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Saeko      Into the bar a new figure steps in from the early morning rain, the hood of her cloak pulled up to conceal her features from both sight and season. A pause in the doorway as her senses are caught by the sights and smells within before the cloaked woman moves further, tugging her hood back and letting her long black hair fall free before she moves up towards the bar. Saeko's blue eyes look over the otherwise empty room before she takes a seat, exhaling and tugging that cloak off her shoulders, folding it over her arm.
Nathan Nathan makes his way into the saloon now that he's arrived in town he brushes some of the travel dust off his shoulders and arms before he makes his way to the bar and takes a seat looking over the selection of drinks.
Saeko      Looking back over her shoulder, the young woman's removal of her cloak reveals the quiver she has slung at one hip, a collection of arrows still remaining in place. At the other hip? A long blade contained in a wooden sheath rests. Some sort of hunter perhaps? Either way, the asian woman nods to the new arrival silently, resting her own arms on the countertop. As much as she was here for a drink, she was equally here for a chance to rest her feet.
Nathan Nathan nods towards Saeko as he looks over her weapons, "Nice looking gear you got there lady. Don't think I've seen much in that quality lately ever thought of sellin it?" And he motions towards the tender bot and orders a beer.
Katherine Caine Katherine moves over from serving some customers to see if Saeko and Nathan need anything, "Welcome to the Gold Digger. If there's anything I can get you, just let me know. We'll also take anything off your hands you don't need, especially your caps." She said with a flirtatious smile towards Nathan before pouring herself a shot of whiskey.
Saeko      Lowering her pack, however small it might be, Saeko looks up with a raised eyebrow. "My bow and my blade are not for sale," she says after a moment with a shake of her head. "They are...too precious to part with." A pause of thought however and she inclines her head. "I may have one or two things I have come across I am willing to sell for the right price however." As drinks go? The asian asks only for water.
Nathan Nathan glances up at Kitty and offers a smile of his own, "Hey there! I'm Nathan and this is a wonderful establishment. I buy and sell goods myself so if there's anything particular you're looking for beautiful just let me know and I'll see what I can do to find it for you." He nods towards Saeko, "I didn't think they would be but it never hurts to ask. But since it appears that the lovely lady here buys things off folks I wouldn't dare to poach on possible customers inside her own establishment."
Joe Caine What starts as a low rumble crescendos into a full on ruckus as a hulking figure tumbles down the stairs into the wall, a bottle of whiskey held high above his crumpled form. "Eh feck, I missed that step again! MA!"

In a drunken stupor, Joe Caine pries himself off the floor, dark bags under his blood-shot eyes. Heavy stubble encapsulates his pale face, signs of a far flung alcohol binge in the attic.
Katherine Caine Katherine nodded to Saeko, "Of course, well you just show me what you have darling and if I want any of it we can work something out and this fine gentlemen here can have the rest." An overly friendly smile given to Nathan in his pre-war businesswear because that stuff did not come cheap, "Can I get you something to drink?" She asks of Nathan as she gets some clean water for Saeko and waves at Joe with her free hand, pouring him a whiskey the moment she's given the water to Saeko!!
Saeko Saeko glances at the bartender as she arrives, bowing her head politely while she watches the exchange, flirtatious notes certainly noted even if they were directed at the man beside her. "I have a firearm I am willing to sell for a good price," she states, clearly uncaring which one of them will make an offer. She'd say more, but Joe's arrival turns her head and she blinks again before nodding her head at some thought. It seems water was the safe bet. The booze here must be akin to lead based paint for its potency. Another sip of her drink and she reaches down into her pack, unwrapping and producing the single shotgun she'd recovered. "It is not a weapon to my taste, but I have seen it sold here in the stores for seven-hundred and fifty caps."
Nathan Nathan looks over at the shotgun then over at Kitty, "Have a good local beer? Otherwise surprise me with a good drink I'm sure you won't try to hurt me too much just yet." He looks over at Joe and the pile of himself he made at the base of the stairs, "He gonna be okay?"
Katherine Caine "Not really my sort of thing, if you have anything else I'm happy to take a look" Katherine said with a smile as the water is left for Saeko, "Sure, we've got some good stuff, pretty much anything you'd want." The beer is poured for Nathan while she leans over rather unnecessarily before sliding it down the counter to him and raising the shot she had poured for herself to her son, "To another beautiful day in El Dorado with family."
Joe Caine Joe meanders over to the shot his mother poured, it was a step up from the whiskey he had been drinking so there was no argument. With a calculated movement, the merc slams the whiskey back, hissing violently between his teeth, "I'm good, I'm good." He offers a thumbs up towards Saeko, before peering at the shotgun with an unimpressed waggle of his eyebrow.
Clara Caine Well, it's been a busy day For Clara. She finds the need to sit down and relax some, and think. It's a calculated risk coming here, because well, buttjuice isn't good for the stomach.

Coming in through the door, long leather coat swaying around her heels, the intern-sheriff pulls off her hat, to smooth some hair out before putting it back on, letting it sit slightly askew. Her blue eyes focus on those gathered but, one draws her attention most.

"Jojo! What is this?" Her eyes are focused on him, before looking to everyone else and giving a nod in greeting, eyeing her sister briefly at her toast.
Orathio      As part of his mission to explore El Dorado, still getting a good pulse of the new town, Orathio has spent quite some time exploring and talking to people. Merchants. Individuals, lending an ear to people that wouldn't mind giving some words. Of course, as this is the Wasteland, this have limited amount of success. Still, it does not hurt. In the end, this makes him rather parched... and hungry. This must be resolved, particularly on the parched part. It's been quite some time since he had a good drink.

     Thus, the Torchbearer open, Orathio stepping inside and politely taking off his hat as he does, holding it over his chest as he looks inside. A den of pleasure, drinks and other thing, so common in the Waste. This, at least, seems very clean compared to places he's heard and seen. A fine establishment. He gives a smile to people coming in as well, including the lady ahead of him, to make his way to the counter. As he sits down, he looks around at what seems to be a gathering. Ahhh. Family.
Saeko      A shrug of her shoulders, she returns the unloaded shotgun to her pack. If noone was interested in buying then it simply wouldn't be sold today. Placing the weapon back in her bag the asian woman sips her drink lightly, only to look up as a new arrival comes through the door: the sheriff she'd met earlier in the day...and then another she'd not seen before. The glass of water in her hand gets yet another sip as the eyes that mark her mixed heritage look the growing crowd of patrons up and down. The toast to family? It earns naught but silence from the girl.
Nathan Nathan smiles as he takes the beer before he looks over at the shotgun for a bit before Saeko puts it away, "It's a nice piece but I'd be hard pressed to find somebody to take it off my hands for more than 500 caps. You're probably better off taking it to one of the local shops see what they may want to do with it." He looks over as folks enter the saloon sipping on his beer as they arrive, "So where's a good place to get a room around here? I'd like one that I can keep my personal belongings when I'm out on trade routes."
Clara Caine A man steps in, and nods to Clara. "Well shit, I need to run. You all be well, work to do." She tips her hat and would go to follow the older- like, old enough to be her father, guy out to go to work.
Joe Caine Joe Caine takes the bottle, and begins to head back towards the stairs, "Ah hell I left somethin'.. about.. up there. I'll be back."
Katherine Caine Katherine watches her family members rush off as usual and just shakes her head, doing her best not to look agitated, she wasn't really thanks to some good old Daytripper!

Smiling at Nathan once more she leaned down on the counter and reached over to trail her fingers up his arm, "We've got two kinds of rooms here. A regular one and a deluxe with a patio. Can store anything you need in them."

Orathio's entry was noted but for now one of the robots went over to serve him at the bar.
Orathio      Orathio is slowly pondering if his presence must have pushed some people away. Ah well. This is just how fate is, he suppose. People are free to do as they wish, as it Should Be. Admist the sound of the place, he do get some words that were being said, some part of conversations in Nathan's direction. Hm. Could this be?

     He orders himself a drink from the robot coming at him. Something stiff, something simple, as he gets up to make his way to the man, hat still in his hand.

     "Excuse me. I apologise for interrupting." Orathio says, giving a faint bow at Katherine, recognising her from the rescue of the shopkeeper's boy. "Might you be Nathan, of the Lone Star Caravans that has come in town today? I am Father-Torchbearer Orathio." He flicks a glance at Caine, then back at him. "I can come back later, if you are arranging for lodgings."
Saeko      "I was told by another that less than 700 for it would be...foolish," Saeko comments lightly while sipping her drink. "For the moment it takes up little space. Perhaps I will find a use for it myself." The asian woman tilts her head as Orathio draws nearer, his introduction and title alone enough to arouse curiousity while she sips her drink and listens to the info exchanged. Rooms and prices? Handy thing to know.
Nathan Nathan glances over at Orathio and nods, "That's me glad the word got out when I'd gotten into town. Helps business and all. I'm just arranging for a place to rest my head when I'm in town. I don't think it'll take long to arrange for the room." He looks back over at Miss Kitty and smiles, "A deluxe room sounds perfect. It won't be too noisy to fall asleep in would it?" Glancing over at Saeko he nods, "That's why I suggested taking it to the local shops. It would just be overly difficult for me to move it for a profit." He pauses a beat, "But if I do happen to have anybody stopping by looking for a shotgun I will direct them to find the lovely young lady with the exquisite sword that's in town. I am sure there can't be anybody else meeting that description here."
Lilu Lilu steps in, placing her hands on a helmet that was offered to her for safe passage at night time. Giving a shake, her wild mane of ruby-jet wiggles and sways, her violet eyes squinting to focus, at first, before relaxing. She counts faces, silently, taking in each patron's appearance before padding toward the bar itself. "Miss Kitty, 's it?" She questions, digging into her side bag and producing a skin-mag with bubbly lettering across its front simply reading BBA. "Heard y'wantin' dis? C'n' plant it, so I give it t'y'." She explains, her voice muffling behind the fabric of her scarf.
Orathio      Orathio offers Saeko a farm, firm nod, still keeping his hat firmly over his chest, then refocusing on Nathan. He takes the drink as it is delivered to him, taking a sip. "Very good. Your own merchandise had several that caught my eye." He tilts his head at Saeko, his eyes briefly flicking over at Saeko. "A shotgun, hm?"
Katherine Caine "It should be just fine. The rooms here are pretty good. Two-Hundred and Fifty Caps and I'll get it all setup for you." Katherine replied to Nathan before saying, "Why don't you deal with the man needing you and we can handle our business later." Looking at Lilu she eyed the find and said, "Why, yes I am. How does one hundred caps sound darling?"
Saeko      A pause, a nod. Saeko leans down to gesture to the single shotgun she had stashed in her pack once more. "The stores are selling it for 750," she speaks, glancing over as another new arrival comes through the door and hands over...well that's certainly something. Clearing her throat, the woman with the quiver and katana on her hips continues. "I am willing to part with it for 600, but that is the lowest I would sell it for." Nathan's compliments earn a smile, but she nods her head and little more in thanks.
Nathan Nathan nods towards Miss Kitty, "I look forward to finishing our business Miss Kitty." Then he looks over at Orathio, "Yes sir I've got several things that I'm sure any good wanderer of the wastes would want. However, if you are wanting a shotgun I can promise you that this lovely lady here." He motions towards Saeko, "Likely has the best deal on one in town! In fact I don't even have any shotguns let alone have I seen one in such fine condition in a while." He pauses a beat, "But since you're talking about some of the goods I'd put an ad out about then I'm sure it's not a shotgun you're looking for... But if you are you can't get a better deal than hers."
Lilu "Hundred?" Lilu questions, perhaps making sure she heard Kitty correctly. "Well, I was t'inkin' maybe a room discount. Sayin' I give ya de mag, n'pay de rest f'r dey room? Will dat work?" The farmer garbed woman suggests, her brows lifting, eyes rounding ever so slightly with just that off glimmer of hope. "Don' 'member what a bed feels like." She then admits off-handedly. Curious of the conversation happening near by, she turns her head and settles her sites on the trio. Silent, she watches, but only for a moment before returning to Kitty and lowering her scarf, enough to present the woman with a warm enough smile.
Orathio "The shotgun is more of an opportunity." Orathio admits, nodding at Saeko. "As much it is tempting, my own funds are rather limited. 600 is a good price, as far I am aware. I wish you luck and success in selling it at a profit." He return his glance at Nathan, smiling again after taking a large gulp out of his drink. He winces, setting down the glass on the table. "I was looking at your book for sale, as well as your armor. Your two rifles also caught my attention, but I am exploring options. If possible, if you have a set of base prices, I would be quite eager to hear them."
Katherine Caine "Hmmm." Katherine said as she eyed the magazine, "Tell you what then, you can have a room upstairs for the mag. How does that sound?"
Saeko      "Two hundred caps should purchase you a simple room," Saeko comments calmly to Lilu. Hopefully she was right, otherwise she might look quite the fool as she watches the exchange. "Although perhaps not one with the patio." Another sip of her drink and she inclines her head after a nod to the man inquiring about her rifle. "Where did you find...that book?" she asks, although she's looking to Lilu rather than Nathan. She'd yet to see the caravan's wares.
Lilu Lilu smiles and pushes the magazine over. She glances to Saeko, her smile remaining now that a deal was met. "S'nice 'nought, dat ain' bad." She agrees, turning her attention back to Kitty. "I take it, n't'anks. I be out 'fore mornin' dough. Try findin' s'mwhere else t'settle." Rocking on her heels, she looks to the trio once more and, finally, her curiousity gets the better of her. "'scuse me. Y'tradin'? 'ny of y' got t'ings f'de field? Tools n'de like?"
Katherine Caine A key was handed to Lilu by Kitty and she slipped the Issue of BBA weekly under the counter, "It's the first room when you head up the stairs, if you're in doubt, make sure the key fits and nobody is in there!" Looking to Saeko now she said, "Basic room is just a hundred caps."
Nathan Nathan hmms, "So you're talkin the Battle Rifle or the Automatic Rifle and the Army Guidebook? Which of the armors again? I've got a few helmets and the body armor... They're all top of the line items. The Army Guidebook is a rare rare find it teaches all about heavy weapons and I couldn't part with that for less than a thousand caps. The body armor's nice it's a full suit and it'll keep you safe and warm out there in the wilds and I could part with that one for around 800. But if you were saying that the shotgun was priced a bit high? I mean the battle rifle and the automatic rifle are state of the art protection good sir. Each of those would be for around 900 caps."
Orathio Orathio gives a brief nod, tapping his chin as the lists are rattled off, giving him an appreciative nod. "It is as I expected, a little out of my price ranges, but it is good to know what to expect." The man says, setting his glass empy on the table, smiling as he takes his hat back on his head. "Thanks you for your answers. If I come upon enough funds to buy any of your goods, and you have not sold them yet, I shall be certain to come back."
Saeko Saeko listens to Kitty's information, committing it to memory. Eventually the assassin would need a place to lay her head.

She listens to Nathan and Orathio talking inventory, but Lilu's question earns a look of suprise. "You are a farmer?"
Lilu Lilu looks between the two men, each yammering about business. Nibbling her lower lip, the woman stands, steps back, and reaches over, dragging the key off the counter and pocketing it. Then, to Saeko, she grins and nods. "Dat I am, miss. Been in de dirt s'long 's I got mem'ries f'r it. M'a healer, too, but growin' t'ings 's my life's blood, as it were. 'n you? What y'do, miss?" Pausing, she clears her throat. "Sorry, m'Lilu. S'nice t'meet y'."
Katherine Caine Katherine stepped off to serve some other customers, keeping an eye on Nathan for when he was done conducting his business. (Go around me for now)
Nathan Nathan nods as the gentleman talks of not being able to afford his current wares, "I'll keep an eye out for some other items to bring into town with me next haul. Lower end things... Still quality mind you! I'd never sell an inferior product but not these high end expensive high tech gizmos. Good solid dependable firearms." He goes back to sipping his beer figuring the conversation was over for now then he looks over at Orathio, "I'll tell you what sir. Which one of those rifles would you like? I'll set it aside for you and promise you that I won't sell it until you've got the caps for it. I can at least do that for you."
Orathio Orathio ponders over the question tilting his head in thought. "Dependable firearms is a staple. It is important to have access to them, after all. Careful, respectfull use of Firearms are one of the Lady's many virtues. Freedom is something to be defended." He says, matter-of-factly, before nodding again. "I'd have to see them for myself, but the FN and the body armour interests me much."
Saeko Saeko nods her head at Lilu's introduction, bowing her head lightly. "Saeko," she offers in exchange, sounding rather formal. "A healer and a grower? Few things are more valuable in this world. The town are lucky to have you."
Lilu Lilu nods once more, ducking her head against her scarf as she yawns. "Sorry. Saeko, dat's s'pretty name. N't'anks f'de compliment. Sorry t'be rude, but I t'ink m'travelin' 's catchin' up t'me. I be headin' t' bed now. T'anks, Miss Kitty, n' nice meetin' y', Saeko. Have a good evenin'."
Nathan Nathan nods, "When you've got the chance to stop by and look at the wares we can figure out which one to set aside for you. I'd go out of business if I set them all aside so just one item." And he goes back to sipping on his beer for now.
Katherine Caine When Nathan is finished with his customer Katherine approaches again and leans back down against the bar giving him a good view of the 'girls', "So, did you manage to make a sale or just a lot of talking?" It was a busy and loud place, she hadn't overheard what went on.
Saeko      Saeko herself had finished her glass of water, but with the departure of Lilu and Orathio now was left to silently watch the exchange. Kitty's little deliberate positioning wasn't lost on Saeko. Perhaps that was why Ms. Kitty was better at selling things than she was!
Nathan Nathan looks over to Katherine and shrugs, "Lots of talking might have a sale in the future when the gentleman has the caps to afford the rifle... Did try and get him to buy that shotgun." And as he finishes up the last of his current beer he sets the glass down, "Great beer. So the view from the patio as pleasant as the views from inside the saloon?"
Katherine Caine Katherine leaned her head to the side a little to study Nathan's features , "I think the views in here are way better than some dusty old streets." Taking the empty glass and refilling it, a sip taken for herself imprinting red lipstick upon the rim of the glass she handed it over to Nathan when she was done, "So about that room?"
Saeko      "Perhaps we can do a trade," Saeko says lightly, running her fingers over the rim of her glass with a thoughtful expression even while she notes down yet more of Katherine's antics. "If I had a chance to inspect the things you have for sale, there might be something of use to me. I would not know without looking." The asian woman doesn't but in much further however on the interplay between the pair. Instead she leans back in her seat, one hand gently adjusting her sword where it rests at her hip.
Nathan Nathan nods as he watches her refill his beer, taking it he takes a drink, "So I'll take a deluxe room. The Saloon seems to be the hot spot for the town so it'll be a good place to stay at." He glances over as Saeko talks about a trade and nods a bit, "I think we could manage that. I don't have my goods here with me they're being guarded with the caravan but I'd be thrilled to show you my wares perhaps there will be something that will spark your fancy.
Katherine Caine Katherine stepped back to get a key for Nathan before asking Saeko, "Can I get you anything else sweetie? Something to eat maybe?" Despite her youth there was an almost motherly tone there, which hey, some of the patrons here really liked. Returning with the key she set it down on the counter for Nathan and said, "Two-Hundred Fifty Caps darling and any hospitality you need is extra, from the girls or myself if you can afford it."
Saeko      "Food?" Saeko blinks, brought back to reality by the prospect of a hot meal. She could hunt, but she wasn't quite the experienced hand that some others when it came to scavenging and that included cooking. Being good with a blade didn't mean you were great at preparation. "What do you offer?" Nathan's own words earn a nod of their own and a smile. "I will come by later to se for myself." Mention of hospitality makes the asian girl blink again, but in a very different way. She hadn't put two and two together about that...she really should have too.
Nathan Nathan nods, "That's reasonable." He slides a bag of caps that was rapidly counted over the bar to Kitty and takes the key to the room before he pockets it, "How much does the extra hospitality cost?"
Katherine Caine The caps aren't counted because she's been doing this enough to be able to eyeball them as she scoops them up and puts them under the counter onto a scale. It's not that she was trusting, she just didn't want to offend.

There were signs but who read in a place like this? "Twenty-Five caps for one of the girls to tuck you in." Pursing her lips as if considering it she reached over to adjust Nathan's tie, "Hundred caps if you want me to give you some very sweet dreams." As she spoke she leaned in close whispering something into Nathan's ear.

Leaving the man to consider her offer she returned to Saeko, "Mister Cook-It is working today, so pretty much anything you want."
Saeko      A nod, a pause, the asian woman shrugs her shoulders as she adjusts the folded cloak in her lap. "Something hot, but something small would be fine." The young woman seems to have the place and the bartender to herself, but she's the quiet sort. Her bow rests against the counter and her sword on her other hip as she idly toys with the glass that once held the water she'd been drinking earlier.
Katherine Caine "Alright, maybe some soup or something. I'll see what the bot can make with what's on hand." Katherine replied before dissapearing for a few moments and returning with a bowl of chili that had been made by Joe, her son of all people. She set it down in front of Saeko and asked, "So what's with the sword?"
Saeko Saeko nods her head gratefully as the food is brought to her, reaching for whatever utensil she can find to attack the meal. Bowing her head, that question about the sword makes the asian woman blink. "The sword? It is for killing." A straightforward answer, but a truthful one. It wasn't for decoration. "A bow isn't always the weapon that is best for the situation, nor a gun. Swords do not run out of bullets or arrows, and this one is...reliable." There's more to it, but it's the answer she gives the bartender. "This place and these girls, they are yours? Your home and your employees?"
Nathan Nathan nods a bit with the prices then sits back to drink his beer as the ladies talk food, "I could use some sweet dreams." He drinks up the rest if his beer setting the mug back down, "So where can I get a bath at?"
Katherine Caine "Always preferred a gun myself." Katherine replied with a wily grin, the woman not looking like much of a fighter in the black evening gown but looks could be deceiving and often the most dangerous came in the prettiest of packages, "And yeah, the place is mine, the girls work for me though. When I came back to the city five years ago, first thing I did was put Old Man Howler six feet under. Sheriff Wayne locked me up for a month but fact was, it turns out Howler was never even a citizen. So here we are today!"

She had just discussed murdering a man like it was no big deal but if you asked around? Howler was a right asshole. The kind of prick that nobody liked.

"You want a bath? You've got about enough water running to your room for one every two weeks, maybe one a week if you're lucky. This isn't California luv." Katherine seemed amused by the prospect of a regular bath, most people in town probably were lucky to throw a bucket of water on themselves once a month.
Nathan Nathan chuckles, "Sorry guess I figured there was a water source here for the town. I'll be fine without a bath it's just a nice luxury every now and then." He looks at the empty mug, "Well since there isn't a bath then some more beer will be a nice way to relax." He smirks a bit, "And it's a pleasant view while you work."
Gordon Without an escort, a well dress man enters the Gold Digger Saloon. The man's haircut is crisp, faded at the side and kept short on the top. His face is clean shaven and the uniform made to fit his athletic frame. The NCR signet ring clear on his hand. As he steps into the saloon his icy blue stare drifts about the room, judging the establishment. Gordon steps closer to the bar, approaching it to ask a question.
Neva Fernandez     The Saloon is a frequent meeting place for El Dorado citizens in all walks of life, and some might think that its improper for a nun to visit such places. However, though she refers to herself as such, Sister Neva Fernandez never took any formal vows or anything. Speaking the vows means nothing if one doesn't have the character to hold themselves by them.

    The doors flap open, and in steps the young, red haired Nun, dressed in a modified habit, and hauling a satchel, which seems weighted with something, towards the bar, and she's got a glean of sweat on her brow as she smiles, "Evening Folks..." She's way too informal to be a proper Nun. "Hey Miss Kitty! Can I have a water? Mighty parched right about now."
Katherine Caine "We do, it's just that water, especially clean water isn't exactly cheap. City sells lots of it to other settlements as you probably know, which really cuts back on local use." Katherine replied before smiling at Neva, "Hello Sister Fernandez. Of course." Getting the glass of water, she set it down in front of Neva before approaching the well-dressed man who had approached the bar, "Hello there darling. Anything I can help you with?" As was her trademark, she of course leaned down on the bar, propping her head up on one of her hands to give Gordon a generous view of cleavage.
Gordon Gordon looks up to Katherine, studying her face for a moment before asking, "I am looking for Ranger Caine. Was told she runs this find establishment." The man said in his Northern Californian accent. Gordon himself looked a bit tired, perhaps from the trip. He clears his throat and adds, "Ambassador Ramirez would like to have a word with her if she is available." His cold gaze only leaving Katherine to look around at the other patrons. Gordon nods politely to the nun but returns his attention to the bartender.
Neva Fernandez     The red haired nun smiles as she hefts her satchel to the bartop, and sits herself down on a stool, before taking the glass and gulping down some, trying not to rush it down too much. After a bit, she sets it down and takes a breath, "Phew, thank you kindly, Miss Kitty. Just got back from the outskirts on a scavenging run and I lucked out." Shee pats her satchel. Indeed, her habit seems to be kinda dirtied up, but anyone who knows Neva knows she's always been unconventional.

"How many times do I gotta ask you to not be so formal with me, Miss Kitty?" She idly asks, as she glances to Mr. Ramirez, and arches an eyebrow, "Ain't no Caine that's ever been a Ranger, Mister, not in El Dorado anyway." She does glance to Katherine, wondering.
Katherine Caine Well that wasn't what Katherine expected to be dealing with today. Those used to dealing with her will know it's rare for her to be at a loss, but for several seconds she just stared before looking over at Neva, "No, Sister. He's not wrong."

When Katherine left El Dorado she had done quite a bit but the bulk of that time? Had been spent as a Ranger of the New California Republic, one with quite a service record at that.

"Not a ranger anymore Ambassador, but I'm happy to help you with anything you need." The friendly smile was back, "Welcome to El Dorado by the way."
Gordon Gordon chuckles softly to the nun and reaches into his pocket for some cigarettes. He pulls one from the pack and places it in his light, digging a lighter from his pocket to light it and smoke. Expelling the smoke away from the ladies, Gordon shares a glance between Neva and Katherine, while speaking to Neva - His eyes are attentive to the bartender, "No, she is hard to forget. Fought both battles of hoover dam. Signing her release papers was the worst thing I did. Very few rangers performed at her level. She don't me, maybe my voice from the radio but I'm what they call Higher Echelon, overwatch." Gordon smiles and offers Katherine his gloved hand, "Always a ranger, unfortunately." The last bit the ambassador says with a playful chuckle, "Hard thing to shake out of someone." He clears his throat, "I am glad to hear that but I came here to see how I can help you. What can the NCR do to cement a relationship between your establishment and our offices. I am looking to understand this place and feel the local watering hole is the place to start." Gordon speaks but even though it is directed to Katherine, his gaze moves between her and Neva, including the nun.
Neva Fernandez     Neva blinks a little at Katherine when she actually admits to having been an NCR ranger, and though she did wonder about where Miss Kitty came back from, she had never thought it her business so she never asked. She does nod to the older woman, as she takes her time sipping her water. "Well, color me surprised, Miss Kitty, never took you to be a soldier type at all."

    At the question of how to cement a relationship between El Dorado and the NCR, she hrms, "Well, I ain't one to say myself, I'm just a servant of the Lord, but if you want to get any ground at all in this city, you gotta make good with the people."
Katherine Caine "Never would have taken a nun to be the type to carry a shotgun, but here we are. A nun with a gun and a whore who almost killed Caesar." Katherine replied to the younger woman with a bit of a grin before focusing her attention back on the Ambassador.

"Voice might be familiar, I suppose." She said with a smile.

She accepted the offered hand and shook it before considering, "Well, you might be wasting your time if you think a place like El Dorado would ever become a constituent." Yeah, she had some education! "Prohibition would get you driven out in an hour, people around here like booze and they like whores." She pointed to the very busy working girls all around before winking at Gordon, "Throw enough caps around and people might like you well enough. Loosen up and have a good time Ambassador."
Gordon Gordon chuckles at Katherine, shaking his head, "Not here to cause any trouble or change your way of life. Also ain't here looking for constituent. NCR sent their ambassadors to make allies. Friends is all we after." His attention stopped turning to the nun, fix on Katherine as he spoke. He smiles to her, grinning before looking down her bar, "What you got to drink?" Gordon says looking through his NCR bucks and caps.
Neva Fernandez Neva raises a fingertip as she looks thoughtful, "Sister Rosa taught me many things, Miss Kitty, God rest her soul, and just after the virtues of compassion and charity was the virtue of packing enough firepower to keep raiders off your back." This fact was pretty well known, Sister Rosa always carried a shotgun for such occasions.

To Gordon she hmms, "Well, I suppose you already made quite friendly with the Mayor, mister soldier man, seemed he was ready to be friendly with the NCR before the Vertibirds were even overhead." She in the mean time fiddles with the contents of her satchel.
Katherine Caine "Sister Rosa was a good woman." Katherine replied before pouring two shots of a personal concoction she billed as 'mescal' although it was nothing like the real thing. It was just local tequilla (not much better than moonshine) mixed with a bit of daytripper.

Taking her own shot, she warned Gordon, "That's strong stuff, I can get you some whiskey or whatever else you want. I mean, literally anything you want sweetie. I bet it was a long ride from California if you need to, you know, let loose a bit."
Gordon Gordon looks over to the nun and smiles to her but does not say anything, deciding not to comment on the Mayor. He allows his attention to drift about the patrons of the Gold Digger Saloon. In his mind, he seems preoccupied with a thought. Katherine's warning rouses him up from his lack of focus and with a grin he response, "When in Rome." The comment a sort of morbid joke.
Katherine Caine A shot of the concotion is poured for Neva and Katherine asks, "You want one to Sister? I'm sure it'll help you get closer to God." She grinned and gave a knowing look between the two men at the bar, "We've all got our own way of doing that though I'm sure." Blatant Nine Inch Nails reference cause I'm tired and meta seems cool.
Nathan Nathan is still off in his corner nursing his beer as they talk politics and stuff but listening to it all he's just thinking ca-ching change brings caps!
Gordon Gordon takes the drug and washes them down with the whiskey, winces at the combination. "Part of the plan." He coughs after the drink setting the glasses down. His cigarette gets relit. Gordon takes a smoke settling back down on the stool, "You should come by the embassy when you're free." He says softly to Katherine, the only familiar face in this strange new city.
Neva Fernandez     There's a moment where Neva glances at the drinks and the daytripper, almost as though the thought crossed her mind, but then she closes her eyes and smiles, "I'll pass on that, Miss Kitty, my water will be enough, thank you." She grins and raises her glass up, before draining it empty.

    With that, she stands herself up and hefts her satchel, "Anywho, I'll be off now. If anyone needs me, you know where I'll be." Then too the NCR ambassador, "If you need a friendly ear, I stay at the Church in town, that's where I'll be. Ta ta, everyone!" She blows a kiss and she walks off.
Gordon Gordon stands up politely, nodding his head to the nun, "Thank you, I will be sure to visit and see how NCR can help the local church." He says clearing his throat as he watches the nun walk off. At that moment Gordon catches Nathan, the Lone Star merchant. Nathan gets a polite nod before Gordon sits back into his seat to nurse a whiskey and playfully converse with Katherine.
Katherine Caine "I think that can be arranged." Katherine replied to the Ambassador as she watched Neva leave. Stepping around the bar, she leaned in close to the Ambassador, speaking huskily into his ear, lips brushing against it as the scent of her perfume filled his nostrils.

When she was done speaking she stepped away and walked over to Nathan taking his arm with a smile, "Well darling, I do believe I have a room to show you to." And of course, some extra hospitality if he wanted..
Nathan Nathan nods a bit, "Yes Miss Kitty I do believe I'd like to see my room." He lets the beautiful woman lead him off towards the stairs and his waiting room.
Gordon Gordon smiles, confidence with the woman near him. His hand falls on the small of her back as she leans in to whisper. He does not say anything but nods with a shit eating grin on his face. A drink of whiskey wets his lips and Gordon looks over to Katherine as she tends to her patron. Her perfume sticking into his nostrils. He looks down, settling whatever bill he had accumulated. A deep and tired sigh escapes the ambassador and its followed by a chuckle. He gathers his things and leaves the tavern, waving as he leaves back to the embassy to catch some zs.