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Iris Lark Of course this intrepid duo didn't come digging for gold. But you never know what a rusty part might be worth to someone. Iris is perched on Achilles' shoulder as he slowly and methodically sifts through a large pile of scrap. She is poking her fingers at the stimpack, trying to figure out its settings. She sings a slow and haunting song as the sun slowly sets on the horizon. Once the bright orange globe sinks and the darkness settles Iris taps on Achilles. "Hey, did you find anything down there yet?"
Achilles "Doesn't look like i-" Achilles starts, only to pause as he produces a small machine. "Look at this." The giant stands straight up and cracks a grin, tucking the object away. "Gonna take this over to the tattoo parlor. Maybe they'll give me a discount on my next design." He seems to like that idea.
Jacqueline Not too far away, Jackie Wayne is taking her second long trip of the week, this time into more dangerous territory: The outskirts of mysterious Roswell. There are more stories about this place than there are scabs on a super mutant. But the lure of potential loot draws her all the same. After all, how will she get her motorcycle running if she can't get parts?
She's just coming around the corner of a half-demolished building, leading the way with the barrels of her shotgun. She pauses at the sight of someone digging not far away. Someone strangely shaped...
No, wait, it's someone huge with someone else on their shoulder. And that red hair cinches it: Iris Lark! And the other can only be Achilles! She waves overhead, lowering the shotgun as she comes closer. "Hey, you two," she hisses, not wanting to be overhead. It's a dangerous place, after all.
Iris Lark Iris beams down at Jackie and claps, heedless of the danger. "I remember you from last night!" She chirps, carefully climbing down from the tall man's shoulder. She makes her way to Jackie and gives her a warm hug. "We're out here looking for buried treasure, and enjoying the stars." She tilts her head slightly to the side and grins. "How about you, Jackie?"
Lilu "T'anks f'walkin' me out dis way." A dark skinned woman murmurs to her traveling companion. Scarf up, protecting her face, the newbie with farmer's attire glances side-long to the ginger near by. "I jus' wanna see if I c'n find s'mt'ing diff'rent t'get started at de settlement." Pausing, she shuffles through a few brushes, wiggling her fingers and pulling at sheets of bent and time ruined metal. "Well den...Jus' found an issue 'f BBA Weekly."
Rose      "No worries," Rose speaks as she walks, her duster worn once more and her rifle slung over her front as the Ranger walks beside Lilu, eyes sweeping the area. "Me and Bane have been up here a few times, trying to clear out some of the ghouls and pick up a few things. Deeper into it you go, the more nasty things you find. Wouldn't do us any good to have the new healer get eaten before she even gets set up." Rose walks, pausing as Lilu stops to search, only to blink at the discovery. "That's uh...useful."
Achilles As Iris hops down Achilles starts to raise his hand in a wave, only for something to flash across his face. The hand at his side draws his axe and he raises it over his head before giving it a mighty toss. There's a sickening sound as it buries itself head first between the eyes of an unsuspecting raider. He marches over and pulls his blade free with a wet sucking sound.

"Hello." he greets Rose and Lilu finally. "More than ghouls here, bandit camps too."
Jacqueline Jackie smiles and hugs Iris back warmly, though she's limited to using the hand that's not holding the shotgun. The warm, golden leather of her armored jacket and pants creaks as she does, apparently made from Gecko hides. There looks to be a hasty bandage at her throat, held in place by a scarf. "I remember you too, Doctor Iris," she replies. "I'm here looking for cool stuff, too. Though I'm a little stiff to be digging... maybe I could help keep watch?"
She lets go, hefting the shotgun. "This has really come in handy since you gave it to me. Helped keep a horde of Geckos off of a running horse. Thanks again for such a thoughtful present!"
The sound of voice nearby draws her attention, but before she can speak she hears the sickening thud of an axe being buried in the skull of something... a raider, it turns out, or so she sees over Iris's shoulder. "Some watcher I am... Hey, you two! Here for the scavving, too?"
Iris Lark Iris jumps slightly and turns to glance at Achilles and the dead body. "Bullseye?" She asks, a slight grin on her face. Turning back to Jackie she shrugs. "You could use it, I couldn't." She says again and nods. "Achilles will keep the bad things away, mostly." She turns back to help him dig when she spots Rose and Lilu. "Hello you two! Did you come out to dig around in the glowing mess?" She points and shrugs. "It's like a dirty Christmas, sorta."
Lilu Lilu shrugs, slipping the book away, it had to have some use, didn't it? The more voices come, along with a few greetings. Stiff, at first, the woman tenses and then lifts a hand, giving a half-hearted wave. "'ey." She greets, glancing Rose's way and then taking a few cautious strides forward to the trio already present. "Guess so. Y'all doin' lright?" She questions, her voice muffling behind her scarf. "M' Lilu, by de way. Dis Rose, if y'ain' met her yet."
Rose      Familier faces all, which is probably for the best at this hour of the night. That Rose didn't go for her gun probably suggests that she feels they're about as safe as one can be this moment. The giant's words make her chuckle and nod her head. "And Bandits, but -less- of them want to eat you. Less." A nod to the women, she rolls her shoulders. "Jackie, good to see you up and about, Doc." The later gets only the greeting, but she was well aware that Iris wasn't going out here without Achillies and the man with the axe was quite the deterent.
Achilles "Doing fine." Achilles says with a nod, returning his blade to his side. "Hello again Rose." The giant cracks his fingers and looks around. "We're going to want to keep our eyes open." When Rose mentions bandits eating people, he flashes a toothy grin, "Don't worry, I'm not my grandfather. I don't eat people." Anymore.
Alice Alice was here with her friends, her robot O.V.E.R. 9000 and her dog Vaultmeat presently off on their own adventure in the scrapyard.

Not far from the group she was sparring with Hanzhou with her Katana, well not so much sparring with Hanzhou as walking around him and swiping at the air before asking him, "Pretty good right?"

In the night sky, you all swore you saw some of the stars begin to move...
Jacqueline "No matter the reason, it helped out a lot. I owe you one, Doctor Iris," Jackie insists, though she doesn't raise her voice. "I'll pay you back somehow."
She looks around carefully, trying to do her self-assigned job. "Good to see you too, Miss Rose! I'm a little the worse for wear, but walkin' and talkin'. Looks like you're the same way. Who's your friend?"
She glances back at Achilles, nodding, and continues to look around. "It's getting dark. Should we look for shelter?"
Iris Lark Iris climbs back up Achilles armor and settles back on his shoulder. Vaultmeat barks at her, wanting to knock her over but now she's out of reach. She leans down to wiggle her fingers at the puppy before she points up at the sky. "Hey, did you see that?" She blinks at Jackie then when her voice catches her attention. "I only accept pay for my work. Even then..I'm a bit lax on my friends, I feel bad asking you guys for caps when all I'm doing is washing and wrapping up your scrapes."
Lilu "I..said m'name 's Lilu." The violet eyed woman repeats, glancing at the trio and then back to Rose. "I don' t'ink dey be much f'me out dis way. S'gettin' dark, too. Maybe we head back t'town, non?" She question, giving the group another looks before the sounds of /more/ people call her attention. Then, there's the stars. Staring, she squints and then shrugs, tracing her focus along the group. "Iris? C'n I c'm talk wit y' later s'mtime? M' a healer, too."
Hanzhou Hanzhou came at the behest of Alice, he said he would train her and he meant it. He holds his Katana with both hands, his feet shoulder width apart and rooted to the ground, sliding his feet when he moves but always looks balanced. "Alice. You need to take a breath, stand still and hold the sword with both hands like this." The Wasteland Samurai watches his young student carefully as she moves around, swinging her sword in the air. "You must first learn to get comfortable with it, hold it firm but not tight and always upright in a defensive posture."

He is speaking to Alice with a soft voice and patient tone, instructing her verbally and demonstrating with his own sword how each movement is in slow motion.
Iris Lark Iris peeks down in the dark, spots Lilu and her eyes go a little wide for a moment. "Sure you can come meet with me, have you been to Shantytown? Achilles built me a clinic there." She points in the vague direction of where Shantytown might be. Or..Texas. Who knows. "I'm usually there, come find me anytime."
Rose      A flash of steel and the sounds of swinging blades out further, Rose finally adjusts her gaze out to the pair who are training with blades, causing her eyes to go wide for a moment before she swears and reaches up to tug her helmet off, holding it out to Lilu. "Here, it has night optics. I'll come get it back when I get to town." With that, she steps towards the pair and frowns, clearing her throat and keeping her voice low. "You really think out here, in the dark, at the edge of Rosewell is the best place to be sparring?" she asks of Hanzhou and Alice. Her eyes will of course shift to '9000'. Last time she saw it, it went crazy and killed a bar full of people that didn't really need to die in her eyes after all.
Alice When Hanzhou tells her to hold the Katana with both hands, Alice sighs noticeably, "Fine Hanzhou." The diminutive girl goes to take a two-handed swing like Hanzhou suggests but she activates the power fist at the same time and the sword goes flying out of her hand and off in the distance.





The sword had hit something.

In the skies above the scrapyard a round circular disc shaped object activated a glowing white light and focused it on the group of you!

"Oh Sugarsnaps..." Alice said with a gulp.
Jacqueline "Oh... I'm sorry. I wasn't sure what you said," Jackie confesses to Lilu, blushing, though it's not much evident in the almost-gone light post-sunset. "Take care, if you really must go."
Her attention snaps aloft, trying to see what Iris shouts about. And then that light comes on. Pointed right at them.
"Friends of yours?" she asks Iris, Achilles, and Rose hopefully. And Alice and Hanzhou, if they're in earshot.
Iris Lark "Do you think it's...the law?" Iris asks, hiding her hands behind her back. "How did they get up there?" She asks, her voice softly reverent. She moves one hidden hand out and starts to tap Achilles on the shoulder, repeatedly. "Achilles, what is that?"
Achilles Achilles walks over to where the sparring pair is with Iris on his shoulders. He lifts his hand and starts to say something, but then Alice's sword goes flying, then actually hits something. "That's.. not good." Something about it seemed odd, almost like the thing he ran across near the Greener Pastures disposal site.
Hanzhou Hanzhou blinks and instictively ducks, as Alice accidently engages her powerfist, sending the priceless Katana shooting off into the sky! "Ooohh" taking one hand off his blade as he winces and then facepalms when he hears the *CLANK!*

But then that metal shaped disc activates a glowing white light and seems to be heading towards them. " not good." Is all he manages to say, then steps in front of Alice protectively, holding his own Katana with both hands in a defensive posture.

When Rose, speaks to him he doesn't take his eyes off the approaching disc, then replies. "I'm new to this area and yes, I thought it was a good idea at the time...perhaps I was mistaken. I hope you know what that /thing/ is?" The question is also directed towards Achilles and Iris since they have stepped towards them.
Alice Alice freezes in fear as the white light envelopes her, "Guys..." It's all she can muster saying.

The glowing beam of light envelopes anyone who doesn't run away fast enough, those within the light? They disappear from the scrapyard....

....only to awaken an indeterminate amount of time later in nothing but underwear inside of a strange metallic room tied to a bed.

Blinking lights were everywhere in the room and you all felt like stuff HAD HAPPENED while you were out cold. Maybe you enjoyed it, maybe you didn't remember but aliens. Scene 69... probing....

You're groggy. It's really cold on this table. Where were you?

Back at the Scrapyard

Hanzhou finds himself with the barking Vaultmeat and O.V.E.R. 9000 the robot who says, "*BZT*" sadly as the flying saucer whizzes away into the night sky leaving the trio all alone.
Hanzhou Hanzhou watches with both Vaultmeat and O.V.E.R. 9000 as the flying saucer whizzes away, his friends are now missing and he turns to the robot, nodding. "You can say that again. Bzt." He sighs, lowering his Katana and adjusts his cowboy hat, motioning for the droid as well as the puppy to follow him if they so choose. "Come on, lets head back into town and ask for some help. I have no clue what just happened but that is some fucked up shit..." When a Wasteland Samurai swears, that is pretty hard core.
Rose      Well 'something' had happened to Rose in that she had found herself without her weapons, coat or otherwise. That was it, but that was still plenty to have the blonde's blood boiling as she awoke to her lack of clothing. "The f..." she beings, straining against her restraints. When she'd agreed to escort the healer out to scavenge the outskirts? This was not how the woman had expected her day to go.

     Trying to prop herself up, the Ranger looks around the room she'd found herself in. Were the others caught in the same madness?
Iris Lark Iris wakes up and groans softly, trying to move her arms but not having much luck. "I think that star kidnapped us." She says quietly as she tries to pull her hands free from its restraint. "Achilles? Are you here?"
Jacqueline The light gets closer, or so it seems to Jackie. Then it's suddenly all around...
The next thing she knows, it's strangely cold underneath her, and her arms and legs are chilled. It's hard to open her eyes. "Unh... Doctor Iris? Mister Achilles? Miss Rose?" she manages to say, trying to lift her head.
It's about all she can lift. The rest of her seems to be tied down. And seriously underdressed, as all she's wearing is her pink athletic bra and high-cut briefs, and her thigh and neck bandages. Her eyes snap open fully, some of the fog in her head dissipating as she sees the others. "Whoa... where are we? Is everybody okay?"
Achilles "Ugh." It was not Achilles day. No sir. What exactly happened? The giant wasn't sure, but he faintly remembered a long haired man in a silver suit. Annoyed he sits straight up, the bonds that were holding him snapping.

Once on his feet he looks down at himself, his clothes (the giant doesn't believe in underwear) are gone. Not too bothered he simply shrugs.
Alice OK SO TO CLARIFY! Maybe nothing happened to anyone, being abducted by aliens was you know, a very personal experience that sometimes you did with a group. No, that's not a sex innuendo. (Scene 69)

Caldwell also awakens now feeling the restraints tugging on him as he lay on the cold table in his Mickey Mouse underwear.

Alice tried to rub her head but she couldn't, getting panicked she called out, "HELP! I'm trapped!" She notices Achilles is free and cries out, "Achilles! Get us out of here, please!"

You all felt like you were moving, in motion. It was a strange sensation none of you quite knew how to describe given nobody here had flown before except Caldwell.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell awakens on the cold table, groggy and half asleep. His clothes and armor were gone, all that remained were his boxers on them with little Mickey Mouse undies. "Where am I?" he groans. Looking around from what he could see due to being restrained. He doesn't move an inch for fear of something coming back for him.
Achilles "Huh?" Achilles blinks down at the restrained people he knows. Then over to Caldwell, then back to the women. "Yeah. He stays though." The giant jerks a thumb over at the knight before he starts helping people to escape their bonds.
Alice Alice is overjoyed to be freed as she slides off the table. She eyes Knight Caldwell and walks over to him, poking him on the nose, "Nice Undies Knight Caldwell. Want me to let you go?"
Iris Lark "Achilles!" Iris calls out, clearly panicked now. "I want out of here, I don't like this. The stars are so pretty from far away, but this one is clearly rude!" When the large man frees her she gets to her feet, sniffling softly. "Can we go home?" She asks timidly gazing out at the rest of the group from behind Achilles.
Rose % It's only after a moment or two of spotting the others in their own various states of undress that Rose is going to be reminded of her current garb. The black lacey number was a lot more...fancy and intimate then one might expect from the NCR gunslinger, but hey! Everyone has to have some luxury here and there, right? She doesn't comment on it, but she does lean and try to slip her restrains, giving a low growl of frustration...right up until the big naked giant that is Achillies walks over and frees her.

"Strangest rescue of my life..." she comments before standing upright and looking around. "But what the hell happened...who grabbed us...and where the hell are my guns?"
Alice "Goobledegoop Fizzlydewooblegooble." Something that sounds like that anyways comes from an intercom on the wall ship. It's sure as hell not English and nobody here speaks whatever gibberish it was.
Jacqueline "Thanks, Mister Achilles," Jackie says, as the big naked giant frees her. She slides carefully off the table, testing her limbs. Hearing Iris, she hurries to join the red-haired medic, offering her a hug. "Scared? Believe me, I'm scared, too."
She watches Alice talking to the stranger in the funny boxers. "I think we're all scared, except for her."
Jacqueline "Thanks, Mister Achilles," Jackie says, as the big naked giant frees her. She slides carefully off the table, testing her limbs. Hearing Iris, she hurries to join the red-haired medic, offering her a hug. "Scared? Believe me, I'm scared, too."
She watches Alice talking to the stranger in the funny boxers. "I think we're all scared, except for her."
That sudden burst of gibberish from the side of the room makes her jump. "Whoa... there's something you don't hear every day. It sounded like a mole rat with a bloatfly stuck in one of its nostrils."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell yells at Achilles for not freeing him. "Let me out of here right now! I don't want to be here any more then you do!" hes struggling to get the restraints off himself without Achilles help.
Achilles Achilles pats both Alice and Jacqueline's heads, nodding once. "There is nothing to fear. Fear is the mind killer." More great advice from the naked giant. When the voice comes from over the intercom, he turns his attention to it. "You there! Bring me my axe." Yes, he's making demands of the invisble voice.

When Caldwell starts shouting he turns to look at the man. He leans over and whispers, quietly and deliberately, "Bitch, I eat people."
Iris Lark Iris points at William and reaches up to tug on Achilles' arm. "Hey, we have to take him with us." She says quietly as she accepts the hug from Jackie. She glances around looking for an exit to get back home.
Alice Alice begin to tickle Caldwell's ribs, clearly the medication she took to remain serious and focussed wearing off, "I don't know if we should let you out. You wouldn't even let me be leader of the Brotherhood of Steel, you're such a jerk William Caldwell." She stuck her tongue out at the poor Brotherhood Knight but began letting him out of his straps anyways.

The door to the room opened and the most horrifying disgusting thing you had ever seen strolled into the room and cried out something.

It was about four feet tall.

It was green with gangly spindly limbs and bulbous black eyes.

It was some kind of.. Little green man.

It fired off some kind of energy weapon at Achilles before raising its hands into the air and running away screaming with a terrible shriek!
Rose "I have no guns, I'll take another body to hide behind." Rose says with a frown. She moves at the same time as Alice to start releasing Caldwell when that sudden energy weapon blast makes her jump and swear.

Great. Their kidnappers are monsters...and they have guns. Energy weapons no less! Rose takes cover behind the table, reaching out to try and pull Iris and Jackie down out of the way as well. She'll leave punching that thing to the man built like a caravan.
Iris Lark When Rose pulls her to the ground Iris is confused for a moment, then she sees Achilles get hit and she's trying to get back to her feet to go help him. She only caught a slight glimpse of the green man but the shriek it makes when it is running away is clearly heard. "Should we chase it?" She asks quietly, as she checks Achilles' wound. She reaches up, places both of her hands on his jaw and pulls him down to her level. "No more getting hurt."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell resists the urge to spit in Achilles face. Then looks up at Alice tickling him. He begins to laugh against his will "Stop tickling me!" he demands. Then he is freeeee! He ducks behind some cover and looks around for some sort of weapon he can use to defend himself from the little green man. "What the fuck is that thing?" he whispers to Alice. He didn't like aliens! Especially illegal ones!
Achilles As Achilles leans back up, the door opens and he takes a lasr blast to his right shoulder. Smoke rises up and the delicious smell of roast pork fills the chamber. "I said my axe!" Without much thought, the giant takes off running after the alien, flopping angrily.
Jacqueline "She's got a point, Mister Achilles. Personally, I wouldn't leave anyone here, either," Jackie says, stroking Iris's long hair soothingly. "Maybe we can find a way to open that door or something. We had to get in here somehow..."
Her musings on the idea of escape are interrupted by the sound of exactly the thing she's thinking about opening. And in walks a tiny man, strange and green and black-eyed, and /armed/! She lets out a little shriek at the sight of the weapon coming up, but it's not firing at her. Further, she's being pulled down by Rose.
She peeks over the bed she's been pulled down behind. "What was /that/?" she asks of no one in particular, though she's looking at Rose. "If it's got friends with more weapons, we could have a problem..."
Rose      "If they've got weapons," Rose says calmly, "then we can take them and find a way out of this place." The thing was running, which means it was probably going for more help. No sense letting it get that far. "Big guy! Catch that little bastard!" she calls, already moving to jump the table and join the chase...albeit behind the large moving cover that is Achillies.
Iris Lark Iris stomps after Achilles, her eyes narrowed slightly. "He's going to get hurt, and who has to fix him?' She mumbles and grumbles as she stomps. She pauses and squints down the hallway he's running down. "I wonder if they have any food up here?" She glances around for other doors as she follows Achilles and Rose.
Alice Alice runs off after Achilles because he was the biggest person here, not that she had noticed he was naked because she didn't see Achilles that way; he was Grognak the fricking Barbarian!!!!!!! "COME ON!" She calls out to the others as she runs off.

There really isn't anything of value to be found in the room, just the tables and the intercom.

The little green man continues to run shrieking all the while Achilles chase him.

Achilles is probably too angry to notice it but when you step out of the room, there are windows.

It's terrifying what you see. A dark black void of twinkling stars and then a brownish-blue orb with little patches of green that looked kind of like old images of Earth you had seen from pre-war stuff or those pesky globes that littered the wasteland.

Alice paused, catching her breath and leaning against the window, utterly frozen in fear and awe.
Iris Lark Iris almost walks past Alice but she stops to see what she is looking at and suddenly Iris is looking out the same window, a horrified look on her face. "We are so screwed." She whispers, her hands on the window and her nose nearly pressed on it.
Jacqueline Rose might have the right idea. Jackie follows the trio of warrior, ranger, and doctor, trying to keep up.
But she notices Alice and Iris at the window as she leaves the room, and can't help going over to see what's got their attention. And it's worth seeing. "Whoa... this is... where are we? And..." She shivers, looking out. "And how do we get back /home/?!"
Seeking comfort, she reaches for the two, to draw them into a group hug. "Oh, fudge..."
Alice Alice returns the hug and says with a sense of wonder and fear, not even remembering Achilles and the Alien anymore, "That's Earth... why, are we in space????"
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell curls up into a ball near the window. He looks down at his Mickey Mouse undies and frowns. "I'll never get to wear the Daffy Duck underwear now!" he says desperately. Not really moving from his spot.
Achilles "C'mere you little bitch!" Achilles shouts, chasing after the absolutely terrified alien. He swipes at it and misses, growling quietly. Just a little bit closer. Another swipe and a miss. "Fuu-" the giant growls and leaps forward, both hands coming together on either side of the thing's head. Instead of grabbing the creature though, he pops it's head like an overgrown zit.

Tossing the body aside he picks the blaster that shot him in the torso up and goes back over to where Iris and everyone else is. "Iris, gotcha something to use."
Rose      Well that was...messy. Despite her state of undress the Ranger keeps pace and steps her bare feet around the gunk of alien-brain, bending down to reach for the fallen laser weapon. "Nice work," she comments, eying down the corridor. "You uh...might have to do that again." Then the giant is grabbing for the blaster before she can close her fingers around it and the blonde ranger is left unarmed, causing her to frown but walk back to the others. "Well...guess you two better take the lead."
Iris Lark Iris takes the blaster and turns it in a few directions, trying to figure out how to use it. She shrugs a shoulder and follows right behind Achilles. "Lets find another Alien and *this* time. Lets make it take us *home*." She states, glancing back towards the window with a frown.
Jacqueline "So this is space, then," Jackie murmurs, looking out at it. "Just looks like the night sky, really, just... everywhere. I don't think it can get in," she adds hurriedly, feeling a little better.
Over Alice's shoulder, Jackie sees Achilles coming back. And judging by what's all over his hands, their former captor is no longer a concern. "Hear, hear. I can definitely get behind that idea, Doctor Iris. I just hope we can overcome them. We're not exactly a raiding party."
Alice The group finds that they are in a circular hallway, the outside of the saucer and the room they had come from was one of many that seemed to be located in the center. Unfortunately there didn't seem to be any kind of controls. Iris finds that the gun while similar to an energy pistol doesn't seem to be easy to use.

The question of how to open a door was answered as six aliens came running out of a room with their blaster pistols and began firing.

This was not good!
Rose Rose wasn't made of stone. She'd seen the sight of Earth below. It was wonderous, majestic and many other things...but the ranger was stuck with monsters, unarmed, practically naked and the critters had stolen her gear. One problem at a time, freak out later. For now, she'll follow third in line with thoughts of how the hell she's going to beat the shit out of little green men unarmed. It's a question she's going to have to answer sooner rather than later as she goes diving out of the way of laser fire.

Yep, she's missing her guns even more right now.
Alice Alice gets extremely triggered when she is shot by an alien blaster and she screams out in pain, "YOU STUPID ALIEN!!!!!!!" The girl had never been really angry before but she had never been shot either. Running up she tried to punch the alien and missed before kicking it in the stomach but not hard enough to knock it out.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell rushes the everloving hell out of a little green man and proceeds to slam his fist into it's face over and over. Gritting his teeth as he holds his chest that now has a laser hole through it. Swearing out loud to himself "Fucking hell, that hurt you little green bastard!" he says as he backs off from the creature and waits for another opportune moment to strike.
Iris Lark A bit taken aback by the violence Iris nonetheless rushes forward to help her friends. She hasn't ever punched anything before but she gives it a shot, and misses. She misses badly enough that she trips and nearly collides with the alien she tried to punch. She scrambles away, and gawks at Caldwell as he works out his aggression on another alien.
Jacqueline This cold metallic place is seriously creepy, even without the night sky all around. Jackie shivers, moving as forward as she can in this round hallway.
She doesn't get any farther than anyone else. Doors suddenly slide open, and she hisses in pain as /something/ burns painfully across her bare midriff. Seeing the source of the pain and the alien holding it, she lets out a wordless shriek of pure fury and lunges, tackling the scrawny creature to the ground!
She doesn't stop there, grabbing its wrist with both hands and twisting as hard as she can. Somehow it manages to flex its arm so that she can't break its wrist, but the weapon it's holding clatters across the deck plating as its former owner squalls piercingly in pain.
Achilles There's the smell of ozone and cooked human flesh once again as Achilles looks down to see a hole shot clean through his leg. The familiar taste of copper fills his mouth and his vision goes red, the rage taking over. He leaps a control panel and slams his fist into the little green man's mouth, knocking the teeth there out. With the sharp bits gone he forces his hands into the creatures mouth and begins pulling in opposite directions. After a moment there's an awful ripping sound and the top of the creature's head falls back, it's lower jaw hanging limp as it gurgles helplessly before dying.
Rose No guns? She'll have to make do. Rushing forwards with the others Rose lashes out, throwing a pair of punches at one of the aliens large and bulbous heads...that didn't really look like it would hurt a human all that much. Perhaps it was time for the Ranger to take a few lessons if she ever made it back to Earth. Fortunately these aliens seem to be a little more on the delicate side. Jackie's impressive disarm catches Rose's eye and she dives for the energy weapon. It was close enough for her tastes. Rolling to a crouch in her lacy black undies, the blonde raises the weapon looking for all the world like some 50's sci-fi pinup brought to life.

If said pinup looked really mad.
Alice The Aliens are not very good hand to hand fighters and don't seem to be able to manage to hit anyone except the one fighting Iris who screeches something out to his fellows and shoots Achilles.

* GMs Thing: The following is translated for the reader.

Alien 1 yells out: "<Why are they doing this?>"
Alien 2 replies: "<I don't know, we just wanted to help them>"
Alien 3 starts to tell his fellows, "<I told you not to do the examinations! It always puts humans off-balance.>"

Then Alien 3 is splattered by Achilles and picked up to be used as a weapon and the Aliens all begin to run away.
Alice When the aliens begin to flee Alice stops trying to attack and starts to breathe heavy, "Poor cute little alien people. I wonder what they're saying?" She asked the others as she grabbed her chest heaving from the physical exertion. She wouldn't hit a fleeing foe, not ever.
Iris Lark Iris is still on her butt on the floor, clutching her bloodied stomach. She points after them and shouts. "Get them to take us home!"
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell relaxes once the aliens begin to flee. "Oh thank god they're leaving." he grunts, holding his bloodied chest. "Fuck..." he mutters. He wasn't going to waste time attacking aliens when they were already running.
Rose      Rose doesn't open fire. For the moment she's just advancing with her newly pilfered weapon raised, stepping up behind the mad mountain that is Achilles to watch their captors flee before she looks back over the others in their various states of injury. "Can you all walk?" she questions, frowning a little. "We need to find our things and get off this...this...back home anyway." she says aloud. "We don't want them coming back with bigger toys and more people."
Jacqueline In the unruly tussle Jackie's having with the disarmed alien, the little green man suddenly pulls his wrist loose from her grip and rolls free, clutching his injured wrist and running away with his friends. Jackie's foot slips on the deck plates, and she can't quite get up fast enough to catch him.
"She's right! We've got to get home and they're the ones who know how to fly this thing!" the diminutive technician recalls. She hurries to the door they just fled through, flattening herself against the wall and peeking around the doorsill after them.
It'd be just her luck to run straight into four energy blasts, after all. She sways on her feet, already hurt and feeling a little sick, and pushes herself harder against the wall to keep from falling down.
Achilles In response to Iris' deamand, Achilles lets out a deafening "Aarrgghh!" The corpse in his hand is slung full force into the nearest alien, their heads literally exploding on impact. "Argh!" Apparently the giant is beyond words, having been pushed into the rage. The corpse in his hands is brought back and slung, not killing the fleeing alien, but knocking it flat onto it's stomach. The giant stomps towards it, covered in both his own blood and the blood of the poor friendly aliens (that shot first).
Alice You could see the planet growing closer in the windows now, it was getting bigger and bigger as the ship accelerated so fast you were all knocked flat on your butts!

More of the Alien gibberish came out of an intercom and a screeching noise that was no doubt some kind of alien defensive weapon deafened you and made your head hurt until you passed out.

That was it.

You were dead.

The Aliens killed us all.
Alice Ok, just kidding. The aliens didn't kill everyone.

The next morning everyone awakens outside the scrapyard with a major headache, still in their underwear with most of their gear near-by!
Alice Alice wakes up all grogilly and begins to crawl around not being able to see too well without her glasses it might seem. Then she's crawling all over Iris, groping her face and kneeing her in the stomach, "Hey, who am I on top of? Where are we?" She asked confused.
Iris Lark Iris wakes up with Alice in her face and on her.. OW! wound. "Alice, gerrof..that hurts." She groans, struggling to sit up and push the girl off. "Achilles!" She calls out, squinting around as she wipes at her eyes with her fists. "Achilles! Where are you?"
Rose Rose herself wakes up slower, but likely angrier than most. Her looted weapon was gone and now her nice underwear she prefered to keep private was covered with dust and dirt. At least they were lucky enough not to get eaten while they were laying around. Climbing to her feet, she's quick to spot her gear with a sigh of relief and move over to it. For all her anger, the sight of her guns and her coat is enough for her to be back to normal. "Everyone okay? Alive?" she calls as she starts grabbing for her clothing, and more importantly: her guns.
Achilles "Ugh." Achilles comes around, reaching up to rub at his face, smearing it with green. Not bothering to look to see where he is, he instinctively rolls over to wrap an arm around Iris. Except Alice is crawling on Iris, so the poor vault dweller gets pulled into a hug. And then Iris sits up screaming. "Hmm?" A slow blink down at Alice. "You're not Iris, what're you doing?"
Jacqueline The last thing Jackie remembers is a lot of screeching noise... but now there's a lot of light? Again?
But this light is different: The clean, wholesome light of another wasteland dawn. Jackie slowly sits up, trying to make her head stop swimming, and looks slowly around. "Alice? Miss Iris?" she asks, hearing those voices. "Mister Achilles?"
The curvaceous shadow moving around nearby doesn't look like any of them. But when it speaks the voice reminds her who else had been there. "Miss Rose... I think I'm okay. Relatively speaking," she adds, wincing. She's still hurt and feeling it. "It looks like we're home, I think."
Alice Alice got off of Iris and replied to Jacqueline, "Hi! I'm ok! How about everyone else?" She scrambled around kicking Iris again as she got off of her and tried to find her things!

"Oh thank gosh my stuff." She said relieved before putting her glasses on and asking, "Who stole my machine guns and my rifle? Please, can I have them back?" She seemed really sad about losing her stuff.
Iris Lark "Achilles.." Iris whimpers, looking pouty as she continues to lie on the ground. "I want to go home, my stomach hurts." She grunts, trying to get up and failing to.
Rose "Damn it," Rose comments as she pulls her pants back onto her form and then begins sliding her boots back into her feet. "My backup is gone..." Could be worse, at least her gunbelt was still intact and contained both her main weapons. If those were gone? The Ranger would probably be trying to find a way back to the sky to take them back. "That was..." she exhales, finally stopping to truely process everything that happened. She'd just been to space, seen the entire planet from above...and had a firefight with space aliens.

"Noone is going to believe that happened."
Achilles Scooping up his armor and axe Achilles sighs and stretches. "It's alright Iris." The giant stoops over to pick the small woman up, holding her against his bare chest. "Let's get out of here while I can still walk."
Jacqueline "Our stuff's here?" Jackie asks aloud, trying to see. "Thank goodness... I dunno /how/ we'd get back to El without it." She slowly, carefully rolls into a kneeling position, standing and dusting herself off. "I'll never knock the air in the Wastes again." No matter how bad it smells.
She nods to Rose, stifling a smile. "Nope. They really wouldn't. But we'll all know the truth, for sure."
Hearing Iris, she moves to kneel beside her. "Here, let's get you up," she says, offering her hands to the redhead. "I don't think we want to stay here long, considering where we are."
Alice And that was it. Naked giant men carrying women walked into town along with a group of others. Somewhere, the Aliens were holding a funeral for Bob Alien, Bill Alien, Bro Alien and John Alien.