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Vault Girl The Christmas Party held in Vault Town was a Vault-Wide Affair, those who had grown up here knowing how much Vault Town was into those pre-war holidays and celebrating them.

Unlike much of El Dorado, Vault Town had a large amount of Christmas themed festivities and decorations throughout the entirety of the Vault.

The DJ for Vault Down is playing some old Christmas songs over the Vault Radio, it's like, a 24/7 thing!

Presently there was the equivalent of a pot-luck dinner going on and people from all over the Vault were bringing difference dishes, most of them the 'equivalent' of some pre-war dish even if it wasn't identical. Instead of candied yams? You had candied potato. No Honey-Roasted Ham, but a honey-roasted molerat? Yum Yum!
Kaelyn Kae brings a dish! In her case she'd been working at an aquaponics farm just north of town and she had apples! Kae sets her apple cobbler on the table and smiles cheerfully, before she stares at it a moment.. She then grins and CORA chimes "Now you can have a slice!" Kae beams happily and gets her self a bowl and puts some of the cobbler in it before mkaing her way around the place, looking for people she knows.
Rexus Rexus did not bring anything to the potluck, figuring people were probably tired of CRAM and pork'n'beans or mac'n'cheese. The other foodstuffs catch his attention, though he tends to keep to the brahmin-themed dishes. He finishes it off with a glass of powdered egg-nog, a little amused at the ingenuity of these Vault-folk, turning to mingle with the crowd and say hello to those he recognizes.
Esscast Esscast brings a pitcher of spiked cider for everyone. Hed been some places but none like El Dorado treated him like family.
Iris Lark Iris wanders in with some food of her own and she makes her way to where the pot luck has been set up to set down the container. She glances around at the decorations and is a bit charmed with them. She touches the artificial tree with its lights and grins. "I like this, I'd probably put one up year round if I could find one of my own."
Aidan Drake Aidan comes into the party with a platter of roast Brahmin and gravy. The deputy makes his way over to the food table and sets down the platter before making his way into the crowd to mingle with the other guests.
Qwillis     Qwillis? Well... he wasn't exactly a cook. Instead, he'd bring something simple. Bread. It was cooked in the shape of beakers. Because.. well.. he's doing that whole scientist thing. Giving over his food over as well, he'd look around, nodding slightly as he'd smile at the decorations.
Rexus Rexus sips his egg-nog, weaving through the crowd, grinning at Qwillis and nodding at the other culinary-inept man. He raises his cup in silent-salute to their similar predicaments. "I wonder what sorts of things one does at a Christmas... party. I've seen the cards but all they feature is a portly fellow in a red suit...."
Esscast Esscast walks over to Iris "Beutiful christmas huh?" hes not hitting just trying to start a conversation though hard to tell.
Iris Lark "My first one!" Iris says to Esscast, giving him a friendly smile as she almost seems bouncy with energy. "I like this tree thing, I wonder if I can find one of my own. Is it ..not done to keep it up past Christmas though?" She gives the fake tree a considering look and then shrugs. "Heck with it anyway, I want one."
Kaelyn Kae glances around and then takes a bite of her cobbler.. She raises an eyebrow and grins a bit "Nice bit of information there CORA" CORA respond "I know! HOw is it?" Kae grins "It's good!" Kae then looks around, eartips twitching before she makes her way over toward Iris and folks "Hallo!" She greets "Happy Christmas!"
Vault Girl The music changes and a group of children run through the area playing tag as people go about their business, mingling and eating, some of them even exchanging gifts with each other!
Rexus Rexus pauses in mid-step as a gaggle of munchkins charge past in a furious game of tag.. or hide and seek.. it's hard to tell. "Well at least some parents are getting a break, it's nice when they can keep themselves entertained...." he says with a knowing smile. Keeping his glass elevated so as to avoid spillage, he heads over towards Iris, "Is that tree real?" he asks, peering at the decorated christmas tree.
Iris Lark Iris watches the kids around, a slight grin on her face. She glances from Rexus to the tree and back again before she narrows her eyes. "I don't think trees ever came in this color, but maybe." She reaches out again and touches the tree. "Or it's plastic." She grins and rocks on her heels. "I like the lights."
Kaelyn Kae fetches another couple bowls of cobbler, and grins cheerfully as she tries to set a bowl into each Rexus and Iris hands.. "Try!" she says happily, and then the girl gets her self some nog before settling back in a chair to watch the goings on.
Rexus Rexus blinks as he takes the bowl of cobbler. "Err, thanks..." he says, setting his glass down before taking up the spoon to poke the.. cobbled bits of.. what is this.. pastry and apple bits? "All this food that hasn't come out of a can... this place is startin to grow on me a bit." he grins to Iris, taking a spoonful of cobbler and munching.
Iris Lark Iris gazes at the cobbler and sniffs at it. She watches Rexus eat it first and when he doesn't cough or look pained she takes a bite herself. "Not bad Kaelyn, did you make this?" She asks, peeking over at the long eared girl. She smirks at Rexus and nudges him with an elbow. "The food from a can is okay too, but wow..all these people can cook."
Qwillis     Qwillis seems to be enjoying himself well enough, watching the going ons as kids play and people celebrate. Musing to himself, he'd approach where Iris is at, smiling slightly. "Ahh.. Iris? This seems like a thing you give stuff to other people.. And well.. I was wanting to give you something."
Esscast Esscast watches two "ill leave yall lovebirds so ya got privacy" he say to Iris and quillis
Kaelyn Kae beams and gives two thumbs up happily "Yup! I made it! I help out at an aquaponics farm north of here and all and she gave me apples for payment last time I worked there! sooo I made cobbler once I got some sugar and flour.."
Rexus Rexus meanders his way over to Kaelyn, "Aquaponics... water and.. ponics.. electronics?" he asks, tilting his head curiously. "How far north of town is it? Can't right recall seeing it on any of my wanderings."
Iris Lark Iris spoons up another mouthful of cobbler and then she looks from Qwillis to Esscast, her brow furrowed. "Lovebirds?" Her cheeks go pink and she stuffs another bite of cobbler in her mouth and once she's had a chance to chew and swallow she speaks again. "Qwillis, you don't have to give me anything, especially as I haven't brought any presents, and I'd feel bad." She sets the cobbler aside and ducks her head, her shoulders slightly stiff.
Qwillis     Qwillis looks after Esscast curiously, then simply shakes his head and shrugs. Looking to Iris with a soft chuckle at her blush and ducked head, he'd offer over a very simple package. Box, with no wrapping or anything. But hey.. it was something, right? "You've given plenty to me. Especially of late, Iris. I just.. wanted to give you something back."
Fiona Fiona comes down to celibrate Christmas with Vaulties, like an age bygone of good ole' Granpa Chester Caine. She looks around, all those Vaulties. Oh food, she makes her way to the tables to seek some out. A wave to Q and Iris, "Hi, Merry Christmas." She glances around more though while she is starting the food line.
Manuelito Following behind Fiona is Manuelito. A small smile is on his face as he walks up alongside Fiona, his head nodding to Qwillis and Iris "Qwil, Iris. Merry Christmas."
Kaelyn Kae blinks "Jus north, on one of the farms..." She says and grins "Aquaponics uses water, and fish and media to grow plants in a closed circuit, none of this spraying water on the ground and hoping it stays... Allows for very little water loss and it's clean. Pluss you can eat the fish later." She says and shrugs... "I just help set it up and all..."
Rexus Rexus is still spooning bits of cobbler into his mouth. "All we need now is the white stuff from those christmas cards. And a big chubby fellow in a red suit." he says with a smirk. He listens to Kae's explanation, "Ahhh, what's wrong with spraying water on the ground?" he asks... could be worse, they could spray Brawndo.
Iris Lark Iris turns, recently gifted poncho in her arms and she smiles at Manny and Fiona. "Merry Christmas to you both." She says, a smile on her face. "The food is really good, try the cobbler." She turns back to Qwillis, lowers her voice sightly and says. "Thank you for the gift, it looks warm."
Qwillis     Qwillis watches Iris as she'd greet the others. He'd look over and wave to Fiona and Manny. "Fiona. Commander. Merry Christmas." Q listens to Kae and Rexus a moment, then grins at Iris as she'd lean in close with her lower murmur. "Ah.. I'm glad you like it.. I.. thought you might want something. With how it is outside." He'd shift on his feet, the metal shuffle of foot on floor making it not as subtle as normal as he shrugs. "I hope it works well for you."
Kaelyn Kae ummms.. "Wasteful? This way we don't waste as much waer with runoff and all.. Only water that's lost is what the plans consume and wha is evaporated." she says and smiles cheerfully... The girl hen takes another bite of cobbler and glances o her bowl, pouting... She peeers back a the dish she brought and then contemplates getting more but decides others need to try some too!
Fiona Fiona does make sure to get some cobbler, looking to Q and Iris, "Oh, I will. Thank you." She offers, getting good portions of the Vaultie food. "How is the research coming?" The blonde militia woman asks before turning and rising on her toes to give Manuelito a cheek kiss. "Have you eaten, Manny?"
Manuelito Taking a bit of meat from Fiona's plate, Manuelito plops it in his mouth; chews and swallows. "Just now." He says with a teasing grin, and leans in to kiss her cheek in return. "I will go grab some." He adds reassuringly to her before walking over to the food.
Rexus Rexus retrieves his glass of powdered egg-nog, taking a sip. "Ahh I see... not one for the sciences myself.. what else do they grow besides apples and.. fish..." he frowns, "I've only had fish from a can... never even seen a regular fish in the water... ever..."
Kaelyn Kae blinks "Go near big enough bodies of fresh water, fish for em they're there..." she says and shrugs "Though some have like multiple extra eyes." she adds and grins just a bit. "But she grows lentils, corn, other type stuffs too..."
Qwillis     Q would go get some of the food himself, musing after a moment and makes up a plate, at least a small amount, for Iris. Walking back over to her, he'd offer it with a small grin. "Might as well enjoy, right? I got the bread from what I brought.. I cooked it in a beaker. That wasn't easy.."
Rexus Rexus listens and nods along with Kae's explanation. "I see. Corn would be a good one.. I quite like the canned kind.. wonder what the fresh.. real stuff tastes like." he ponders that thought a moment longer. "Tomatoes? Might be a bit cold for them though, I think."
Manuelito With a plate of food, Manuelito returns to Fiona, Qwill and Iris. Eating some of the tasty treats on the plate, he looks Qwill and Iris, and between eating a few bits from his plate, asks "How are you two doing? It has been a little while since I've got the chance to really see ya'll." He looks to Qwill "And again thank-you for this eye; it has come in handy countless of times."
Fiona Fiona waves over to Kaelyn, then grins as she sees Manny snag a piece of meat from her plate. A glance to his plate, "Better eat more than that, you know it is dried food at home."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles to the others with a small nod in agreement. "I'm glad it's worked out well for you. It wasn't easy. But now that it's installed, as I come up with upgrades, i'll be able to make it do more too." He'd frown a moment then, looking down. "I'll need to update the location lock though.. that'll be.. annoying. But at least it made sure others didn't get into your eye."
Vault Girl More people enter the area and place dishes at the table as the party continues.

Overseer Smith steps in and goes around to greet the various families, the All-American Man with his cheesey smile and mop of hair looking the spitting image of any number of pre-war politicians. He was even wearing a cheesey red, white, and blue jumpsuit, to show his love for AMERICA!

The music rolls over to a new set of songs as Frosty the Snowman begins to play much to the delight of the children, many of them who had no clue what a snowman was, except that it must be /cool/.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and waves most rapidly at Fiona, yes the girl is rather energetic but she's had cobbler! She looks back to Rexxus and shrugs "There's tomatos there too, but the garden isn't like massive yet... Ya might go out there and talk.." She says cheerfully..
Rexus Rexus is taking Fiona's advice on that accord, downing as much of the fresh food as he can. Mostly the meats and vegetables, though the fresh loaves of bread catch his eye as well. He's eating like a horse, chewing as quick as he can but by now he's stuffing himself full, nodding along with Kae's words. His attention turns a bit towards the newly arrived Overseer, ears perking as he overhears Frosty's Theme, "Huh...."
Iris Lark Iris takes the plate offered to her and she listens to the various bits of conversation as she eats. She finds a seat and settles down, grabbing a drink and taking a few sips as she glances from person to person.
Manuelito "Just let me know when you need to do it Qwill. Always happy to work alongside you." Manuelito replies before turning to see what the commotion was about.

Watching the Overseer, Manuelito shakes his head slightly; an amused look on his face. To Fiona he whispers "Still the Overseer after all this years." He says softly with a gentle chuckle.
Katherine Caine Katherine arrives at the party to make an appearance and she exchanges some pleasant word with Overseer Smith before greeting various people and putting a nuka-cola jello on the pot-luck table! Spotting Fiona and Manuelito she waved at the pair, "Well, don't you two look cozy, and hey." She pointed to the ceiling, "Looks like you're both standing under mistletoe."
Clark Clark strides into the room, taking in the inhabitants and ambience with a slight smile on his face. He moves to the seating area and takes a seat.
Qwillis     Qwillis leans up against a wall near where Iris is, chuckling quietly as he'd watch the politician.. do politics. Well. seems that's never going to change. He'd enjoy the food he picked out, eating carefully as he'd simply stay off to the side.
Rexus Rexus finishes his plate-ful of food, moving on to the other goodies. He finds some cornbread, picking up a few pieces and adding them to his empty plate. The growing crowd causes him to shift a bit more into the background, finding a spot along the wall that is berift of people for the time being, eating his cornbread and listening to the carols.
Fiona Fiona listens to the exchange between Qwillis and Manuelito with a good bit of interest. She takes a few bites of her food, then it is her chance hand press with the Overseer, "Merry Christmas Overseer Smith. I am Fiona Caine, of Overseer Max's family. Wonderful party." She tries to grip the hand to keep him there, "That's a nice Pip-Boy, you should really think about selling those."
Then Kate is there and she beams at the mayor, "Merry Christmas K.C." A glance to the jello, "Oh, that looks interesting I have some really important news.. Umm, did you make that?" Nervous grin.
Manuelito Seeing Katherine entering, Manuelito gives a nod to the mayor and a warm smile. Setting down his plate and in turn Fiona's, he takes up a flute and knife in one hand and with the other he gently takes Fiona's hand and waits on the Overseer as he made his rounds and faded into the back.

With things settling down, Manuelito lifts the flute up lets goes of Fiona's hand and dings it a few times to gain everyone's attention and silence the room. Once the room was quiet, Manuelito coughs.

He was never one for public speaking. Sighing, he places the flute on the table and begins to speak; taking Fiona's hand as he does so.

"Friends, family and acquaintances. Today we gather to celebrate Christmas; a time and opportunity to pause and reflect on the important things around us - a time when we can look back on the year that has passed and prepare for the year ahead."

"Christmas is more than an old religious holiday, it is a day of reconciliation, remembrance and peace. It is about family and friends and reflection."

He smiles softly

"Our year within El Dorado has been more prosperous than it has in the seventy years that the community has been around. We have seen strangers that have come through our walls who have stayed and become family and friends. We have seen increasing growth with Acme, Tinnie, Roswell, Avalon and may other towns. Heck, we even welcomed a child yesterday."

He sighs, and smiles. "Yes, there are things coming; but so long as our community stands firm together, as a family nothing will stop us from prospering. We cannot and shall not allow darkness, fear and uncertainty to fracture us; we must remember that this jewel of New Mexico was built on the principle of community and family."

Turning to Fiona, he adds "That is why I also have an announcement. As a few know, Fiona and I recently began a relationship. As of earlier this month, we were married in accordance to Navajo traditions." He smiles to her, squeezing her hand before glancing to the crowd. "And we wanted to let our friends and family know."
Qwillis     Qwillis would look to Manny curiously as he'd call for attention. Listening, he'd smile warmly to Fiona and Manny, setting the plate down to be able to clap. The sound of metal against flesh a wierd clapping instead of the standard. But.. well.. that's how Q is. he'd take up his plate after a bit and frowns. "Now I need to get another gift.. hmm.."
Katherine Caine Katherine is about to reply to Fiona when Manuelito breaks into full speech mode. Leaning over to give her younger sister a big hug, she says, "Congratulations, I can't think of a better match!" She smiled over at Manuelito, having at one point figured that the Navajo and Clara would have ended up together.

Waving Clark over, she said, "Hey CeeCee! Come over here a second." While she didn't know her younger cousin terribly well due to the age gap, they were family and families loved each other!

Looking back to Fiona she smiled brightly and hugged her sister again before saying, "You know we're going to have to have an actual service before we consider this official, right? Lucky for you, I'll cover the costs of the wedding."
Clark Clark looked up from the device around his wrist and smiled. He was definitely listening to the speech that the nice man just gave. Someone was getting married, he was pretty sure. As his cousin called out to him, he had to decide whether or not it was her getting married or his other cousin at the table holding the gentleman's hand.
Fiona Okay then, Fiona grins nervously as she is suddenly pulled up by her orator hubby. Remarkable how she can yell at a bunch of recruits armed with auto-weapons, or hunt Super Mutants and Glowing Ghouls, but a room like this has her blushing.

She should likely say something, she is certainly proud, moving closer to his arm. "Yes, Merry Christmas all. And thank you." Thankfully Kate is there to talk, she hugs the mayor, lowering her voice, "I was just about to say." Back higher in surpise, "Oh? I umm. That would be wonderful." The militia woman says. "You can.. Umm, conduct it right, Kate.. Being Mayor?" Fiona looks to Clark wen he comes over, "Hi Clark. This is Manuelito, he is the Marshal for El Dorado. And my husband.. " A pause, "Soon to be official." What's there to do? Another hug to Kate, and she leans to kiss Manny's cheek. "Well, then our announcement of wedding. Nuptuls? Marriage." Oh look.. Vaulties. . Food.
Rexus Rexus peers over the rim of his glass at all the celebrations and announcements. It all goes over his head afterall, he doesn't know too too many folk. He edges a bit closer to Iris, congregating towards the people he does recognize, listening as best he can but looking to Iris for clarification.
Iris Lark Iris watches all the pomp and the announcements and she smiles at Rexus. "What a nice thing for Christmas, yeah?" She says, under her breath. "Perfect time of the year to do it."
Katherine Caine "Probably! I'm sure we can find someone more appropriate though, from the church or something?" Katherine replied to her sister before giving Clark a quick hug in greeting, "See anyone you're interested in Clark? We could make it a double wedding." She was just teasing however.
Rexus Rexus glances to Iris, "Really? I thought Summer or spring would've been a bit nicer.. specially with the weather... all that daylight too." he shrugs, "To each their own though." he says as he takes another bite of cornbread, "Now this is delicious... couple this with that chilli of yours.. mmph...."
Manuelito Manuelito smiles to Katherine, his head nodding lightly to her "That would be nice Katherine; thank-you." To Clark, he extends his hand out "Manuelito Romero."
Clark Clark smiled as he the couple became apparent and was immensely happy for them both. His cousin had the authority to marry them apparently, so that was most convenient. What a happy moment this all was. He extended his hand towards Maneulito's and shook it excitedly "It's a pleasure to meet you, friend! I'm Clark. I suppose you figured that out already."
Iris Lark Iris smirks at Rexus and she wrinkles her nose. "I don't know when weddings are best." She reaches out and takes a piece of his cornbread and tries it. "You're not wrong." She notes taking another bite. "I'm gonna get the recipe." She starts to look around for whomever made the cornbread.
Fiona "Church?" Right umm, Fiona is very certain that makes her a little uncertain. She bites her lip, then remembers she has food to bite instead. She takes some cobbler, chews a little, then looks back at the food line as she wolfs it down in soldier-fashion. A look to Manny, "Did you get this, you really should." Then over to Clark, "Did you?"
Manuelito Picking up his plate, he tries some of the cobbler and mms "That is actually really good cobbler." Manuelito replies before taking another bite.
Clark Clark tries hiding his reddened face due to his cousins comments. "What? I mean, no, not at all I'll go right away." He scoots along and heads for a table to find some food to stuff in his mouth.
Rexus Rexus takes a few more munches of the cornbread, "I think it's just cornmeal.... flour.. eggs and sugar?" he squints, looking around. "I've seen the boxed stuff for sale in a few places...." he hums, looking out over the crowd before his attention returns to Iris, "Right... so who is who?"
Iris Lark Iris nods and then she grins as she points to Katherine. "That's the Mayor of El Dorado.." Then she points at Fiona and Manny. "That her sister, Fiona and she got married to the Marshal of the Militia, he's Manuelito." She squints at Clark and then after a few moments she adds. "I haven't met him yet." She glances at Rexus. "Who else?"
Rexus Rexus hrms, "Who's that?" he gestures to the Overseer. Then he looks back to Iris, "There's a militia and a sheriff? What's the difference? One deals with crime the other... raiders?"
Iris Lark "That is the Overseer for this particular Vault Town." Iris says, and she glances at Rexus and looks confused for a moment. "I don't really know, to be honest. I suppose they have some sort of structure that makes sense to them." She raises both brows and lowers her voice. "I see a lot of the militia doing patrols outside of town."
Rexus Rexus ohs, "So those... right.. I see it now." he nods in understanding. He looks down at Iris's present poncho, chuckling, "We need to get you one of those funny big brim hats... like in the advertisements.. with little shaker noisemakers..."
Manuelito Over hearing RExus, Manuelito walks over to him with a smile; his hand extends out to him as he says "Couldn't help but over here you. Names Manuelito Romero, Marshal of the Militia." A beat

"The key difference is that the Sheriff oversees the local law of El Dorado. The Militia protects the community that lives in and around El Dorado; like Acme, Tinnie, Roswell and a few others. We provide patrols on the highways and towns so raiders and creatures do not attack; or if they do are quelled. We also help with retaking townships and creating new settlements for people."
Kaelyn The Elf-girl continues wandering around the party, now sipping on some juice like stuff she decided to try. She blinks and looks at it and calls out "Yay for Wassale!"
Iris Lark Iris glances down at her poncho and then smirks at Rexus, shaking her head back and forth. Then she gets a lesson in what the militia does, and she tries to pay attention but her eyes are once again on the tree and the lights.
Clark Clark questions exactly what it is he's putting into his mouth that is being called 'food'. He sees the nice man, Manuelito walk over, but is distracted by the lady cheering for something. He smiles in wonderment at the strangeness of it all.
Rexus Rexus extends his hand politely to Manuelito. "Rexus." he says simply, nodding as he listens along to his explanation. "I see." he says in understanding. "Well, seems you lot have things well in hand, don't see many raiders or nasty creatures around and the towns seem to be settled... walls going up as well."
Manuelito "Thank-you." Manuelito replies calmly "It has taken many years for El Dorado and the Militia to reach the level we are at to provide this kind of protection. But, with the idea of community and family increasingly become a realization for this smaller towns... alliances are forged and more people join the Militias' cause."

Tilting his head slightly "Maybe I could interest you in a position?" Yep, recruiting.
Rexus Rexus looks over to Iris, then back to Manuelito. "Ehhhh, i'll think about it." he says, "Still learning the lay of the land.. figuring out who is who.. but i'll keep it in mind." he answers politely, "Do all the smaller towns have a mayor or are they more suburbs of El Dorado?"
Iris Lark Iris shakes out her poncho and folds it, putting it into her rucksack. She smiles at Manny as he's speaking to Rexus. "Congrats, I'm happy for you." She says, patting him on his arm.
Manuelito "Most have mayors; none are really suburbs. Most of the towns are quite a distance from El Dorado proper." He notes to Rexus.

Cheeks flushing, Manuelito nods to Iris "Thank-you Iris.." He places his hand on hers and squeezes. "It means a lot." He notes kindly, smiling warmly to her.
Rexus Rexus nods slowly. "I see, quite a lot of territory." he says, "I've been to.. ACME.. and... Avalon? is it? Haven't visited the others but, done a wee bit of patrolling and exploring, certainly a lot to see but still trying to get my bearings."
Katherine Caine Katherine had gotten busy speaking to Overseer Smith about city issues and by the time she returns, most of her family and friends have departed. Rather than press her luck, she bids farewells and heads back top-side.