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Fiona So they were assembled, a group of brave souls. The stories have passed about, five settlers dead in one attack, two hunters presumed dead.

Late morning: following the creek to the deep points, the expedition follows the signs to hunt the beast. Fiona leans down to check the mud, glancing between the creek and the cave. "This is where the hunter's leg was found." She lifts up and points to a large half skull, a single bite mark crunched through it, maybe some have seen a like skull: Deathclaw. "I think we should set-up here and seek around." She lights her cigar and glances to Manny so he can take charge.

(Survivor, Investigation, or Alertness checks)
Manuelito An Anti-Material rifle was slung on his back with a strap over his shoulder as Manuelito walks quietly with the assembled group consisting of Militia folk and El Dorado friends. His eyes take in the landscape slowly, noting the creek and cave close by.

"Perhaps." the Navajo replies, eyes falling back on Fiona quietly. "However, I will allow you to take the lead on this one Corporal" He notes with a small smile.
Qwillis     Qwillis is along per request from Fiona and Manny. Afterall.. a scientist to study what is found? Probably a good thing to have, right? He'd nod slightly to Fiona and then Manny before he'd start searching around, studying the signs he can find with a very analytical eye, to sort out what he can gather, in terms of information.
Kaelyn Kae is wandering along with he group too! On her hip is her 1911 colt, and over her shoulder she has her AR. The girl glances around curiously, eyes wide as she tries to take in everything, those crimson eyes having a kind of glowy like aspect to them in the light. She pauses and kneels down near where Fiona said the rancher's leg was found and begins investigating the ground, looking for tracks and the like
Ashur The titanic Ashur has come with the group! While he's in the process of having his few possessions and such moved to New Rome, there are a few El Doradoan loose ends he feels like wrapping up-- and a murderous beast is one of them. Unarmoured and bearing only a stressed-out power fist around one mammoth mitt, the brute idly walks about, his bare feet sending up little clouds of dirt and dust that pop like balloons and spread out around his red toes. He lurks near Kaelyn, for the most part-- he never did get to ask her why she kept pretending to be someone else in Mexico.
Fiona Seeking around the area the group will locate a pile of slimey broken bones near a painted cave entrance.
Zelda Waifu While walking around Zelda notices some people by the cave, and since she really has nothing better to do, she decides to join them in what ever it is they are doing.
Ashur The mutant leaves an obvious trail of his own-- his feet sink into the semisoft mud that lines the creek's edges, and every step makes some abominable sound like a mouthfart, a squelch and pop as he pulls free from near ankle-deep depressions. The reeds and insects that swarm the water turn their face and bend before his passage like a court of sycophants-- and Ashur, for his part, marches on with single-minded grit. "Something big moved this way," he rumbles, following a trail of flattened green, leading along creekside until there comes a large, freshly-eaten molerat corpse. "Ate and drank right in this area. Probably doesn't live too far away."
Kaelyn Kae follows after the Mutant and ummms... "Just so ya know, I never went to Mexico, y'know that right?" she points out to him as she's never gotten the chance since Mexico and lots of people have said she went and all... Kae then blinks and motions to a dead animal "Nearly fresh kill here, bull molerat, not decomposed..."
Qwillis     Qwillis, for his part, would pause to study the bones and slime on them. Focusing on trying to pick up what details he can about what they're hunting. Maybe he can find something to help in the fight? Looking to the others, he'd finish adding his notes into the pip-boy. "So it's sated and going to ground? or that was just the appetizer? We should be on alert.."
Zelda Waifu "So what are you guys doing?" Zelda asks while walking toward the group.
Fiona If not for the carcuses and bones, it really is a lovely area, a bit brisk even in New Mexico at the start of winter. The sounds of the small group and a few high birds are all that disturb the gentle water sounds of the stream. The slimey bones pile to a cone next to the cave entrance. Down by the water, Fiona crouches, looking across the water from a low angle. A puff drawn on the chewed cigar held in her lip on the right, exhaled to the left. "Only partially eaten.. The only one like that. I think not finished." She glances to Manny and motions to the cave for the Navajo militia man to check the entrance.

Suddenly there is a swirl in the water, a flap that smacks the surface. The water forms a V in the direction of the shore, then stops about seven foot from the shore. That was no trout. Something huge and fast, in the water.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and pauses as she hears a slap? She tilts her head and urns to look toward the water curiously after having looked into the cave... "Umm anyone hear that?" she asks now staring at the water as he slowly brings her assault rifle to her shoulder.
Ashur Stepping out of the mud, Ashur wipes his feet off in a bit of the flat grasses that their prey had earlier crushed, dragging his heels across grass and dirt like a bull pawing the ground. "I miss boots," he says, gazing down at the brown gunk trapped between his toes, quick-drying along the veins of his feet and soaking all the heat from his body. Sighing his resignation, the mutant pivots, crouches, and prods at the corpse.. yeah, it looked fresh, and it feels fresh, too.

Only then is the water's peace broken; some creature stirs beneath the surface, kicking up a visible froth a half dozen feet from the shore. Ashur grunts, and stands, and straightens, his lopsided body all thick with grotesque muscle tensing and stretching in obvious preparation for combat. "Alright. I call dibs on eating it."
Qwillis     Qwillis studied the bones for a moment, frowning as he'd log the details. Then glancing over at Kae and finally Ashur, Q nods and moves himself. Only he's drawing his needler and taking up a position behind a tree to the side. "Fine. But let me study it first, Ashur. So I can get more information.." He'd trail off at Zelda's approach, glancing from her to the water and back, he'd quickly wave her back and down. "You're in danger here, hide so you don't get hurt!"
Zelda Waifu "What do you mean?" She asks, confused, unknowing of the horror that is Old Greg
Fiona The water explodes in a shower as a huge flash of pink, green, black and the spectrum of muddy water. The ground rumble as the scaley beast lands. Throat puffing out hidiously displaying the armored gills. No growl as might be expected, this is high pitched. The shrill shriek of the worst alarm or scream. The air shimmers before it in focused cone.
Ashur The moment the water erupts in mud-streaked fountain Ashur is in motion! The behemoth mutant is absurdly fast on his feet, faster than anything that size should be-- he shakes the ground beneath him, earthquake tread, stomp-stomping and closing the distance even before the belch of water and color collapses to the shore.

The mirelurk king is immense; ten feet tall! This puts it and the mutant at roughly eye-level with each other, a battle between giants like in the old comic books. Steel meets scale as Ashur leaps, crashing into the beast midair, and bellowing a roar as wrathful as the Legion! That power fist, straining to contain the man's hand, groans and creaks, pistons pumped, as he slams a wild haymaker into Greg's armored chest. The force of the impact alone sends a shockwave through the air, and makes a concussive blast of water fly off the scales!

"I'll rip you apart, merman!"
Kaelyn Kae raises her rifle, as Ashur goes into fight the giant mer-man thing, the girl tilting her head then waiting a brief moment. She then slides to the right before firing a couple rounds, being safe not to hit the giant that is Ashur. As she sees the bullets splat into the water and miss. Kae waits another brief moment and fires another pair of rounds at the creature, this time hitting somewhere near where it might hav a crotch?
Qwillis     Qwillis frowns as Ashur would engage in combat with the beast. Eyes narrowing as the others open up fire, he'd take careful aim. It's important.. This shot.. has to count. With that snap-hiss of the needler shooting that projectile, he'd manage to catch just the right spot on one of those scales to inject Ol' Greg full of poison. Nodding, Qwillis would retreat back to the cave, even as the effects of the chemical would start to make the beast feel woozy. Subtle? Maybe. But it should give his friends an edge now.
Fiona Fiona lets go with a boom of thunder from the massive auto-matic shotgun over hers chewing into Old Greg's hide. "Lookout." The militia-girl yells as she pops one mag and starts to squeeze off more rounds with the smoking barrel. She strides forward, closing on the scaled abomination.

Old Greg claws at Ashur, the sonic attack barely missing the mutant's face thanks to an earlier chin strike by Ashur. It narls and scrapes, but starts looking about to guage its fight.
Kaelyn Kae frowns at the goings on, the odd elfgirl nimbly sliding aside at an attack from the giant fish thing. Kae then slides further to the side and tries a shot, the girl cutting loose with a pair of rounds, the shots opening small holes in Greg's arm... Kae then tumbles further to the side, now getting a better angle and she takes careful aim, kneeling a bit and firing another pair of rounds, the girl double-tapping the trigger, making that small AR of hers bark. The next two impact the creature's chest, before Kae slides back just a bit.
Fiona Fiona remags as the Mirelurk King turns from Ashur to save the big meal for last. There is another series of loud booms from the Jackhammer as Fiona spends fifty caps worth of 12 gauge ammo into the beast. She curses and starts to stumble back as Greg leaps at her, easily going tqelvee feet in the air. Thankfully the militia woman is fast and seems to have a sixth sense in battle. It just misses grounding her with the leap. The blonde dances under one slash, and leaps over the next to Old Greg's fury. "Sonofa.." Fiona gasps out, rolling on her back quickly as Old Hreg scrambles and claws after her while being just missed by Zelda.
Ashur "Greg is a stupid name!" Ashur bellows, his lunges as fierce and hot as a forge-- his voice thunders across the creek and the cave, briefly drowning out the sound of conflict as people fire and slash. "A stupid name no one likes!"

The super mutant's verbal wit is as lethal as his hands!

Unfortunately, Greg doesn't realize how powerful Ashur's tongue is. The scaled brute turns and lumbers away, leaping for Fiona-- and in the pit of Ashur's stomach, the creature's disregard births a loathsome spite and terrible fury, burning coldhot and pumping his veins with pure adrenaline. "Puny fish! Don't you swim away from me!" Ashur roars again and charges the mirelurk, getting it in a headlock!
Kaelyn Kae notes Ashur Grappled with the thing, she frowns and slides around again for a better shot... "Just hooold still." she mutters CORA then mutters "A little to the right, there!" Kae then fires a pair of rounds sinking them into the creature's torso... Kae then frowns and slides to the left now and fires another pair of rounds, this time hitting the creature's arm... "Nice going Ashur!!" Kae calls out with a grin...
Fiona As Ashur has the beast, Fiona rolls on her back out of range, dropping the Jackhammer in her wake. She comes up, yanking her revolver from her coat to rapidly slap the hammer and fan-fire into the beast from a seated firing point. "Damn, still not dead."

Old Greg however is gurgling, his scaley slick form breeding from so many holds. His body weakening beneath the Super Mutant Ashur hold. He is dieing, struggling to cut into the mutant and failing.
Fiona Isn't that the way of fishing, Beginner's Luck. Old Greg takes that final piece of hot lead in the gut. Following a gasp and spit of blood, the ancient dragon of a fish beast stops squirming against Ashur and falls limp. So ends the amphibious reign of terrorr of Old Greg.
Zelda Waifu Zelda Waifu says, "We did it, we killed this abomination to the Wasteland."
Ashur As the bullets rip through Old Greg, the red giant can feel the blood, hot and oily, run over his hands; he can feel the old monster's heartbeat, feel it slow as the life drains, see the light in its glimmery eyes dull. There's a moment of silent respect for the old predator when it finally dies, and Ashur holds it up as it shudders, screeches, and finally dies, going limp in his arms.

He drops the massive animal and looks down at it, hmming. "When the science-man is done studying you, Greg, your head will be a trophy on my fence."
Fiona And so the fight ends, Fiona loads up the corpse to a drag stretcher behind her horse. Then folms start to break-off for home. "Pick it up from Q at the ACME lab, big guy. Shouldn't take them long. I'll make sure they save us all some meat. Thanks all, good job." She starts leading the horse west to ACME.