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Camilla     A clear cloudless day in New Mexico, the breeze cutting through the town and carrying on it a pleasant warmth. The town is a buzz with the hustle and bustle of people doing what they can to make sure the walls are manned, resources are placed where they are needed. Beyond that, most are simply living out a normal day and carrying on about their lives.

    With in the only brick building in the town lies the Clinic, currently headed up by Doc Camilla, a well known face in the community as she's been providing medical services to the people of the town for several months now. Word has it that she's a runaway former legion slave. Outside that, it's said she's kind, caring, compassionte and fair in her pricing for her services.

    The clinic itself isn't all that busy today, a few people in and out for various ailments and slight injuries. Camilla is present, smiling warmly as she helps an elderly gentlemen to the door, "Alrighty Frank, just keep off that leg for a few days when you get home ok?"

    "Sure sure Doc, thank you much, you're a complete gem.."

    "Oh frank, off with you, be safe getting home!" camilla says to him as she shoes him out the door with a smile on her face.

    Camilla spins about now, the long and full length hand woven brown dress that she wears, fliting about as she does. With most of the patients out of the clinic for now, she goes about cleaning, checking supplies, and just her general duties.
Sarah The day makes for a pleasant brisk walk from the city, Sarah actually enjoys it, stopping off for a small meal at a cart vendor. She does not look the normal for Shanty Town, or El Dorado for the matter. Her dark hair nice arranged to hanging curls, dress in rich blue and seeming in a style that pre-dates the 'Pre-war' fashions. Pleasant make-up perhaps a bit bold in the plum coloring at her lips and nails.

The woman walks into the clinic, eyes scanning and taking things in. Waiting not far inside she scans patients and staff. Then she approaches Camilla, smiling softly. "Good afternoon, Doctor." Her voice smooth and with hint of inticement, just pleasant to hear for most.
Camilla     Camilla spins about slowly to focus her icy blues on Sarah. There's a moment there where she looks the other woman over and then smiles warmly in return. "Camilla" she replies plainly, pausing a moment, "Please." She holds a hand out as an offer of greeting. "Is there something I can do for you...miss?" she asks. "If you're in need of Aid, I've got no other patients in the clinic at the moment."
Sarah Sarah is not tall, yet one has to be close to her to notice this, with her posture and demeanor she doesn't seem small. There is a second she watches the rising hand, then her eyes lift and a smile rises it as she shakes gently. "I am here to offer you assistance, Doctor." Her left hand lifting up a purse, that she reaches into after releasing the greeting shake. "I am a doctor. My creditials." A tri-fold leather document protector has official papers marked with the seal of the Followera of the Apocalypse, certifying her among the in flourish and pomp that might bring NCR to mind. Speaking as she lets ths woman read, "I am Sarah Wayne, and I richly appreciate what you have done for the city in this place, I hope I can contribute."
Camilla     Camilla takes a look at the offered paperwork, and not to anyones suprise, she can, in fact, read. She takes a look over it all and then returns the documents to Sarah. "A pleasure to meet you Miss Wayne, I am simply Camilla. Also, thank you for the kind words, but Doc Iris lark started this clinic and built it up, I've only done my best to keep it running in her stead while she focuses on other efforts. As to your contributing, I would welcome any help you're offering and another doctor is always a plus. Though, there's no form of employment here. You can charge your own way and make your own wages."
Sarah "The Followers rarely charge more than a nominal fee, that of the ones that can afford it. Recouping supplies. A little more from those of greater means to off set those with nothing. I have .. alternative.. means of financing my personal needs." Sarah says smoothly, retaining a bit of formality to her manner for the moment, but there is a compassion in the dark eyes. "And, with .. alternative means, I am also willing to contribute to expenses. If you have needs, please, let me know."
Camilla     Camilla listens to sarah's words intently and nods. "I do the same, I only charge enough to ensure I can keep the clinic running with the supplies needed should there be an emergency."

    The second statement gets a bit of a head tilt from Cami, but she lets it go. "Oh, well, I'm not really sure at the moment what I need, but anything you are willing to give would be of great help regardless, I'm sure. I may need you to operate the clinic for me when I travel to Avalon or the City Proper, would you be willing?"