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Manuelito It was a trip into the desert wasteland near Shantytown. The skies were clear; crisp sea of pale blue with not a single cloud in sight. Given the time of year, the air was pleasantly warm. The air, though, was stale from the lack of wind.

The patrol group was about five miles from the town of Shantytown, and was more impromptu; thus the small group that was travelling.

Rumor of bandits in the area were floating around from time to time, but an attack on a caravan quickly drew Manuelito out here.
Cleo Joining the patrol was a last minute decision for Lieutenant Cleo McKinsey. She'd overheard the report of the caravan being attacked from the other officers, and with her history in working with caravans and hearing the Captain was going out, she'd volunteered to come along.

It wasn't until the patrol was out in the wastes that Cleo realised that, in her haste, she'd forgotten to bring along a gun. Nonetheless, she's decided against turning back. She can at least provide moral support and tactical knowledge, if nothing else, right?
Fiona Fiona checked in at HQ in town after her curcuit, a bit tired and ready to head for the ranch. The desk sargeant had way too big of a grin on his face, "One more thing, Corporal." The pack lifted on the counter with a thunk, and a paper handed to her. "It is New Years, not April fools." She comments and the sargeant shrugs. "Got it." She yanks up the kit and heads off, fortunately, she has the fastest horse in the militia.

The fast ride brings her up to the patrol point. The blonde dismounting about twenty meters out smoothly. She yanks off the bag, reading the name. "L. T. McKinsey.. Package for you." She comments, the big quarter horse following behind her without reigns. She makes a point to carry with her right hand.
Lee     Lee, being a private, would be a grunt. Of course, the 'grunt' was in that salvaged power armor. It might not assist him, but it is definitely viable as armor and the crossbow he carried in hand didn't seem like it was worthless either. They had orders and he'd follow them, keeping alert and that x-bow ready. When Fiona rides up, he'd glance over at her, then at Cleo, a smirk given although he of course wouldn't say anything.
Esscast esscast watched from a distance watching the patroll trying to use his tactics to stay out of site
Manuelito Rifle slung, Manuelito leads the group quietly. At the noise of hoofs beating the ground, he turns and gives a wry grin as he sees Fiona galloping in on her horse.

When the package is given to Cleo, Manuelito brow raises. "Forget something Lieutenant?" He asks before shaking his head and begins moving forward again.

Alertness or Survival to see if you spot something regarding Patrol


Alertness to spot Esscast.
Cleo     "Nothing important, sir," Cleo says with a sheepish smirk as the bag is dumped into her waiting arms. She raises her eyes to give Fiona a grateful look and a nod. Reaching into the bag, she pulls out a pistol, raising it up to check the mag.

    "After all, I figured I could just talk the raiders to death if it came down to it." She slides the pistol into her duster and fishes again in the bag. This time, she pulls out an assault carbine. "I guess this might work a little better, though. Thanks, Corporal."

    She's holding the carbine low to check its state of loading when something catches her eye. "Captain? Tracks down that-a-way," she says with a nod of her hat. "Looks like something got dragged through."
Fiona Fiona faintly smirks at the officer, "Welcome, Ma'am. Munitions checked the firing pins as requested. Downright couragous to head out before the weapons check. They put a rush on it for you." Her attention shift though off in the distance and she frowns.

After passing off the gear, Fiona takes the Palamino's reigns and pulls it closer to herself, and beside the Lieutenant intent on disrupting line of sight with Essex. The corporal then draws off a .308 'Sniper' rifle from the horse sheath. Stepping in front of the horse she sights in the direction on the flash she saw.
Lee     Lee sniggers quietly. Leaving before weapon check. Yeah. That's amusing to him. But then again, he knows a few guys like that. He'd glance to the side, frowning then pointing. "Sir. I see a building that way. Looks to be partially collapsing, yah? Perfect place fer some raiders ta be tryin ta stash themselves I'm thinkin?"
Esscast Esscast hunkers down when he spotted the tracks his curiosity got the better of him walking out of the shack still wearing his pre war military clothes he looks at the patrol then off to the tracks and starts jogging twords them.
Manuelito Glancing back Manuelito nods slightly. "And I suppose you would have resorted to sticks and stones hand words not worked?" He asks of Cleo.

A nod is given as he responds to Lee "Alright; Private move forward and check the building. Lieutenant, move in behind him, but let the private do the scouting." Looking to Fiona, he asks "Got something?" He inquires as he looks from her to the Wastelands.

Lee & Cleo:


Lee     "Yessir!" Lee would quip, x-bow coming up as he'd glance to Cleo with an upnod. Heading forward, he's careful and precise in his movements, slowing as he'd study the building. There's a hand sign given to stop for Cleo, then he'd withdraw back at least to her. Voice pitched low, his eyes don't leave the building. "Hey LT. I'm pickin up at least a few somethins in there. Noises. roof is caved in and windows boarded up with the door closed prperly. I ain't sayin it's raiders.. I am sayin we found somethin. Orders?"
Fiona Fiona tracks the man as he comes out of hiding. The rifle barrel tracks him for just a moment, then lifting clear. "Contact: right over there." She offers to Manuelito, smiling as she glances from the prey to her husband. "He's coming on in Marshal." She offers, shifting her attention back to the others on patrol. "Have you eaten?"
Cleo     The carbine stays out as Cleo turns her eyes toward the building indicated by Manuelito and Lee. Her eyes wander over the caved-in roof and bullet holes along the facade. She gives a slight nod toward the Captain before following after Lee, gun held low at the ready.

    When Lee drops back to speak to her, she purses her lips momentarily. "Yeah, I heard somethin' comin' from inside the building. Let's start with a sweep of the perimeter; you head 'round back to check for any other window, especially unboarded. Keep low, watch for frag mines. You hear anything coming out or gunshots, take cover."
Esscast esscast moves up to them hands in the air "I dont want any trouble sir just thought id help yall outhere if I could after all I made that vow back when I joined the military"
Manuelito A hmm escapes his lips as he takes the Anti-Material rifle off his shoulder and hefts it up. He moves the barrel and scope along slowly until he spots what Fiona sees and nods. "I have him. I don't recognize him, but.. could be friendly."

He drops his rifle slightly to gaze at his wife. "Are you suggesting we eat him?" He asks in a tease before raising the rifle again to zoom over to Cleo and Lee. "I brought some of that meat and trail mix." He notes.


Cleo and Lee are interrupted in there talk as the door busts open and three Frenzied Feral Ghoul's busts out of the door; their movements taking them straight toward the pair.

"Multiple Ferals." He tells Fiona calmly.

ROLL: Alertness