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Aidan Drake Aidan Drake has come out to the saloon for some rest and relaxation Elmer, his horse is tied up outside and Cathal's curled up at Aidan's feet where from where he's sitting at a table with a glass of whiskey in his hand and his eyes closed listening to the music.
Nikki Nikki slips into the saloon after a morning of wandering around the outskirts of El Dorado doing a bit of scavenging. With that being done, she's got her Random Box of Things with her, only about half full, and the only thing missing is her eyebot - Dink - isn't following her around like normal. She spies Aidan and gives a smirk before settling up to the jukebox to hip-bump it and then gives a giggle at the music that begins playing. "Aidan! Nikki's happy to see you!" Walking over towards Aidan's table then, sliding into the chair across from him.
Cleo It's early for Cleo to be drinking, normally. On the other hand, with the storm still kicking up dust everywhere and all the hatches battened down around the militia by now, she's got space to take some down-time. They know where to find her if they need her.

She's covered in dirt as she steps in through the saloon doors, and she dusts her hat off by slapping it against her thigh as she comes in, walking a bit stiffly. She makes her way over to the bar and takes a seat on one of the empty stools, not far from where Aidan is sitting. She settles in and leans back against the bar with a groan. "Taking a nap, Deputy?" she calls over to Aidan, letting her own eyes drift shut for a moment.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake shakes his head slightly as he lets his eyes open, "No ma'am, just enjoying the music." Glancing over at Nikki he grins, "Glad to see you too Nikki." Leaning down he scratches Cathal's head, "So storm still raging like crazy?"
Nikki Nikki nods, "It makes it hard to find things..." Nikki says this much before looking into the box she carried. "And now Nikki has to clean half the things she found because they're all covered in dust..." A comment before the glances over towards the other woman a moment and then scoffs some. "Also, Nikki can't bring Dink anywhere. The dust'll hurt him. So he's all stuck inside the house..." Frowning as she says this, as if Dink was a sentient being who had feelings and stuff. "I did bring some more of that stuff we smoked the other day. All rolled up and everything."
Cleo "Wouldn't blame you if you were," Cleo says, looking as if she's about to fall into a nap herself. She finally opens her eyes again and turns around to face the bar. "I'll have a beer," she calls across to the bartender as she slides a couple of caps across. When she slips her duster off to rest on the stool, she's not wearing her militia officer's shirt, but a once-black, now dirt-coloured tank top. It becomes more clear that there's definitely sweat under all that dirt. The hat comes off to rest on the bar as she waits for her drink.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake chuckles from where he's sitting at the table nodding a bit, "With the storm naps are best." He grins at Nikki and nods, "Good stuff you going to give it a try again or did you want to get a drink? And sorry 'bout Dink. Hopefully this storm won't last forever." He motions towards an empty chair at the table, "Come sit here instead of being a lonely person at the bar." He glances back over at her and then hrms, "You look like you need to get tossed in a river when this is over. Heavy patrols?"
Nikki Nikki seems to consider and then nods. "Nikki wants a cola. Aidan'll get her one right?" Giving a smirk, and then she pulls out at least one joint from her pocket and sets it on the table. "Nikki isn't sure she wants to yet... why should she use something just to seem..." A pause. "Normal." Then attention goes to Cleo and so she sits up in her chair and rummages thru the box in front of her.
Cleo The beer comes sliding across to Cleo, and she picks it up as she scoots off of the barstool, too lazy to bother bringing her coat and hat over. "Well, alright, but don't expect me to apologize if the smell gets to you," she says as she plops down onto an empty chair at the table between Nikki and Aidan. "I've had a couple of the guys down at the barracks threaten the same thing. Had a pretty full week patrollin', but this," she glances down at herself, "is mostly from this morning. Got the morning off, so I spent it helping out down in the shanties. How's things down at the sheriff's department?" She turns her eyes to Nikki and gives an upnod. "Don't think we've met. I'm Cleo."
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake shrugs, "Then don't Miss Nikki. It's all up to you I think you're great the way you are." He nods towards Cleo, "Smell doesn't bother me I work on a ranch. And things are going well with the Sheriff's Department." He looks at Nikki, "Nikki this is Cleo one of the officers with the militia... Cleo this is Miss Nikki she lives on the ranch and is an adopted member of the Drake clan." He waits a beat, "Shanties doing okay?"
Nikki Nikki blinks, looking Cleo up and down a moment as the woman introduces herself and yet before she can say anything, Aidan is introducing her. She makes a bit of a face before she looks back in her box. "Nikki is Nikki. Nice to meet Cleo." A nod and then she's distracted, grabbing at a little box she found while dumpster diving. Those two could talk, she would look through her loot and see how much of it could possibly be salvaged.
Cleo "Nice to meet you, Nikki," Cleo says, pulling a smile at the girl before she answers Aidan's question. "'Bout the same as everyone else with the dust all kicked up, 'cept the wall not bein' finished means they're gettin' the brunt of it. S'what I was tryin' to help with." Cleo knocks back her bottle and leans back in her chair. After a few seconds she starts to cough with her mouth still full of beer; forcing it down, she sets the bottle on her table to free her arm to cover her mouth while she continues to cough. "Sorry 'bout that," she says weakly. "Somethin' went down wrong. Not sure if it's the beer or the dirt."
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake shakes his head as Cleo starts to choke and cough on some beer before he takes a sip from his glasss and sets it down hopping up from his seat to go to the bar and get a Nuka Cola and bringing it back he sets it down next to Nikki and leans over to give her a kiss on the cheek, "Sorry teasing the filthy militia and I almost forgot your drink." Then he takes his seat back, "How much more does the wall have left? And is Brutus still working or did the storm shut him down?"
Rexus Rexus trudges into the Saloon. He's wearing his usual this time, bag slung over his shoulder as he ponies up to the bar and orders his usual glass of water. His bag of scrap and sundries is set down next to him, "When will this storm end?" he mutters, squinting into his dusty glass of water and sighing, taking a sip.
Nikki Nikki gives a little smile as Aidan leaves and then comes back with her drink, of which she takes up and sips from. Then she blinks a little. Brutus sounded familiar. "Brutus is the robot helping build the wall, right? If sand gets into his components then bad things can happen. It's why Nikki left Dink at home..." Giving herself a nod of her head, and speaking almost absentmindedly only half paying attention while still sorting through her box and sipping on her Nuka Cola all while still debating the rolled joint on the table.
Cleo "Hey, watch *cough* which filthy militia you're calling filthy," Cleo jibes back at Aidan before finally getting her cough reflex fully under control. "I didn't see Brutus out there, but then again, Shantytown's a pretty big place an' it's hard to see too much right now. Hopefully they gave him some time off," she says, nodding at Nikki's assessment. She looks over at Rexus as he trudges to the bar, squinting a little. "That you, Rexus? Hardly recognize you without that big tin can on," she calls over in a teasing tone.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake glances over at Rexus and then nods towards Nikki, "Yes ma'am. The giant two story robot I was telling you about. I'm sure that they'd have shut him down smarter people than me are guiding him. Perhaps when this is all done we can go over there and check him out?" Then he looks over at Cleo and smirks, "I'm not talking bout the militia as a whole just the officer that's in here covered in dirt and grime."
Rexus Rexus smirks at Aidan, "Don't forget she's always drinking..." he says, squinting at Cleo. "Always a beer in hand... you know that that dehydrates you pretty quick.. better off drinking just water." he says in a playful scolding voice. "I only ever see the militia here in the saloon boozing it up."
Nikki Nikki nods a little. "Nikki and Aidan could do that." Again, letting him have his other conversations while she's pulling treasures from the box..and getting sand all over her side of the table and floor. Taking sips of her cola from time to time and then she stops and flops back in her chair properly. "Nikki came to the Saloon because it was hard to find her way home, but she wants to go home to check on Dink..." Taking up the rolled joint, going through the motions to light and take a quick hit.
Cleo "I wouldn't be so covered in dirt if I spent all my time in the saloon, wiseass," Cleo shoots across to Rexus with a smirk. "Besides, you've at least seen me and Corporal Romero out on patrol. I'll have a water once I'm done having beers." Setting her bottle down after another drink, she leans back and stretches her arms behind her head. "If I don't have a beer in my hand, I usually have a gun in my hand, so don't be making fun of me." She glances sidelong at Nikki. "Home's the Drake ranch, right? That is a ways out. An escort wouldn't be a bad idea."
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake chuckles and shakes his head, "The water here's not bad but I tend to stick with stuff that kills the bugs in the water anywhere else." He looks down at his whiskey glass, "See ice that's water..." He looks at Nikki and frowns, "Cathal and I will head that way soon if you'd like you can ride on Elmer back." He looks over at Cleo, "You mean you don't drink your beer with a gun in your hand? I use both hands you never know right?"
Rexus Rexus chuckles at Cleo, "One patrol... one... does not an army make." he says as he takes another sip of water. "Drake ranch? Don't believe i've seen that one in my travels... which way out is it, north? south? I really ought to swing by more of the family places, they seem quite large and in charge."
Nikki Nikki blinks, glancing up while taking another hit from the joint she lit. "No, I can..I can make it home..." Saying this much. "It's just hard to find the way with all the sand blowing around..." This much more noted before she shifts to finish the bottle of Cola and rummages thru the box once more but after this last rummage through she settles back, knees against her chest while she curls in the chair, another drag taken.
Cleo     "Now, /that/ I try not to make a habit of," Cleo says to Aidan in answer to his question. "I got an example to set. I keep my booze and my guns separate. Except that one time," she says, glancing over at Rexus before turning her head fully to look at him. One of her eyebrows arches challengingly. "You know, if I weren't an officer and a lady I'd say you were spoilin' for one, mister. I'm just not sure if it's with the militia or me in particular."
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake grins and shrugs, "I agree liquor and guns aren't a great combo." He looks at Nikki as she starts to settle down from the weed, "Yeah it's why Cathal usually goes with me he seems to know exactly how to get home and won't let me leave him behind no matter how many times I tell him to stay."
Rexus Rexus looks at Cleo and just chuckles, "I don't know too many militia folk, you're bout the only one i've seen more than once." he says, "Spend most of my days in the wastes or at Avalon.. or Acme.. but there seem to be new settlements popping up all over the place... maybe I can sell this new holodisk I found." he shrugs, eye shifting to Aidan, "Liquor and guns are never a good combination.... "
Cleo "I must not be making a very good impresion on the militia's behalf, then," the lieutenant as as she brushes her hair back from her face and takes another drink from her beer. She combs some of the dust out of her ponytail with her free hand. She glances down at the border collie with a smile before looking back up toward Rexus. "A holodisk, huh? You seen what's on it, yet? I figured if anyone'd be interested in a holodisk..." She gestures vaguely at Rexus.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake glances over at Rexus and hrms, "A holodisc? That reminds me I need to get some disks installed into my pipboy. And yes booze and firearms are bad. I haven't used both at the same time since I was young and dumb."
Rexus Rexus reaches into his bag for said disk. "It's about.. construction.... I guess.. on building houses an such?" he shrugs, "Might be useful to someone who lives in town I figured.. not too much use for me really."
Nikki Nikki finishes the joint, disposing of it and then she gives a grunt. Not really wanting to travel anywhere in that dust and wind, and therefore home wasn't on her mind. Instead, she pours herself out of her chair, walks around the table, and manages to slip into Aidan's lap and curls herself against him. "I'm just...going to nap here...hope you don't mind..."
Cleo Perhaps surprisingly, Cleo perks up a bit at the description of the holodisk's contents. "Building houses, huh? I might actually know someone who'd be interested in somethin' like that, although I don't know if they've got a way to check it out." She pushes up from her chair, leaving her bottle nearly-empty on the table as she saunters over to where Rexus is setting. She makes a 'drink' gesture to the bartender as she walks, and ends up leaning against the bar next to Rexus. "Let's see it?"
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake hmmms as he makes a bit of room for Nikki to curl up on his lap, "Sleep well lil one." He starts going over his holodisks, "I've got an unarmed one, a tactics one, pharmaceutical, firearms, a construction one and that's about all I can think of. I might try to get the firearms, tactics and unarmed ones loaded but I think the others can go."
Rexus Rexus holds up the construction holodisk in question. "Nothing fancy." he says, looking over to Aidan. "That's.. quite a few, this is the first one i've found out here but it's nice to know ye can find almost anything... got a few I wouldn't mind listening too but... I somewhat prefer reading my material than listening or looking at pictures."
Cleo Cleo licks her lips briefly as she eyes the holodisk. "How much are you lookin' to sell it for?" she asks Rexus, before the feeling of something wet and hard pushing against her hand notifies her of her beer's arrival. She pulls a couple of caps out of her back pocket and pushes them across the counter to pay for the beverage. She looks back to Rexus. "I don't have anything to load it up on, but hopefully that can change at some point..."
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake rubs Nikki's back while he sips on his drink, "Yes sir found plenty there was actually an old medicine one I found but I gave it to my sis since she's one of the town docs. Books are a bit harder to come by for me actually. I've only heard of 'em never seen a good instructional manual."
Rexus Rexus looks at the holodisk, "Don't think it requires a pip boy per se... it's just a disk.. any computer'd work I imagine but... cost... oh... I don't know...." he frowns, turning the disk over, "Worth a few hundred i'd imagine..."
Cleo Cleo snaps her fingers at the estimation of the disk's value. "Darn. I was hopin' for somewhere 'round fifty. Can't quite afford to be spending that much on somethin' I'm not sure I'll be able to use." She draws another swig from her bottle, grimacing slightly. "I'm thinkin' about buildin' a house someday, that's all. Maybe a few of 'em. Not just for me, I mean. Or maybe fixin' one up."
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake hmms and finishes up his whiskey and looks at the sleeping Nikki then back up at the others, "Think one of you two could get me another drink? I don't wanna wake her up and there's no way I can get her back to the ranch without that happening."
Rexus Rexus looks from Aidan to Cleo, "I think Cleo can oblige." he says before looking back to Cleo, "Well, I'm sure most folk are needin houses built so... you may be able to contract your services out.. I'm looking for one myself but.. probably end up just settling in one that's already built."
Cleo "Now you're volunteerin' me, huh? I can see why you didn't want to join the militia. No respect for the chain of command," Cleo says, smiling in spite of a put-upon air as she's already waving at the bartender to send Aidan's whiskey down. "We'll have to see if I'm any use for it. It's more somethin' I'm interested in doing than somethin' I'm good at. Don't have a whole lot of time, what with the militia work and all. Gotta keep the booze population down, you know." She picks the whiskey glass up when it's served and scoots off from the bar with whiskey in one hand and her beer in the other, bringing both to Aidan's table. She sets the glass down in front of Aidan and slumps down in a chair. "There you go, Deputy Drake. How's the family doing? That New Year's party was pretty nice."
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake grins a bit, "Family's doing well now. It was. Bad for a while." He motions Rexus over to the table, "Join us here plenty of room and I don't think any of us bite." He looks back over to Cleo and shrugs, "Mostly Sparrow handling the party. She's the one that suck around the whole time... I didn't even know she was still alive and here and I just left." And anybody that'd been around El Dorado knows about the Drake ranch having been hit by bandits a long while ago a good chunk of them dead and many others believed lost.
Rexus Rexus finishes his water, grinning at Cleo. "Mmm hmmmm." he says, standing up. "I should be off, got to find a place to hang out till the storm's over.. somewhere a bit quieter..." he says, looking around at the crowded saloon, "Good day." he says politely to the pair before heading for the door.
Cleo Cleo raises her beer at Rexus as he heads for the door. "Good choice, he was mistaken about the biting. Good luck findin' a quiet spot in this one," she bids him, before turning her attention to Aidan and Nikki. She gives a half-smile toward the dozing girl before looking up to Aidan again. "Well, seemed like she's doin' alright. Her and the sheriff looked like they were gettin' along pretty well at the party." She smiles lightly across the table. "I'm glad things're better these days. You and the Sheriff get on well?"
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake nods and offer a wave towards Rexus "Got room on the ranch. You don't have a place there's spare bedrooms and the stables and barn. North side of town." He nods a bit, "She's getting along well with Stockton... Err the Sheriff. And we get along pretty well. I think he's a better face for the department than I'd ever be able to put forth."
Cleo "I dunno. The man 'n his dog don't seem like too bad a face to me," Cleo says, grinning before she takes another drink. "Hell, you look downright sweet right now, with Nikkie there." She gestures at the teenager, then seems to have a thought. "Say, did you end up having to bring anyone in on New Year's this year, or did you guys have a quiet one this time?"
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake shrugs, "With the whole sand storm it was a quiet New Years." He reaches down to pet Cathal and grins a bit, "That dog's something else. He's kept me outta plenty of trouble." He takes a drink from his glass and mms a bit, "Miss Katherine tends to get good whiskey from someplace I need to find her source."
Cleo "Well, you could always ask, but it may well qualify as a trade secret," Cleo says as she lounges back in her chair. "For my part, I usually prefer not to know where what I'm drinking comes from. Helps it stay down easier that way, sometimes." She looks thoughtfully up toward the ceiling for a moment. "Too bad that caravan we salvaged the other night wasn't carryin' booze, though. Not that I would've kept any." She looks back across at Aidan. "So, what're your plans for once the storm's blown over? Or is this like your holiday, workin' for the law when everyone's stayin' home?"
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake grins, "Yeah once the storm passes over I'll likely be going back to work. Between the ranch and the patrolling the town I'm pretty busy." He looks at her again and just shakes his head, "I almost want to get a bucket of water and just dump it over you. I thought I got dirty when I was out working." He grins and shakes his head, "I'm just teasin ya I don't think anybody's able to stay anything less than mostly dirty at this point."
Cleo Cleo smirks at Aidan as she stretches her arms to either side. "Hey, it's not like I'd complain. Havin' a nice, cold bucket of water dumped on me would probably feel good." She purses her lips for a beat, then adds, "'Course, that would only be till it warmed up. Then I'd just be all muddy. And God forbid I went outside again all soaked."
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake chuckles and nods, "You'd have to get changed right after otherwise it's a wasted bucket." He takes a sip from his whiskey, "So you livin in the barracks or have you gotten yourself an off the compound house yet?"
Cleo "Still in the barracks, for the most part," Cleo says with a sigh, "Whenever I'm not hangin' my hat with the folks, anyway, like I was over Christmas. It's handier to stay in the barracks, anyhow. Don't have to walk far to get to work in the mornin'."
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake chuckles and nods, "I see. That would be helpful living where you work. Of course it makes leaving work harder. Same offer I'd made for Rexus, got plenty of space at the ranch and you wouldn't be around your soldiers all day every day."
Cleo     "Aww, that's nice of you to offer, but some days I'm too lazy to clean up after work, an' I'm not sure I could sleep soundly knowin' someone might come and dump a bucket of water on me any minute," Cleo says with a grin. "No, I do appreciate it, but I reckon it's better for me to stick close to town. Soldier life ain't so bad. If they ever kick me out of the barracks, I'll hold you to it, though."
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake chuckles, "The ranch is what just outside of town to the north past the militia HQ? It's not like it'd be that far away but it's a fair worry... I'm still tempted to try and drown some of that grime off you."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya enters the saloon drawing a fair amount of stares, not for her beauty although she does seem to have had that capability before the facial tattoos, more for her freakish appearance. The woman's staff taps on the floor as she approaches the bar.
Cleo A smirk creeps back across Cleo's face at Aidan's words as she downs the last of her second beer bottle. She's sitting at a table with the deputy, her skin and tank top covered in dirt and sweat. Coincidentally, there's a hat and duster laid beside and on an otherwise empty stool at the bar. "Still ain't much point to it right now, I'd just get dirty again. Maybe I could ask Kitty for a change of clothes, though." She looks up at the sound of someone entering the saloon, raising an eyebrow and doing a double-take at the woman's appearance. She looks across the table at Aidan questioningly while nodding sidelong toward Shreya.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake glances around at what most of the saloon is wearing and smirks a bit, "Yes. Go get a change of clothes from one of the saloon girls and I'll buy your drinks for the rest of the night. It's gotta be a legit saloon girl outfit not their going out for a ride in in the wastelands clothes." He looks at Shreya as she enters and offers a wave to the newcomer, "'Lo there, crazy weather we're having."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods and there is a smile on her face. "The storms carry the sand which carries the ashes blessed in the glow. His hand moves over us all."
Cleo "Uh huh. And then when the latest off-duty patrol comes in for a drink, I end up with the whole barracks asking me if I charge the standard rates for a week or more," Cleo muses as she drums her fingers on the table-top. She makes a 'hmm' sound. "I guess that'd be one way to make a pile of caps quick. They'd never follow orders again, though." She turns a quizzical eye back to Zealot Shreya. The confusion finally turns into an awkward smile. "Hey, there. I like your, uhh... make-up," she offers. Looking ack to Aidan, she says, "Now, if you were to get Kitty to let /you/ borrow one of her dresses, I'd pay for /your/ drinks all night."
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake shakes his head, "It'd have to be at least drinks for a week. And it'd look so much better on you than me anyways." He looks over at Shreya and shrugs, "Dunno about all that but it's definately a crazy sand storm."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya smiles and inclines her head. "It is not makeup, not all of it. The lipstick I make from fish scales and the rouge is from a desert flower, the marks of my faith, they are permanent. Atom's blessing be upon you both. You look tired miss. Everything is going well I hope?"
Cleo "Alright, so we established that there is a price point for seein' you in a dress," Cleo says with a serious nod. "I'll have to keep that one in mind." She turns to look over toward Zealot Shreya again. "That's pretty fancy. Everything's... well, it's pretty shitty lately, to be honest. Storm's blown everything outta whack. Probably why I look tired... been runnin' around all week tryin' to help command make sure the wheels keep turnin' through the storm." She squints a bit closer at Zealot Shreya's facial markings. "I, uh... don't think I recognize those particular marks."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya looks upon Cleo more fully so that her tattoos are easier to view. "I am one of the Children of Atom. Our religion is more based in the east but I came here following a vision of white sands and a forgotten shrine to his holy power. Throughout history, religions have foretold an apocalypse and immortality to follow. We now live in the aftermath of that apocalypse and there is immortality for the chosen. We are no longer confused."
Cleo "...So, you're sayin' that you're immortal?" Cleo says with a bemused squint at Zealot Shreya. She's currently sat at a table with Aidan, an empty beer bottle in front of her, wearing civilian clothes and covered in the grimy admixture of sweat and sandstorm-dust, while speaking to Zealot Shreya who's at the bar. "Well, I don't see any reason to challenge that, I guess. I'm Cleopatra."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya shakes her head. "Not I. Though one hopes that will change. You know who is immortal. Those you call ghouls. They have been given the blessing and called to serve the Lord of the Glow. Some few do. Those who refuse their destiny go feral and are forsaken."
Alasa Alasa comes in through the doors of the digger, "Woowheee..I tell you, thats a mighty wind a blowing out there...its like the spirits are looking to sweep the desert clean..." As she brushes herself off, and moves over to her normal table..."Hot water and two glasses!" She says to the staff.
Cleo "Ghouls - oh, I... guess that makes sense," Cleo says, reaching up to scratch at a muddy spot behind her ear. "I mean, I haven't met all that many ghouls that weren't feral, to be honest. So, you're... saying that y'all want to turn into ghouls or somethin'?" Her face crinkles a little involuntarily at the thought. She looks up at Alasa as she comes in. "Wish it'd sweep me clean. So far it's been doin' it the other way around."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods. "I do hope to be chosen, but the choice is not mine to make. My purpose is to minister to those who are not yet feral and still do not believe."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya stands after receiving a cloth bundle to take her food with her. "Atom keep you."
Alasa Alasa hmms, "Really?" As she digs around her in medicine bag. "Sand got you dirty? I know it gets in places..but, not really dirty."
Kaelyn The door to the outside, opens, and sand drifts in briefly, before Kae makes her way the rest of the way inisde. She's got a breathmask on, goggles, a helmet, even a cloak around her body to protect her self from the sand! Kae as she enters, sighs and tugs the cloak hood back, then gets her mask loose, before she tugs her helmet free. She carefully sets the mask, then the goggles inside the helmet, before she tugs her cloak free, before balling it up tightly and tying it into same helmet.. She then takes a deeep breath and exhails.. Sighing "Yay, not having to wear a heavy mask!"
Cleo "Spend enough time sweatin' in it, yeah," Cleo says as she pulls herself up off of her chair and makes her way over to the bar. She clears her throat as she leans up against the bartop on her elbows. "Speakin' of which, I think I've had enough beers for now. Get me a glass of water?" she calls to the bartender. She looks over at Kaelyn as she steps in. "Jeez, wish I thought to bundle up that well for the storm," she remarks.
Alasa Alasa hmms, "really?..I spent most of the day out there in it....not really that bad...came across some refugees when I was out there. Now they were alll turned around, so I brought them back to town." As she gets her pot of hot water. She pours a bit in each of the glasses. "I expect things will calm down soon enough though."
Kaelyn Kae smiles cheerfully... "Got CORA here to keep me straight as far as direction." Kae says, as the sprite on Kora's screen, a little blue-haired chibi-figure salutes "I'm good at keeping her straight!!" Kae shrugs then and makes her way up to the bar... "FOund that if you bundle up right, and make sure to protect your breathing, and mouth and skin and all, you won't get wind rash or be hurt so much... gotta keep that sand from smacking into your skin over-much otherwise it can strip ya bare." She says cheerfully.. CORA then pipes up "Neither of which matters to you cause you heal too fast for -that- wind storm to matter!" Kae sighs and flicks CORA now and orders her self a beer... "Still stings and hurts."
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake had moves Nikki into a room to sleep as he comes back down later and makes his way over to the bar, "Hey a nuka and a whiskey please." He looks around at everybody else gathered there for now.
Cleo Cleo's lips purse as she presses against the bar. When her water slides over to her, she takes it and knocks it back recklessly before wiping the back of her forearm across her mouth. She looks over at Kaelyn's electronic assistant. "Nice, uhh..." Her brow furrows in confusion as her gaze rises to see the rest of Kaelyn's features. "...Huh." Her mouth hangs open a bit as she is found dumb.
Alasa Alasa sips at her tea as the girl and box talk to each other..."Least she never gets lonely...though I do wonder if she takes it every where. I mean, at a tender moment a voice rings, no..your not arousing him right..try this..." She takes another sip.
Kaelyn CORA giggles "I wouldn't do that! Nope, I'd wait till -after- she's done to critique her technique." And yes Kae does blush at this point and shakes her Pip-Cora, causing the A.I to call out "Aieeeee! I sooo should disable that feature!!" Kae giggles "You can't! It's a physical thing and yer wired to it! Muahahahahahahahaha, Only way I can get back at you!" Kae calls out, quite happy she put that 'rumble' feature into CORA... "It's also how yer charged easiest!" she adds, and then looks at Cleo curiously who appears speachles, the whitehaired woman's crimson eyes kind of a little glowy as she watches the other curiously, she then smiles and offers a hand "I'm Kaelyn." She offers, those knife-like ears pricking upward just slightly as she gives a toothy grin. And yes her incisors are pointy and slightly elongated.
Lucky Stepping inside the Golden Saloon is none other than Lucky. the scars clinging to his face are healing nicely; one down the right side of his face (above the eye and down below), one across his left cheek and one across his forehead.

Favoring his right leg as he walks, the young ranger makes his way inside and finds a seat to settle in quietly.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake glances over at Cleo and her dropped jaw, "Wow. cat got your tongue pretty good." He looks over at what caused her jaw to drop and blinks, "Oh wow... You are seriously unique. What species are you?"
Cleo It's hard to tell whether it's the sight of Kaelyn, the turn the conversation between Alasa, Cora and Kaelyn has taken, or sudden awareness at her own social awkwardness that causes Cleo's cheeks to flush red. "O-oh. Cleo McKinsey," she says as she catches herself, an awkward smile crossing her face. "Sorry, just... caught me off-guard a little, there. Nice Pip-Boy, I was gonna say." She turns back to her glass and takes a big chug from it, before grimacing. Not alcohol. Right. "Hey, can I get a whiskey over here?" she asks the bartender, before snorting at Aidan. "It takes a lot to make me shut up," she says.
Alasa Alasa hmms as she continues to drink her tea, "Actually..I think its a girl. Not sure though how you tell, I think it has something to do with the ports.." She shrugs a bit. Then looks to Cleo then back to Kae, "If thats the oddest thing you've seen, you need to come out with me sometime...half man, half beast creatures...deathclaws talking and plotting...a pit filled with something called Atari ET the game..."
Kaelyn Kae blinks at Aidan... "Umm same species as you, just modified... lots..." Kae responds and shrugs slowly, she glances at her pip and grins "This is CORA, she's an A.I. I was able to download into my rather highly modified Pip Boy..." She says and then shrugs... She glances to Alasa curiously... "Half Beasts? "
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake hmms, "I didn't realize you were human my apologies if I offended you. Drink and meal on me?" He starts to sip on his Nuka Cola and glances over at Cleo, "One could hope .. Remember the bet earlier drinks all night..." He looks back st Kaelyn, "By the way my name's Aidan Drake"
Lucky The ranger shifts in the chair as he glances about quietly; wincing a little at the pain from his broken ribs. Sighing, he stands and limps over to the bar. "Hi." He says charmingly to the patron running the bar "Could I get some water and food? Whatever is the chefs special will do." He adds, sliding some caps over before proceeding back to the table and sits.
Cleo "I mighta spent too much time in the sun this mornin'," Cleo remarks to no one in particular as she pushes her palm up her brow and into the wavy strands of hair in her face. Fortunately, the whiskey she ordered is slid across the table to her, and she knocks the booze back, closing her eyes and inhaling through her nostrils as the alcohol makes its way down her throat. "I'm not puttin' on a saloon dress until I can confirm beyond a reasonable doubt that I've well and truly lost it," she tells Aidan, before looking over toward Lucky. "Hey, kid, you need a doctor or somethin'? You look hurt."
Alasa Alasa smiles, "You could see the sun?...well see, right there it means the storm is letting up. Not sure what that has to do with wearing a frufru dress hard to work in something like that...over in Avalon they really love that style."
Kaelyn Kae glances to Aldan and laughs "Well I'm only just -barely- human I guess, or started human... I'm rather heaaaavily modified... From the way I look, to the way I store memories, to a lot of my bodily functions too." She says and shrugs slowly. She then grins "Basically went to sleep one day, woke up maaaaany years later looking like I do now, with a lot more... training or memories than I had when I went to sleep." Kae adds and grins again, she then looks to Cleo "Why would you have lost it?" She asks, then reaches out to poke at her "See I'm real!'
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake glances over at Alasa and smirks, "Fine... doesn't have to be a saloon dress. Just a dress although one of those Avalon ones would work better..." He looks over at Kaelyn and nods, "How much did they change on ya?"
Lucky Looking over to Cleo, the young kid smiles warmly to her. "Me? Na; just need some rest and relaxing for the new weeks really." He tells her lightly, placing a hand over his chest.

"Nursing a few broken ribs. ... A Deathclaw decided that it was mildly appropriate to give me a hug while my back was against Acme's wall." He replies with a small impish grin and chuckle. "I think somewhere along the way of wanting to hug me, it decided that it wanted my internal organs and hated my face."

He shrugs, glancing to the water that is placed in front of him; taking it he drinks from it before glancing back to Cleo. "All and all, just another day working on the wall of Acme." He adds cheerfully.
Cleo Cleo's eyes shut tight for a moment as the whiskey hits, before she pops one eye open to look over at Alasa. "You're real contrary, you know that?" she tells the woman. "As for the dress, I - gah!" She's caught a bit off-guard by Kae's poking and her flinch reflex almost takes her off her barstool. "Okay, okay! Either you're real or I've managed to make up a very convincing delusion for myself." She pushes herself back up against the bar and shakes her head at Aidan. "Not wearin' a dress. Too much damage to my rep." She looks back at Lucky and frowns sympathetically. "Holy shit, a deathclaw? Seems like you're lucky you're in one piece," she says. "Or at least, mostly in one piece?"
Rexus Rexus steps into the saloon, looking more than a little worse for wear. "Damn ghouls." he mutters, limping towards the bar, leaning on his cane a bit. He squints as he looks down at Cleo. "Water.... you need more water...." he says, looking at the bartender, "What's her tab at now?"
Alasa Alasa hmms, "Contrary...hmm, thats a word..." She snaps her fingers, and digs around in her medicine bag again. "You know, I got something here that might help with your problem...when she's not looking, slip it in her drink...she should take a relaxing name..its dream tea leaves...when she is out, someone can put her in that dress."
Lucky Rubbing the nape of his neck, Lucky says "Suppose that is why my name is Lucky; luck always seems to find its way to me in the most inconvenient series of unfortunate events." A warm hearted smile is given Cleo before taking another sip of the water.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and looks to Aidan.. "Pretty much everything, autonomous systems, organs and the like have been modified for improved more efficient operation, muscles too, though I'm not like mega strong or anything... My telomeers don't unravel like most folks around here, my eyes are a bit different, I can see a slightly broader spectrum, and can see in the dark ok, ears, sense of smell, and sense of touch are slightly enhanced too.. Higher reflexes... " She hummms... "Oh yah rapid healing, immunity to most if not all diseases and foreign substances..." She adds and taps her chin... "There's probably more too... Oh yah, Sometimes I know things just slightly before they happen." She says cheerfully.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake glances over at Lucky, "Wait aren't you supposed to be resting on the ranch? Sparrow's gonna kill you.. ANd me." Then back to Kaelyn, "That's amazing sounding. Of course then the guy... Assuming it was a guy modified your looks to match some absurd fantasy?" Then he smirks over at Cleo, "Oh come on if you wear a right proper dress your rep could be improved. Folks won't look at you as a ball bustin LT and more as a smoking hot ball bustin LT." He grins a bit as he finishes up his cola and then looks at his glass of whiskey, "Maybe water's a good idea." So he tips back the whiskey and orders a water.
Cleo Cleo is silent for a beat.

"You're pullin' my leg," she finally says to Lucky. "Unless you mean people started callin' you Lucky because your luck's so weird?" When she notices Rexus coming in, she looks around for a clock, then over at Rexus. "Oh, you just missed it. I was out doin' militia-y things just five minutes back, I swear," she tells him. She then pulls a half-empty (or half-full, for optimists) glass of water that's near her over. "I've got water, see?" Luckily, she seems to miss what Alasa was saying. To Drake, she raises an eyebrow. "I think you vastly overestimate my ability to suit a dress," she says with an incredulous tone. "And I figured that was what everyone called me behind my back already."
Lucky Glancing over to Aidan, Lucky chuckles "I was getting cabin fever staying in the barn." He replies with a small grin "I won't tell if you won't." He adds in a tease before finishing off the glass of water.

A look over to Cleo, the ranger shakes his head. "Nope, that was the name I was born with; Lucky Strikes." He tells Cleo truthfully with a big ol' smile.

The food is placed on the table in a convenient to-go container. Glancing to Aidan, he adds "Hopefully she won't notice my absent to get local food." A small chuckle is given following a wince.
Rexus Rexus doesn't sound overly impressed with Cleo's response. "Mm hmm." he says as he finds an empty seat. "Well, while you were boozin... ran into some ghouls south of town... all dead but.. it was a doozy..." he mutters, rubbing the scrapes and bumps on his leg.
Kaelyn Kae laughs and nods "Yaaah the latter is true too, had that person who started it not left and CORA taken over I'd probably be quite a bit different... Maybe a bit more vapid, and larger to boot..." She says while tugging on her top some to get the hint over... She then grins and as her drink arrives she starts drinking, CORA then points out "Dunno why you do that, you don't have enough stomach or moeney..." she says while Kae shrugs "I like the taste!"
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake shrugs, "I'm sure Stockton is keeping her busy with the storm and whatnot. I think you're only there to rest can always just tell her I brought you out to get food because I can't cook." He smirks at Cleo and shrugs, "We'll never know if you don't put one on." He grins a bit, "Do we need to start a chant 'wear that dress'?" He looks at the CORAboy and smirks, "She's got the money I'm paying remember?"
Lucky Lucky smiles a bit to Aidan, his head tilting in a nod. "Well, I will try to use that excuse. In the meantime, I should be getting back to the barn." Picking up his meal, he turns and begins heading for the door.
Rexus Rexus squints, "What... Cleo is putting on a dress? I'd pay to see that." he muses, "Like a real dress or is it a wench outfit? I mean either or.... someone will have to put on her makeup and style her hair.. maybe a bath is in order?"
Cleo "I wasn't -" Cleo starts to protest Rexus' comment, but a guilty glance at her empty whiskey glass cuts her short. Her expression turns apologetic. "Hey, I thought you were goin' to find somewhere quiet, not go huntin' ghouls," she says as she edges closer to Rexus, looking down at his injured leg. "If you told me you were goin' out on patrol, I would've offered to tag along. You know where to go to get that looked at?" She glances between Rexus and Aidan. "What, how many people are wanting to pay to see me dolled up like a beer girl, here?"
Lee     Lee, in just that duster and some shades on to help with the sand outside, would come inside. Just in time to hear that last line from Cleo. "Hell LT. I'd probably chip in some caps fer that. I mean, yer already a looker. Ifn yer gonna be showin off like some of the girls here? Could be fun." He'd flash a grin her way, along with a salute, before heading to the bar to order up a drink.
Rexus Rexus grins at Cleo, "Mmm hmmm... Iris'll look at it when she's ready." he says, looking over as Lee enters. "Ye could make it a duo... bet plenty would pay to see that? I dunno what tastes this town has... there is plenty of sand and dirt... mud wrestling?" he asks, looking around to see if there is a consensus.
Kaelyn Kae peers at Cleo curiously, those red eyes looking her up and down a moment, before she suddely grins "Yup you'd look good in a dress, maybe one of those off the shoulder backless jobbers..." She says cheerfully, then of course CORA displays a picture of Kae in one of those numbes, before Kae shrugs and shows it to Cleo "See? looks good on me, should look good on you!"
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake nods as Cleo asks about getting an injury treated, "The Clinic down in Shanty Town. Or the Drake ranch if Sparrow's around."
Nikki After having been taken upstairs to rest, Nikki finally emerges and comes back downstairs giving a bit of a yawn while rubbing her eyes. Taking note of the few extra faces that were there and she slinks a bit. Still, she finally pushes herself to walk across the floor, looking visibly more relieved when she spies Aidan and - likely surprising him - she reaches his table once more and climbs up to curl into his lap.
Cleo Cleo's eyes turn toward Lee as he walks in, her brow furrowing. "Did you come in here just to agree with them, Private?" she asks with a faintly sardonic tone. She then turns her dubious expression to Rexus. "What's mud wrestling? Are you saying you want to wrestle me?" She shakes her head at the others. "I definitely can't put on an evening dress now that Lee's here, otherwise it'll get all around the barracks by sun-up." She peers at Kaelyn's display. "Huh. I never saw one like that. Looks like it's... missing half of it?"
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake had gone back to the table and was sitting down with his water as Nikki came back in, he rubs her back, "Heya Miss Nikki sleep well?"
Rexus Rexus shakes his head to Cleo, "Not me.. you get two girls, put them in a pit with mud and they wrestle each other while everyone bets.. usually makes quite a bit of money." he says, "Least back east. Not my sort of thing however, but this is a saloon." he glances at the crowd of gamblers, "Bet they'd throw plenty of caps at you."
Lee     Lee laughs, shaking his head with a wave of his hand. "No LT. Just got offa shift, yah? So I ain't gonna be dealin with the mates at the barracks, come ta where they all get paid ta know yer name." He'd snicker and get his beer, toasting the tender, then looking over to Kaelyn and Cleo. "Ya'll could wrestle her.. I ain't even got anythin ta record it, eh? So ain't no nothin from me. Mum's the word LT."
Nikki Nikki grunts a little and shifts in her make-shift seat that's composed of Aidan's lap. A murmuring sound as he rubs her back and she smiles. "Yeah, Nikki slept alright...didn't mean to sleep so long though..." Admitting that much before snuggling into him a bit. Conversations of mud wrestling and slinky dresses lost on her for the moment.
Kaelyn Kae blinks curiously and tilts her head curiously, she then grins slightly "Dun think I'd wanna mud wrestle, but maybe dance in skimpy outfits while on a lil stage with a brass pole? I think I could do that..." Kae says cheerfully...
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake relaxes a bit in the chair now that he'd moved and takes a long deep drink from his water, "So Miss Nikki you about ready for that trip back to the ranch or did you want to stay here a while longer?" He glances over at the new suggestions and shakes his head, "You ring in caps like that and Miss Katherine would likely pay you to come back and do it some more."
Cleo Cleo's eyes flit between Rexus, Aidan and Lee, then over to Kaelyn. "Well, I'm not sayin' that I would want to do either, but if I was choosin' between wrestling in mud and doin' a dance in a skimpy outfit, I'd pick the wrestling any day. Sounds like a waste of a good dress, though. You should be on my side, here, though." She peers curiously at the elfin girl. "What would the pole be for, anyway...?"
Rexus Rexus looks between Cleo and Kaelyn, "Yeah.. what's the pole for? I mean if you are afraid of falling over... probably shouldn't drink as much?" he sounds puzzled. "But they want a show not just.. some.. dancing... I just found a bunch of those magazines lying around..."
Nikki Nikki looks around the saloon a moment and then sets her gaze on Aidan. "If you want to fight thru the storm and go home we can..." Offering up her thoughts before reaching for the glass of water that Aidan had been drinking from to take a sip herself. Setting it back down, she slips from his lap and makes sure her Box of Random is still there.
Lee     Lee chuckles, drinking his beer with a small shake of his head. "Hmm.. Thinkin she's thinkin of pole dancin. Likin the old times, yah? It's a thing.. but.. yer usually less dressed.. so.. ain't a nice dress. Or somethin. Dunno.. didn't hang 'round those spots afterall." He'd snicker with a small shake of his head, then lifts that beer bottle in a toast to Cleo. "Mebbe another time, LT. I'll wrastle ya."
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head, she looks up pole dancing in CORA's database and then blinks as it projects a hologram of a woman well pole dancing above her wrist... "I think tha'ts what it's fore." she says cheerfully.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake nods a bit, "We should get going before it gets too late." He drinks some more of his water before he stands up from the table, "Got your stuff?" He whistles for Cathal, "Lets get going then." He looks over at Kae's display of pole dancing and blinks, "Yeah seen stuff like that over in New Vegas dunno if there's any places for that here though." And then he continues heading towards the doors.
Rexus Rexus looks outside, nodding in agreement as he suppresses a yawn, "Aye, should head down to the clinic an wait for the Doc... get some snoozing in while i'm at it." he says as he stands, finishing his water before heading for the door.
Nikki Nikki looks herself over, grabbing her box and silently moves to follow Aidan out the saloon.
Cleo Cleo appears mystified at the sight of the pole-dancing woman, reaching up to rub her head in bewilderment. "Y-yeah, I stand by my wrestling preference, if anything. Or, better yet, gettin' back to try and get some shut-eye before I go on duty again." She scoops up her duster from the barstool it was left on earler and pulls it about herself, then snatches her militiaman's hat and puts it on her head at a lazy angle. "Y'all have a good evening," she bids those still present. As she moves for the door, she's still a bit stiff, and she draws in a breath and covers her face with her sleeve before stepping out into the night.