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Sarah Lost, that's what she was, very lost. The fine slinky red silk dress: torn and snagged.
The molerat had her cut off from the south. Wet and cold. She fired at the beast from the rock she scrambled up. "Help! .. Just go away thing."
Abigail Caine "Been my experience that molerats aren't particularly good at English," Abigail calls out in a soft, even voice. Wry without being caustically sarcastic. "This creature bothering you?"

The person approaching is a figure in desert camouflage combat armour, a rather nice broad rimmed black hat, dark sunglasses, and heavy boots and gloves. They've tied a bandana over their lower face against the dust; it also means they're not showing an inch of skin. There are two hints this person is female: first is that Gale's voice is a quiet mezzo-soprano, which isn't conclusive. Second is that she's only five foot one, and the boots add at least an inch.

The woman walks up to the molerat, picking her way through the salt flats carefully. "C'mon. Git!" She scowls and give the creature a sharp kick. It screeches and runs away.
Sarah The dark eyes squint as Sarah aims the ancient pistol at the crrature. She had hoped it would just run off from the sound. Then the is a voice, one that is both salvation and critic. "I.. I." The woman calls out, no retort, that would be unwise.

"Oh, thank goodness. Thank you so much." She calls out when the bucktoothed critter is gone. She works her way gently down to stand on level ground. "I am lost. And I am Sarah, Sarah Wayne."
Abigail Caine "Abigail Caine. And don't thank me too much just yet. There's still a few more of those things scrambling around here..." The small woman breathes a soft sigh and then slowly shakes her head. She takes a moment to look Sarah over from head to toe and then straightens to her full height. Given she's in armour a smart guess is that Gale is rather small somewhere under there.

"But you're welcome anyhow. Stick with me and I can get you to a settlement, or at least out of rat territory. Headed toward El Dorado...?" Gale takes a deep breath. "It'll be safe enough either way, I think."
Sarah The pistol is checked and moved to safety. Her hands rub at the dress and she sighs in heavy tone. "More.. Yes, please." The dark brown eyes glancing about worriedly. Sarah is none too tall either, barefoot, she might have an inch.

"I would be very grateful, I lost the road. I was on my way to ACME." The soft voice calming. A quick grin, "I am so very happy to meet you Ms Caine."
Abigail Caine "They usually move in packs," Gale observes quietly. She takes a deep breath and then tilts her head slightly to the left before nodding once. "Stick close and you'll be safe. Nothing's going to hurt you with me here." Gale is small but full of honestly earned confidence. She wears it like a second suit of armour.

Gale moves up beside Sarah now and offers her a hand down from the rock, taking a deep breath. "Gale. Ms. Caine is my older sister. Mayor Caine now. I'm just stupid enough to be out here wandering." Softspoken and calm, Gale's manner is brusque but she keeps her tone gentle. "Alright.... ACME." A nod follows. "Good news is I know where the road is. Bad news is the rats were headed that way last I looked. We'll need to cut around."

"We have a bit of a walk ahead." Gale shrugs at this. "But I've got you. Promise."
Sarah Sarah draws closer, looking in the direction she thinks she came from with a frown. "Of course, Gale." The woman having a faint hint of soft Mexican accent the makes her voice soothing to the ear for most.

"Yes, I think I heard that. Kathy, Kate.." A twisting look around, "Which way should we go. I am just really glad you showed up, Gale. I will just follow you." Seems like a sensible way to do it.
Abigail Caine Gale nods slowly at this and offers Sarah a hand. "Just watch your step," the woman murmurs before she begins to walk. "I'm glad I found you as well," she offers after a brief pause.

There's some silence from Gale's corner as she gently leads Sarah through the wilderness, further from civilization sot hat they can loop around. The two are stuck being companions for awhile, it appears. At least Gale isn'th hostile, just quiet.
Sarah Sarah nods, her hand slipping into the offered gloved one as they walk the cragy stream bank. A little laugh, "We could do that for a while. More intesting would be you, how long have you been in the city militia?" She asks and draws a water bottle from her purse. Taking a sip, then offering it over, a sniff would change the assessment of the contents. Vodka.
Abigail Caine The bottle is sniffed briefly and then Gale shrugs. She undoes the andana. Soft, pink lips... it adds to the feminine assessment of her character. The smaller woman sips from the vodka, nodding slowly. "Mmm. The Militia? Three years now. I helped train a lot of them before that, though." Gale shrugs her shoulders lightly at this, tilting her head slightly to the left as she does. "I'm not sure I'm very interesting, Sarah, but if you've got questions I'll be sure to make up better answers." There's a pause before Gale asks, "I feel like we've met. But I'm not sure... You only just came into town acouple of weeks ago, right? I think I saw you around at one point."
Sarah "I see. You like it then?" Sarah offers as they move, careful of how she steps. "I am certain you have a few stories." A brash back of her hand to her hair. "Yes, I lived here. It was a very long time ago. I am a Wayne, of the local family. I was up in New Reno." She says, wobbling against ths sturdier woman when her foot slips off a rock. "Sorry."
Abigail Caine Gale catches Sarah easily. When the wobbling has the other woman pitching against her Gale responds by spreading her arms slightly and then wrapping them around Sarah to stabilze her. Just for a second. A deep breath is taken and then the scout release Sarah to her feet once more. "It's fine," Gale states then, shaking her head. "And I don't know. I like being able to wander on my own but someone needs to keep El Dorado safe..." She shrugs slowly. "There are a few stories. Deathclaws, molerats, idiot assholes back in town..." A shrug follows. "There was the fire breathing deathclaw I ran into in Dunwich. I ended up kicking it in the ribs." She shakes her head slowly. "Don't recommend it, really. Gale fidgets a little bit. True to her words she doesn't appear to be much of a conversationalist.
Sarah A pleasant smile as she is caught, despite the sharp pain in the ankle. Clinging a bit through the unintended dip. "Thank you again." A few tender steps, but soon back to cautious stride. "Deathclaws? I have never seen one, I am quite certain I never want to: however, I have heard the eggs make an extraordinary omlete." Then a pause, "Dunwich. I am not familiar with the name. Is that around here? Fire breathing. I'll take your advice."
Abigail Caine "They're not supposed to breathe fire. Deathclaws are, um... Big clawed monsters, taller and broader than a man in power armour. You're right, youdon't want to meet one." Abigail surveys Sarah briefly now, glancing at her ankle as they move. She reaches up and lifts her sunglasses. Wide, piercingly blue eyes. It might be surprising to realize the woman has fair features ans a soft expression, given the getup. "Dunwich is near here, yes. East of the city. You dont' want to be over there. Weird stuff happens..." For now Gale stays a bit closer to Sarah than before. Close enough to guide her with one hand and avoid tripping again. "If we run into a Deathclaw we can try the omlette idea. So... What do you get up to? When you're not out in the flats with a perfect stranger."
Sarah Sarah faces more, as they walk closer, trusting in her guide as she listens to the stories. "I will be sure to avoid it." There is a light laugh about the omlette comment. A quick breath, "Well, a mix of naughtiness and medicine. I was a working girl, brothel girl. I have also been a doctor." She states with a faint shrug, "I am also a fairly decent cook. I used to travel with caravans, cooking and doing first aid."
Abigail Caine Gale nods once at the mention of Sarah being a brothel girl. Perhaps predictably she doesn't seem perturbed by the response. The diminutive Caine girl cuts an easy path through the brambles and worn, cracked ground asi t begins to turn to sand once more. She is following the edge of the ravine now. Gale pauses, then looks off into the distance at the dark, sandiness clouding the terrain ahead.

"I think we saw a cave behind us, two hundred meters maybe. Right?" The question is asked in a rather neutral tone as the scout continues to regard the horizon.
Sarah The dark eyes stare briefly off to the horizon, the storm closing in set the woman to worry. A nod and she looks back down. A quick tear on the dress to make a face cover.
"Yes, I recall one with painted markings, can we make it?" She asks as she holds the hand firmer and gets ready for the dash on the rough terrain.
Abigail Caine "...Best to try anyhow." Gale exchanges a glance with Sarah and then nods once before taking a deep breath. She breaks into a sudden sprint. Gale may be small but she's extremely athletic and it makes up for a lot of the loss of speed. She keeps Sarah's hand tighty and pulls her along, at least to the limits of her ability to run. On and on toward the cave as the scouring sands overtake them and everything suddenly goes dark. The only thing that is still clearly evident of the world around Sarah is Gale clutching onto her hand. Everything else is lost in the storm.
Sarah As the sands engulf the pair, Sarah is forced to raise the cloth mask up over her eyes, following blind as they dart. She is not without mutter as the sand starts beating. But run she does, clutching the hand, and with only the occassional stumble or trip.
Abigail Caine After a minute or more of running wildly Gale pulls sharply on Sarah's hand and they both half slide past the mouth of the painted cave. She's breathing heavily, leaning against a wall andd shaking her head to clear it of soem of the sand. She takes off her hat an more sand falls to the ground. There isnt't much choice but to go through the process of removing her boots, then her socks. She soon starts unslinging armour. It won't be long before Gale ends up completely naked. Not much choice. The sand is actually clogging her clothes and maing it almost impossible to move properly. "Are you okay?" The scout asks asshe works off a shoulder pad.
Sarah Sarah paints for breath against the cloth, but she feels the stinging and wind disappate after the sharp tug, when her hand is released, she tugs the mask down. "Thank goodness you were here." A cough and she shimmies to release more sand as the wind reaches full strenght. Then her eyes glance about, a brow raise as her savior starts shucking sand fouled clothing.

A rub of her eyes, and she strips off the tattered dress as well. The pool close by is her first direction, "More or less, yes. I think so. Yourself?" She asks before cupping the cave water up to wash her face.
Abigail Caine Gale has quite a few bandages underneath her clothing, as it happens. She moves over ot the pool of water aas well. Gale cuts a very different figure like this. She's quite peite and desptie the battle scars also rather pretty. Wide blue eyes, long brunette hair... Fair features with a slight overbite. No wonder the girl bundles up - out of her armor she looks like someone is going to put a blue satin dress on her and make her go to balls. This despite the bandaging. Gale grimaces when she adjusts a dressing to find sand in the wood as well and slowly shakes her head, breathing a soft sigh. Then she moves over to the water and collects some for herself. "Nothing worse than when we met," she promises quietly. "We should be good here for awhile."