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Manuelito It's been almost a month since Manuelito returned and his presence within the community has been limited; mostly to the Town Hall and Militia compound. Today was a bit different as he makes an appearance at the wall building.

Drape in a Militia duster, his hands tuck inside the outer pockets the Navajo inspects the building of the wall in silence; his officer hat blocking the rays of sunlight from affecting his eyes. The air was warm, though chilled by a gentle breeze that blew through.

His brows were furrow, his eyes narrow a bit as he watches in looming silence.
Lee     Lee was just one of the guys around helping to build the wall. A drifter, makeshift clothes with a makeshift hat. The only thing that really seemed to stand out with him was that x-bow on his back and the quiver slung at his waist with bolts for it. He'd pull his part, working as part of the crew, even as he dealt with bandages that looked wrapped about his chest and waist both.
Manuelito Over the last year dozens of people had come through the township of El Dorado; many of those faces continue to be presence within the community.

Lees face was new. With a soft hmm escaping his lips, the Navajo walks calmly over to the man. "I apologize, but I do not believe I have seen you before." Comes a soft reserved voice behind Lee.
Lee     Being mindful of how much he lifts, Doc orders and all that, he'd grunt as the next scrap metal is lifted into a wheel barrel. As someone comes up behind him to talk to him, Lee pauses, swiping at his brow as he'd look over Manny. There's an upnod given then. "Yah. Drifter inta town. I saw some work posted up with the militia fer one of em patrols, so tried ta help out. Stumbled inta some cultist what wanted ta serve me up ta whatever it was they were worshipin. I got lucky some of the guys happen by and Doc Iris was able ta patch me up a bit. But I ain't wanderin again until I'm fully healed.. or ran off I guess."
Manuelito Giving a smile, Manuelito nods his head "Much of the area around El Dorado is under our protection and, typically, is safe for travelling. I'm sorry that happened on one of our patrols." He replies in kind.

His left hand extends out from his pocket; a noted gold wedding band on the ring finger can be seen. "Names Manuelito Romero, Captain and Marshal of the Militia force here in El Dorado."
Lee     Lee would wipe his palm on his pants, trying at least to clean it off before shaking the offered hand. "Nice ta meetcha, Cap'n. I'm Lee.. I was.. well.. ain't important anymore now, issit? I was 'fore the war. Now I'm just livin and survivin. Ya'll got a nice place 'round here though. I can tell ya that, fer sure."
Manuelito Gripping the hand, a firm shake is given before releasing and tucking it back in his duster pocket. "El Dorado has been around for a few decades now." He tells Lee calmly, glancing around a bit.

"One of those rare jewels out in the wasteland where community and family mean more than the next score." He adds looking back to Lee. "Will you be staying long?"
Lee     Lee tips his head to the side, thoughtfully, then shrugs a little. "That sounds like a treasure, fer sure. I.. dunno Cap'n. I ain't got nothin keepin me.. other than bein wounded. Ain't got a reason ta leave either I guess.. I lost it all. Just too stubborn ta lay down and die." Frowning, he'd finally shrug and nod at Manny. "Ya'll lookin fer more bodies? Mebbe I can join up with ya'll fer now, see how it goes, eh?"
Manuelito Taking in a breath, Manuelito looks from Lee to the western half of the wall be built. A moment of silence is given before he spoke again. "I have seen a few of those types of people come through El Dorado; a few of whom who decided to stay a while and help with the community or make their home." He tells the man calmly before looking to him.

"If your wanting to join the Militia and be a part of the community, then yes. We've had a lot of growth to small townships where they've made alliances with us; trade, outposts and such in exchange for our Militia patrols."

"I guess the real question, Lee is this: are you willing to put your life on the line for people you do not know? Willing to die for a community you've only recently met and for people you may never actually meet?" The Navajo inquires, eyes locked on Lee.
Lee     Lee nods slightly, musing thoughtfully. He'd raise a brow at Manny's intense look, watching him as he'd listen before simply nodding in response. "I'm ex-mil Cap'n. I've always done that, eh? The stage was bigger, but same results.. So, ifn I ain't got nothin better ta do, why not? It'll help some others out, eh?"
Manuelito "Ex-military?" Manuelito inquires curiously, brow lifting. "New Republic of California? Brother of Steel?" He adds.
Lee     Lee shakes his head, waving a hand. "Nah nah, nothin like that Cap'n. I was parta a floater merc group.. 'fore the war, yeah? When it started goin down, we were all split up and I got inta a Vault with my family.. we froze ta wait fer the fallout ta disperse.. and.. well.. someone raided while we were asleep." Lee shakes his head a little. "I survived.. no one else did. I've just been driftin since.."
Manuelito Manuelito blinks. "So... your..A few hundred years old and not a Ghoul." A slow nod is given. "Right then. Well, welcome to the future I guess." He extends his hand out once more "And welcome to the Militia, Private."
Lee     Lee makes a face, then shakes his head. "I dun count the time I was frozen as time, eh? I'm just in my 20s.." He'd pause then, finally catching what Manny said. Chuckling, he'd shake the offered hand. "Well then. Thank ya Cap'n. Glad ta be able ta help, fer sure."
Manuelito lowering his hand after the handshake, Manuelito gives a small smile. "First order of business is that I want you to help with Shantytown's walls and then up to Avalon. Militia will be focusing on that for now."
Lee     Lee nods and snaps off a salute. "Yessir. I've been keepin close ta town anyways while I patch up from the cultist. So work here on these walls, then go ta Avalon and work on them?"
Manuelito Giving a nod, Manuelito says "Aye, yeah. When your better we'll talk about patrols and missions." He notes, glancing to the wall. "But we need this wall up quickly if were going to protect Shantytown and the rest of the towns in El Dorado from what is coming."
Lee     Lee frowns, then shakes his head slightly. "Lemme guess.. them mutants, yah? I've been hearin 'bout em.. bad news, fer sure, that. I'm just hopin we can get somethin sorted out.."
Manuelito Manuelito nods and gives a small smile. "We will. Community and family has survived for years; trumping over many obstacles. We'll get past this mutant business." He says confidently.
Lee     Lee nods in response. "Works fer me Cap'n. Ta tell ya 'bout me a bit? I was a higher rankin merc 'fore the war. Helped ta lead troops in small engagements, yah? I'm pretty good with my crossbow.. and I can slug it ta em with the bat I picked up, ifn needin ta subdue." He'd shrug slightly. "Otherwise.. I've been tryin ta pick up some armor.. 'specially after gettin shanked.."
Manuelito "Well, I have a heavy combat armor chestpiece if your needing one. I can lend it to you for now and when you have the caps, just pay me." Mann says, rubbing his chin "Six hundred should do." He notes. "I also have some wasteland leather if'n you need some extra armor underneath that chest piece; free of charge."
Lee     Lee muses, then nods. "I'll take both then.. Take what I can get.. lucky 'nuff fer me, I was able ta keep my stash of caps safe.. so I can pay ya fer it actually."
Manuelito "Alright.. I'll get them from the storage and just pay me then." Manuelito says with a small smile; adding "In the meantime, is there anything else I can help you with?"
Lee     Lee muses, then finally shrugs. "nah Cap'n. I'm guessin I can hold up at the billicks fer the militia then? I'll be happy ta settle in.. mebbe give a few pointers ta people with the crossbow, fer a silent way of shootin someone that ain't firearms.. easier ta make a new bolt. heh."
Manuelito Manuelito gives a small grin and a light nod. "Yes, Barracks are for you to use; so, make yourself at home." He replies, hands tucking back inside the duster. "And I don't see any harm in that. If people wish to be trained, then go ahead." He adds. "If nothing else, then I will be taking my leave. It was a pleasure meeting you Lee."
Lee     Lee nods in response. "Sounds good Cap'n. I don't have anything else. So I'll see ya at the barracks fer sure." He'd salute one more time, then eyes the work going on and would get back to it.