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Vault Girl The final big Christmas Party of the Season is taking place at the Gold Digger Saloon, while organized by Katherine Caine for the past five years; this year it was her sister Willow who had arranged the festivities.

In comparison to the Town Hall and Vault Town parties, this one was much more adult with more booze than anything else and lots of brothel workers all dressed up in their 'holiday finest'.

Avert those eyes if you don't like presents that come in packages!

The live band was playing Christmas music for a singer named Frankie Sinatro who had come all the way from New Vegas for the party. Of course? He was a Frank Sinatra cover singer:
Lucky Walking inside the Saloon is no other than Lucky!!!

But Daaaaamnn does Lucky look fucked up.

Three healing scars cover his face (over his right eye, across his forehead and along his cheek); his right eye is swollen and he carries a limp, favoring his right over his left. His duster was worn and covered the other pocket scratches and marks on his arms.

Even with all this, he smiles charismatically as he comes inside.
Willow Caine Willow stands behind the bar, serving holiday drinks to any who order them. Several other barmaids are working as well and it's a Christmas miracle, the food is edible and set out on some tables. Several whores strut around the open space, dangling mistletoes over heads and collecting kisses. What a time to be alive.
Alasa Alasa makes her way into the gold digger, carrying a bunch of bells that have been strung together on some rope. She gives them a good shake, "My dingaling my dingaling..." As she moves over to a table and drops into a seat, "Now this, this is what a holiday party should be like."
Eden Eden is sitting by the fire watching the flames flicker and thinking on her last christmas as she waits. It is certainly insanely different than any year before it! Holding a large package in her arms, she watches quietly as people drift in.
Stockton Stockton stalks in on those heavy boots with his usual cigar between his teeth. The former merc still walks with that grit and attitude that doesn't always befit the badge on his duster. Giving people a fond smile and a tip of his cowboy hat, the man takes up his usual leaning perch on a wall, holding it up yassee.
Jacqueline Jackie's come to her first Christmas party at the Gold Digger... admittedly unintentionally. She'd originally come to fix the juke box, but the festivities started not long after she'd arrived. As it is, she's been a bit too busy working to notice just what's been going on.
The job's gratis, though: That's her Christmas present to the Gold Digger.
Clark Clark wandered into the Gold Digger, curious about the music and festivities going on. Ducking away from any open mistletoe, he finds his way towards the jukebox where he can listen to some music and enjoy the atmosphere, as different as it is to Vault Town's. He looks down towards the table with food on it, questioning how edible it may or may not be, and fights the urge to just go for it.
Willow Caine Willow slams down several shots on the bar and then wanders from behind it, activating the robots to assist the barmaids. It is busy tonight after all. She makes her way to the food, grabs a plate and begins to scoop some food onto it. She offers Clark a smile and jerks her chin towards the dishes. "Try some, if you get sick we'll fill you full of booze so you won't notice."
Lucky Walking over to Jackie, Lucky smiles and waves before sliding his hands in his duster "Hey Jackie, how are you doing?" He asks, taking a brief look around before glancing back to her.
Alasa Alasa gets up from her seat, "Alright, christmas grub..thats not grubs." As she walks over to the food, the jingle of the bells is heard. "This looks good enough to I think I will." She laughs, as she starts to fill a plate.
Jacqueline Jackie glances up, smiling wryly at Lucky. Her headband lamp has slipped down over one eye, so her view of him (and the room in general) is not the best. "Well... if being elbows-deep in a rusty old juke box that no one needs right now is paradise, then I've had a great day," she quips, gesturing with a wrench at the recalcitrant machine. "I'm almost done, I think. How are you, Lucky?"
Just then one of the 'working people' walks by, and she blinks in surprise at the festive attire, blushing and glancing down. "I wondered why I heard singing, with this not working... Has the party been going on long?"
Ashur There is no Christmas cheer in the Legion; there is no giving of gifts, and unlike those little trinkets in shops across the country, they don't use crosses to celebrate the people on them. But Ashur has been informed that, in the normal, wider world, the month of December is meant to cheer a god who flies through the air in a fierce chariot, and breaks into people's homes to eat their food-- and if they've behaved, he leaves a gift.

It seems a little strange to him that people would do this, but he's been running with the idea Santa the Claus is some sort of war-god, and the presents are like tribute. In that light, it makes some sense. Not a lot. But some.

Regardless, the behemoth had been invited to the saloon by a loved one, and when he ducks low through the doors and lumbers forth, each shuffling step setting tables and silverware to a jingle bell rock, he makes his way to Eden first.
Sarah Sarah makes her way into the bar, wearing a slinky red dress with low neckline and slit on a side to high thigh. The dark eyes study things and her plum painted lips rise to a smile. After getting a vibe for things, she heads to the bar to get some Christmas Tequila. Once she has that, she will give a nod towards a familiar face, Jackie.
Lucky "Well, surviving. Met a Deathclaw yesterday." Lucky replies with a soft chuckle. hence the nasty scars on his face and limp. "Need some help?" He asks before glancing back to the gathering crowd and festivities. "Er, I think it just started.. Not really sure; just got here myself." He adds looking back to her.
Kaelyn Yay for parties! Kae has been well a party to many parties of late! In wanders the tall, white-haired woman, the girl pausing as she looks around the place curiously. When she notices folks she knows, the pointy-eared tan-woman wanders her way nearby and curioulsy waves to folks she's familiar with...
Clark Clark turns towards Willow, smiling back at her. She must have picked up on his hesitation to eat the questionable food. He shrugs and walks towards the table, grabbing a plate. It doesn't smell like it will kill him. "Uh, sure, why not?" He picked at some things on his plate and gave Willow a thumbs up to, at least, seem confident in his decision. He makes he way back towards a table to sit down, taking in the sights and the smells of the bar and "companionship store". Clark was excited to meet all of the new faces and experience life outside the comfortable walls of Vault town.
Alasa Alasa hears Lucky as she nibbles on her food, "You ran into a Deathclaw? Your kidding, I ran into two of them recently..and the were talking about something..maybe one of them knew you?..woundn't that be a small world." She smiles, "Course when they saw me, they took off running...maybe they had some christmas shopping to do...."
Lucky Glancing back to Alasa, Lucky blink blinks. "Deathclaws... talking? Sorry, no I don't think so miss. This Deathclaw was clearly interested in my internal organs and savagely tearing apart my face." He says with a chuckle and warm smile, pointing to the scars on his face (one down his right eye, one along his left cheek and the other on his forehead).

"Unless they wanted my organs to perform some satanic ritual up in Dunwich... Cause ya know Demons are real." He adds, glancing to Jackie "I watched one get exorcised." He shrugs
Kaelyn Kae is watching the gifts being given out, the girl also spinning the wheel and all.. As the busted robot is given' out she blinks, and CORA well she has little steam clouds animated coming out of her ears while her eyes turn to hearts. Kae blinks glances down and pokes her pip... "Don't even think about it... It's her present." kae comments softly, while CORA blinks and 'stares' back at Kae... "Wouldn't htink of asking for it!" responds CORA who then adds... "I can still make happy faces and virtual drool over it!"
Eden Eden looks up when she feels the floor shake. She looks up and cant miss Ashur walking in. She grins up to him and walks forward. Glancing around, she doesn't see the other person she was looking for in particular, so continues up to Ashur and hands him the large package. "Merry Christmas"
Jacqueline "Deathclaws? They seem to be popular conversational topics lately," Jackie admits, pushing her headband up off her eye. She grimaces at the sight of Lucky's face. "I guess that one did more than talk to you and run away," she adds, with a skeptical glance at Alasa.
She does catch her sort-of cousin Sarah's wave, and returns it with the hand that's not holding a wrench. "I'd better finish this. Once that's done, I can join in the festivities."
Willow Caine Willow takes her food to the bar and takes a seat, watching the others in the bar celebrate the holidays. She shifts and crosses her legs, nodding a thanks to a barmaid who drops off a drink for her. She watches Kae talk to her wrist and her Pip-Boy a little amused by the back and forth.
Stockton Stockton watches the gift giving and smiles a little, just the corner of his mouth the cigar is in. Lucky's story is looked at with interest, but he keeps his general lean on the wall. Seeing the community together is enough for the Sheriff to get that little glimmer in his eyes. He's content, happy. Puff puff, smirk.
Alasa Alasa shakes her head, "Nope, sounded like two old men that had smoked for 50 years..but they was talking alright." As she eyes Lucky's wounds, still nibbling on her food. "Well, I'm sure these two had just heard of me..I do sorta have a reputation out there in the wastes after all." She looks to Lucky, "Maybe they just don't like men.....and attack them."
Clark Clark notices Kaelyn speaking to her Pip-Boy and raises and eyebrow, making his way over towards her. "Hey, are you from Vault Town? I don't recall seeing you around? Or have I?" There were a lot of people back home, but he figured he knew a good amount of folks. It was entirely possible she just found the device, but he doubted it. He was actually excited at the possibility of meeting someone from back home. He couldn't keep the eager smile off of his face.
Ashur Ever the red Quasimodo, back hunched with tumorous swells of muscle, Ashur strikes a distinctly un-Christmas image; swaddled in white wool, his colors all wrong, deformed and twisted by the FEV.. nevertheless, when the perky Eden comes up to him, all smiles and gift-giving, the giant squats and smiles. He plants knuckles on the floorboards to prevent himself from toppling forward, the percussive impact echoing through the musical room, and takes the gift with his other hand. "Merry Christmas, wife," he rumbles. He sets the package down and swipes a hand through the motes of dust and light that cloud the air around it, and begins to open it, seeing what his gift is.

It's his first ever present, after all!
Lucky Lucky grins at Alasa, his head shaking. "I do not think your talking Deathclaws and mine were related it." He tells her kindly. "It happened up at Acme during the wall building. Some Brotherhood of Steel guys saved my life with an airship.. believe it or not."

He rolls his shoulders with a shrug, glancing over to Stockton. A hand is taken out, a wave given before he looks back to Jackie "Well, okay." He says bashfully. "See you soon, then." He adds with a warm smile before heading to the table with food quietly.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and glances back to Clark now, the girl's crimson eyes studying him as they seem to glow a bit. Suddenly she's all smiles as her ears perk up just slightly. "Hallo." she greets, and then asks "How're you doing? Having a fun Christmas tide? Ummm..." She taps her chin and smiles cheerfully "Nope, I am not from Vault Town... I'm ummm from out of town!"
Alasa Alasa nods, "Ah, right..yeah...prolly not...but still I think they are planning something, those sly devils...maybe its a christmas present for the town? Perhaps they'll show up outside singing christmas carols in a few minutes...wouldn't that be a kick in the pants."
Eden Eden is completely durprosed as Ashur hands her a robot! Not working has never been a problem for her! in fact, that makes it even better cause she can be proud of all her work to fix it! She hugs him happily then begins toying with her gift. "Thank you"!!!!
Jacqueline "I hope not. My pants have been kicked enough," Jackie quips, kneeling and reaching into the juke box again. "Something tells me Deathclaws have lousy singing voices anyway." Nodding to Lucky, she gets back to work. Promises to keep.
Clark Clark studies Kae's features, noticing how strange and unique she looks with delight. He is surprised to hear that she doesn't come from his home, but rather out of town. Perhaps one of the other Vaults he had heard about? This was most exciting, he almost couldn't contain himself. "Yes, I'm having quite time." His hand shot out to shake hers. "Name's Clark, it's a pleasure to meet you. Where do you hail from, if you don't mind me asking?" He hoped he was coming off as too excited, but he was definitely very excited.
Lucky Taking up some of the food, Lucky goes over to a table and sits down. He begins to eat the food quietly, eyes glancing around slowly to take in the other people quietly.
Kaelyn Kae grins slightly... "I'm Kaelyn, I came ummm well from an undergrond lab." she says, now smiling brightly.. "I have no clue how to get back into it, so no point there." she adds and then gives a slow shrug...
Clark Clark's smile grows brighter as he hears of her origin. "That's...fascinating." He raised his wrist pointing to his Pip-boy, "Is that where you got one of these?" He was pretty sure Vault-Tec got around but he really had no clue. Before she could answer, another idea popped into his head. "Oh! You talk to yours, I don't think that's a normal function, does it talk back? I mean that sounds preposterous, but I'm always open to new ideas." He noticed that he was rambling and quickly quieted himself to let her speak.
Sarah Sarah sits watching, though almost instinctively gets her attention draw to Willow. The bronze skinned woman getting another drink stands and moves a bit closer. She pauses when Santa hats are passed out and puts one festivally.
Alasa Alasa watches Lucky wander off, "Odd, tell a story about a fat man that leaves gifts..everyone goes, yep, thats right...try to pass along some info about Deathclaws, and no one believes you..." She shrugs, as she digs around in her backpack..pulling out one of those comically large mugs that they sell at theme parks. "Could a get a fill up with the wassel?" she says, as she moves over to the bar.
Jacqueline Finally! Jackie smiles and shuts the access panel on the juke box. "That's done, then," she murmurs, moving to find some water in the back. The insides of that thing could stand some Christmas cleaning.
Ashur Ashur sets to work: clever fingers, gnarled and sharp and thick as spear-handles, unwrap the slender ribbon binding his parcel with a susurrant rustle drowned by the music and cheer. The corners of the container are opened and peeled away, flattened, as the wrapping paper is unwound bit by bit-- and at last, when that crinkly feat ends, there is revealed a tall square of folded fabric.

"What is this?" The brute inquires, reaching for it and lifting it up. His legs straighten as he does-- such is the sheer size of the fabric as it unfolds that it pools on the ground in thick waves like cake frosting, stretching on and on as the beastly man ascends. At last his head graces the ceiling, and the cloak, large enough to serve as a bedsheet for a king, hands before him. As white as his old New Rome cloak used to be, brightened by chalk, shining sure as snow!

It takes a little work, but the mutant manages to affix it 'round his neck, and the voluminous covering obscures the twisted knots of his flesh. The barbarian is now once more in cloak and loincloth, delightfully Spartan.

With a humph, he reaches down, lifts Eden with all the ease of a child, and holds her up high enough that she too could touch the roof. "Thank you."
Kaelyn Kae umms and glances at her pip, it's like -hiiiiighly- modified.. Her pip then talks at Clark "Why wouldn't Kae talk to me!?!" calls out the perky A.I. Kae then sighs and glances to Clark "CORA is an AI, she's the AI that oversaw my genetic modification and stabilization." she says and shrugs... "I was able to modify a pipboy and download her onto it to have her come with me in my wanderings. Better than leaving her in a slowly dying computer system."
Lucky Lucky glances over again as Jackie heads to the back before glancing around again quietly. Eating a bit more of the food, he pushes the plate back and takes a sip of his drink.
Eden Eden giggles as she's scooped up. "I'm glad you like it!" Kissing his nose she starts to wriggle "Can we show Kae my robot though? I bet she'd love it too! I'm so excited to fix it up!!!" Eden helped fix a much lasrger robot's mechanical parts, but has no idea about the circutry. Maybe it's time for another lesson with Qwillis!
Alasa Alasa gets her mugged filled with wassel, and glances around the place. "Thats whats missing...a tree covered in lights and tinsel. Though pine trees aren't that common around here sadly. Still...should look at that."
Jacqueline Returning from the back, Jackie catches sight of someone she wouldn't normally have missed; absorption in your work has that effect, sometimes. She makes her way closer to Ashur and his double-handful of wriggling Eden. "Merry Christmas, you two! How are you?"
Clark Clark stared at her Pip-Boy device in amazement as it spoke at him. He would have been slightly disturbed by it, had he not been so curious about it and her. "Genetic modification? So, are you some sort of artifical being?" Clark had suspected as much, but he never really saw such a thing back in Vault Town despite hearing about it. Whoever she was, she was exactly the kind of person Clark hoped to meet when he left home. He was trying hard to contain his geeking out at all of this, but it was a difficult task. "Wait, so you CAN modify the device. The Overseer implied we weren't supposed to alter our Vault-Tec devices or they might explode or something. I was tempted but also didn't want to explode."
Ashur Twisting on a cloak-brushed heel, Ashur storms, with thunderous applause, across the saloon. Anyone in the bull's way is forced to move or get run over, with nary a moment wasted apologizing. All the while, Eden is carried like a princess, too precious to sully her feet with a floor made sticky by spilled drinks, only to have her deposted, with a great rush of air that billows up and out like a plume of smoke, atop her table. The table rattles noisily.

"Kaelyn," the man says-- and at some point, Eden snuck a Santa hat atop his head; the white fluff-ball on the end hangs low and taps his nose-- with a grunt, tapping her on the head. "Eden has a robot. Talk to her."

It's at this point Jackie wanders up, and with a hrmm, the crimson mutant grabs her by the shoulders and turns her around, too, to face Eden and robot. "You, too. She likes it. It is for Christmas."
Kaelyn Kae blinks and shrugs slowly "Nobody ever told me.." she says, then glances up to the mountain of mutant and tilts her head curiously "Yus, I saw that..." She says and now looks at Eden curiously "Happy Christmas!" she says cheerfully.
Lucky Glancing over to Ashur and Eden and Jackie, Lucky pushes the chair out and picks up the plate and drink. Walking it over to the bar, he places it down and shoves his hands in his duster pockets. Turning, he heads out of the building quietly.
Eden Eden is as surprised as anyone else to suddenly be on a table! Laughing, she looks to jackie and Kae- who are suddenly so much closer- and says "Merry Christmas! How have you 2 been! I can't believe I just got a ROBOT! Do you want to see??"
Jacqueline Jackie blinks and squeaks in surprise as Ashur picks her up and turns her to face Eden and Kaelyn. She manages a slightly sheepish smile for the pointy-eared woman. "Merry Christmas, Kae. Merry Christmas again, Eden. Can you put me down now, Ashur? It's a lot easier to talk from the ground."
Ooh... robot? I definitely want to see this! Can you show me, Eden? Preferably before your friend breaks my shoulders?"
Willow Caine Willow gets to her feet and walks behind the bar to quietly speak to the barmaids. One of the maids disappears into the kitchen and a few minutes comes out with a few of the whores toting a large lit decorated cake. Written on top are the words "Happy Holidays!" It's set out on a table and after a few minutes, someone starts to cut slices and pass them out to the guests.
Kaelyn Kae blinks curiously about the Robot thing and ummms... "Mebbe later?" she says cheerfully... "Might even be able to help restore it... " she says, then the girl holds up her large glass of eggnog, the unspiked variety.. "I got drinks to imbibe!"
Alasa Alasa watches as Lucky seems to slink out of the place. "Guess he's off to spread christmas cheer elsewhere." As she takes another drink from her mug. Then she spots the cake..."Cake?..Cake..oh, wow...Cake...I've heard about this cake stuff." As she moves over to the cake slicing, "Can I get a corner piece...with a flower on it, not a big flower, but a decent sized flower...and and the frosting of course...don't loose any of that."
Eden "Ooo eggnog! totally have to get some eggnog! and cake! And I would love if you helped fix it! I know about the mecahnical parts, but the circutry is a new thing for me." Eden hops down to the floor. "Do you 2 want some cake too?"
Clark Clark slides over to a woman handing out slices of cake and quickly procedes to devour said cake. Even if this cake was irradiated to all hell , he was going to consume it. That was one thing he couldn't seem to resist, even knowing the health rsks. It didn't matter where the cake came from, he was more than willing to give it a taste. See Cake, Cake never changes.
Kaelyn Kae then grins and grabs a big cup of eggnog and reaaaaches out and offers it ot Jackie "Drink! It's good!" She calls out cheerfully. She then notices.. Cake! Yay more sweets! Kae is up like a shot, and well if this were a cartoon there'd be a Kae-shaped puff of smoke. Instead She makes her way quickly over to get her self a big slice of said cake, before returning to her place to sit down, with her eggnog now refilled. She then grins as she looks from Jackie to Eden and now Clark...
Ashur Ashur gently sets Jackie down and looms back to his full height, his shadow cast long and dark over the group. "Enjoy your egg-knocks," he tells them, "and your cakes." No such sweet has ever graced his tongue, and his experience with anything alcoholic is still rather minimal, though he's not as ardently opposed to it as he once was. Drawing his cloak about an arm and closing it in front of him, the giant hmms and looks around. Once, twice, a sweep of golden eyes, soaking in the people and the sights. All the small people of El Dorado gathered.

Alasa Alasa gets her cake, and moves over to a table...setting her mug down, then her cake..."oo, this is gonna be good." As she picks up her fork and takes a large slice and puts in her mouth..."ooooooo, sooo goood...can barely taste the ground up grasshoppers..." As she continues to eat.
Jacqueline Jackie sighs in relief, flexing her shoulders and wincing as she works the stiffness out. But she doesn't have much time to restore the mobility to her arms, as Kae's shoving eggnog at her. "Oh... thank you," she says, accepting the the cup. She has to hold it with both hands; it's large and heavy, rather dangerously full. She hastily takes a sip to reduce the danger of it overrunning the sides of the cup.
And now, cake? "I think I'd better wait 'til I have a hand free," she says, smiling apologetically to Eden and Kae, and Ashur of course. Judging by all the ecstatic expressions, it must be good. "Why aren't you having any, Ashur?"
Eden Eden grabs 3 slices and hands one up to Ashur. Who knows if he'll try it, but now he has a chance to. "Well I grabbed a slice for you for when you're ready. Looked like it was going fast." Taking a bite, Eden leans back in her chair as she thouroughly enjoys the sweet treat! A bit of cake, a gulp of eggnog and she is in Yummy land. She had also taken the unspiked variety. Her last go round with alcohol definitely had her going around.. a bit too much!
Ashur Once, Ashur might have had the words to explain his complex thought pattern; the way it sits wrong in his stomach to see carefree frivolity despite looming danger and preparations to finish. Lackadaisacal optimism is a poor fit for someone groomed by an imperialist military machine.

But he's not so good with words now, so all he does in response to Jackie's question is grunt a brief, "Eh," and take the piece of cake his wife offers him-- at that point, he pretty much has to. He holds his little paper plate, holds his little itty bitty plastic fork between thumb and index finger, and pokes at the spongey food. Might as well feast.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and glances to Ashur, then looks to the cake then she looks back to Ashur "Cake has lots of sugar and starch in it, it's wonderfully high energy and all... Considering what's coming and all it's a good food to eat in an instance such as this?" Offers the odd whitehaired woman. She's not slowing down on munching on her cake though, the girl has soon finished one slice and is contemplating another!
Alasa Alasa finishes off her cake, as she lays her fork down. "Oooo, thats good...I was right when I walked in...this is the christmas party to end all christmas parties."
Jacqueline "Hmm. Maybe Eden should feed you," Jackie says, seeing Ashur's difficulty with the tiny (to him) plastic eating utensil. She takes another sip of eggnog. Better not drink this stuff too fast.
Eden gets a grateful smile. "Thanks. You're right, too; big as that cake is, it's getting smaller every time I look at it."
Clark As Clark overhears the people speaking about cake, he can't help but think that it could be time better spent eating it, but to each their own. He finishes off the desert and sits back in delight. This turned out much more pleasant than he anticipated, no one's even tried to kill him! He begins humming the jingle coming from the Jukebox to himself. He's getting an urge to dance, but is waiting for the right opportunity.
Alasa On the jukebox a new song starts to play, "Now the goose is on the table...and the pudding made of fig, and the blue and silver candles, that would have matched the hair in grandmas wig....Grandma got run over by a reindeer, walking home from our house christmas eve...."
Willow Caine Willow sets a piece of cake aside for herself and then hands out pieces to the workers in the bar. Once everyone has had a piece she makes her way back to the bar and takes a seat to eat her own piece of cake.
Eden eden has heard this song! She sings along- a bit badly and messing up most of the words. But takes another swallow of eggnog as she sways to the music. "Feed him?" The short girl jumps on the table again and stretches up. "I can't seem to reach anyway" she says laughing.
Jacqueline "Poor Grandma..." Jackie murmurs, hearing the song. "Reindeer must have been vicious creatures."
She waves to Willow, seeing the hardworking hostess seeing to her staff. Eden has her attention back in moments, though. "Maybe he could hold you up, so you could reach his mouth? I don't see any ladders in here..."
Ashur Playing along, the mutant bends his knees and flattens his palms on the table, partially bent over so that Eden can more easily reach him. "Feed me," he says, staring down at her. "Kae says cake is good for you."
Kaelyn Kae grins "Well it's great for a quick burst of energy, and it tastes good!" she says, the girl's grin turning a bit impish. She then blinks at the song curiously and tilts her head "Silly song..." She says and shrugs, she starts singing along with Grandma got runover by a Reindeer now too!
Eden "Kae is a very smart woman!" Eden nods very seriously. She takes the cake and oh so gently feeds it to him... at first. when it comes to the last bite she can't resist. It's mostly icing and goes right on his nose! "It's traditional" She says gravely.
Clark Clark starts tapping his feet to the joyous sounds of an elderly matriarch getting flattened by flying reindeer and this mysterious Santa Claus. He smiles as he toys around with his pip-boy and bobs his head along to the music. Eventually, he decides to give in to the infectious groove of 'Grandma got run over by a Reindeer', heads over to the jukebox, and begins dancing.
Jacqueline Jackie can't help but watch as Eden feeds Ashur, complete with stretching. And some on the end of his now-giant nose. If it's tradition, she's never heard of it, but she still bursts out laughing upon seeing it.
Ashur The cake is far sweeter than anything Ashur's had in all his life-- the legionnaire's sophisticated palate is meant for only the most succulent of mostly-burned wasteland critters and mealy vegetable soups. His lips purse a little at the frosting, taste buds in overdrive, as he chews and swallows, indulging the starchy, sponge-like texture.

"It isn't bad," he says.. and then Eden smears his nose with frosting. The brute wipes it off, pokes her forehead, and then taps the frosting-covered finger on her lips patiently, waiting. "If the cake wasn't for other people's eating," he tells her, "I would dunk you in it head-first."
Alasa The music shifts to another song, a happy upbeat song..."Dashing through the snow, in my Rusty Chevrolet. Down the road I go, Sliding all the way. I need new piston rings, I need some new snow tires. My car is held together, By a piece of chicken wire." Such a happy song.."Oh, rust and smoke, the heater's broke, The door just blew away. I light a match to see the dash, And then I start to pray. The frame is bent, the muffler went, The radio, it's okay. Oh what fun it is to drive, This Rusty Chevrolet."
Kaelyn Kae is sooo tempted to ask "Why resist?" But she doesn't really! INstead CORA pipes in "Why not just get a slice and squish it on her head? Then you don't ruin for everyone and we all get a..." CORA is stopped as Kae covers the Mic "No encouragement of food fights..." She says and pokes at CORA repeatedly, who goes "Aaaaaagh! World is shaking!" Kae then grins impishly as CORA informs her repeatedly that tapping and shaking her screen isn't very nice.
Eden Eden grins "Girls in cakes is an entirely different tradition!" She wipes the last bit of frosting he missed off his nose. "And cheer up! Cake is good!" She hops back down to the floor. Whispering to Kae, Jackie, and Clark "I'm totally getting cake on my head, aren't I?"
Willow Caine Willow watches the party with a fond smile and when one of the barmaids approach to ask her about cleaning up, she gives them the ok. "Leave the decorations up for a few days though." She murmurs as she takes a drink from her glass and gets to her feet.
Jacqueline "I dunno. But frankly? I hope you haven't done anything expensive with your hair recently," Jackie replies, stifling giggles. "If it comes to that, I'll help you shampoo it out."
Clark Clark smirks, "It's pretty tasty cake, so that's not the worst thing that could happen." He continues dancing with himself. "Godspeed."
Jacqueline "Come to think of it, does CORA know about the whole tree thing?" Jackie asks. "I keep thinking I read someplace about trees being important to Christmas... I'm not sure how, though. It was a long time ago. Wish Wesley were here. He'd know, I'm sure."
Ashur Leaning down, Ashur plants a kiss on the top of Eden's head. "Enjoy the robot and the eggs," he tells her again. "I'm getting some fresh air." With that, he turns and makes his way back out of the saloon!
Alasa Alasa stands up stretching a bit, "Ahh, too much fun..whats that mean, its like a girl too pretty..theres no such thing." She waves her arms, "Well, happy holidays..I gotta get home, forgot to put the cookies out..." As she jingles her way out the door.
Kaelyn Kae ummms... "May I ask ya something Do you really want CORA to try and explain it considering how mischievious she can be?" Kae asks, CORA Huffs while crossing her arms on screen.. "Also stuff like that might be in CORA's databanks, but a lot of extraneous data was compacted and right now she's pretty much filled her storage area... Uncompacting data would require her to be able to copy her self over to a larger computer then she can extract and extrapolate data."
Eden Eden giggles along with jackie. "nope, nothing expensie just soap!" Eden's attention is grabbed by Kae. "Would this robots computer be big enough?"
Jacqueline Jackie waves to the departing Eden, and glances back at Kae. "Good point. If I find a computer, maybe she can give me the relevant files then."
She strolls over to the juke box, looking over the titles. Punching a button, she smiles as the room fills with the strains of 'Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree'.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and looks at the Robot curiously... "Umm Why? CORA is an autonomous entity ya copy her to that robot and that robot becomes part of her... Ya want that?" She asks curiously and rubs at the nape of her neck.. "however, I know enough about robot intelligences and the like to maybe help you Fix it."
Jacqueline "I suspect the eggnog got to her, Kaeness: She left," Jackie points out, smiling wryly and squeezing the pointy-eared woman's shoulder gently. "But I'm sure she'll be at home, if you want to find her. She just got a new toy to work on."
Kaelyn Kae blinks and well ummms she shrugs "Oookay sooo another victim of the ebil eggnog!" She calls out and laughs... "I made sure mine was alchohol free..."
Jacqueline "Speaking of which, I'd better get going while I can still walk. I don't think this cup is alcohol free," Jackie says, taking a last sip and leaving the half-full glass on a passing server's otherwise-empty tray. "Catch you on the flipside, Kaeness. Merry Christmas to you and CORA." Waving, she collects her tools and slips out the door.