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Tina The night has long since fallen over El Dorado, but the church auditorium is still lit, even at this late hour. Sister Tina is in the process of setting aside her brass chandler's staff, having finished tending the large candelabras that light the auditorium. "Pity I can't see the stars from here... I bet they're beautiful tonight," she muses, a faint smile coming to her lips at the thought. "But the Lord's work waits for none." She hastily stifles a giggle. "Waits for /nun/... I made a funny. Silly me."
Fern     Yawning heavily as she enters the church, Fern is tugging her jaxcket tighter around her and getting into the place quickly. She closes the door behind her as quietly as she can, yawns again, then lifts her hands to rub at her eyes. As they adjust to the lighting in the room she glances about, noticing Tina quickly. "Ti-na," she greets, waving a hand.
Tina Tina glances up as the door opens, dipping a graceful curtsey and slipping easily into her professional demeanor. "Welcome to the church. How may I help you?" she asks, straightening, then blinks as she notes Fern's yawning and rubbing of her eyes. "My goodness, Miss Fern... what brings you about at such an hour?" she asks gently. "You look like you would prefer to be in bed."
Fern     "I.. Yup.. Mmm.. Gale's not aroun', nah?" Fern asks, her speech a bit slurred. must be realllyyyy tired! The kid moves farther into the church, and as she plops herself down on a pew she lets out a third yawn. Her eyes squint towards Tina and she starts to grin a little. "Hey. Why are you awake?" she lifts a hand and points a finger at the other in a poking motion, even though she isn't close enough to touch Tina.
Tina "For us, the jolly holiday is also a day of work, and of looking after those who find consolation in the holiday services," Tina explains gently, approaching the girl, making sure to pause just a bit out of arms' reach. "It is a duty I am happy to perform. But I regret that I have not seen Miss Gale around today. Perhaps she spent the holiday with her family."

As she gets closer, she catches a whiff of Fern's breath. "My goodness, Miss Fern... I think you've had a bit too much to drink. Are you feeling all right?" she asks, instantly concerned.
Fern     "Nah.. That's later this week," Fern says in a sleepy way. She lifts both hands then to rub at her eyes, and when they lower to her lap she leans back, stretching her legs out beneath the pew before her. She hears Tina's question and she snickers, grin going lopsided. "B gave me some homemade brew.. Uh.. mead. And eggnog. It's gross after mead." She shudders. "You go to the town hall party? There's music and eggnog.." she repeats.
Tina "I had considered going, since fellowship is such a blessing... but someone must be here for those who might seek peace here," Tina replies, not without a hint of regret. Maybe nuns like parties as much as anyone else? Who can tell? "The holiday is not a happy time for some in our community." She moves to sit next to Fern, leaving a polite distance between them. "Hmm... yes, I'd say you have had a bit much. If you'd like to rest a while, I won't mind. A church is a sanctuary, after all."
Fern     "Are you always so polite?" Fern asks as she shifts on the bench, moving to lie down on her side and tuck her knees up close to her body. Hands press together and rest beneath her cheek, and her eyes close. "Do you always say what you think is right? You ever cut loose and go all wild? You can't like being a nun all the time, right? You want me to go get you some mead? Or eggnog? I can watch the church while you go," she says, yawning again.
Tina Tina smiles faintly. "Being a nun is not like being a welder, or a carpenter... it is a calling that influences all aspects of my life. We are here for those who need us. I am happy in it, even if I miss an occasional party," she explains gently. "Anyway, you are much too sleepy to be burdened with watching a church," she adds, with a warm smile that is not without mirth.
Fern      "I can still watch it.." Fern says before her eyes open again and she shifts her head, looking.. back? Up? Over? She's still on her side, so it's a combination of ways. She looks at Tina and says, "Still didn't answer the question.. unless.. being polite and stuff is how you have been influenced.." She sighs and closes her eyes again. "Even nuns need fun, though." She keeps her eyes closed for a bit, and soon she mumbles, "Tina. Why you so pretty? Your hair stays nice and flat. No tangles. Is that cause god wants you to be beautiful? How do you stay so clean?"
Tina "To be a nun is to be polite, I suppose. It goes with the calling, much like wearing the habit and saying lots of prayers for other people," Tina replies, shrugging. "I won't deny that we need fun from time to time, but others need us more. To be there for them, even when we might wish to be elsewhere having fun, is also part of the calling. For example, right now I am here for you."

She blushes at the complimentary question. "I wonder how you could tell that through my veils. But I thank you for your kind words. I am simply as He made me. As for cleanliness, I bathe regularly, that I might be pleasant company for the congregations. It also helps me not to be ill when I may be needed."
Fern     "Your voice sounds like you're pretty.. and I see your braid," Fern says. "Nice color. No frazzles," she murmurs, yawning yet again. Her eyes remain closed now as her mumbling grows softer by the word. "You.. should go out. Have fun.." Pause. Is she asleep? "You have a.. big bath tub?" Nope. Still awake somehow, but she sounds like she might pass out any second.
Tina Tina chuckles warmly at the reply. "Oh, Miss Fern... you /are/ a sweetie. Thank you again for being so kind to me," she says gently. "And I cannot, and should not. I must be here for my congregation, even if it is only a congregation of one." The question about the bath tub draws a moment's silence. "We do. It is old, but the drain still works, and that is all we need."
Fern     Did she even hear the answer? Who knows. Fern is snoring, sound asleep.