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Lee     So short straws happen all the time. This time? It was Lee and Marcus that got tagged to go out into the sandstorm to 'look out'. Isn't that a joke? Looking out? How? For Lee, at least, he had that salvaged power suit. It's sealed and has lights. So he's a dim glow within the blasting sand that scours everything. He'd have that crossbow ready, if on standby with how the weather is. It probably would be useless in these winds anyways.
Marcus Marcus is looking out into the sandstorm and just shaking his head his duster pulled up buttoned up and collar popped up and his hat slouched down over his face a bit more as they do the whole guard thing... "The crap did I do to piss the cap'n off this time?"
Lee     Lee can't help but laugh, glancing over at Marcus at his words. "Eh.. look at em funny? Or mebbe ya look at his girl funny? I heard they ran off ta do the whole perma-hook up. yanno?" He'd wave one glove covered hand in an idle wave. "Dunno.. I think mebbe it's the LT. she was givin me the hairy eyeball the other day.. eh?"
Marcus Marcus looks over at Lee and shrugs, "Maybe but I mean what's that got to do with me looking out in a dust storm... Like we're gonna see a dang thing out here... Course this would be when I'd plan a raid on a settlement so it makes sense."
Lee     "Oi.. I hear ya.. Perfect time ta be crashin inta the place.. Just wish they had that wall done up resta the way, yanno? I've been workin on the fraggin gate when I can.." Lee shakes his head. Mostly visible due to the shift of light back and forth. "Ah well. Could be worse I'm guessin. Ain't out in the wasteland with this.. eh?"
Marcus Marcus nods a bit as he watches for these raiders that are going to be attacking any second now... "This is true we're not on patrol so this is better than it could have been."
Lee     Lee stands silent for a moment. Just waiting for that sudden Raider strike! ... with nothing forcoming, he'd sigh in that helm and glance at Marcus. "Oi. I dunno ifn I've ever metcha anyways. I'm Lee. Private Lee. Nice ta meet another grunt. So much officer types 'round. I was gettin worried I'd be the only grunt.."
Marcus Marcus chuckles and shrugs, "I'm Marcus pleasure to meet ya Lee." They're still just staring out in the sand storm as he pulls the duster up over his face a bit, "This stuff is crazy..."
Lee     "I've not seen it be this bad before. I've only just got this armor.. So that's a bonus. It definitely keeps the sand out." Lee chuckles slightly and nods to Marcus. He'd return his attention back out, keeping alert. "I wonder what made it happen.."
Marcus Marcus nods a bit as he's standing guard, "Yeah never been in such a bad storm before but I'd heard of them." He looks out into the sand, "Yeah I kinda wonder what's the cause maybe we can block it.
Lee     Lee grunts, then shakes his head slightly. "Meh. I'll leave that fer the eggheads ta figure out mate. Ain't worth tryin ta come up with somethin when they got betta heads fer thinkin, yanno? I'm good enough ta do what I gotta and we go from there, fer sure."
Marcus Marcus chuckles and nods, "And that's drink booze and find cheap women right?" He blinks, "Wait cheap booze and good women? I can never remember." He continues to guard this gate and he guards it good.
Lee     Lee roars with laughter in that helm. He'd look over to Marcus with a wide grin. "Yah yah. Both mate. Just depends on the bar. Good booze, cheap women. or cheap booze and good women. But ifn yer in a place with good booze and good women? yer payin too much fer one or the other, fer sure!"
Marcus Marcus chuckles and nods, "Well... I dunno good booze are worth the price. Good women are worth it as well. But booze can go cheap after about the second one they all taste the same at that point."
Lee     Lee chuckles, nodding his agreement. He'd do a sweep of the area and sighs. "Next time the LT's 'round.. I'm gonna make sure ta not get on her bad side. Fer sure.. Or mebbe this is the Cap'n? But he didn't seem ta dislike em.."
Marcus Marcus shrugs, "Maybe we're just the lowest rankin folks so we got the shit details until somebody else joins or somebody screws up to get he shit details? It's how some of the merc companies I'd worked for back around New Vegas operated. New guys got the crap until soembody really fucked the pooch."
Lee     Lee pauses, then snickers. "yah mate, yah. How my group was 'fore we broke up. Starta the war we went ta ground in the vaults with our family.. I ain't knowin any of em are even left.. But that sounds legit, we'd totally do that ta the newbies too.."
Marcus Marcus hmmms and nods, "Wait... Which war the one between the NCR and the Legion?" The vault thing threw him for a loop he can't mean /that/ war can he?
Lee     Lee waves a gloved hand. "Before it mate.. yah. I mean *that* war, eh? I got frozen fer a bit.. not bad fer bein a couple hundred years old huh?" He'd chuckle quietly, shaking his head a little. "I dun count it none.. I'm still in my 20s. Feel that way, act it too. So it is what it is, fer sure."
Marcus Marcus shakes his head, "Wow man. Yeah you don't look a day over two hundred. So what was it like? Real tech being everywhere and not scavenged and rebuilt and never working like itw as orignally designed?"
Lee     Lee laughs and shakes his head again. "I was parta a floatin merc group. We'd fly 'round ta do drops.. Honest? Many places looked like this anyways. Just depended on the theater we were in, fer sure." He'd shrug, glancing around. "It.. was life. ya didn't think 'bout it like ya do now.."
Marcus Marcus nods a bit, "I see. Still dropping into places? I'd have to ride or walk to get anywhere now. Musta been amazin."
Lee     Lee chuckles quietly. "It's somethin I miss. Fer sure.. Halo droppin was always a blast.. go from 80 kay feet ta 10 kay and pop the chute. Black ops always made it tough.. I used this bad boy on a few of em too.." Lee taps that x-bow he's wieling, then shrugs. "But.. it is what is now.. eh?"