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Lucky It was several days after the Saloon's Christmas party; the air was still pleasantly warm given the time of year and the skies were a sea of crisp pale blue and clear. It was the perfect weather for one to go walking in. But of course, by time the arrive to Roswell the sun was setting and night time was coming.

And the walk so happened to be taking them to the outskirts of Roswell, the city of Alien sightings. You see, the whole reason they were here was because of Qwillis and Lucky; Lucky, who believes in the Supernatural now (thanks in large part to Jackie and the exorcism performed on a rifle) but simple refutes the idea that aliens exist.

It was swamp gasses, or the Enclave or Brotherhood of steel flying high-altitude airships and planes; After all New Mexico was the perfect place to try out some of the planes... Well the eastern and southern portion anyways where there were no mountains.

On the other hand, Qwillis believes in the scientific plausibility that and advanced alien culture could exist in the universe.

This naturally lead to an arguement between the two and eventually a bet.. And now four people were standing in the outskirts of Roswell.

Lucky of course asked Jackie to come for reasons and Alice because she was his friend.

Lucky was still beaten and bruised; the scars on his face were healing quite nicely and hopefully will dissipate in a way that they'll barely be seen. His ribs were setting in nicely too.

"I'm telling you Qwill; there is no such thing a Aliens." Lucky says, turning to look at the man as the approach a hillside that overlooks old Roswell. "And I will prove it. The sun is setting and we all know these aliens sightings were at night. So, we'll stay out here for the night just to see who is right." He says confidently. "Which of course is me." He glances to Alice and Jackie "Right guys?"
Jacqueline Jacqueline blames her newfound fondness for Lucky, personally: The trip to Roswell's no picnic anyway, there's a Wicked Old Man brewing by the looks of the horizon, and she really /should/ know better than to come back here without going right on by.
But here she is, walking into this place again. Listening to Lucky's confidence as he speaks on the matter of aliens, she glances down at the shotgun in her hands. It didn't do her a lot of good, last time.
She glances over at Alice, the expression on her face distinctly uncomfortable.
Qwillis     Qwillis would of course, stand firm by his stance that it's always a potential. Afterall, the probability calculation dictated by the pip-boy 5000 says that yes, it IS feasable.. and Qwillis is always willing to stand by logic.

    Qwillis would go with the others out to Rosewell. Of course with the storms coming up, he'd come prepared. Just in case. "Look, Lucky. You have seen so many things that already defy the normal physics and logic that we have our systems structured on. You went from refusing to acknowledging it, to believing it. Why is this something that is so hard for you to accept as well? You'll accept ghosts, but aliens are too far fetched? Personally, if I didn't have first-hand experience, it'd be the other way around."
Alice Alice looks between the group discussing whether or not aliens exist and just raises her eyebrows, "So, um, whatever you guys were betting, I think you guys can settle down." She reached into her Vault 30 Jumpsuit and removed an odd looking pistol and handed it towards Qwillis and Lucky to examine, "A group of us were abducted by aliens, we saw them, like firsthand. When they returned us, they kept a bunch of my stuff and this was in my backpack. If I knew you guys needed to summon a flying saucer, I could have brought my power fist and done the summoning move, ask Iris and Hanzhou, it worked last time even if it was an accident." Now she was just starting to ramble, "Plus, we probably don't want to do that, cause they'll do stuff to you, like you will wake up naked and sore in spots and yeah, it's kinda weird and they're really weird, like we don't know if they're friendly or not or they were doing nice stuff or bad stuff or maybe they're just scientists. Heck, golly, I just thought that maybe the aliens are so small because they're just kids and they're doing science experiments, like when kids go collect insects. So, basically, aliens exist and you both probably owe me, like, a million caps."
Lucky Lucky smirks at Qwillis "Because it just do not seem possible." He says, folding his arms across his chest. "I read a document wherein scientists before the war were studying planets and space travel. So many of the planets they discovered were uninhabitable and that travelling in space was impossible to reach the vast distance where those said planets were." Of course, had technology continued to improve and we did not nuke ourselves, that would have changed.

"So I am reasonably sure that there is no..." He pauses glancing to Alice as she goes on a speel about aliens; about them being captured and seeing them and the experiments. His eyes fall to the alien weapon. "Wellllll..." He looks back to Alice "Maybe it was really the Enclave in costumes?"

He side glances to Jackie and asks "Hey.. Jackie.. are you okay?"
Qwillis     Qwillis would almost reverantly take the blaster from Alice. He'd hold it to show Lucky while he'd promptly run his Pip-boy near it to try and scan it. Frowning at the readings, he'd chuckle softly with a shake of his head. "Just.. amazing.." Looking to Alice, he'd grin, even as he hands back the blaster. "How much do you want for it? That thing.. I'd love to be able to use it. I can see several concepts I could adapt from it too.." Eyeing Lucky then, he'd raise a brow. "So.. you're calling your friend a liar then, Lucky? Or dumb? They don't know the difference between aliens or enclave posing?"
Jacqueline "I can vouch for the aliens..." Jackie says after Alice goes into Oral Overdrive on the subject, wincing at the memory. "I was there, too. It wasn't the most pleasant evening I've ever spent. We were all lucky to survive it."
She nods to Lucky, managing to summon up a weak smile for the ranger. "I'm good. Just trying to watch the skies."
She glances at Qwillis. "I think Lucky has to see something before he'll believe it. Which I can understand. I used to be that way myself."
Alice "Not for sale." Alice doesn't seem very happy with Lucky's implication and goes from excited to be sullen in the blink of an eye. She smiled just a little at Qwillis for the words of support before shoving the pistol back into her Vault 30 Jumpsuit, "Alright, well, if you don't want to believe me, that's fine. I'm a bit insulted and hurt, because I've never doubted you, but whatever."

She paused in her step before patting Vaultmeat on the head, the pupper having been pretty quiet, "I think Vaultmeat and I will head back to Vault Town. You guys have fun with your camping. Thanks for trying, Jackie and Qwillis." She gave Jackie a bit of a knowing look before turning to head back the way they had come from.
Lucky Lucky gives Jackie a fond smile, head nodding as he takes her hand and squeezes. "Right.. Selfish of me." He says, cheeks tinting as he looks to his friends. "I brought all of you out here to prove a point... but at the same time I've placed ya'll in danger with that sandstorm brewing." He says apologetically.

Glancing to Alice, his cheeks darken. "No, no... Alice wait! I ... wasn't meaning to insult you.." He frowns and kicks the dirt as he looks down as Alice continues to walk off. "Damn." He mutters. Maybe Jackie was right; proof, undeniable proof, was needed for the kid to really believe; after all he refused to believe in Dunwich's supernatural even with Eden telling him everything going on.

"Right, I guess Jackie is right; you know?" He says glancing to Qwill. "I need pro-" Then Lucky is gone in a flash of light.
Jacqueline Jackie, hearing Alice, gives her a wave over her shoulder. "Travel safe, Alice!" she calls back, though not without a concerned look after the girl and the puppy. That sandstorm's not far out; it might be an eventful trip back, in the worst ways.
She turns back to Lucky and Qwillis. "Well, it's not the first time I've been in danger... but we should look for shelter soon. That monster on the horizon isn't that far out. I don't know if we can be back to El Dee before it hits."
She blinks. Did Lucky just... disappear in a flash of light? She looks around hastily, just in case he stepped one way or the other or jumped up or... anything but just disappeared!
Nothing. She turns a look full of tension and worry on Qwillis. "I think we've got a problem..."
Qwillis     Qwillis rolls his eyes, then chuckles softly at Lucky. "Remind me to talk to you about Quarks.." He'd look off after Alice as she'd walk off, shake his head and look back just in time to.. watch Lucky poof in a flash of light!

    "What the.." he'd frown and look around. Q glances to Jackie and nods. He'd step closer to where Lucky had been and immediately bring up that pip-boy, trying to sweep the area to get.. well.. whatever it's sensors might pick up. "We'll need cover.. and figure out what the heck just happen.."
Jacqueline "He's been abducted!" Jackie exclaims, considering the matter as she sweeps the surrounding area with her shotgun muzzle and her eyes. "I don't know how they did it, but the same thing happened to Iris, Achilles, Alice, and me! We got beamed up, just like in some old space TV show! I just don't see a ship anywhere... I don't know where he could've gone."
She looks around for some kind of shelter. "This place is one big mystery, Mister Q. See any cameras or anything, some way they could've targeted him for that... flash-vanisher thingy?"
Qwillis     Qwillis frowns, holding up a hand to Jackie. "I don't.. think he was beamed up. It's not picking up any energy.. But look at this.." He'd tap the pipboy, then shift his arm so it'd flicker the light on and shine onto the circle of disturbed sand. "I think.. a door opened. That was the light. Then it closed."
Lucky While the duo investigates the sudden disappearance of Lucky, a noise above would catch their attention; a humming noise high in the sky; but nearly impossible to make out as the sun has since set and darkness was starting to loom over the landscape.
Jacqueline Jackie tries to kick away some of the refuse on the ground, not wanting to set down her shotgun in this dangerous city. "That's a new one on me," she admits, hoping against hope that Qwillis is right. "At least they can't fly away, right?"
She pauses at a sudden sound... a familiar sound... the kind of sound you never, ever forget. Even at a distance, it's scarily familiar. She turns her eyes skyward, peering into the lowering darkness. "Oh... oh, no... I'd know that sound anywhere. There /is/ a space saucer here! Mister Q, can you see it?"
Qwillis     Qwillis gives up on the ring as Jackie would call out a thing.. above? He'd stand, looking up and flashes that flashlight from the pipboy upward to try and catch sight of what Jackie is seeing. Although he does pick up on that sound after she does. "I.. yes. I think. Why did they take just him then? I need to talk to them.."
Jacqueline "That doesn't work out well, in my experience," Jackie says, peering into the sky at the dim shape overhead. "Last time they wanted to talk to us, we woke up on metal beds in our underwear in an empty room. When we got up, one of them came in and started shooting at us. Plus, I don't think they speak our language. They sure never did while I was in the room with them." She glances at her holster. "I guess I could get their attention, if you really want to risk it."
She looks to Qwillis. "I don't get that, either. Last time, they took as many of us as they could get. Maybe they aren't in a gathering mood. But they've still got Lucky." She grimaces. "If only I'd found a vertibird to rebuild instead of a motorcycle..."
Lucky There is another flash of light and suddenly Qwillis and Jackie are gone from the desert hillside. They are beamed into a small, metallic alien looking room (easy description, think of being inside a Klingon ship); it's dark with red tone lighting.
Jacqueline And... huh? Jackie finds that they've been beamed up! She glances at Qwillis, dismayed. "Guess I spoke too soon, huh?"
Qwillis     "What the hell?!" Qwillis stumbled, dropping to that metal knee as he'd have the servo in his leg whine, over-compensating from the change in ground. Gritting his teeth in pain, Q immediately pulls out a screwdriver that he'd work on that leg with a moment. "Jackie.. look around, stay alert. We got our stuff. So that means something.. I'll.. be just a moment. I haven't upgraded this leg yet.." He'd hiss in pain as one tweak has the leg spasm. Q will be right with you. He's experiencing technical difficulties.
Jacqueline Jackie nods firmly, taking her shotgun into both hands as she casts her gaze around the room. "Consider me looking!"
She moves to take a better look at the walls. "This is different. The last ship had bright lights. This is all red and stuff. Now I wonder what this room is supposed to be."
She pauses, peering at the wall. "I think I see a seam. It could be a door! The ones on the other ship were hidden this way, too!"
Qwillis     Qwillis finishes with the leg, the whine of the mechanics dying down as he'd stand up, test it, then nods and looks around. That flashlight was used to let him see what Jackie is looking at and he'd study it. Reaching out, he'd tap a switch he sees on the wall. "This then..?"
Lucky The door clicks and swings open, revealing a brightly lit, long corridor. It's eerily similar to what Jackie has seen before. No one.. or thing can be seen as of yet.
Jacqueline "Jackpot..." Jackie whispers, grinning at Qwillis. It's just so /liberating/ to go from trapped to exploring at the flip of a switch! "Careful... this is familiar, but we never did find out what those aliens wanted from us last time. And they really could be anywhere. All the other doors we saw were just as well-hidden as that one."
But there doesn't seem to be anyplace else to go, so she steps carefully into the passageway. At least it's not dark in here! "Looks like a long walk..."
Qwillis     Qwillis nods to Jackie, killing the flashlight, then using the pipboy to sweep the area as best he could. What he'd give for a real scanner rather than just the pipboy! At least.. there's visual recording now. He'd look back at the room they showed up in and carefully steps out. He'd draw that needler.. just in case and nods to Jackie. Keeping his eyes peeled, he'd start that trip heading in one direction as.. well, that's how you start.
Lucky As the pair walks along the seemingly endless corridor, a door randomly pops open. No light shines through and nothing comes out.
Jacqueline Jackie jerks to a stop as that door opens, blinking in surprise. "Okay, that's a little suspicious," she murmurs, moving to cover that doorway. "No light at all?"
Qwillis     Qwillis was surpisingly quiet as he'd walk along with Jackie. It seems that metal click? it's something he can at least muffle, if he focuses on it. With the door opening suddenly, he'd jerk to the side, planting up against the wall and holding his breath a second. As Jackie would comment, he'd look at his pip-boy and frown, tapping it. "Blast it.." Fiddling with it a moment, he'd frown and finally work to get the flashlight on. Once that's done, he'd use it to probe the doorway.
Lucky The light from the flashlight does not reveal much and is difficult to really tell what is beyond the threshold.
Jacqueline Jackie moves to back Qwillis up, frowning at the doorway. "I'm looking for a flashlight to fix up next," she murmurs, seeing how difficult it is to see into the room.
Qwillis     Qwillis shakes his head a little. "This isn't the flashlight.. This is.. I think it's an electronic stifling spot. My pip-boy is having problems even working.. I haven't had this issue since it was in parts." He'd frown at it, then the door. Finally with a shrug, he'd quietly step into that room. Time to explore.
Jacqueline "They can do that? Block visible light?" Jackie glances around, then moves with Qwillis, just in case he needs backup, looking around as best she can.
Alice Alice was in the room in the dark trying to find her way around, turns out that the aliens had grabbed her on her way back to El Dorado. Vaultmeat as usual had gotten away, the aliens knew he was very tough and not afraid of nothing; like a dog-version of a honey badger and rightly wanted no part in that.

Hearing the voices she calls out, "HAHAHA I TOLD YOU ALIENS WERE REAL! WE ALL TOLD YOU LUCKY!" She didn't seem as concerned with the abduction now, since Lucky had to believe now!
Lucky Once the group have stepped inside, the door snaps shut behind them. The lights flicker on and they find themselves inside a small room with a window overlooking a fairly large room; within that room are three barrels on scales; each at a different height. Toward the ground is a large bin of sand.

In the middle of the room they are standing in are several controls.

Audible screeching comes through some invisible speaker-box that translates:

"Level the playing field. Don't die."

Players: Choose who should roll which skill!
Roll: Athletics, Technology, Science
Qwillis     Qwillis shuts off the flashlight quietly as he'd stare at the wall. eyes narrowing, he'd look over the puzzle set before them. It's only a few steps in before he'd nod slightly and look to the others. "We need to take roughly two full scoops from the top one to the bottom one. That'll balance them.."
Jacqueline "Alice! Oh no, they got you too?" Jackie exclaims, most certainly hearing the girl. Probably the whole ship can. "I guess you haven't seen Lucky, either..."
Then the lights come up, and what looks to be an incomprehensible mess is before them. The alien squawking, complete with translation, makes her wince. "Looks like we're guinea pigs, guys. Two scoops? That sounds weirdly familiar..." She moves to the controls and gets to work. It's harder than it looks at first. "This thing's shakier than a chihuahua in a lightning storm!"
Alice "Huh?" Alice replies a bit confused and goes about trying to figure things out, "So you guys lost Lucky? I Hope he got abducted to, and not like, out to take a pee and missed it all because then he won't believe us. Ugh."
Qwillis     Qwillis watches on as the others figure out what's going on. he'd chuckle with a shake of his head. "Took him first. Then us. But.. we got dumped into a reserve room. It's.. odd. They're communicating. But what does it mean about don't die..?"
Jacqueline "I think he'll believe us now," Jackie says wryly, unable to help the faint smile that accompanies it. "I just hope we can find him."
She nods to Alice, hearing Qwillis's words. "What he said. It's totally different from last time, just... no less /weird/."
Alice Alice manages to assist Jackie with ease, getting the two scoops of sands and dumping them in the second barrel, "Should be okay..."
Lucky The sand dumps inside the second barrel, bringing it even with the heaviest and lowest barrel. This just leaves the last one to be filled up.

Players: Choose who should roll which skill!
Roll: Athletics, Technology, Science
Qwillis     Qwillis watches as the other two would work the system. He was already calculating the next set. Looking between them and then doing a few key strokes on that pip-boy before nodding. "Hmm.. four scoops here. From heavy to light and it'll balance."
Jacqueline If anything, the second time is worse than the first. "Four scoops..." Jackie murmurs, trying to get the difficult controls to respond properly.
Alice Alice continues and adds in five scoops to balance out jackies before helping guide another to level everything out, "Wonder if they're making us bake them pies or something?"
Lucky The barrels even out on in the room; a green light turns on above the glass for each one of the barrels and barrel room goes dark. A door slides open to the left, leading down a narrow hallway and toward another door.
Qwillis     Qwillis frowns at the dark out and the door opening. "Great.. move along rats.. before we gas you out I guess." Shaking his head, he'd look to the women, shrug and start on to the next area. This didn't bode well for them, certainly.
Jacqueline "At least that's over with. Those controls need oil, seriously," Jackie mutters, looking at the opening door. "This /is/ like a rat maze. Do you think they're testing us, like lab animals?"
She falls into step behind Qwillis. There certainly doesn't seem to be anyplace else to go.
Alice "I still think my theory is right, these are alien kids doing a science experiment and we're just little molerats to them who happen to be bigger than they are." Alice seemed super sure of it, even with no basis or grounds or evidence, she just wanted it to be true.
Lucky Down the hallway they go. At the end of the hall, a doorway opens; dumping them inside another room with three visible doors. This room was circular and smaller, two of the doors sat at an angle with the third door in the middle.

The door behind them once more closes.
Qwillis     Qwillis grunts softly but doesn't otherwise comment. He'd go along with the others, keeping a look out as they'd get dropped into that next room and eyes the door behind them, then starts searching around. "This is ridiculous.."
Jacqueline "I think they figure we're about a half step up from mole rats or pig rats at the most, anyway," Jackie opines, wincing at the sight of the doors. "Good gravy... the rat maze analogy's looking more true all the time."
Lucky The two angled doors begin to rise, showing off darkness within.

Then scraping, scratching noises.

A soft moan, almost a point of a high pitch whine escapes from the left side. suddenly four frenzied feral ghouls burst forth from the two rooms, coming inside the main area. They circle back to the walls, putting distance between the group for a moment.

The two doors close with a thud, leaving the three in a room with four frenzied feral ghouls.