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Sparrow The young Drake Doctor has been holed up for the most part in Acme at the Lab excepting those -very- rare times that she leaves to patrol pr help build walls. Later today, Avalon will be getting the walls together and built but she has a few hours before she has to leave for that so right now she's got her head down and she's working with an odd green serum and various samples. Chewing her lip and scribbling notes onto a clipboard. She's got her lab coat on and some borrowed eye-protection.

In the background Einstien and Doberstein are musing over tea about notes on their own research and with Sparrows own addition.
Lucky Lucky... Lucky looks fucked up. Not in the, well he went out drinking one night and got in a bar fight kind of fucked up; or the kind when you've just come back from a small gun battle.

Oh no, this .. this was a bit worse. Firstly, duster and armor was missing. Blood covered his face from long claw marks; scratches on his left and arm also bleed; he limps, favoring his right over his left; his shirt is beyond torn up, looking more like raggedy pieces hanging from his body mass; his right arm wraps precariously around his waist, holding in his chest.

"Yep.. three ribs." he groans as he enters.

Seeing Sparrow, he says "Well hello beautiful. Must be my lucky day; the woman I like and the doctor I trust are in the same room." His eyes dart down to a chair "Oh looky. a chair.. don't... mind if I do."

Down he goes with a groan and plop and finally a sigh.
Sparrow Sparrow blinks as she looks up and her eyes widen a moment in surprise and she's off her stool in a moment. She pulls her googles off and her gloves heading to the wash station to clean her fingers. "Lucky?" She frowns and after washing her hands scurries over to help Lucky to one of the surgical chairs the scientists keep in the lab for folks who help them with testing rather than one of the small wooden chairs by the table. "What happened?"

Sparrow doesn't pause to think or consider Lucky's generous words and pulls her medkit from her labcoat pocket. "You in shock? Is there any place you can't feel anything?"
Lucky "A Deathclaw wanted to give me a hug while I was building the wall." Lucky simply replies with a cough that tasted coppery. Leaning back he winces and groans.

"Not shock unless those angel wings attached to your back are not real.. then I might have another problem." He says with a soft smile. "Right now I can feel three broken ribs sticking me and the wounds all hurt like someone is poking me with fire sticks."
Sparrow Sparrow sighs, "You should've had someone bring you in." The Lab has been left mid experiment but that's what happens when you leave a Doctor to do research. Sparrow has Lucky in one of the Specimen Chairs and she's hooking her medkit into her pocket as she pulls things from it to cut away Lucky's shirt. "A Deathclaw? You should've just run, damnit." It's not really as angry as it sounds but Sparrow's ever present concern is obvious now and she's pulling on gloves. "Well broken ribs are.. hard. We'll get them workin for you and set as best we can." She looks around and hops up and hurries off to another room and there's some quick words with the scientists.

VanDoberstein and Einstien peek out to stare at Lucky until Sparrow pushes them out of the way with a bottle of something brown and a clean stack of gauze. "I'm dosing you. I can't risk you being awake while I set your ribs, Lucky." She sets the ether on the table net to her.

Meanwhile the microscope that's been left on and observing still has a slide on it and there's a vial of that green substance from when Q had seen Sparrow last and a dropper. She must've had some success with it.
Lucky Lucky laughs and winces. "Run? I saw a shadow looming over me as I built the wall. Turn around and it was the Deathclaw. Walls are nice.. but suck when your backs to it." He shakes his head and sighs, wincing yet again.

"Okay beautiful, I will do whatever you say... Just do me a favor and find out the name of that airship."
Qwillis     Q would happen in at this moment, click of one foot echoed by the booted step of the other as he'd pull up short, looking at Lucky and Sparrow going to help him. Shaking his head, he's immediately over there to help Sparrow with tending to Lucky. Training at the clinic, helping Iris? it showed. While he's hardly a medical doctor, Q at least knows enough to help Sparrow with her treatment. "Ah.. Sparrow, we'll need to talk after this.."
Sparrow Sparrow sighs and shakes her head at Lucky and her lips twitch up a bit. "Yeah I'll get to work on that." She tells the Ranger while pouring Ether on the gauze that she'd gathered and reaches up to brush Lucky's hair from his forehead and holds the white stack to his face. "Breathe deep and count backwards from five." She tells the battered looking young man she's got sitting in a medical chair. She looks like she's about tos tart some sort of impromptu surgery.

"Hey, Q, yes. Of course. I can talk and work at the same time. Here, do me a favor and make sure that he's secure on that side of the chair?" She asks of Q before settling in to get to work. "I've had something of a breakthrough. Hopefully Ashur will come back soon so I can take any improvements in his condition into account."
Sparrow Sparrow swears under her breath, "There's not much i cn do for him right now. He's got some recent work that's going to make it impossible to fix this right away. I'm going to have to make him comofrtable and keep him here overnight to make sure he's stable. Damnit."
Qwillis     Q nods in response and would of course seek to make sure Lucky is secure. He'd sigh quietly as Sparrow finds she's not really able to help him much. "That seems to be how it goes.. I saw Ashur the other day. He's doing well. Although I haven't seen a reduction in the mutagen.. Also, so you know, I am no longer at my old lab.. So, I'll have to get you the new place, once I get established."
Lucky "Five... four..."

Conk goes the painfully wounded Lucky as the ether does it's job.
Kaelyn The door to the lab opens and in wanders Kae? the tall elf-like girl glances around curiously, before her hand comes up to the nape of her neck as her other hand rests on one of those wide hips of hers... She glances around curiously and then smiles as she notices people and waves.
Sparrow Sparrow nods, "Well, I gave him the serum a couple of days ago. I'm certain if there are any effects they'll be slow as the Virus hasn't completely taken him either. He has a stronger consitution than most that's why I'm not completely given up yet." She says working on getting what she can do done, closing up the open wounds and getting salve from her medkit smeared on infected and inflamed looking spots. "I'll keep hima little dosed, he should be able to be awake but he might be delirious." She reaches down to rub th unconscious Rangers hand in comfort and solidarity before moving to rig up a soft doctors mask with some of the lightly soaked gauze. When the door open and Kaelyn walks in Sparrow nods and smiles before turning her gaze to Qwillis. "So what'd you find?" She sounds hopeful.
Qwillis     Q nods, helping Sparrow get the stuff for tending to Lucky as best she can. Once done, he'd step back with a soft sigh. "Little. I got kicked out of the clinic, Sparrow. So my research is on a pause." He'd nod slightly towards Lucky. "You can ask him about it."
Kaelyn Kae blinks and pers around and then looks at Qwill "Ya got kicked out of the other lab?" She asks curiously, blinking... "Dun seem like soemthing Cammy would do?" She adds and tilts her head "Or at least out of chracter for her I would think..." Kae then oooh's and asks "Sooo Ummm evidently part of my genetic package and all is pretty much immunity to all known diseases and stuff, CORA says it's the way my white cells are constructed as well as a few other factors... There any way ya could use a blood sample from me to help make an antigen to the FEV?"
Sparrow Sparrow looks at Lucky and then back to Q, "Or I can ask you about it. Camilla kicked you out? Well, come on up here hmm? VonDoberstein and Einstien are happy to have young fresh minds to help them. I mean .. technically this is where I set the center for the research, where I'm keeping all the samples so you couldn't have been working with everything that was available." She tells Qwillis and moves to touch his arm, "I'm sorry they kicked you out but I don't thin there's anything Lucky could have done to influence it." She moves to wash her hands after making sure the mask is fitted loosely on the injured Ranger. "It's Cami's place now."
Qwillis     Q nods slightly to Sparrow, then glances to Kaelyn. He'd frown, then simply shrug. "A difference of opinion that resulted in a fight. I told her get out of my lab and don't come back. She said to get out of her building.. So I left. I may have also dented the doorknob when I left.." Q frowns, then shrugs, looking at Sparrow. "I don't blame Lucky. My blame is on one person alone. But, I'm also not the type to spout off what all I think and make others feel bad about them. It is what it is. Hardly the first, probably won't be the last." Shaking his head, he'd glance to Kaelyn at the comment about blood, hesitates, then frowns. "Probably not. If your white cells are special like that? They'll probably eat any other blood.. it'd be killing the person by proxy.."
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head curiously "My thought, is if you perhaps take a sample and it turns out my platelates will attack and destroy the FEV Virus then we can use my blood to actually create an antivirus and all... I know right now it's not that great, but well in the future? Maybe?" she asks curiously and smiles again. "Worth a try isn't it?"
Iris Lark Iris walks into the lab, looking like she might be a few hours short on sleep. She blinks at the crowd, sets down her rucksack, and offers a slow wave hello. "Hey, how are things going here?" She asks, glancing at the data entry spot with a thoughtful look on her face. "I can do that for a while until I'm fully awake." She says, pointing to the terminal.
Sparrow Sparrow shrugs, "Well, we can take a sample int he least. VanDoberstein and Einstein .." She looks over her shoulder. Both scientists have gone quiet drinking their tea. Likely eavesdropping. She looks back to Kae, "Might be able to see if they can help. Besides, even if you blood can't sure it it could help us make an effective anti-mutigen. So give me a moment to finish this bit up and have a seat and I'll take some of your blood."

She looks to Qwillis, "Well come help us here. I could use the help and I'm probably not well loved in town either. So come work with me. I think we're close to something.. both of us. Also I'd like someone here to keep an eye on things while I go check on Avalon's wall progress."

Iris arriving brings a smile to Sparrows face, creating wrinkles in the weathered sunkissed skin on Sparrow's face. "Hey, Irie. Yeah, any help you can have. I'm not quite ready to leave to check in at the party and head back home."
Lucky Strapped in a chair and drugged by Ether is Lucky. He has long bloodied but cleaned claw marks on his face, deep scratches on his arms and his shirt is ripped asunder. Most of these are cleaned now and some have gauze over them. His armor and duster is nowhere to be seen.
Kaelyn Kae grins and sits on a nearby chair, the girl resting back.. CORA then speaks up. "I will be willing to bet, Kae's immune system will be most helpful in coming up with a method for combatting FEV..." Kae then blinks at CORA "Ummm I think they've allready agreed to finding out.." CORA's little avatar blinks on the screen, even making anime blink-noises before adding "Sorry I just came on line..." Kae then peers at CORA "That's right Had ya turned standby so ya could reorganize systems and stuff..."
Qwillis     Q muses and nods slowly. "I may. I.." he'd pause as Iris came in, looking over her way with a smile flashed her direction, then Q looks back to Sparrow. "I sort of already have a place to stay. But for bigger experiments, this is a solid setup. I'll be happy to help on any main research we try for too, of course." Q looks over to Kae and CORA, briefly thoughtful, before nodding slightly and he'd wink to Sparrow. "Go ahead and take the sample. We'll see what we come up with." For Qwillis, he'd walk over to where Iris sat, looking at her curiously. "Iris..? Are you ok?"
Iris Lark Iris looks from Lucky to Sparrow and to Kaelyn before she slowly takes a seat at the terminal. She turns and hunches over slightly, tapping at the keys as she tries to find letters to make words. She gets more comfortable over time and soon has a nice rhythm going. She looks from the information to the computer, and loses herself in the transfer of information. She smiles at Qwillis and nods. "Didn't get much sleep last night, is all, since I'm not at the Clinic anymore I'm not used to staying up all night. Didn't have any tea this morning either." She glances back at the terminal and deletes the last three words she tapped out wrong.
Sparrow Sparrow sighs at Iris, "Let me make you tea. Maybe you should stick to reading until that's done. I think Q and I have made solid progress in our respective research. We just need to keep working on it. Iri, Lucky got hit by a Deathclaw out workin' on the wall. His stuff might still be out there can we send someone to check? Also he's got some fresh stitches and work so I can't treat him til I've observed him for a day and I could use your help with that."

She reaches to touch Iris's shoulder and gestures for Kaelyn to take one of the seats where they work on folks before dissapearing into the back to get Einstien and Doberstein to help make tea.
Kaelyn Kae glances around curiously, then looks to Einstein and Doberstein curiously... The White-haired girl then offers a wave to the two scientists with a rather big grin. Next she does as directed, occupying one of those spaces... "Am just hoping it'll be nice'n easy and there's a platelate that ends upgiving y'all a breakthrough." she says with a smile.
Iris Lark Iris wrinkles her nose and gives the terminal the look of death before she slips off of the stool. She walks over to where Lucky is strapped to a chair, and frowns, reaching out to check over his wounds. She holds up a finger, murmurs "One moment." and briefly walks out and in the direction of the general store. When she returns she checks on Lucky again and then gazes to where Sparrow disappeared to. "I sent the man minding the store to check on Lucky's things." She says, thumbing in the general direction of the store. "Told him to take a shotgun, just in case."
Lucky "Moma I don't wannna go to my first day of school... Tommy always picks on me; calls me French fry... What's a French fry?" Lucky mumbles in his sleep.
Sparrow Sparrow comes back out with tea enough for everyone and it looks like she's found some dried berries and nuts and put them in a bowl for munching on. She takes them over to the small table. "I'm certain it will be of some use, Kae. Get an arm free for me." She wonders as she drifts over to a cabinet and grabs some gloves, surgical tubing and a hollow needle for the blood draw.

When Iris returns and indicated that she'd sent someone Sparrow smiles at her and glances towards the drugged up Lucky again. He's probably in and out of consciousness but she's always careful to make sure her patients are under observation. His dreamy randomness makes her smirk a bit.
Rexus Rexus trudges into the Lab. His bag of goodies is over one arm, peering about the interior. "Well, this is certainly a new one..." he says as he inspects the shop briefly. He gives a little wave of greeting to the people he recognizes, squinting a bit at the gorked figure of Lucky, "Did he get bit by somethin?" he asks, being all thumbs when it comes to medicine and science.
Iris Lark Iris glances up, offers Rexus a wave and a smile before she gestures towards lucky. "Work of a...deathclaw? I think that was what was mentioned." She says, blinking a few times before she goes to pick up some tea and take a sip. "Oh blessed mother.." She whispers as she takes a seat and drinks her tea. A bit of color returns to her cheeks and she looks more awake after a cup or two.
Qwillis     Iris seemed to be recovering. Qwillis would watch her, then nod slightly to himself. When Sparrow comes back out with the tea, he'd take some for himself, along with some of the snack to have. Q gives a light nod to Rexus, then glances to Lucky. "Busted ribs, among other things I think Sparrow said.." Qwillis chuckles quietly as Iris seems to more absorb the tea than drink it.
Rexus Rexus nods to the others, Sparrow, Qwillis, Iris et all. "A deathclaw?" he frowns as he approaches Lucky, peering down at the teen. "Deathclaws... have claws... don't they? I'd suspect there'd be some gashes somewhere...." he murmurs, just observing. "Where'd you find him?" He's just curious, stepping back to fetch himself a cup of tea.
Sparrow "So, Qwillis, can we know what the argument between you and Cami was about?" She wonders glancing towards Rexus and blinking slowly. He's a new face but since Iris seems comfortable with him an nods to the two older scientists in the back who have gone back to bickering quietly back and forth about their notes. She looks to Iris, "Hey, uhm, are you headed out for the Christmas celebration, Irie?" She wonders and then look towards Rexus. "We didn't find him. He came in, we've got someone checking into the spot he was at." She explains moving over to Kae and so long as the strange elfin one allows it takes a sample of her blood into a sample tube.
Lucky Joey JoJo Jr Shabadoo enters the room with a simple knock. Looking to Iris and Sparrow, the man says "We not find his stuff at wall. Folk say he came down without it. Guy brave and stupid to do that without protection." A pause is given

"Dey say airship killed Deathclaw, save silly man. Kay? Bye." With that said, the door closes.
Rexus Rexus squints at the arrival of Jojo. "Airship? Riiiiight." he shakes his head. He sips his tea, nodding towards Qwillis. "Well I am sure there will be an interesting solution to this little puzzle." he says as he takes another sip, pinky-finger extended. "There's a christmas party? Where?" he asks in general.
Iris Lark "Yes.. oh.." Iris glances down at her outfit and frowns. "I probably should have worn something other than a torn shirt and a pair of ratty jeans." She glances at her rucksack and remembers the outfit that is in there, but shakes her head at the prospect. "Guess I'll just have to look like an embarassment." She points to what she thinks is the general direction of El Dorado, but in reality, that's probably Roswell. Hey, she's still kinda out of it!
Qwillis     Qwillis hesitates, glancing to Iris again. He'd frown a moment, then sighs, looking to Sparrow. "I know from my research it's possible to create a robot that can not only distinguish friend from foe, but aid those who have been forced into slavery while stopping those who are oppressing others." Q frowns. "She.. doesn't understand technology. I suspect she's had a distrust of me from the start due to what I am.. So she insisted technology is useless and it'd take humans freeing the people from the legion."
Kaelyn Meanwhile? Kaelyn waits to give maybe more blood and stuff to mebe help with an antigen for the FEV... She then blinks at mention of Christmas event... "There's more?" she asks curiously, the girl's long pointy ears perking up now as she glances to the person mentioning it.. She glances now to Sparrow "Ya need more? Or is that little sample enough?"
Sparrow Sparrow says, "Just a sample for now, if we find a use for your blood we'll need more." She tells Kae as she puts the blood into the centrifuge to get working on fractionation so she can use the cells and the plasma seperately. She gets the rest of what she was doing cleaned up and put away as well and slips out of her lab coat. "Well we'll look a mess together then." After all she's going in her cowboy leathers and road dust. She shakes her head, "Seems like Cami would better serve in Avalon in that case. The Autodoc is amazing just too expensive for most folks. But I'm sorry to hear that.."

Lucky bolts awake, throwing his body forward. It's enough momentum to propel himself and the chair forward; his face slamming on the ground and the chair staying to his back due to being strapped in.

Kaelyn Suddenly CORA pipes up "I can differentiate friend from foe! You don't have to worry about me!!!" Kae then blinks and pokes at CORA.. "Yup and we can allways differentiate that yer nuttier'n a fruitcake and not all yer bats are currently in yer belfree... Some got loose." CORA blinks at Kae then calls out "That's mean!!! Yer learning! Good girl! We'll make a smart alleck out of you one day!!!"
Iris Lark "She wanted me to let you know that you could have your lab back." Iris says to Qwillis, her arms folding over her chest. She looks pretty alert now. "I told her that I would pass along the message, and I'll leave it up to you." She says, and then she glances at Lucky, watches him upend the chair, and shakes her head. Then CORA speaks up and Iris takes that moment to slowly make her way back to the terminal where she sits, and seems to take to the transfer of information a lot better than when she arrived.
Rexus And then Lucky is bolting up and lashing out. "Wooahhhh..." he tries to calm the lad, not getting too close though. "You ain't got nothin to calm him down? That pain's liable to wake him up proper anytime soon." he mutters, glancing over at CORA? And her antics... "I still don't know what that... thing... is...."
Qwillis     Qwillis looks over at Iris confused. he'd frown, then shake his head slightly. "No. No I don't think so.. I'm not going to have it dangled in front of me to be taken away whenever she feels like it.. The clinic needs a medic there. I'm not a medic. So I'll just leave." Shrugging a little, he'd watch Iris. "What.. what exactly happen, when she told you about that? She tell you about the fight..?"
    As Lucky jerks awake, Q moves, heading over to where he faceplanted to carefully leverage him up off the floor and back upright in the chair. "You're fine. It's safe. Calm down..
Sparrow Lucky has a docs mask with a bit of gauze soaked in a very small amount of Ether. That's all Sparrow has in this lab..
Lucky As Lucky is propped and leveraged back in place, Qwill will see he is once more drugged asleep by the Ether.
Qwillis     Q sighs and makes sure to strap the chair down. Then straps the table he strapped the chair to down. Frowning as he'd eye the work, he'd nod and proceed to strap the wall to the table, that is strapped to the chair to try and avoid Lucky doing that again. Doubtful it'll work. But.. well.. worth a try, right?
Sparrow Sparrow might've tried to help but everyone else already is and Sparrow's head is tilted. Anyone who manages to catch a look will see a hint of amusmenet on her face but it doesn't last long. She's back to stoic and moving to get things ready for the trip back to El Dorado.
Iris Lark "I understand what you're saying Qwillis." Iris says, and she gives Sparrow a quick look before she smiles at Qwillis. "Nothing I can discuss here, maybe ..a bit later." She looks slightly unhappy but tries to hide it as she goes to fetch her rucksack, slinging it over her shoulder.
Kaelyn Kae glances to Rexus now curiously. "CORA is well, She's an Artificial Intelligence... Ya know aware programming? Difference between her and some others is her program isn't linked specificially to a certain machine or place..." She says and shrugs "If I could I'd get her a physical body and she can copy her consciousness over to that and all and then she wouldn't be quite as crazy..." CORA then pipes in now "Ever try being stuck inside a box 24-7 and -not- be able just to go to sleep?" Kae then blinks at CORA and sighs "Nobody is making fun of you CORA.." CORA's avatar smiles at Kae and she points out "Nobody's upset! I just want to know if anyone here has tried living in a little box for over 24 hours!"
Rexus Rexus looks over at Kae and her little friend. "Well, I know a little about that." he says with an amused chuckle. His attention turns to the group as people seem to be gathering, "So we're taking him back to El Dorado? That'll be quite a trip... or are we gonna leave'em here and go to the party?" he inquires.. knowing full well an unconcious Lucky at a party will ensure plenty of shenanigans, where's that marker?
Qwillis     Q muses, then shakes his head. "Better he rests here I think. Sparrow will be able to tend to him until he recovers enough to be walking again." Hesitating as he'd watch Iris while talking to Rexus, Q moves over closer to Iris to touch her shoulder. "Uhm.. Well, we could go for a walk.. talk before the meet? I need to go clean out my leg anyways.."
Iris Lark "Probably best, I need your opinion on how to deal with a few things." Iris remarks, nodding at Qwillis before she glances at Lucky. "I wouldn't haul him to El Dorado, unless we need to keep a close eye on him. It's up to you folk, I'll do whatever is necessary." She turns back to Qwillis and gestures towards the exit to lab. "Shall we?"
Qwillis     Qwillis nods to Iris. He'd look over to the others and waves. "I'll see you guys at the party." Smiling, he'd look back to Iris and motion for her to lead on, heading out with her.
Rexus Rexus nods a bit, looking back down at Lucky. "Well, suppose that is that... did you go to a party already? What's all there?" he asks, shifting his attention to Kae for the time being. "Never been to a christmas party before."
Kaelyn Kae grins "You should go to it" she says cheerfully... Kae then gets up and starts to head toward the door. "Have fun!