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Cleo     It's been a long day, even discounting the firefight out in the sandstorm that Cleopatra stumbled into. What remained of the caravan has been entrusted to the militia and clinic. As for Cleo herself? She's stepping into the Gold Digger, covered head to toe in dust, finally officially done for the night. She doesn't let the saloon doors swing back too hard; after all, she's invited Rexus to join her for a drink after his help with the caravan.

    "If I never see another sandstorm in my life, I'll have seen too many," she remarks aloud as she takes her hat off to give it a slap against her thigh before putting it back on and straightening it with both her gloved hands. Beyond that, she wastes no time in heading toward the bar to look for an empty stool.
Rexus Rexus follows Cleo into the Saloon. The big lumbering galoot pauses just inside the door, reaching up to begin unfastening his helmet. It is a slow process, not helped by his giant sausage-fingers. Clasps, seals and clips are undone until the helmet is pulled free. Rexus breathes in the fresh air, coughing a bit, clipping his helmet to its holder before trundling into the Saloon a bit more. He removes his headset and other bits, wiping that sweaty mat of hair. "Seen too many, this one isn't that bad.. yet..." he comments idly as he ponies up to the bar, remaining standing, "Water." he orders simply.
Nathan Nathan is sitting next to the bar in his favorite stool with a glass of beer in front of him. Watching the two dust covered soldiers head into the bar he raises his glass towards them, "Thanks for all you do." Then to the bartender, "Their first five drinks are on me." Seems he knows soldiers and won't leave an open tab.
Cleo     Cleo moseys up between Rexus and Nathan, plopping down on a seat with a sigh. She shrugs out of her duster, letting it drape over the barstool. "Well, I wouldn't figure it's so bad in that suit of yours." She turns a speculative eye sidelong at the Brotherhood member's power armor, squeezing the other shut for a moment. "Then again, it's probably a pain in the ass if it does get in. No way to scratch an itch."

    Nathan's offer causes her to open her eyes again and turn a grin his way. "Hey, thanks. I'd say you were my new favourite person tonight, but this guy caught a bunch of bullets that could've ended up going my way, so..." She makes a 'hmm' sound. "'s probably a toss-up. Hey, bartender! Beer me."
Rexus Rexus nods to Nathan at the offer. "Water for me, not much for the other stuff... except cola." he says, taking up his glass of water and downing about half of it in one go. "Scratching isn't a problem, you learn some tricks." he continues, wiggling a little inside the big suit. "I just wish i'd of caught up to the caravan sooner... maybe could have done more." he mutters to himself.
Nathan Nathan perks up at the meantion of a caravan, "Which caravan?" He looks over at Cleo and shrugs, "I'll just have to keep trying maybe I'll end up your new favorite person eventually." Back to Rexus, "Cola's a drink don't mind you not drinkin alcohol just wanna make sure you wet your whistle and keep doing brave stuff for the town."
Cleo     "Can't kick yourself too hard for that one. Patrols probably would've caught the muties if it weren't for the storm," Cleo tells Rexus, though her tone's somber enough to suggest that she's not happy about it, either. "You got there in time to save the one rover, and, hell, you probably soaked a lot of lead that would've been coming at the Corporal and me. I'd say you did good."

    She looks over to Nathan and seems to have a glimmer of recognition. "Oh, it was a group of indie traders. Wasn't Lone Star. They were running some food and general supplies; weren't in any shape to let us know where they were comin' from or goin' to." As her beer is slid over to her, she takes a big gulp. "I feel like I've seen you before. You work for Lone Star, right?"
Rexus Rexus takes another sip of water. "Was comin from the north... any towns up there? ACME? Didn't seem to be from there but who knows. We left them at the uhhh... compound.. place... maybe get more information then?" he says as he gulps down more water. "Aye the storm was probably the determining factor... there are enough patrols and such that the mutants couldn't get close to the highway otherwise... but maybe they are getting more bold."
Nathan Nathan hmmms and nods, "Okay we shoulda been getting a caravan in soon but the storm's likely caused it to take shelter." He looks over at the younger woman and nods, "Yeah I'm Nathan. I'm one of the salesmen for Lone Star."
Cleo     "Militia H-Q," Cleo says as she turns around on her barstool so that she can lazily prop her elbows and back against the countertop. "I'm hopin' that was just a wandering gang of 'em and not part of a bigger group out there behind the dust-curtains. Once the storm's died down we'll need to send a patrol to see if they can figure out where they came from, but... tracks'll be buried by then." She grunts with annoyance. Then, her expression lightening a little, she looks over to Nathan. "I'm Cleo. Ian McKinsey's daughter. I used to work for Lone Star, too, but these days I'm an L-T. Nice to meetcha." She gives a sidelong nod at Rexus as she starts to raise her bottle to her lips. "I'd introduce this guy, but he still hasn't told me his name, yet."
Rexus Rexus listens quietly to the conversation. "Probably an idea to check the water sources'n caves... but where there's one little raiding party there are certain to be more.. or at least a camp somewhere close... when the storm's over I'll head back out and start looking." he says. He perks slightly at Cleo's last comment, nearly forgetting! "Rexus." he says by way of introduction. "Just, Rexus, for now."
Nathan Nathan looks over at Rexus and nods, "Pleasure Rexus." Then back to Cleo, "That sounds really familiar and you look familiar. Were you security or were you one of the wagoneers?"
Cleo     "Well, let me know if you decide to have a last name one of these days, Rexus," Cleo says with a half-smirk after another sip from her bottle. "You do a lot of patrolling without backup, or do you have a team around here somewhere?"

    To Nathan, she continues, "It's been a few years, now. I used to hang around the dispatch as a kid, then I was a tag-along on my dad's expeditions. He was a wagoneer till he took a bullet to the knee; nowadays he works in the dispatch. You might've met him, he's an old man nowadays." She looks thoughtfully into her beer for a moment. "I guess you could say I did a little of everything. Anyhow, I'm rambling a bit. How about you? You run caravans, or do you offload stuff in town?"
Rexus Rexus gives Cleo a puzzled look at her statement, but shakes his head in the end. "I am usually alone. Been traveling for a few years so I am quite used to it." he says, "I've been lending a hand with the wall building when I can as well." he says, tilting his head towards the conversation about caravans. "I've stopped by the Lone Star store, quite an impressive array of equipment."
Nathan Nathan chuckles and shrugs, "I run a wagon and offload... But mostly just a traveling salesman now. I do good on my routes and Lone Star lets me do what I do best." He looks over at Rexus and chuckles, "They do. I've got my own wagon and route not sellin any of the big stuff like that yet."
Rexus Rexus nods to Nathan, "Do you just travel to the outlying.. settlements? Acme, Avalon and the like? Food and supplies?" he asks, canting his head. "I am sure you probably bring news back and forth as well?"
Cleo "Really? Sounds like you ought to be part of the militia," Cleo says to Rexus, one of her eyebrows creeping upward. "I mean, unless you really don't like workin' with other people. Otherwise, sounds like you're doin' our work for us." She taps her bottle against her chin thoughtfully. "I should check out the shop myself. Been a while since I've picked up any new toys." She eyes Rexus, "Don't suppose that's where you picked up that big laser, eh?"
Nathan Nathan nods a bit, "I travel a bit further than that as well. I've been up to New Rome and over to New Vegas a few times. I tend to stay in the El Dorado area for now though." He looks over at Cleo, "What kinda toys you lookin for? I've got a nice selection and most of it is locked up in here."
Rexus Rexus chuckles and shakes his head at Cleo, "No no, I bought this off Iris a few days ago." he says, "Been looking for one and she just happened to have it." he says, "I'm not really interested in signing up for the Militia, prefer to do my own thing." he takes another sip of water. "I've been eyeing that suit of power armor in the store but... caps are hard to find these days."
Cleo Cleo quirks her lips into something between a smile and a frown. "'Fraid to admit it, but I might mostly have to shop with my eyes for the time being. I've been puttin' most of my earnings toward a project I'm workin' on." She tilts her head a little to one side. "I'll ask, though - you got any shotguns in stock? I've been looking to get my hands on one." She turns back to Rexus, "I can't say I really blame you. I mean, if you did join the militia, you'd have to take orders from me and call me 'ma'am,' 'sir' or 'L-T' all the time."
Nathan Nathan nods a bit, "I've got a couple of shotguns. A little sawed off double barrel and a single barrel shotgun. I think you'd likely enjoy that one but I don't have a really solid combat shotgun sorry." He looks over at Rexus and smirks, "I'd love to sell somebody that armor talkin the X series in there right? She's a beaut."
Rexus Rexus smirks at Cleo, "Indeed. Among other things, I probably don't mix well with civilians either." he says. He nods in agreement with Nathan, "Aye, the X-01 series... a rare find... i'll certainly be saving up all I have now that I have the gatling... save for any repairs that need doin with this storm." he mutters.
Cleo "I wouldn't mind taking a look at either of those, from the sound of 'em," Cleo says to Nathan as she settles back with her drink. "I mean, honestly, probably mostly use it for shootin' geckos 'n bloatflies, so that'd probably suit." She eyes Rexus thoughtfully, nursing her beer until she finds it to be empty. "Hey, bartender. Hit me with another," she says, spinning around on her seat to face the bar and leaning forward to push the empty bottle across. "So, who's payin' you to go save people in sandstorms?" she asks Rexus.
Nathan Nathan nods, "I'll go grab them so you can take a look." He slips off from his barstool and heads upstairs to come back down a short time later carrying two different shotguns down and setting them on the bar next to Cleo, "Take a look they'd be okay for bloat flies and minor stuff for sure."
Rexus Rexus slides his empty glass to the bartender for a refill on his water, sipping a bit slower this time around. He returns his eyes to Cleo after a moment, "Paying me? No one is really... usually people give me a little something to help cover costs or let me buy something to eat, but I don't ask for money."
Cleo Cleo flashes a smile as Nathan goes to grab the shotguns. She gives a curious look to Rexus while the trader is out of the room. "Well, if you ever find you're short on caps for food or anything, come by the militia office. I'll try and find somethin' for you to do that doesn't involve putting on a uniform or shining my shoes." When Nathan comes back with the guns and sets them down, Cleo makes a silent 'Ooh' with her lips. She picks the sawn-off up off the bar first, cracking it open to make sure it's not loaded before locking the barrels back in place. "Always kinda wanted one of these. How many caps for the sawn-off?" she asks Nathan.
Nathan Nathan looks at the sawed-off shotgun and shrugs, "Depends on what you think it's worth. I'm going to lean towards 250 caps but I'm more than willing to barter."
Rexus Rexus just stares at Cleo blankly. He looks back as Nathan returns with the shotgun, looking them over from a distance. "Not bad. Shotguns are also fairly good for hunting.. always nice to have one laying around. Ammunition is fairly cheap too since they are in such demand."
Cleo     "Hmm... I could just about afford that, too," Cleo says with a sigh as she sets the sawn-off back down on the bartop. She picks up the longer-barreled shotgun to give it a look, as well. "Think you'll still have that sawn-off once the storm blows over? I think maintenance on the gear I already got might run me too much to be able to afford another one, but that does sound like a fair price to me." She gives Rexus a surreptitious, questioning look.
Nathan Nathan hmmms and shrugs, "I may or I might not. If you want to wait I'll try and hold onto it." He nods at Rexus's assessment, "Exactly ammo would be easy to find and it's a beast for up close work."
Rexus Rexus listens to the sales pitch and Cleo's response. The price causes him to look at Cleo and then sort of gives one of those down-pointy fingers. "Two fifty is a bit much, don't you think? Afterall, isn't she going to be helping to protect your caravans with that weapon? I'm sure there must be a little bit of a deal for... militia... members." he says, using that word 'militia' with some distaste.
Cleo "Well, I don't expect special treatment on account of my position," Cleo says, taking a swig from her beer, before holding it up and jostling it indicatively. "Especially considering you were already nice enough to buy me a couple of drinks." She rubs her chin. "I could take it off you right now for a hundred if you could afford to drop it that low, though. Otherwise, I'll hafta wait for payday."
Nathan Nathan looks over at Rexus and shrugs, "They also have a quartermaster that supplies them with the basics that they need. As much as I'd love to cut a huge deal I still have to make my overhead." As she offers a hundred he looks at her and hrmmms before he shakes his head, "Best I can do is around one fifty."
Rexus Rexus chuckles, "We have a quartermaster too.. or had one.. still have to spend caps.. cause they use the caps to buy more equipment... maybe a bit cheaper but.. not a lot... either way you still spend caps for equipment that.. in an ideal world would be issued to you."
Cleo "Oh, you'd be surprised how hard they rail you when it comes to rationing," Cleo says with the slightest of grins. "Hell, I outrank most of the barracks, and I still have to beg for bullets some days. Mostly works that way to keep people from signin' up just to grab a free gun then run off to join a raider gang." The brunette takes another drink and shifts her jaw thoughtfully before swallowing it. "Alright. I think I can manage one-fifty, if only 'cause the drinks are free." She reaches down low to the lining of her duster and fishes out a bag that clanks a bit with the sound of caps. "You want to go ahead and count the deal out here?"
Nathan Nathan nods and takes the single shot shotgun away, "Let me put this single shotgun away and then you'll have time to count out your caps. I'll trust that they'll be there no need for both of us to count 'em." And on that note he runs back upstairs with a shotgun to come back down after he put the single away.
Rexus Rexus listens as Nathan seals the deal and Cleo counts the caps. "Apropo of nothing, it is perhaps not the wisest decision to throw your rank around so much. Officers tend to be the ones targeted first.. and you won't win any points with your subordinates by harping on it too much."
Cleo     "Well, yeah, I'm aware that being an officer means having a target on my ass," Cleo says as she counts the caps out, sorting them in groups of ten on the bartop before she pools them together once there are enough. "I don't think that anyone who's served under would me would say I throw my rank around too much. Rank's more about responsibility than authority."
Nathan Nathan comes back and waits for Cleo to finish counting out the resources before he slides over the shotgun, "Pleasure." He sits back down at his barstool and goes to work on his beer again gotta catch up he's been yappin and not drinking.
Rexus Rexus says nothing more on the subject of leadership, looking on as the shotgun sale is completed. "How have your caravan runs been in the past? Any recent attacks or troubles with raiders? I had heard there were some that were trying to set up a tolling area... or tax.. on whoever went through their territory."
Rexus Rexus sees Nathan drifting off and finishes his water. "Well I suppose that's that then..." he says, leaving his glass before nodidng to Cleo, "Have a nice evening." he says as he heads for the door.
Cleo Looking rather pleased with herself, Cleo stands up off her barstool and pulls her coat up and on, tucking the shotgun away inside it. "Been nice doin' business. I'll come find you when I've got more caps to my name," she tells Nathan before pushing up to her feet. As Rexus is making his way to the door, Cleo peers after him, chewing her lip thoughtfully for a moment before it registers that she's being rude. "You too, Rexus. Try not to get into too much trouble b'fore the storm clears." With that, she starts toward the way out herself, moving with a bit of a shamble as her joints ache at being pressed into action once more.