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Owner Pose
Camilla     The winds howl and bash against the only brick building in shantytown. The windows and doors no doubt feeling the brunt of the sandstorm. Camilla has, to her credit, done what she can to fortify the Clinic building overall against this beast of a storm. She's also not stupid and has not left the clinic at any point yet. For now, she's moving about the clinic double checking on the windows and doors to make sure they're not in danger of failing.
Ashur The wind chokes. A queer thing, that, to be choked by air-- kicked into such a frenzy that masses of sediment are gathered and clumped until the air is almost solid. The dark clusters of sand and dirt form veins in the cruel whip-limbs of the gale, the impact blistering the skin, stinging the eyes, clawing the lungs; for good reason, people stay indoors, and if they must leave, they keep their faces covered, breathing through cloth.

Through that storm walks Ashur, who throws open the clinic's door and hunches over to push his way through. When it opens, the windows rattle more, and the howling is louder, so loud it's physical; then he forces the door closed with a slam.

The behemoth is dressed in his new cloak, a voluminous thing that wraps 'round him with material to spare. It's full of grit at the moment, though.

"Camilla," he says, spying her from behind and watching for a moment as she tidies up a shelf. "I need a splint."
Camilla     She should be used to it by now, that door opening and the nose, and the sudden apperance of a person. Should, being the operative word. /Is not/ being the current actual condition.

    Camilla's first response comes when the front door is thrown open, a scream, a yelp of sheer suprise and having the beejeebus startled out of her as she spins about to see who it is. Her first instinct being to reach for a near by assault rifle. Though, once she spots the large moving mountain 'o man that is Ashur, she exhales and attempts to contain herself. Do not iritate the walking Mountain Cami, not a good idea.

    "Ashur.." she says to him softly, "I see. I am running low on them, so, it will have to cost.." she adds, meekly. "If, if you'll sit?" she asks of him as she points to a chair, not really letting the whole, /he's huge!/, thing click internally as she does. "I'll uh, come take a look in just a moment." With that, she begins to head in to the backroom, no doubt to grab that splint.
Ashur Ashur stalks with lion grace toward one of the examination rooms. His limbs are languid, eyes sharp-- once more lit with intelligence, and accompanied by a stern look more reminescent of his appearance before his mutations. The simple-mindedness has been cut out like a cancer. He slows in passing as Camilla voices her intent, his shadow falling over her. And before she can slip away to the backroom, he's smacked his hand against the wall, the bulk of his arm blocking her. "I can feel the bones in my right arm and leg grind and crack when I walk; I fell to the earth from a great height and broke them. Get enough material for two of my limbs-- I will compensate you."

With that, he removes himself from her way, thumping his way with a clinic-shaking rumble toward the chair. A moment's analysis sees him sitting down upon the floor, instead, outside the examination room; he won't fit on the beds, anyway.

The mutant's arms fold over his barrel chest, as he lurks in the shade of a sparsely-stocked medical shelf above his head.
Camilla     Having a giant arm slam in to wall and block your way is enough to make anyone nervous, and to make camilla rather affraid. "Oh, oh kay.." she replies softly, nodding her head in response. Once the large tree trunk is out of her way, she continues inwards to her storeroom and vanishes within.

    Before to long, she's back out with just enough supplies to to splint both limbs, just as requested. "How, how far did you fall?" Cami asks of Ashur as she moves next to him and begins to work on his injuries.
Ashur As the mutant waits, he looks. Once, this clinic was home to an enemy of his, and staffed by a bride-- now, that enemy is gone, and the bride lives in New Rome, away from the perilous fates of El Dorado.

How things change. Still, much of it looks the same inside.. and, indeed, as his spine contours to the hard, cool stone of the wall, he reaches up to push up one of the shelves, finding that it still needs a handyman's touch and is sagging as a screw somewhere is loose.

When the healer returns, Ashur lifts his right arm and holds it for her benefit. "I was pushed out of a vertibird," he answers her, golden eyes damn near burning a hole through her face, her top. "One of the flying machines the Brotherhood and Enclave often use. A few stories, at the least-- twice as tall as a tall building. Maybe more."
Camilla     Camilla just nods as she listens and goes about working on that arm. The statement that he fell as far as he did causes her to pause a moment, "Wow.." she says plainly. "Seems that mutation truly made you invulnerable..." she adds, exhaling deeply as she finishes up the arm.

    She, on the other hand, is ignoring his looks. At least as best as she can as she moves next to work on the aforementioned leg. "To take a fall like that and no, die, is ummm, impressive."
Ashur Ashur's focus is nearly physical-- no matter when Camilla might dare glance up at him, he's staring at her with fiery intensity. The healing of his mind means the resurrection of his true character, with all the severity that implies. "Stronger, more enduring-- my flesh is as stone. But invulnerable.. no."

The man's unbroken arm lifts, and curls across his chest, as his hand seeks her face. One finger folds beneath the gentle curve of her chin and seeks to lift her face. "You aren't screaming at me this time. Good."

The leg is certainly broken, the bone fractured beneath that red skin-- that he's walked on it as he has is amazing, given his weight. He's either incredibly tough, or the mutation numbs him to pain.
Camilla     Camilla nods at his first statement, "No, you are not..." she replies softly as she works on his leg.

    When his finger lifts up her face, she blinks a few times and pulls away from his touch. "Your leg is badly broken.." she says, deflecting the second statement outright. "You should rest, and some pain killers could help. Though, I admit to not knoing how they will affect your physiology." She exhales deeply and stands up slowly, pulling back away from huim fully. "You should stay here, and rest for a few days. Even you need to heal. I will get the pain meds.." and with that, she turns again to head in to the back room once more.
Ashur The man chuffs, nostrils flared, and slowly forces his way back to his feet. If he exerted himself, he could break the splints with trivial ease; as it is, the materials might not hold, anyway. But he tries to be gentle, aware of his overbearing physicality. "Painkillers," he rumbles, taking a cautious step forward to see how he moves. His gait is a little awkward, as he refuses to bend the leg too much, giving him a lopsided shuffle. But he can move, at least. "So be it. The sandstorm makes caravans not want to travel, anyway."

And with that, the brute walks off.. though in the same direction as Camilla, toward the back room. How would painkillers work on him? Truth be told, it's not as though he feels much pain in the first place.. he's curious.
Camilla     Cami stops before fully vanishing in to the back room, she turns around to face him and motions towards an exam room. "You can take an exam room and stay in there. I will keep others out of it for you." She makes this statement as a matter of fact and turns around again to continue in to the back room.