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Carter Griffin     Carter knew, despite the storms, that it was still required to keep the town safe. He wanted them to have a positive view of the NCR, especially considering some of the rumors he'd been hearing around town lately. So he organized a group to come on down with him, to the southern part of the town, and run a short patrol. Shouldn't be too deep into the wasteland, because of the storm.

    He was standing by the gate, waiting for the crew to gather up. And then once everyone's here, he'll lead them on out into the wasteland. He expects it to be pretty uneventful.
B Days after the birth of Bs baby during the worst of the storm, shes out and about, heading out. Nothing like having a child to sharpen your need to have your home secured. In this case, it means heading out to make sure the lands around her home are safe. With her assault rifle at the ready, but pointed down, she falls in, upnodding to those she knows.
Lee     Lee, being part of the Militia, was tapped for that patrol. Suiting up into that salvaged power armor to help him with the sand, Lee would join the others at that gate. x-bow checked and ready, he'd give a nod towards the one that asked about the patrol to start with, although nothing is said as of yet. This was going to be a long patrol.
Rexus Rexus arrives with the whirring of servos and whining of gears, his clunky footsteps echoing noisily. It's like a machine waddling down the path really. He holds his gatling laser with both hands, squinting out through the eyeports in his helmet, trying to see if he recognizes everyone as he ambles with the group. The armored galoot has to turn his upper body this way and that to let his helmet swivel properly, not saying anything as he tries to stick to the middle of the pack.
Iris Lark Looking for something to do away from home, Iris is en route to the current patrol. Her hair and face is swathed in a thick scarf and she's carrying her Gauss for protection. She spots Cartner and changes her steps to intercept him and the others gathered. She doesn't say anything as she arrives, just simply offers a wave before she checks her weapon to make sure it's loaded and ready.
Abigail Caine     Gale would be out scouting regardless. She's wearing her militia uniform and combat armour, a too large broad-rimmed black hat tucked onto her head. The Small woman's choice to keep her face completely obscured behind dark sunglasses and a bandana suddenly seems wise in the light of a sandstorm. With the gloves, tall boots, and slight blousing of her uniform trousers there ends up being no skin showing whatsoever. The diminutive militia woman adjusts the carbine slung across her shoulder and joins up with the group rather inobtrusively.
Carter Griffin     Once the whole group has gathered, Carter nods to each of them in time. No need for long drawn out motivational speeches or anything like that. He checks his helmet, locks it down, and then motions for the group to move out, stepping off.

The group walks for about twenty minutes, with the sandstorm raging around them when Carter puts his right hand up in a fist. He brings his left hand up to his helmet and turns on the visor, the eyes lighting up red against the storm.
Iris Lark Iris raises her rifle, scanning the horizon as she walks near Carter. She points off in the distance and speaks up. "Something is approaching, can't tell what." She then looks back into the scope, trying to get a better idea of what is coming near.
B B falls instep with the group, somewhere near the middle. She tugs up a scarf to cover most of her face and wears a pair of cracked fashion glasses to keep the worst of the grit from her eyes. Sand seems to leak in through every crevasse in her combat armor anyway, and the trek through the wasteland is anything but pleasant.

When Carter stops them, she squints into the distance. "That way," she says in a voice just loud enough to carry over the wind, "Ghouls. And some Glowers too."
Rexus Rexus does his best to speed himself up, clunking along as he shuffles towards the front of the group. "Can't see anything." comes his monotone voice, peering into the swirling sands. He orients his weapon forward, not that he can see anything, just passing the barrels in a slow arc in front of him in case something comes out of the sand.
Lee     Lee would frown and reach up to wack his helmet's side. "Piece a junk.." Shaking his head, he'd glance to the others, nods and readies that x-bow, cocking and loading a bolt. It's a good thing he practiced doing that in the armor in the barracks. So he can do it out here in this nasty weather. "They'll show up soon 'nuff, fer sure. Just be ready fer em. Prolly best ta fan out a lil, give us a line of fire, yah?"
Abigail Caine     "Wouldn't expect to," Gale murmurs through the bandana. No one can see her squinting past the dark shades but she is. The woman adjusts her rifle and continues forward with quiet steps, crouching slightly as she moves. It seems Gale is breaking from the grou pto find a slightly better vantage. "If the sand dies down maybe we can find something..."
Carter Griffin "I see them too." Carter says, as he draws his revolver from its holster at his side, "Everybody get ready, put some space between us. Try to focus the big guys first, they'll heal the little ones if they get a chance." He moves to one side, stepping up and getting ready to engage. Once they're in range, the team can unleash a field of fire upon them.
Iris Lark Iris makes her way to the highest ground that she can find, a rock, but it does give her a place to hunker down. She pulls her sight up and she can make out the second glowing one. There is only one moment of hesitation before she pops off two shots, one right after another. Both shots plug the ghoul in the torso and knock it back a few steps. She squints into the sight again, looking for another target.
Carter Griffin The Ranger spotted them coming in, and knew taking out the Glowing Ones was the only way to make sure they didn't heal the horde. So he waited until as soon as the first one, the one leading the charge was in range, and quickly snaps off two shots from his revolver. The first strikes dead center in the chest of the ghoul and stumbles him, and the second one strikes it square in the head, splattering the dome of the zombie.

The first glowing one rushes towards Lee, slashing at him with bony fingers, but glancing off of his armor. The other one that's still standing rushes at Rexus, slamming into the chest of the powered armor. They're feral, they don't think their attacks through very well.
B Won't be long before the others can make out the enemies fast approaching them. B trains her rifle on them, just in case. There's no way she'd get off a clear shot in the storm without them being practically on top of them. She nips at her lower lip, gaze flicking towards Carter to see what he thinks of spreading out. Tactics aren't her thing. With a nod, she puts some space between her and the others, trying to focus on one of the big guys as directed.

Shes still trying to find the right moment to take a shot when the hoard stumbles out of the storm, and the firefight breaks out. "Come on, guys! We got this!" B yells against the storm, finding her opening and taking a shot. She adds another shot to the chest to the pair that Iris added, and winces when she feels the sharp burn of pain in her own chest as a result.
Rexus Rexus unloads on Glowing 3 as the ghoul claws at his armor. The big laser gatling gun roars to life, but it's a new weapon and it overheats badly, searing his gloves and causing the big Knight to curse loudly inside his helmet as he works the glowing barrel over the glowing ghoul.
Abigail Caine     Gale found her firing point. As the main goup engages the ghouls she is watching through the sights on her M4 carbine. The holographics track the glowing ones through the cover of the storm. For a second gale is holding her breath, silent. She gets down on a knee and braces her weapon against a rock in front of her. Her sunglasses keep the worst of the dust out of her eyes but it doesn't help the woman see. Then shots ring out. Sighting down her barrel Gale squeezes off a couple quick shots that immediately stirke home... Then she begins to fire on full automatic. She does so in cotnrolled bursts. Five rounds at a time. Several of the ghouls are torn to shreds, including one of the staggering, glowing irradiated ones who lead the feral pack. It literally explodes as bullets tear down its front from forehead to leg. Gale curses quietly to herself, not wanting to risk opening her mouth far enough to do more.
Carter Griffin The horde finally reaches the team, the glowing ones leading the way, only to have one of them get cut down by Abigail. The last remaining glowing one takes several hits, but it is still standing. The horde itself decends upon several of the members, clawing and biting at them with teeth and claws, the glowing one appears to be gearing up for something big.
Carter Griffin Carter draws another one of his weapons, trying to fire it into the crowd of ghouls, but both shots fly wide, one digging into the dirt and the other flying off into the storm, going who knows where. Hopefully it doesn't hit anything important. The ghouls continue to swarm, but their numbers are rapidly dwindling.
Iris Lark Iris watches the ghouls rush towards the group and she aims at a glowing one that seems to be limping along with the horde. She takes aim, squeezes her trigger and it drops, laid out on the ground, dead. She quickly changes her aim towards the horde, firing out another shot, a few of the horde stumble but the rest continue to surge forward.
Abigail Caine Abigail loses her mind. She fires off another burst of automatic fire and then breaks cover into a sprint. Apparently she is out of ammunition? The diminutive figure in combat armor vaults the rock she's crouched behind and charges into the midst of a horde of ghouls with no regard for her own safety. Then she proceeds to shatter skulls. The first ghoul she hits is essentially run over and thrown to the ground. She stomps on its skull. A series of intricate kicks follows as she lays aobut herself. Yet another is thrown at one of its friend, both collapsing in a heap. These things have human nervous systems after all. She's a blur of frenzied motion, like a food processor set on "blend".
B Still biting her lower lip for focus, B fires into the hoard. Her first shot misses it's mark completely and buries itself somewhere in the sand and dirt beyond them. Cursing herself under her breath, she swing round to the other group and fires a shot at them. She manages to hit one in the chest. Sucking in a quick breath through her scarf, she rubs the heel of her hand against the sudden prick of pain mirrored in her own chest.
Iris Lark Inspired by her allies call, Iris raises her rifle and fires off a shot towards the horde. It's down to only one or two ghouls and then shots ring out around her and suddenly there is silence. She pulls at her scarf and glances around to make sure they are safe and when she's satisfied she shoulders her rifle and sighs.
Carter Griffin After a massive hail of gunfire, gauss rounds, lasers and some punching for good measure, all of the ghouls lie dead. The glow from the glowing ones fades, and the other ferals no longer move.

The Ranger looks to the rest of the patrol, "Lets head back. I think we've done a good job of securing the border."
Rexus Rexus looks down, letting his gatling cool. "That was a lot..." he mutters, looking at all the corpses. "Aye we should head back.. before more show up with all that noise...."
Abigail Caine Gale squints slightly and then slowly shakes her head. She sighs, readjusting her sunglasses and pulling her bandana up once more. The diminutive martial artist then begins to check herrifle and reloads it carefully. "Done as we ever will be. Let's head back and get a drink."