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Gorilla How did the people of El Dorado get their water? Well, from Bitter Lake of course! A naturally occurring lake that due to some unknown circumstances has managed to remain pure and clean. Sure there is some slight radiation but a bit of rad-away takes away the warm fuzzy feeling that you get in the pit of your stomach when you drink it. Because of this one of the most important things that the City of El Dorado exports (besides cowboy themed robots), is water!

Two weeks ago a major caravan has gone missing. Attempts to locate the missing water shipment have gone unanswered or worse.. the search parties have gone dark as well. The city is desperate and willing to gamble on anything to get shit done.

You are part of that gamble. Whether a part of the organized military.. or just a good shot with a gun. Each and every single person has been approached by the Water Merchants to find this damn missing caravan that went along the 77 heading northwest to eventually link up the major old-world road of the great 70 where the great american desert lay to the east.

The trip would be long and arduous.. how would our intrepid misfits make the trip along this long route and how would they look for signs of the missing caravan?
Gorilla Wherever they might be, there is naught is but long and open road, two hundred years mainteince gone unperformed. Pot-holes, cracks and blistering heat. The perfect recipe for travel. and an old dead tree. Maybe some rocks. Okay a lot of rocks.
Ironface Jones Determined to follow his Brotherhood's cause of helping people, Ironface Jones has mounted up on his horse and set off to find the missing caravan. His eyes constantly scan the horizon or the other members of the posse, making sure that things seem safe for them for the time being. If they aren't, well, then he's got his slugger close at hand. First Horse Jones walks off to the side of the road so Ironface can look at the dirt over there to search for tracks. He squints his eyes, stares, then gets back to his clumsy riding. "Too many travelers," He says somberly as he returns to the loose formation.
Skittles      For Skittles, the answer was sweat, blood, and tears. Her feet ached, she'd need to get a horse soon. Maybe she'd finally break down and purchase one. The thought of the caps for one made her groan, but really. If she was going to continue doing jobs like this, she'd need one. Luckily, she had managed to study a map back in town, and if nothing else came up through the rest of their groups' investigation, she had a pretty good idea of where the caravan might've met demised. "If we don't find any leads soon, we should head to deadman's ridge. Loads of ambush locations, and it's not very easy to Traverse.", She announces.
Wiz "Then why do they call it Bitter Lake? Why don't they call it 'Refreshing Lake?' Or 'Extremely Nice Lake'? Pleasantly Irradiated Lake." Wiz makes his way down the road, looking a bit rough. Heavily equipped and with a bandage on his arm from a trip to Roswell, he flags down a local farmer bringing his produce of tatos in.

Picking his way through the profusion of rocks... damn why are there so many rocks here, Wiz starts making his way up towards the farmer, waving his arm, "Hey there," he flashes his winning smile. "How's it going, can I ask you qu-"
"No hold on, I just need dire-"
"No, hey, look, I'm putting my gun awa-"
"I'll have you know I have very gentle hands."

Wiz returns to the marching group, mouth set in a line. "He doesn't know."
Jacqueline Being the technically-talented kind, Jacqueline Wayne rarely finds herself chatting people up. She was hired on to fix the wagons, if that became necessary. But this time, her natural charisma paid off! That, or the Water Merchants just told her everything they knew to get the spunk chatterbox to leave... which is fairly likely.
But once they're on the road, she shares what she knows. "Oh, that's right! I almost forgot... I talked to our Water Merchant friends. They said the same thing as Skittles: Dead Man's Ridge isn't a bad place to start. A lot of people and caravans get lost around there, and there's dangerous wildlife in the area. Could be our caravan ran into trouble up that way."
She looks over at Wiz, having heard the screaming, and gives him a sympathetic smile. Ironface Jones and First Horse Jones are a constant fixture of her attention. Tribals are just interesting that way.
That, or she really wishes she had a horse, too. It's a long walk in this hot sun.
Carter Griffin Folks go missing all the time in the Wasteland, that's just a fact of life. But usually they don't go missing with a cart full of water that the town needs. As he spent time hiking, while it didn't bother him as much as one would think it hsould with his armor and gear, none the less he knew he would need to either get a horse or, more to his style, rebuild an old burnt out motorcycle.

For the time being he was heading with the others towards the Dead Man's Ridge, "You'd think if a place earned the name Dead Man's Ridge people would learn to stay away from it after a while." He says, taking a moment to check over his revolver before he slides it smoothly back into the holster.
Molly Brown Molly Brown had hired on to look for the caravan, she was a medic of sorts and it's very likely her skills would be needed by the team or by those they are seeking. she hopes they can find them alive but knows not to get her hopes up, finding the gun shop's owner's boy was a rare miracle and she knew it. Molly will attempt to chat with some other travelers on the road she'll speak up and says "Just a moment I was hoping you might be able to help me find some trace of a caravan that went missing along the road here. I been hired to find them and you seem experianced I was hoping you might know something? Been problems with wild life lately or did something else happen?" She doesn't imply raiders as she knows that can be a major issue to get people to clam up out of fear, if she comes off it's more likely something ... like wildlife is what she suspects she might get farther with them.
Gorilla Dead Man's Ridge. A place of nightmares and dreams! No really though, the place is a death trap. The road curves ever so slightly and sometime before the war the road had litertally been cut through the side of a very large hill. In more friendly times one could spend hours looking at the multiple levels of rock. Diffirent geological time spans on display for those who drove past.

Now it was jus a long several hundred foot span of road, with rubble and the like making for a narrow and winding passage that made ambushes all the more likley. The only good news is that the area was so far away from any semblance of civilization as to make attacks by raiders slightly less likley, though all the more fatal.

Great mounds of stone, from rockslides from the sheer blown and dug cliff faces dot the concrete, the road straight for several hundred feet, but the rubble having spread very thoroughly.

Before and after the road great mounds of dirt and sand have been piled up into large embankments around the road further, their creation unknown. This sort of place sceams death trap, for obvious reasons, but along Great 70, theres no faster way eastward.
Carter Griffin The Ranger reaches a hand up and taps the side of his helmet, the eyes lighting up and glowing red, as he looks around the Dead Man's Ridge. He frowns under the helmet, taking a knee near a rock and running his fingers through the dirt and sand.

"Somebody died here." He says, as he moves from the bloody patch on the sand towards another one, "Not sure how long these have been here.." He muses, "But they're fresh enough they haven't been blown away by the wind, which means they're recent enough to be our caravan."

He draws his revolver again and begins to follow the blood stains, trying to see where they go, but following it slowly enough to not get ambushed by whatever caused this blood.
Isabella Colt Isabella had not been part of the group that had come out from El Dorado, but was instead part of a group of Desert Rangers that had their own mission out in the Wastelands of New Mexico. For the most part, the group had kept to themselves since they arrived in the region but as was a tried and true tradition; they were here to help people.

As the group arrives in the area, a figure in well-worn ranger armor stepped out from behind a perfect ambush spot. Unlike Carter, the N.C.R. ranger that travelled with the group her armor was a dusty desert camouflage pattern; the coloring of the Desert Rangers and the very basis for the armor that the rangers wore.

Lowering the rifle into a non-threatening stance she called out to Carter in a voice muffled by her helmet, "Long way from the Mojave Ranger." Climbing down from the perch she had been situated on she joined the group of strangers, one of whom was an ally and offered, "Looks like a caravan went missing in this area. You lot wouldn't happen to be looking for it, would you?" Her voice was the only thing that gave her away as female, her armor obscuring any physical features what-so-ever.
Wiz Wiz pulls his hat down slightly, chagrinned. He keeps on smiling though, shrugging back at Jacqueline. When they get to Dead Man's Ridge, Wiz carefully pulls the big iron out from his armor.

For a moment, he does take a moment to glance at the layers of rock and appreciate the beauty of the strata. Then he starts glancing around for fire, giant beasts, new spikes with skulls on them, the normal sort of signs that something is going on here.

Oh look. Big mounds of rock. When the ranger comes over, Wiz lifts his hand, "Yea, that's us."

"We could climb the ridge?" But that doesn't look like he is going to be able to handle it.
Ironface Jones Climbing down off of First Horse Jones, Ironface walks the horse as he looks over the others in his posse again, seeing that each of them seems to have something important to say about the situation they find themselves in. It's a good thing he dismounted down, too. The path gets more treacherous and he's nowhere near a good enough rider to make the attempt to stay mounted through this type of terrain. When Carter draws attention to blood the big tribal moves over to take a look for himself, and then suddenly there's another Ranger out there talking. She doesn't seem to be a threat and there's other people out there already talking to her so he moves on to take another look around. It's then that he points out something on the ground, "There are very many animal tracks here. Three clawed toes face forward, one faces back." Then he squints his eyes, leans forward and brushes at the dirt, "Wagon is probably headed that way." He points deeper into the ridge.
Skittles Skittles      slips from the group after a brief, "Be right back.". She looks pretty bad ass in her mind as she slunk away. She finds a small outcropping of rocks, and begins to try and scale them. It isn't very steep, but the boulders that line it provide cover on both sides. As she reaches the top though, a miss place foot causes her to fall onto her ass, then proceeds to slide all the way back down in reverse. She slides into view of Ironface as he makes his declaration. She lets out a small groan as she climbs to her feet, embarrassment evident on her face.
Jacqueline The cliffs of Dead Man's Ridge cast a long shadow over the road that's been blasted out of them. Jackie shivers, despite the welcome shade; this really is the perfect place to get killed. The sudden darkness hints at oncoming, inexorable death, at least here. She moves ahead slowly, staying behind the rocks so as to be a less tempting target for anyone around with a gun.
She smiles encouragingly at Wiz, even if the smile is undermined by her nervousness, and watches Ranger Griffin work. "Think the dead person's from our water shipment, sir?"
Only, now there are /two/ Rangers? One of whom sounds like a woman? She tries not to stare in amazement, the woman having simply materialized out of the rocks around them. "Um, hello... seen any water wagons around here?" she asks, just because it's something to say.
Ironface Jones seems to have hit a trail, too: A wagon. And something else. Not wanting to shout up to him, she shivers again and stays in cover for the moment.
Isabella Colt "Noticed them to." Isabella replied to Ironface Jones before nodding to Jacqueline, "A wagon of some kind came through this way, along with dozens or maybe hundreds of some kind of animal like the big man said."

"You want to find your caravan, looks like we start by following these tracks." There was no tactical acumen to it, just simple logic. Based on the numerous belts of ammo strapped to her belt and poking out of her duster, she wasn't overly worried about what they faced at the end of the trail

Beginning to hum an old pre-war tune: she set off down the path whether or not anyone was going to join her.
Wiz Wiz squints out at the surrounding area, looking for bandits. He then looks where Ironface is pointing, darting his eyes around. It's only pure luck that he sees a glimmer of yellow and that arm. He jerks a finger over towards the arm. "There. I don't know if it's bandits or caravaners, but someone's been jumped here by something over there." He points up at the little caves along the side of the cliff. "Animals then, they won't have the whole caravan up there, but I'm fairly sure they are going to try and eat our faces."
Molly Brown Molly found a bit of info it's true they told her not to go that way but whelp Dead Man's Ridge looks like where they need to go. She keeps with the rest of the team as they arrive some time later she looks to COlt for a moment andnos. "Thanks for the info Ranger." She falls in keeping her own .44 out and she muses at Wiz "We could but I'm not sure if I could end up making it or not. I could give it a try and might as well." She keeps with the group as they go. 5R
"Could be wildlife and we shoudlbe alert for that...Who knows what road soaked horrors are lurking out here."
Carter Griffin The male Ranger glances back at Isabella, "Haven't seen a Desert Ranger getup in a long time. Good to have you."

Turning back to Ironface Jones, he nods, "Yes. But there's no body, which means either he was attacked here and dragged off, or was attacked and ran but was pursued."
Gorilla Down the ole Dusty road, more and more evidence of what has gone on here becomes more apparent. Dismembered limbs, gnawed on carcasses. A stray wagon wheel. The problem is that as one goes on deeper and deeper down dead man's ridge more and more wagon wheels start showing up. What sort of wagon has five wheels? The carnage and bloodshed start to increase as one goes and more than one rotting corpse has been left baking in the sun as the mercenary group goes further in.

Isabella and Wiz will of course see the sights of scurrying little creatures in the walls. The sounds of hissing and growling starting to grow louder as the group moves through the area. Jones and Isabella, though unaware of eachother until now.. could easily work together to find the most likley culprit for the wagon and it's location which is luckily only about a third of the way into the ridge. No sign of the people who had been escorting the wagon.. and of course all the water and everything looks completley untouched. Maybe a little stagnant from the sun but whatever.

Yet, even if they find success in finding the wagon.. they now have to get it back. The feeling of a hundred little yellow eyes are hard ones to shake.
Ironface Jones "Some day I will teach you climbing, Skittles," Ironface tells the girl with a very serious expression on his face. And then the new lady is speaking to him and Jones fixes his eyes on Isabella, looking into her helmet while she talks, "You are good at finding things, lady." He walks his horse along and speaks to Carter, "I feel that you are correct."
Molly Brown Molly Brown looks over the wreckage and grimaces "It looks like this isn't the first one...." She pauses for a moment looking around keeping her pistol ready, she's on edge she doesn't like this. She feels like she's being watched. "Skittles? Ironface? Anyone? Feel like they are being watched?" She looks left and right trying to figure out why she's feeling so uneasy.
Wiz "Guys. Face eating." Wiz catches up. "Guys. Face. Eating." He gestures vigorously at the caves. "Good, we found it, but we aren't going to get it back without, you know, being attacked by giant lizards or whatever the hell fucked up things are out here." He lifts the revolver up.
Skittles After getting to her feet, Skittles trots off after the group as they seemed to have spotted something of interest. Coming upon the wheels and carnage, her reaction is first disgust, the intrigue. "Where are the horses?", she asks. Maybe she finds her answer on her glance around, maybe she doesn't, either way she posts up behind a rock, lead pooling in her stomach.
Isabella Colt "Looks like we found the wagon." Isabella stated dryly before nodding to Ironface, "Not so bad yourself." The brotherhood of steel helmet on the man's head was not ignored but Ironface did not look like one of those thieving greedy bastards who kept everything for themselves.

"If an ambush is coming, it will come soon." The Desert Ranger stated as if it was yet again simple fact, "You should prepare yourselves while you ready your wagon for transport. I'll check out the near-by caves."

The Lever-Action Rifle was shouldered and she opened up her duster and drew a desert-mod Combat Shotgun from within,.

A nod was given to Carter before she set off.
Jacqueline Not having much choice aside from staying here alone, Jackie follows Ironface Jones and the lady Ranger. She still sticks to cover, though. If something's going to come crawling out of the rocks to eat their faces like Wiz says, better to limit the directions it can approach from.
It looks like the wagon's been found. She pauses to give it a good walk-'round, inspecting its condition. "It looks okay enough to roll. Ironface Jones, do you think First Horse Jones could pull this, given a chance? It looks like the traces are intact enough to use." She moves to assist in this.
Ironface Jones "Yes, First Horse and I can make it move, I am certain," Ironface tells Jackie with a big nod. It's a bit of a mess when ol' Ironface attempts to hitch his horse to the wagon. Luckily, First Horse Jones is a patient animal and Ironface isn't a complete moron, so it'll get done, it just takes a while. Neither of the Joneses seem to be an old hand at this, but they're certainly trying hard to get it done. Luckily, Jackie is there to help! She even knows the terminology for the stuff they're putting to use!
Gorilla IronFace and Jackie will get just enough time to properly get the horse situated and everything under control. They might even be able to lead it a few steps away before shit hits the fan! Awesome right?

Isabella on the other hand will have a hard time actually 'entering' a gave because they are clearly designed for smaller animals that can be comfortable crawling on four legs at times. she'll be able to find a larger entrance to step up to and into.. and just blasted with humid air and heat. It feels like a fucking Sauna in there and she might even catch sight of smaller tails and legs fleeing from her invasion.

Skittles will of course be hidden and huddled around the rubble.. and she'll catch sight of movement just above her.. a small two foot tall lizard. Standing on two legs, the beast has small scales, and the coloration is primarily grey and black in small bands along the torso. Two small sets of claws.. and a wide open mouth lined with dozen of little teeth also show how dangerous the animal is.

Isabella will get a similar display as well, except that beast is maybe about four to five feet tall, with large frills on display in a clearly intimidating gesture as the beast closes and hisses at Isabella.

At first it is just two lizards.. then.. a dozen, then more, swarming everywhere, hissing and scurrying this way and that. Some clambering onto rocks, others along the road, running in awkward steps and darting about as the pack animals move to and fro..

Time to get that Wagon home boys (and girls)!
Isabella Colt Isabella moved cautiously into the cave, not weary of alerting anything of her presence but more worried about something jumping out at her which she felt was inevitable.

The inevitable comes to be reality and she finds herself face to face with the Gecko nearly as large as herself, "Jesus Christ, you are only ugly little mother fucker aren't you."

The trigger of the shotgun was depressed twice, the weapon blasting the deadly wasteland critter into a fine red mist before she begins to back out of the cave calling out, "You better hurry up with your wagon before this entire canyon is crawling with these geckos."
Molly Brown Molly Brown Says "Yes I heard you fave eating. We may have to pull it ourselves. Wemay not have much of anotehr choice on this." She nods to Isabella as she goes to check teh catrge she looks to Skilles for amoment "I got a feeling we'll ... find them with the ... caravaners." She looks around seriousy she's fairly spooked. She's going to check the wagon to make sure it's in working she'll do her best to repair anything that might be needed nothing is but then come lizard, a while horde of lizards are comming after them. She'll's lucky she remained by the wagon and she's going to start. She needs a more rapid fire weapon but for now? She's going to use her .44 she draws it and fires to no avail missing the entire horde of lizards that are bearing down on her and everyone else.
Carter Griffin As the swarm of geckos closes in on them, Carter swaps weapons, pulling his Ripper out with seemingly the same motion as he holsters his revolver. Close range fighting like this, it may be prudent to use a close range weapon. As soon as the ripper starts up, however, he gets jumped from the side, with a Gecko latching onto his right arm elbow pad. He bashes it off with the hilt of the blade and steps back to prepare himself.
Skittles Heart catching in her throat, Skittles begins to back up slowly. Once she hears the shots ring out though, she abandons all pretenses and begins to book it out of there.
     Once some ground has been gained, she'll turn around and open up with a spray of automatic fire, attempting to suppress them back into their caves, if nothing else, hopefully the tear of gunfire will motivate the horse to pull harder, while taking a few of the freaky looking geckos out in the process. From then on, she waits for the wagon to pass by, before taking up a defensive position in the flank, picking off as many as she can, while keeping up with the wag.
Wiz Luke backs up against the cart, "This isn't so bad." Wiz notes as he start putting bullets into the horde aroudn him, quickly firing off a shot, then cracking the hammer back again, rotating the cylinder rapidly and firing off again. "I was expecting something far worse. No, HUNDREDS of lizards is great. I could retire like this." He puts a bullet into the horde, shattering the skull of one, putting a spray of blood up. "I am thinking I could build a home right here."

He gestures around slightly, "Maybe a fence right there."
Ironface Jones With all the shooting and violence going on around him Ironface doesn't seem the least bit disturbed. He's been in similar situations before, bizzarely enough, and come out with scars and hides to show off from them. As geckos try to get close to his horse Ironface doesn't hesitate to start smashing skulls. WHAM! POW! Two geckos hit the ground with their brains leaking out of their crushed skulls.
Jacqueline Was that the sound of a shotgun being fired from back where the lady Ranger was? That can't possibly be good...
It isn't. The sight of a wave of hissing, scuttling Geckos coming towards the wagon makes Jackie's young heart skipp two beats. "Uh-oh... Let's move!"
The living tide of lizard teeth is almost upon them now. The techie fires her old double-barrel at one that's trying to run around the now-moving wagon to get to First Horse Jones, their only hope of getting out of this canyon of death. The Gecko dissolves into tattered hide and a pink mist. "No horse meat for /you/!"
Hurrying to the tailgate of the wagon, she grabs hold and scrambles up into the bed of the vehicle. It's a lot easier than walking, and the Geckos will have to work a lot harder to get up here and get to her. Plus, she can keep a better eye on any trying to get to Ironface and First Horse.
Gorilla One whole adult gecko had been brave enough to show their face and was rewarded with summary execution that resulted in the beast collapsing on the floor dead in less then a second.

Yet elsewhere, even as gunfire starts to ring out, the deafning bangs and booms overshadowed by the sounds of rocks falling as geckho's clamber over them and constant general sounds of hissing. The golden eyed, grey boddied little things are everywhere. More than once does one attempt to lunge their way onto their victim and latch on with their teeth.

For those like Jackie and Skittles, they get lucky.. blasting the beast straight in the mouth with a flurry of bullets.

For Wiz, he might pick off a few more as he goes..

and Iron face might find a new buddy who ahs latched onto his chest and hanging on, flopping around and just shaking its head as it tries to take out a pound of flesh.

Yet even though the group had killed at least eight geckos.. well.. there seemed to be just a horde of the beasts! A horde!

The wagon at the very least was starting to make it's way towards the exit of the road, and perhaps they might actually make it out of this road alive.. if the gecko's don't pursue of course!
Molly Brown Molly Brown is getting the idea to keep moving and Molly not sitting still is what keeps her out of harms way with the Geekos trying to eat on her. "The Wagon get to the wagon we have to go!" The Lizard can be handled later, for now she's going to keep moving but she goes wild as she's focusing on more getting out alive and making it ot the Wagon, as if they are to deal with these things? They will have to come back in forth with flamers or maybe explosives to deal with it. "GO GO!"
Wiz Wiz fires again, a bullet skidding off along the rocks. He mutters, pulling the gun downward into the mass to fire again. A gecko's back rips open from the heavy revolver bullet slamming into it. "Then I'd settle down with my wife and they would all get eaten by fucking GECKOS!"
Carter Griffin With the geckos still swarming on them, Carter is trying to back off. The Ripper is about the size of a short sword, and he swings it with some practice, as he wheels around and slashes one of the Geckos, the chain blade tearing it apart around the clavacle.

With that one down, he quickly wheels around, spinning and slashing the head clean (well as clean as a weapon called the RIPPER can do anyway) off. He continues to back towards where he assumes relative safety will be found, but it's not looking so good rght now.
Isabella Colt Isabella moved fully out of the cave, shooting one of the little geckos in her way but instead of firing anymore shots she just began to move cautiously to keep up with the wagon, "Keep moving, don't stop for anything. I'll cover your ass."

She didn't seem too concerned with the creatures, mostly doing her best to avoid their snapping little jaws and sharp claws as she moved past them wondering how the creatures had infested the area so quickly.

Spring mating maybe?

It was a question better left to some kind of Doctor or Scientist, far out of her expertise.
Ironface Jones Despite being a bit gnawed on by the beasties surrounding them, Ironface Jones is quite dedicated to keeping the animals away from First Horse. It's almost elegant, the way he smashes the tiny monsters with his savage barbed wire wrapped baseball bat, sending the little bastards to their eternal reward with a surprising economy of motion. THUMP! CRUNCH! That's the sound of them dying beneath his weapon.
Jacqueline The wagon is rolling steadily towards the mouth of artificial canyon now, but the Geckos are faster. In the back of the wagon, Jackie fires another blast of double-aught buckshot at a Gecko trying to climb into the wagon bed over the side, ending its threat to the group. "Persistent little bundles of teeth, ain't they?"
Skittles Skittles posts up a few feet ahead of where she currently is, swings her gun around and lays on the trigger. A volley of rounds burry themselves in the surrounding rocks and the ground behind them, whether or not they hit anything is hard to determine, as the previous carnage and the mayhem of the battle made it impossible to discern from which the blood came from. She does manage to see the head of a cute baby gecko vanish, the curious sight almost giving her pause, before she realizes the gun has run empty. She swears under her breath, and begins to retreat back up pass the wagon, hoping the big man will give her some cover while she reloads or switches weapons.
Gorilla The good news is that the end is in sight. Of deadman's ridge. Not actually of you know.. the gecko hordes. They are still everywhere. Cute little two to three foot tall monsters hissing and clawing. Poor ole Ironface's horse though is stuck trying to rear back and is nearly panicked by the sight of little geckos now underfoot trying to bite and claw at the horse...

And unlike say our intrepid heros, the horse doesn't exactly have a lot of space to dodge considering it is hitched up. If this keeps up the Wagon might be stuck.. as that poor old horsie is eaten alive.

Can they sooth the beast and save it from the hordes of gecko lizards?

The end is in sight.. but can they manage?
Molly Brown Molly Brown is not having much luck ith fire arms today she just can'thit the things as she fires two more shots just don't hit anyhing but she does have some luck at the very least, she is trying to keep them busy and away from Isabella as she tries to calm the horese, she also has a very large dislike of the Lizards now, oh she doesn't like them what could be wose than them short of death claws.

Molly is just having one of those days but as horrible as this is? It's better than dealing with her mother right now.
Isabella Colt While Isabella didn't know horses well, she did know animal and people. Sometimes even the angriest of raiders were just hungry, but in most cases, some food and a bit of soothing attention would help calm an animal down.

Jogging passed the wagon and removing her helmet as she did so and tucking it under her arm holding the shotgun she reached into her jacket and removed an apple she had been saving for a special occasion.

Offering the apple to the horse she spoke to it soothingly as she kicked any Geckos that got too close, "There there big fella. The little lizards cannot hurt you."
Carter Griffin There's too damn many geckos. Carter is going to go buy some grenades if he survives this. He drops the Ripper into it's holster and draws his revolver, shifting his weight back onto his back foot.

The weapon is brought up to his hip and his left hand comes around to pull the hammer back. He pulls the trigger and holds it down, his hand fanning the hammer to fire several shots from the weapon in rapid succession, trying to pump all that lead into as many Geckos as he can hit with those shots. It's not looking pretty, that's for sure.
Wiz Wiz pulls up along side Isabella, cracking the hammer loudly as another bullet fires out wildly against a rock. He snaps the gun down, firing another bullet to blast away a gecko into a bit of paste. "How many of these things can even LIVE out here?"
Isabella Colt Isabella turns her head to look at Wiz and smirks, "Your guess is as good as mine cowboy."
Skittles Skittles sidles up to Ironface just long enough to reload her weapon. Eyes going wide at the horse's rearing, she leaves it to those who know what they're doing, or at least look like they know. She returns to the back of the wagon, firing a long burst at the crowd before her, the air going blue with blood, as one of them is unlucky enough to launch itself directly into the line of fire.
Ironface Jones As the gecko battle rages around him and people tend to First Horse, Ironface keeps working to defend the beast to the best of his ability. Stomping around the head of his horse and the people trying to calm it, Ironface swings his slugger in a half circle, taking a couple of geckos in the head. SMUSH! SPLAT! That is the noise of their brains falling out.
Jacqueline The mouth of the canyon's just ahead! Jackie snaps open the breach of her shotgun, popping out the used, smoking 12 guage shells and slipping in two more in their place. If they can only get a little farther...
But with all those Geckos around First Horse Jones, their progress might come to a screeching halt anytime now! Jackie clambers onto the wagon seat beside Ironface Jones, trying to help Isabella calm the frightened animal. "You're doing fine, First Horse Jones... just keep it up! We're almost there, and we're depending on you, and I'll feed you carrots and corn and mutfruit... you like mutfruit, right? Anyway, there'll be plenty of it, and you're almost out! So come on, you big beautiful boy, and just keep running," she babbles, knowing how silly it all sounds but doing her best to imitate the stablehands she's watched over the years.
Gorilla So close! Isabella and Jackie keep the horse together and the rest? Well a few more gecko corpses insure that at the very least there is a culling of numbers that'll keep the horde at least contained for the time being. As IronFace bashes down the last one.. a few are still in mid jump, one latching onto his stomach trying to take a chunk of him, and succeeding of course..

Another nips at Jackie's throat and leaves a bite mark. Another bit carver in much the same way. Yet these 4 geckos were alone. The rest started to flee. Nearly twenty of their number had been killed and clearly survival took president as the rest begin to scurry away. The remaining three of course flopping down eventually to run away and follow.

The caravan was out of deadmans pass... and safe. There might be loot in the wagon itself. There might be dangerous things out there.. like that horde of geckos but at the very least the grou pwas safe.. and able to fully escort the water caravan back to El Dorado where they might get choice pick at other objects not held in the caravan itself. Or caps. Who knows.