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Lee     Lee was at that HQ, out of armor, although it was bundled up off to the side, he was currently out on the firing line. But while others had the different pops and snaps of firearms going off, his was a straw dummy mirklurk that he was carefully putting bolts into.
Fiona Fiona walked through the area, hands raised and cupped before her as she lights a cigar. The corporal glancing towards the firing range to assess the troops. Her head tilts to the side as she sees an arrow fly into a target. "What the?" She drawss a heavy puff, exhales and starts that way. She waits behind Lee till he starts to reload. "What are you doin, Private?"
Cleo     Hands folded behind her back, Cleo is observing the militiamen at the firing range, walking up and down the line. She's wearing a black officer's uniform, her hat left on a hook somewhere for the time being. She stops up behind one of the new recruits, who's practicin headshots on a dummy using a rifle. "Nice shooting, Jenkins, but you should be aiming for the chest. Work on grouping your shots nice and tight."

    It may not be her job to tell the new guys how to shoot, but it's a habit. She boots keep trudging along until she stops up behind Lee just a moment after Fiona does. She nods to both. "Corporal. Private."

    One of her brows lifts slightly as she observes the latest shot. "You ever shot a real 'lurk with one of those, Private?" she asks, her tone more curious than sardonic.
Lee     Lee handles it smoothly. Those coming up behind him noting the odd weapon.. but.. the wasteland is wasteland, right? That next shot is dead on, center mass, just behind the neck, a good shot for stalling a beast. "Sir. Just practicin Sir. Like all the rest of the troopers, eh? I gotta keep in shape and gotta keep my crossbow in alignment." He didn't draw another bolt, waiting patiently for Fiona or Cleo to ask further. "I've currently got marks on my pommel of 5 kills with this, LT. I ain't a poser.. this'll be the 10th year I've fired this here crossbow. Had it 'fore the war and it got stored well. So it's still just as serious now as it was back then."
Fiona Fiona isn't doing anything encumber or otherwise. She takes the smoke in her left hand and stiffens to attention. Hand to hat brim in a salute. "Ma'am." Fiona states in a formal tone.
Cleo     "Well, if it gets the job done, I won't argue against it," Cleo decides aloud as she brings her arms around to fold across her stomach, content to keep watching as Lee practices his bowmanship. "You're new, aren't you? I know that the Captain's been recruiting. I'm pretty sure I would've remembered the bow."

    Noticing Fiona's formal demeanour, she turns her head to offer her a half-smile. "At ease, Corporal. You here to show the new guys how to shoot?"
Lee     "Yessir. err. Ma'm." Lee chuckles quietly and as the questions seemed to be settled, he'd draw the next bolt. He's fast and efficent, foot bar to pull the string. Lift the x-bow and set the bolt. Definitely plenty of talent there as he'd shift enough to set his feet, brace and with the smooth quiet exhale snipers would use to not pull the shot, puts another bolt into the straw mirelurk. "I'm ex-mil, LT, Ma'm. ol' school.. was parta a merc group. We free floated 'cross the world fer.. spats. yanno? When it happen.. we got split up inta the vaults. I got ta the one my family was in.. anyways. Yah, I'm new ta the Militia here.. I'm still patchin up from the first patrol I did.. gave me a buncha wounds by this group o' cultist.. wanted ta serve me ta somethin.. The Cap'n talked ta me 'bout it and this is just as good as driftin.. so I figured why not? Signed up.."
Fiona Fiona takes her cigar back up, chewing it and working the fire back in to it. An exhale and step back, "Just checking on the line, Ma'am." The corporal says as she studies the crossbow with a side glance. Another slow puff, she waits a bit to see if she is clear to travel.
Vera Vera makes her way into the HQ, carrying an ammo box, and some kind of weapon that looks like it needs work..yes, it doesn't work right now. She hums to herself as she makes her way over to an empty chair, and sets down with the things.
Cleo     Cleo's eyes turn back to the straw mirelurk as the latest bolt finds its way into the target. Her lips tighten momentarily in thought; the corner of her eye lingers on Fiona for a long moment before she looks back at Lee. "Good to meet you, Private. I'm Lieutenant McKinsey, although I think you figured my rank out already. Cleo, if you catch me off-duty."

    Looking thoughtful for another moment as she watches the soldiers shoot their targets, Cleo starts to drift over toward the gun racks. She gives one of the practice rifles a speculative look, then glances back at Fiona. "Hey, Corporal. You interested in some competitive training exercises?"
Vera Vera stands up, and heads in to the barracks a store the new toys, before making her way back out. "Now at least, the area is safe..." She looks around a moment, "Ok, ok...I'm forgetting something...I know it..."
Fiona Fiona gives a nod to Vera as she passes by, the corporal working on one her chew-toys as she stands by the firing line near Cleo. Nothing to see .. Oh, seen. Another drag and Fiona bends to snuff out the cigar. "Of course, Ma'am. Always ready. What did you have in mind, Ma'am?" Using her report vioce with a hit hard charger. Amber eyes study the female officer curiously.
Cleo     "Just some target practice, Corporal," Cleo suggests as she pulls a rifle off the rack and checks the ammunition before moving over toward one of the empty firing lanes on the shooting range. As she does, she passes close to Vera and stops up short. "Evening, private. Need a hand with anything? You look a bit lost."
Vera Vera shakes her head, "No, no...just fine....just got back from patrol, thought I might unwind a bit is all. Fighting monsters and all that."
Fiona "Of course, Ma'am." Fiona walks towards the range, slipping her assault carbine from the stap under her duster. The weapon carried in a low ready position to the lanes. A glance down range and then a look back to the LT, maybe studying as she speaks with Vera.
Cleo     "Fair enough, private," Cleo says as she continues on to the empty lane with her gun held low. Once she reaches the shooter's box, she steps up to the barrier and peers down the range. The dummy at the other end has been shot half to hell already; it's likely that distinguishing her hits from the ones already in the target will be a challenge at best. Still, it's what she has to work with.

    "Feel free to join us if you're done your duties and your trigger finger doesn't need a break, Private," she offers to Vera. Then, she brings the rifle up, lining it up toward the target down-range.

Vera Vera says, "Oh, no...not at all..I actually sliced them through with my sword anyways..." As she looks at the targets, and gets her carbine out. "Ok, so were shooting these..right..right." and brings the gun up."
Fiona Fiona watches the line, dropping to a kneeled firing postion, aiming carefully. She thumbs the firing switch from safe to semi-auto and squeezes a round off. Nice and center mass down range. A soft smile.
Cleo     As Cleo lowers her rifle, there's an uncomfortable stillness from downrange. No wood chips fluttering to the ground to signal a hit. Did she just miss? The recruit next to her is eyeing her sidelong, clearly wanting to ask the question but knowing better than to do so. Cleo catches the periphery of his gaze with the edge of her own, then clears her throat.

    "Think the sight's a bit off on my rifle," she says with a wink before raising the weapon to her shoulder again. This time, she focuses, draws in a breath, and aims carefully before firing.


    This time, splinters fly off the wooden dummy with satisfying velocity as it's struck nearly dead center. Cleo smiles.

    It's pretty obvious from that result that the first shot was, indeed, a miss. Cleo raises a finger to her lips as the recruit beside her gives a sidelong look again.
Vera Vera says, "perhaps you should try a different weapon then...maybe a bazooka or something...then it doesn't matter about the sites at all.." She nods her head a bit, as she draws her 10mm pistol, and fires off a quick shot from it this time."
Fiona Fiona watches the officer fire off another shot. Every body has to get used to a weapon. The corporal's is well zero'd, she almost doesn't take another shot, standing from the kneel. Then there is a smirk when Vera makes the comment. She hooks the cabine back up, rolls her neck for a pop and draws her coat open to expose rich pearl pistol grip. Her hand slaps down and twists the revolver out fast in a calvary draw.
Fiona And down range the shot travels to sink in the head of the target. A spin to reholster. "I think you are right, Vera. Just right gun."