his water, peering inside. "Nothing.. fancy... just some leather... some magazines... no interesting bits of equipment, that's for certain." he sighs, "I think the market's overflowing with all sorts of leather bits, doesn't seem to be much call for that around here."
Sarah Well, apparently Nathan was drinking beer, so when he has to suddenly sleep off however briefly, it should not surprise.

Sarah just sit and sips her coffee a moment. "Really, are you wanting to get rid of the leather or any of the books?" She offers Rexus, "Oh, excuse me, Sir. My manners, I am Sarah Wayne."
Rexus Rexus gives Sarah the ole once-over, just getting a first impression. "I am.. I don't have much need for it... need the caps more than anything, I just pick the stuff up and sell it to whomever is looking.. or donate it to a worthy cause as the case may be... but the wall needs labor more than it needs leather, you looking to buy?" he asks, taking a sip of water. "Rexus." he says by way of introduction.
Martin Martin comes into the Saloon, at approximately midnight. Its hard to tell for sure, with it being a clear new moon night. The saloon even at this late hour, still has some patrons. Some of them probably havent had a drink in hours, and have been merely resting their eyes. The bartender is simply too polite to challenge them on it. He goes up to the bar, and discusses the most important matter of a night cap. Two fingers of whisky. Into what passes for clean in this civilized age. And he then turns, rests the small of his back against the bar, and notices the fair, and curved just enough, to where you'd never mistaken her in silhouette. He sips his liquor before trying to introduce himself.
Sarah Sarah gives a faint nod to Rexus. "I might be interested, depending on price, just in case I need it." The coffee cup is held before her, cooled enough that the pads of her long slender finger tap the cup while her right hand holds the handle. A glance and graceful single nod is given to Martin when he settle. "Good evenin."
Rexus Rexus peers back into the bag. "Well... I heard the rare stuff's worth 150... the refined is 100 and same for the magazines... of which I have two... they don't seem to be the same issue either." he says, taking out the porno mags and sliding them across to Sarah for her perusal.
Martin Martin smiles, his thousand cap smile at her, showing off his pearly white teeth, then makes a gesture asking if he could come over to the table, as he sips his whisky once more.
Sarah The dark haired Wayne woman nods at the price, "I have just arrived in town, Sir. A long day. I will consider it and send word if I can do so." She keeps a friendly tone, but glances to the stairs. "I hope you will pardon me." A nod is given to Martin as she starts to rise.
Rexus Rexus nods to Sarah, "Whatever suits." he says, standing as Sarah stands... not that he's ready to leave it's just polite, offering a bow to Sarah. "Have a good evening." he says, eyes shifting over to Martin.
Martin Martin walks over to the two of them, "Ma'am, sir." He nods to the both of them. And sits down, and looks at the leather that the strong as an ox man was trying to pawn off to the woman. When she goes up stair, he tells him. "I'll buy the whole lot, right now from you, son." He says, sure of himself. "But those prices, that I didnt intent to overhear wont do. No no. And let me tell you, Martin Bishop." He points a thumb at himself. "Always a person worth selling to. I know who likes what, and how. I take all the worry and holding, and all this just cluttering your life style."
Rexus Rexus gives a squint to Martin. "You sound like a traveling salesmen, or one of those mormons." he says, sounding suspicious. "It's not that much clutter.. least not yet... I'm not interested in the mags, those are what i'm most innerested in gettin rid of.. the leather... may come in handy, who knows."
Martin     Martin leans back in his chair. "Really? You don't seem like the sort that worked with leather, or sitting down at a bench, hunch over trying to make something. And you trying to off loaded ealier to the young lady, would also suggest to your frame of mind, of how useful it is to keep it around. I dont think you're likely to suddendly take up the practice. Not with someone with your build. There more money in guns. And more money in simply looking tough. And that what you seem to be destine for, if it isnt your vocation already." He finishes his liquor.
Rexus Rexus looks down into his bag. "Well, guns aren't really my thing.... and looking tough... well.. I know plenty that look tough but soon as the chips are down they are cryin for their mothers." he muses. "Though the things i'm lookin to buy cost quite a lot of caps... puts me in the situation of needin buyers more than anything.... suppose I can part with this leather as well."
Martin     Martin smiles at him. "Yea. I know that too. There isnt much of the mojave wasteland I havent been to, and seen a lot of different kind of folks. And some of just crumple. And sad to say, I cant remember any of there names. But I bet your name is worth remembering. Rexus. I think is what I heard, please, please correct me if I got that wrong." Martin reaches into his evening jacket, and pulls out pregant, fine barmin leather pouch. He sets it down on the table with a bit of a thud and a jingle as the caps settle." He undoes the strap holding it close, and starts setting the amount agreed to on the table. "There we go. Also, your next drink and whore are on me. Just tell'em to bill me." Martin puts his purse back.
Rexus Rexus smirks a bit, "Well, water and cola aren't exactly expensive.. and I don't really spend time with whores... but I understand the gesture." he says, quietly pocketing the caps before emptying out his bag and sliding the goods over to Martin.