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Iris Lark Walls are going to be built in Avalon, but before that can happen materials need to be gathered. Several people have come to help with the gathering of stone, mortar and a few other things. Iris is helping along with a few others, directing deliveries to the best spots, so when construction begins it will be easy to access. The sun is starting to set, so people are breaking off to eat and get some water.
Camilla     Camilla is here, in Avalon of all places, no doubt due in no small part to her and Iris becoming rather close friends. However, she doesn't have the strength to help with wall building, but she can make sure everyone is hydrated, feed, and taken care of. She's here entirely as first aid and is making sure it's well known with her medical bag and it's litle red, and faded, cross, on it. For now, she's enjoying the quick sit down and lunchin. For those looking, she's clad in a tank-top like shirt and a pair of shorts.
Aidan Drake Aidan has ridden into Avalon looks like the deputy's been making a few trips to the little village that his sister's made into her home. Running around next to his horse Elmer is Cathal a little border collie who's been around the horse long enough to know not to weave in and out of his legs like the puppy tends to do.
Jacqueline While Jackie Wayne usually isn't much good for manual labor that doesn't involve a well-scavved wrench, she's pitched in today, helping to set up a rebuilt portable generator for electric lights. If the projected construction goes on into the night, Avalon will be ready.
Three hours after the work of setting it up began, she finally tests the lights and shuts the machine off, stretching her back and sighing in relief. Sliding her tools back into their slots in her roll-up tool pouch, she turns for the tables, intending to clean up a bit before she joins the meal.
Iris Lark Iris points to a few places when wagon loads of stone are delivered. "Lets stack them there, then when Sparrow is here, we can figure out where we'll start the wall." She props her hands on her hips. "Anyone here know how to make mortar?"
Camilla     Cami's decided to just plop down next to everyone and go about munching and drinking. Her icy blues darting about to make sure everyone is still ok and no one is about to fall out so to speak.
Aidan Drake Aidan brings his horse off and out of the way where he dismounts and ties it off at a rail looking down at Cathal he points at the dog, "You behave." And on that note Aidan's heading towards the wagons that Iris is directing to get downloaded in certain spots, "'Ello!" He pushes the sleeves up on his duster a little as he steps in and starts to help unload the wagon moving the stones to the designated areas.
Iris Lark Iris waves to Aidan and offers him a smile. "How are you doing?" She calls out, walking towards where the horse is. "I'm glad you came to help, if we can get enough materials set aside it should be pretty easy to get the walls built once we do some more planning." She eyes Aidan for another moment before she asks. "You're Sparrow's brother?"
Jacqueline Hearing the question of mortar, Jackie shrugs. "If that's the same thing as quick-drying cement, I know a little about it. I've never mixed it up by myself before." Drying her hands, she moves to join the crowd at the tables.
Camilla     There's really not much for Cami to say, or do, other than waggle fingers hello at jackie, smile at Iris, and wave hello to Aidan. For now, she's enjoying her break and relaxation. Everyone else seems pretty well hydrated and fed, and there's no injuries to speak of, so, sit quietly is what she's going to keep doing for now.
Rexus Ker-thunk... Ker-thunk.... Ker-thunk.. heavy bootsteps announce the entrance of.. well.. a big armored fella. The T-45 power-armor whirrs and wheezes as it ambles along, carrying a big armload of wood.. far more than your average human can carry... useful? Maybe... either way, the big galoot trundles over to the pile and sets it down, regarding the rest of the group quietly.
Aidan Drake Aidan finishes up moving the rock(s) that he'd picked up and offers a cowboy hat tip towards Irish as she heads over towards the horse, "Yeah Sparrow's my lil sis. She been behavin lately?" Then the power armor enters and Aidan blinks looking over at the T-45 power armor heading their way. With wood. "Nice! That's some lovely help there appreciate it!"
Iris Lark Iris grins at Aidan and nods. "Of course she behaves, she keeps me on the straight and narrow as well." She gazes at the power armor with big eyes. "Holy shit.." She murmurs quietly. "Nice!"
Jacqueline Jackie waves to Camilla, moving to join her at the tables. She hasn't eaten since this morning, and her stomach is letting her know. She's been careful to stay hydrated, of course; if you live in such a dry climate all your life, some habits are hard to shake. "Hey, Doc! Looks like you picked the right outfit for today," she compliments with a weary smile. "The lights are up, if we need them. We'll just have to watch the generator's fuel supply."
She glances up as the powered armor stomps past. "Well, that's one way to make the job easier!"
Rexus The big galoot in the armor moves almost like a turtle, big waddling steps. It is much easier to do all the heavy-lifting wearing the armor, "Anything else?" it asks. The voice is all mechanical and buzz-sounding, like he's talking over a radio... very Stormtrooper-ish.
Camilla     There's a power armor, that's kinda epic...and camilla can't help but stare at Rexus as he stomps up.

    As she sits on the ground and listens she also looks up at Aidan and Iris and snickers about Sparrow.

    To jackie though, she smirks and nods. "I felt like wearing something that was easy to move in, and breathable and also comfortable.." she replies to the other woman. "Make sure you eat and drink and rest."
Aidan Drake Aidan glances over at Iris and nods chuckling, "She's a good kid. Glad that she's been keeping folks on the straight and narrow." He offers out his hand to Iris now that they're empty of what he was carrying, "Aidan Drake. Pleasure Miss?" Because I can't remember if he's ever met Iris or not.
Sarah Sarah walks out of the tailor, having had a productive day of shopping and fitting. A look around, lots of people.. Wait, what. "Enclave! Brotherhood, take cover!" The brunette grabs her long dress and leads the rush to cover.
Iris Lark Iris takes Aidan's hand and gives it a gentle squeeze and shake. "We've met, I've treated your wounds before, briefly." She says, grinning at him. "Your sister has taught me a lot, she's a talented doctor." When Sarah speaks up Iris ducks her head and glances around for whatever she might be talking about, but only sees the power armor. She raises a hand to Sarah, waving. "It's okay, you can come out, it's a friendly!"
Rexus The big oaf in the power armor looks up as Sarah calls out. It turns around, looking behind him as if the enemy may be over the hill. Seeing nothing, he looks down at his feet, carefully lifting one giant boot to peer under it.. nope.. nothing there. It's then he realizes she means him! Oh dear. Both armored hands move up, clinking and jerking his helmet a bit before unclasping it and lifting it off his head, it's REXUS! "Oh.. no no... no need to be alarmed." he says, his face bathed in sweat.
Jacqueline "Hydration's easy. Resting and eating... well, that's harder with so much work to be done," Jackie observes wryly, collecting a plate of food for herself and joining Camilla at her table. Her tee and carpenter's jeans are less sun-friendly, but definitely cool enough for this kind of work. Plus, hammer loop!
She blinks at the sound of someone shouting a raid alert. "Wait, where?" she asks aloud, standing up to look around, noticing Sarah only as a streak of fluttery material.
Then the power armor man speaks up, and she sighs in relief. "False alarm!"
Camilla     Camilla is on the edge of freaking out until it dawns on her that Sarah is talking about Rexus. "It's a friendly!" she adds to the chorus of /friendly!/ statements.
Aidan Drake Aidan blinks as he looks at Iris again and then nods, "Minigun injury wasn't it? I don't remember much about getting treated after that to be honest." Then Sarah's outburst and his hand drops from shaking Iris's and one of his revolvers starts to come out of it's holster when Iris calls out that it's a friendly. Looking around he drops the gun back into the holter completely before he takes off at a jog after Sarah in case she doesn't slow down from her fleeing for cover.
Sarah Friendly? The Wayne woman looks up from behind a water trough. Her smoking eyelids squinting. Maybe they don't know? "Are you sure they pull these tricks," Words cut off when she see the man remove his helmet, "You.." She starts dusting herself off, still leery. "Sorry.. It is OKAY!" Muttering after. "I think." Sarah is still suspicious though, being FoA do not have a loving relationship with either group power armor types.
Rexus Rexus holds his helmet under one arm, reaching up to carefully tug off the little leather helmet he wears underneath the big helmet... like one of those old WW1 flying helmets with the earpieces and such. "Sorry, just easier to carry big heavy things with this on..." he says, shifting about inside the big suit of armor until it clinks and jars, folding upwards a bit and opening up at the back... letting him wiggle out and stand properly.. just wearing the bodysuit bit that goes on under the armor.
Iris Lark Iris winces as she glances between all the people gathered. "Maybe you should keep the helmet off so that you don't accidently scare folks." She says, laughing up at Rexus. "That armor looks amazing though, really."
Jacqueline Jackie waves and smiles at the formerly-fleeing woman, whom she vaguely remembers from someplace. Was it a family thing? She's only a Wayne by marriage, and not her own marriage at that.
She returns her gaze to Camilla. "I guess everybody's a little on edge. Building this wall must remind folks of the reasons for it... and that it's not done yet."
Rexus Rexus scuffs at the ground a bit, "Sorry..." he says to Iris, reaching up to pat the big set of armor. "S'why I avoided wearing it till now.. didn't want to cause a fuss..." he explains, "How goes the wall construction so far? Or rather... the gathering of materials bit?"
Camilla     Cami looks to Jackie and nods, "I agree with you, there's very much a reason for us all to be a bit on edge. Though, I think we'll get it done before the horde gets here and we'll make everyone a lot safer."
Iris Lark "The gathering is going fine, if you can, with that suit, get the blocks stacked near the place we've been using as a gate." Iris points towards the exit to the highway. "Thanks Rexus." She says, before she walks towards Sarah, a smile on her face. "Nice to meet you, Miss. I'm Iris Lark."
Aidan Drake Aidan notices that Sarah's not running off anymore so he heads back towards Iris and the wagons. Looking over towards Rexus he offers a wave, "Yeah lets keep the helmet off so we can at least see who you are but the armor's gonna be a great help." He motions towards the wagon that he's heading towards, "Could help unload these wagons though should get it done in no time with that fine piece of craftsmanship helpin."
Rexus Rexus nods, giving a playful salute to Iris before climbing back into the suit. It takes some squeezing and wriggling, sliding his arms and legs in and ducking his head, getting comfy before the suit closes up around him. He keeps the helmet off, clipping it to the utility belt bit before stomping his way over towards the blocks. He picks up one block, turning and slowly trundling towards the gate to place them where needed, much faster and easier with the power armor on! "One at a time..." he chuckles.
Jacqueline "I could paint construction stripes on your armor, so it's a little less intimidating," Jackie offers, waving to Rexus and Iris. "I saw the patterns in one of my books, and I've got some paint in my saddlebags. What with everything going on, I figured it might be useful for marking work areas."
She nods to Camilla. "For sure. It'll be easier here than at ED. Their wall's barely started, and it's a big one."
Sarah A bit embarressed, Sarah starts forward. There is more than one study of the armor. "I apologize again for causing a ruckus." The woman states, still catching her breath and flush faced. A smile is nod given to Jackie, then a try at a smile to Iris, "Sarah, Sarah Wayne." She offers a hand forward, "Pleasure to meet you. I think it is possible, I have been looking for you, Miss Lark. About the clinic?"
Iris Lark "Welcome Sarah, once we're finished here we can certainly speak if you'd like." Iris says, guiding her towards the food tables. "Did you need some assistance or healing?" She asks, a smile on her face. " work there?"
Aidan Drake Aidan just goes to work on moving the stone and stuff for building the wall while the ladies talk about lady things you know blood, broken bones saving people from dying... The usual.
Rexus Rexus finishes with the blocks after a little bit. That done, he dusts his armored hands before waddling over to help Aidan unloading the trucks. It's much easier for him to take two or three loads.. with some slung over his shoulders. The suit groans under the weight but complies.. he's just moving at a slower pace than the unarmored folk. "Construction colors? Oh no... I'll just.. keep the helmet off and... people will figure it out." he says, and he will NOT wear a Bob-the-Builder construction hat either!
Sarah Sarah pulls out a tri-folded leather case, roughly ten inches in width and half again in length unfolded. "I am a physcian, my creditials from the.." A look to Rexus, ironically the only one around she seems to know. Soft voice dropping, "The Followers." Not that the group is even known here. "I just wish to assist." She holds it up, it looks official it proclaiming her a liscensed doctor, as intricate and self-important as the NCR's documents. "We. Certainly, when you have the time."
Iris Lark Iris takes the paper, gazing at it briefly before she hands it back to Sarah. "You said Sarah Wayne, right?" She glances towards Jackie briefly before she turns back towards Sarah. "..with credentials." Her cheeks flush and she nods again, clearing her throat. "Yes well, I'm sure Camilla will agree when I say we can always use help at the Clinic, and even out here in the outposts." She gives Rexus a quick glance when Sarah does and she drops her voice as well. "I don't think he'll give you any trouble Miss, he's a fairly nice fellow."
Jacqueline "Your choice. But don't complain if something falls on your head; I offered," Jackie replies, shrugging. Heartless? No. But she's long accepted the fact that you can't help anyone who doesn't want to be helped.
She watches as Sarah and Iris get to business, frowning thoughtfully. She waves to her conversation partner as Camilla leaves to get back to work.
Rexus Rexus carries load after load from truck to building spot, letting whoever has the clipboard direct him where to place the supplies. It might not be the most glamorous of jobs but, someone has to do it! He gives a grin to Aidan as he passes him on each trip, trying his best to eavesdrop on the clucking hens.
Sarah "Yes, Miss.. Doctor Lark?" Sarah begins, "I lived here many years ago. I left after the feral raides to learn medicine." The woman states in smooth tones, "I would like to help, it was always my intention to return. Any where I can assist." A gentle smile, she glances to Rexus. "The Followers and the Brotherhood have had ... disagreements, over technology in the past. They tend.. No, that would be the wrong way to say it. We believe it old technology should be used to debuild the world and help the people."
Iris Lark "Well..I mean.." Iris stumbles over her words for a moment and then she takes a breath and collects herself. "I will show you a few places where you can work, including the Clinic, and see about getting you together with Camilla." She glances at the power armor and shrugs. "He's helping to build something now, if that helps." She adds, a slightly crooked grin on her face.
Jacqueline Finishing her hasty meal, Jackie moves to join Iris and Sarah. "Sounds like a noble philosophy, Miss. It's sure needed around here," she says, bowing her head politely to Sarah. "If you need a ride to El Dorado once this is over, I can take you."
She offers Iris a smile. "I think Camilla's a little busy for much talking right now. But once things wind down?"
Rexus Rexus sloooows a bit as some kids come rushing out to see the big galoot in his armor. He watches as they giggle and circle about his feet before scampering off, waiting till they are well clear before continuing his trips between the trucks and the piles of materials, leaving deep footprints in the ground wherever he walks.
Iris Lark Iris excuses herself from Sarah and Jackie with a smile and she walks over to a cooler and grabs a bottle of water before she walks it over to Rexus. She stands on her tiptoes and holds out the water. "Here, you deserve this, you're doing a great job." She says, a grin on her face. "Where did you get that thing?"
Sarah Sarah seems to take Rexus as safe in Avalon, the big guy does appear to be helping. Besides, the town has arrows and chain armor. "I am certain he is fine. I would appreciate that very much." She offers and looks to Jackie, "Very kind of you. I would be very grateful. Miss? Oh, Sarah Wayne." She says as the other woman gain her attention. The letters are tucked away. "It is a long trip alone from El Dorado out here."
Aidan Drake Aidan gets back to the wagon for another load and blinks looking over at the power armor guy he waves over at him, "Man they're unloaded looks like you really helped out big time!" He makes his way over towards the cooler to get himself a bottle of water and heads over to his horse where he pulls a little doggie bowl from it before he heads over towards Sarah and Jackie whistling a bit. Was that at the ladies? The black and white blur of a dog that comes flying around the corner says it probably was for Cathal, "I told you to be good boy. That means not wandering too far out." He sets the bowl down and fills it with water from his bottle before he takes a drink for himself.
Rexus Rexus stoops a little, gingerly taking the bottle from Iris. "Thank you." he says with a smile. He frowns as he tries to unscrew the lid, his big armored glove giving him sausage fingers. "Errr.. do you mind?" he asks, holding down the bottle so Iris can try uncapping it. "This? Oh, long story... a very long story, i'll fill you in when there's not so many folk around who might get bored with stories."
Jacqueline "Jacqueline Wayne... but call me Jackie?" Jackie replies with a smile, nodding to Iris as the redhead excuses herself, though her attention remains on Sarah. "My mother's married to Wesley J. Wayne, with the militia. Have you been back in El Dorado for long?" she asks, having overheard the exchange between Iris and Sarah. "I'm sorry it's not a better time."
She glances over as Aidan whistles... for his dog, as it turns out. She smiles, seeing the monochrome ball of fur, but stays out of the way of the watering operation.
Sarah Sarah glances towards Aidan and gives him a once over and a nod a he draws closer. DAWGIE. She looks back to Jackie, "Oh, I am certain that makes us cousins. A pleasure to meet you. Just a few days back." DAWGIE, her glancs returning to the canine and she stoops down, "Can I pet him, how did you get him? Or her?"
Iris Lark Iris uncaps the water and hands it back up to Rexus. "Here you go, and sure, you know I like stories." She says, turning to glances at the materials amassed. "I think that this will do nicely, and ..I hope the wall goes up in time."
Rexus Rexus takes a deep drink of water, dumping a little on his face to help cool himself off. "Aye, should... just need to get everyone together and working towards one goal and it'll be done in no time." he nods to Iris, looking over at the dog, the chick magnet.
Aidan Drake Aidan glances down at Cathal drinking up his water, "Cathal, you wanna meet the pretty ladies?" The border collie of course just wags his tail in excitement. Aidan points over towards Sarah and Jackie, "They want to pet you boy go get that lovin." He nods in response to Sarah's question as the dog darts over towards the two ladies walking over a bit slower, "Found him when I was out in the wastelands. He was fighting a rad scorpion... ANd believe it or not he was holding his own."
Jacqueline Jackie stays back. She and dogs don't have a good history, for the most part. "He's cute," she says, offering a nervous smile to Aidan. "Did you say you're Sparrow's brother, earlier?"
She smiles, nodding to Sarah. "Sort of cousins, I guess. Cool to meet you, too. Are you a doctor? I know Camilla's always looking for help, and we need it in these parts. There are a lot of people who can fix machines and things, but not many who can fix people."
Iris Lark Iris moves away from the power armor and she walks up to Jackie giving her a brief hug. "Sorry I didn't do that earlier." She says, grinning at her friend. "I'm glad you were here tonight, how are you doing?"
Sarah Well, Sarah is petting the dog, smiling and scruffing his ears. "Such a pretty boy, such a good boy." The woman looks up, "I haven't seen a dog in years. Some Coyotes in the Mojave, but that is not the same." Really not the same. The woman gives a few more pets, then stands to look back at Jackie, "Yes, I am a doctor. I am hoping to help at the clinic and around the area. Perhaps start teaching medicine if there is call for it."
Sarah Well, Sarah is petting the dog, smiling and scruffing his ears. "Such a pretty boy, such a good boy." The woman looks up, "I haven't seen a dog in years. Some Coyotes in the Mojave, but that is not the same." Really not the same. The woman gives a few more pets, then stands to look back at Jackie, "Yes, I am a doctor. I am hoping to help at the clinic and around the area. Perhaps start teaching medicine if there is call for it."
Aidan Drake Aidan nods towards Jackie as she asked about him being Sparrow's brother, "Yes she's my little sister. And don't worry about Cathal he's a good friendly dog he really just helps out around the ranch I try not to have him fighting don't want a mean dog around the livestock." He nods in regards to Sarah's comments about the dog, "He's nothing like a coyote in the least. But he does love belly rubs and attention so he's likely not going to leave your side for a while."
Jacqueline Jackie, watching the door, gives a little sound of surprise as Iris walks up and hugs her. The surprise doesn't stop her from returning the hug, though. "I'm good. Sweaty, but good. It's good to see you again, Iris," she says gladly. "If the works goes on into the night, you'll have even light to work by. I'll be staying overnight, so let me know if anything goes wrong with the generator or the lights."
Her attention returns to Aidan and Sarah. "How is she? We've been... out of touch. I was hoping to see her today, but I guess she's busy. Will you be staying in town long, sir?"
Iris Lark "I have a few bedrolls in the house and you're welcome to stay with me." Iris says as she grins at Jackie. "Breakfast in the morning." She adds, before she walks off to check up on someone near the stocked block bricks. She gathers her hair and ties it up in a bun as she walks.
Sarah Sarah listens to the exchange, she might have lost her ride back. Oh well, she gives another scratch.
Jacqueline "I think I'll take that offer, Iris. Thank you! It beats digging a hole in the sand for my sleeping bag," Jackie replies, grinning. "See you at turn-in time!"
She glances down at Sarah and the dog. "Teaching? We could probably use a teacher just as much as we could use a doctor. If you're giving lessons, I definitely want in."
Aidan Drake Aidan shakes his head, "No I won't be staying overnight. I'll be heading back into town after a bit. And I haven't seen my sister in a little while. She lives here in Avalon though."
Iris Lark Iris turns to Sarah and she offers her a smile as well. "If you would like, you can stay as well, then we can talk in the morning." She folds her hands behind her back. "I've got several couches, and it's comfortable and warm."
Sarah "I would teach medicine." Sarah says in reply to Jackie, "Though I suppose I could teach other things." Then her lips rise to a smile for "Iris, I would hate to impose. But, it is most generous off. I am afraid I do need to return to town for and early appointment. I will find you after? I should get going."
Jacqueline "In that case, I'll see you in El Dorado, Miss Sarah. Hopefully in classes," Jackie replies with a smile. "I'll be staying overnight, but one of the truck drivers might be able to give you a ride. Take care!"
She nods to Aidan. "Yes, I was looking for her here for that reason. I guess I'll have to look tomorrow. Thank you for your help."
Aidan Drake Aidan looks over at Sarah, "I'm heading back into town if you'd like I can ride back with you." He shrugs as Jackie couldn't find Sparrow either, "Maybe she'd been delayed? I know she was working a lot in the labs lately as well."
Sarah "That would be delightful, Sir. I am going to get a drink at the tavern, just let me know when you are ready. Thank you." She offers and gives a wave. "Pleasant to meet you all."