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Owner Pose
Qwillis     The one thing that didn't get out of the sandstorms as they raged on? The robot. The massive machine ground on, incessantly as only a machine could do. Qwillis was there, after the final storm's passage, standing near it. His own metal limbs a small echo of the massive machine as he'd tap out on that pip-boy on his arm, gathering information about the robot itself.
Owl     Owl lowers himself down from the Shantytown Upper gate by holding onto a rope that's carrying a big chunk of scrap. His footing is a little precarious, but he jumps off once the scrap hits the ground, takes a few steps, then dusts himself off heavily. It looks like he was just helping put the finishing touches on the upper gate, or at least...clearing all the sand out of the winch mechanisms, given how much of an oil and sand mixture can be seen stuck all over him.
    He approaches the massive construction robot, watching it curiously as it moves and grinds through the sand stuck in its joints.
Qwillis     "Blast.. 35 percent loss of capability.." Q frowns at his pip-boy then sighs, shaking his head. "Nothing to it.." Starting forward, the dull click of metal on ground counterpoint to that booted step as he'd stride towards the robot and with both metal arm and flesh arm, starts climbing up the robot. Closer inspection shows there are hand holds to climb up with. But from a distance, they blend in rather well.
Owl     Owl stops at the foot of the robot, and looks up, shielding his eyes as he watches Qwillis climb. "Hello there." He calls out from down below. "...just helped clean sand out of all the winches and mechanisms of the gate. Figure its the same problem with this guy." He sands, banging on one of Brutus' legs with a heavy, but hollow sound. "Just need an air compressor, a few dirty rags, and a lot of patience..."
Qwillis     Qwillis would pause, halfway up as Owl calls up to him. He'd look down, even as the kick to Brutus' leg has a showering of sand skitter about into the air and chuckles. "Ah.. well.. This is a bit too big to bring up an air compressor. But it also has some systems for that too. You sound like you've a hand at repairs. Come on up. you'll see."
Owl     Owl shoulders his satchel and moves to the hand-holds, grabbing the first and then starting his way up the machine. "Always was curious about this thing." He says, half to Qwillis, half to himself as he moves up. "...pre-war, right? Where did this thing come from? I don't remember it from before..."
Qwillis     Q would make it up to the command platform and step to the side, waiting for Owl. "Pre-war, but it was in pieces in storage. Myself and a few others worked together to get it rebuilt.. I did a lot of the programming to test and restore it's processes. It took us about a day's worth of work to get it moving again."
Owl     Owl moves up to the platform just after Qwillis, climbing to the top shakily, and once there, brushing some more sand off of himself, and looking around over the platform. He nods his head at the man, then whistles. "I figured something this big probably wouldn't be sitting around somewhere just waiting to be taken. Must have been quite the project." He then moves over to some of the consoles, tapping some sand off a screen. He looks back over to Qwillis. "A day is pretty impressive. How badly damaged was it over all this time?"
Qwillis     Q shakes his head. "there was a group of us. So it wasn't like it was minor.. that many people working helped a lot.. We had to replace both arms, one leg, all of the servos. I had to rebuild the OS and also set up the UI again based off the Pip-boy to make it so that you can tell it what to do from here, or remote if you have the key." Q would tap his own pip-boy with a grin. "But, some commands can't be done remote. It has a cleanse command. I'm not sure how real it'll work or not, however.."
Owl     Owl listens to Qwillis, nodding every now and then. "Replace the components, or just wholesale replace them?" He asks the man. "Sounds very complicated. A feat of engineering, honestly, that even puts these walls to shame." He glances at the nearest console, then back to Qwillis. "How were these things designed to operate originally?" Then finally, he thinks for a moment, then suggests. "Maybe that's something that should be triggered remotely. You never know if it might...say, expel charged particles, or burn itself clean, or something like that." He suggests, cautiously.
Qwillis     Qwillis hesitates, musing, then finally shrugs. "It might. However, I haven't seen a system for such a thing and more specifically, the only way to set off that command is from here. This console. It won't let me do it remotely." Chuckling then, Q would nod to Owl. "Oh.. by the by, what's your name anyways? It's been nice talking to someone who actually understands technology.."
Owl     Owl relaxes a little bit, visibly. "Well, that sounds safer." He says, looking back at the console. He then tips his head. "You can call me 'Owl' he says." He thinks for a moment, then suggests. "Only a few scientists around here, especially with mechanical must be Qwillis, right?" He asks with an arched eyebrow.
Qwillis     Q hesitates, looking to Owl curiously, then chuckles. "Ahh.. hi Owl. and.. well. Yes. I guess. I'm the only scientist around with mechanical limbs. At least that I know of." he'd muse then shake his head a little. "Unfortunately, my status of a lab is.. undecided, at this time. But yes, I'm Qwillis, nice to meet you."
Owl     Owl lifts an eyebrow. "Undecided?" He asks. "Why is that?" He then clears his throat slightly of some sand. "Nice to meet you too." He finally says, offering one entirely organic hand of his own. "I've been hearing things about you around town, actually. Good to finally put a face with the name." He says with a smile.
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles slightly. "That's.. complicated. Maybe another time, when not on the back of Brutus." He'd chuckle with a small shake of his head. "I hope they're good things." If Owl offered that right hand, he'd shake with his own metal hand. The metal is cool but not cold to the touch and the grip is firm, but seems completely responsive, just like a normal hand... if a normal hand only had 3 fingers and a thumb. He'd shake, then turn to the console to start entering commands. "I believe this system is actually based on vibration. So we may not wish to be up here anyways.."
Owl     Owl nods his head to Qwillis, shaking with his right hand. He glances down at the man's hand, but says nothing. Owl clears his throat at the comment about vibration though, and says: "Don't have to tell me twice. Will meet you on the ground." He says, before moving to start climbing down.
Qwillis     Qwillis' metal hand looks.. upgraded. If comparing quality of the leg to the arm, there's been work done. Something in progress it seems. Either way, Qwillis would nod with a chuckle and waits for Owl to get to the bottom before inputting the final command and climbing down himself, quickly. It's moments after he touches down that the whole robot seems to groan, the start up of that vibration from it's core outward.
Owl     Owl gives Brutus a wide berth once he hits the ground, standing clear just in-case, but he looks up to watch Qwillis climb down too. He ducks down for a moment, but then when it's clear there are no explosions and no fires, he seems to calm down. He then nods slowly. "Interesting feature." He comments. "Pre-war tech was really built to last, wasn't it?" He asks. "So...I've never seen Brutus actually.../do/ anything to be honest...what's it for? I know it's a construction bot, but...ever consider using it for defenses once the walls are built?" He asks with a lift of one eyebrow.
Qwillis     Q, once he hits the ground, backs up as well as owl, going to stand beside him as the whole machine groans and vibrates. It's slow, but intense. Of course, for a 20' tall robot, that is still quite a serious vibration and it'd sway slightly while the sand is literally shook out of it. "It seems so.. and.. yes. I have of course. There's a lot of potentials to it. But.. the robot belongs to El Dorado. While they had me work on it? I don't own it.. and I won't modify it without their permission."
Owl     Owl nods his head, looking over to Qwillis. "It belongs to El Dorado, but who calls the shots with these things? The Science Lab I know about is in Acme. Who makes the it just the mayor?" He asks Qwillis, shouldering his satchel again. "I think it's not quite living up to its potential, to be honest. It could be used to help build the walls...more than it already is, and...once those are done, could be outfitted for defense too. Maybe you're not the guy to talk to, I'm just really opinionated, is all." He pauses, takes a breath, then says.
    "So...are there many more science types here besides us, or are we it? I'd love to meet some of the local intelligista. But so far I've had trouble making myself known."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles to owl with a small nod. "The Mayor is the main one, yes. Once it's done with the walls here, there's a request to help the surrounding settlements too. Acme is the main area for the science types.. I had a lab at the medical clinic.. but.. well. Issues." He'd shrug slightly and shakes his head a little. "As for local talent? I'm probably the main one you could meet.."
Owl     Owl nods his head slowly. "I've been trying to get a chance to talk to her, but I'm sure as you can imagine she's very busy. I got a brief chance to talk to her during Christmas, but that got ruined by some bad luck. I also ran into her daughter, and maybe that's an avenue I should pursue." Owl admits. "I...have some ideas, plans, things like that. Ways that resources could be used more efficiently for everyone. As-is, things are a bit slap-dash." He says confidently. "I've also heard there's a society for educated types somewhere around here, but I've never been to a meeting. Maybe I should spend more time at Acme?" He shrugs his shoulder and lifts up his satchel. "Well, I'm not QUITE a Scientist or a Doctor. I have a lot of education in a lot of fields. I'm actually an Archaeologist and I study pre-war tech and pre-war books and records. But that requires a lot of general skills, and everyone from where I am from knows medicine." He explains to the more or less stranger with the mechanical limbs.
Qwillis     Qwillis muses and shakes his head. "I've heard it too. Never seen them but once. So.. probably like a lot of things.. blew away in the wind." He'd chuckle quietly with a small nod. "I was a mechanic.. and I learned how to make my own limbs.. when the doctors around where I was said I'd never be able to walk again.. I've picked up bits here and there since.. I don't have a degree or anything.. But I've studied a lot of science and I've been doing my own experiments regularly.."
Owl     Owl nods his head to the man. "I DO have a degree, but what's that worth in the Wasteland these days? I'm not even sure there's more than a handful of degree awarding institutions around at the least in the Mojave. But I'm an Archaeoligist, and all Followers have to learn at least the basics of medicine to provide help to the people who need it." He says, adjusting is jacket.
    "I have a feeling there's a lot of things about this town I don't know yet, and I might never know. Even though I used to live here a long time ago, its changed since then. People are different. Harder to get into things as an anyone who can try and help involve me is appreciated." He says with a smile.
    "Aaaand...that's honestly really impressive. I know the basics of technology, but I honestly never had a knack for mechanics myself. Give me a manual and some tools and time and I can probably figure things out, however." He purses his lips and looks up to the walls. "For example...I'm pretty sure some turrets and sentries would do wonders for the survivability of these walls. Brutus, once he's done helping, could probably be outfitted with some too. Might help stem the FEV tide when and if they come...the Legion or Raiders too." Owl suggests, helpfully. "But...I haven't really been able to find anyone in charge enough to take these suggestions seriously...I have a lot of them, actually..." He begins to take a notebook out of his satchel.
Qwillis     Qwillis nods, rubbing down some dust off of himself. "You're right.. that matters only to those who think it matters. That said.. it's good to have skills. I'm glad to help too." he'd nod at Owl then. "You should check the clinic. Camilla could probably get you connected with it and then those skills come in handy for those coming in.. especially medical."
    Qwillis glances at the walls, then back to Owl. "Have you tried the commander for the militia? He has access to the tools for such things, guns, hmm?"
Owl     Owl nods his head to Qwillis. "I've volunteered my services to Camilla at the clinic already, though that's a good suggestion. I've tried to get a meeting with the commander of the Militia, same as the mayor, but like I said, he's a busy man, and a hard one to get a hold of. Honestly don't blame him, with all the stuff going on around here...still, I just want to help, and I feel like ideas could be one of the most helpful things right now, in a place like this."
Qwillis     Qwillis purses his lips, then nods slowly. "I'll do what I can for you, Owl. I built an eye for the Commander, so he does tend to give me more time if I ask for such.." he'd smile with a chuckle. "I agree.. ideas are important. That's part of why I seek to try and bring full fledged robotics back. To help everyone with the simpler jobs, making life, survival, easier overall.."
Owl     Owl nods his head calmly, then offers the man his hand again. "Thank you, I REALLY appreciate it." He says, putting his journal back away into his satchel with his other hand. "I think that there's a lot that could be done here, not just to help defend this settlement, but to help make people's lives better...but a lot of it isn't being done just because people already have an idea of how things should go, or they don't know the other ways things COULD be. But I feel like Science has a part to play in all of this. I'd like to bring back knowledge to this town, educate everyone...but I think I need to start from the top." He says, smiling. "Please let me know if there's anything I can do for you, in return."
Qwillis     Brutus' 'cleanse' cycle seems to come to a stop, there's definitely a solid pile of sand around it's feet, of which the robot steps out of with heavy thudding steps. Qwillis would shake Owl's hand with a small nod in response. "I believe we're in agreement there. I recommend hanging out at Acme.. Sparrow is doing her best to learn. Eden is a student of mine. I'll talk to the Commander and see about getting you a meeting too." Q looks up at the robot and nods. "I'm going to finish this. I'll see you around Owl."