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Martin Martin is at what will soon be his base of operation. Hopefully his money sink. Not for his money sink. No no, for others. For their money. Everyone walking around with to much money, and Martin doesn't have enough of his own. There are various folks working down here. The entire club is under ground. El Dorrado being a theme park, most of its storage is underground and out of sight. And his club is making use of that space. He has folks scrubbing the floor, and other folks trying to get the nuclear fusion powered hvac system running. There are lights currently, and its well lit but they sometime flicker off. Martin is near the back, sitting behind a desk, going over papers, and siging things, what have you.
Sarah Sarah arrives in a long red dress with a deep V neck and a high slit at the thigh, almost hip. Gracefully decending the steps she smiles to the various employees and contractors. Following theif direction, she makes her way back to Martin. "Good afternoon, Sir." The woman says as stands before the desk.
Martin Looks up as he was reviewing a design for the stage, and rests it down on his desk. He smiles at her, with his pile of caps smile. He stands and motions for her to take the chair in front of the desk. "Please, sit. Sit. Thank you for comming." He says, and sits down after her. "Would you like anything to drink? Our inventory is still building but we may have it on hand."
Sarah "I am simple, some tequila or rum and Nuka-Cola." Sarah replies as she settles to the chair, crossing her leg to work the slit like a pro, having the dress divide from her sculpted bronze legs to the thigh. An attentive lean forward, and a smile. "I wish to thank you for the most wonderful and thoughtful gifts, Sir."
Martin     MArtin gets someone to bring the lady some Tequila. "And welcome to what will be the most successful and desirable place in El Dorado. The Empty Chamber. My nightclub. I'm Martin Bishop." He says to her, and takes a sip of his martini, sans olives. "And I'm trying to build up to make sure that I'm just full of hot air, Ms. Wayne. Or is it Misses?" He askes her.
Sarah "Technically, Doctor, but I prefer, Miss." She shifts in her seat to look around once before returning her gaze to the man, "Looks like it will be quite the fine establishment. Superior to most in New Reno. An unusual name, Mr. Bishop. Why did you chose it?" Her hand reaches for the drink, simply for the second held down and away. "How can I assist?"
Martin Martin nods to that, and make a note that he prior work to get be aware of her, was lacking. Didnt include that distinction. "Doctor? Oh. This maybe a shame then. I try to make it a habit to be aware of folks. I'm still new to this town myself. And I try to be choosey who I speak to, and I didn't know you were quite the educated in that means. " He says and her drink is deliver to her. It actually cold nuka cola. "But what the hell, you may be interested in it my proposal regardless." He takes a breif pause. "Night clubs, like you have in New Reno, or New Vegas, are places were folks go to unwind, to feel good about themselves. And how you can foster that, is to make sure there are poeple there to be that. I'm not talking about sleeping them. Not that I am oppose to such enterprises, its not what I want for here. I was hopping you'd be keen to be someone to be very pretty, to listen to their woes and get them to buy too many drinks, at the chance that its impressing you."
Sarah "It took me a long time to get that title, Mr. Martin. Long ago in El Dorado, there was an onslaught of feral ghouls. I was in town, my father, mother, and siblings were killed." A brief pause for a sip of her drink. "Some of them brutally murdered.. Or what ever it is a mindless thing does. Three of them were severely wounded though. They died off across two weeks. I learned basic first aid helping the over run medical personel. I could not save them: Mother, sisters. Death by infection, which we had not the trained skill to halt. I left my sole sibling behind with family. I traveled the wasteland, dedicated to one purpose." The woman shifts, rolling the contents of the glass as her eyes drop to the floor and she just breathes, slowly. "To end death from ignorance, there were many groups heard of with superior knowledge of forgotten medicine." Her gaze lifts, "A minor train cook, and bandage wrapper, I traveled with caravans, looking for that knowledge." The glass is lifted, peered into a moment, then she raises it and takes a deep drink, swirling it in her mouth till her tongue stings. "Yes, there is a point. Care to guess it?"
Martin     Martin pauses, and considers the story. "There a lot in this world, I do not know. Of the things I do know, is that you shouldn't look foolish whenever possible. And in this case, I will say trying to hazzard a guess would make me foolish." He replies, and gets his drink refreshed. "Please, tell me. And my condolances to yours."
Sarah Sarah smiles, "You can remain silent and people will wonder at your intelligence, or speak and remove all doubt. A favored phrase of one of my teachers." The woman says. "At any rate. I heard of many groups. The NCR, the Brotherhood, Enclave.. Turns out they don't favor sharing knowledge. The caravan's luck ran out in New Reno. You are a man of travel. You know the trades available to pretty young girls in New Reno." The last of the drink finished, the glass is rolled back and forth between her finger tips and palms. "I was very pretty. I got a nice brothel, eventually became a porn star. All my money went to clearing my debts and learning medicine."
Martin Martin nods. "Its respectable regardless. Pulling yourself up, being the person you want to be. Respectable. Not very many folks can actually do that and those that can often lack the wherewithal to do the work. I respect that. My story lacks the drama of yours. Just a lot of hard work, long grueling treks, and to many god damn hours under the mojave sun. This," He gestures to the place underconstruction. "...this'll be where I'll grow old, and I'll be cool, and I wont ever have to suffer the stench of brahmin again. I may even try to figure how my parents are doing, and where my brother is. Though that feels so far away, not just distance but a lifetime ago." He sighs at that and lets a pregant pause grow. "Empty Chamber. Its because I'm spent. I need to be reloaded. Though to the customers. Its the empty chamber because I want them to get loaded."
Sarah "Not so different. I made plenty of spare money. And I like money, wealth and the trappings. I am not a saint. Not even a repentent sinner. Any way." After a moment she goes back to the tale.

"Years later, hearing of good groups: the New Caanites and the Followers of the Apocalypse. It was the Followers a group dedicating to rebuilding the wasteland.. Using and studying pre-War, and any other technology they could gain that I would meet.. The hope I set out with came to New Reno." She looks for a coaster, finding she'll put the glass on it, or just down. Sarah continues, "I joined up, the were real doctors, medicines and knowledge so far above most. For five years, I shielded with my contacts, learned what they knew until it happened I just sort of noticed I was teaching as much as any them.. I don't use medicine for wealth. And there is healing in the carnal or the conversation. I'd be happy to help you. Help people relax. Meanwhile, I'll work with local healers and perhaps even as has been goal for over twenty years, teach medicine to El Dorado."
Martin Martin lets a surprise expression escape his control. "Oh, well isn't that dandy. We're not quite yet ready to open. And it'll be very fair pair. You're not expected to slobbering drunk, you're not expected to sleep with anyone. Nor me." He shakes his head. "A practice, I was never found of. I dont mean to be teachcing morals. There just a lot things in this world, that I am not that found of." He finishes his drink. "Probably for the best that I am no longer with the Legion." He gets his glass refreshed. "But I plan to be loved here. And I'd love to fund a hospital in here in town, some day."
Sarah "Legion, yes.. For the best." Obviously not her favorite group, but then again, women are not typically fans. "We'll hash out the details. A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Bishop. And thank you again for the materials." Sarah stands, smoothing the dress. "And indulging my nostalgia." e