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Fiona Some days just aren't meant to be right. The small unit was out patrolling south of Dunwich. It was just about time to head back to the outpost. Cloudy and with a rare biting wind from the south, there was an odd energy in the air. Maybe, it was just Friday the Thirteenth.

To the south, there was a broken screech, "Hell-Up." A dot could be seen running towards the unit. The dot took on length horizontally, then more defined human traits, another scream, "" Maybe more a shriek.
Lee     Lee, being the grunt, was probably the rear of the group on patrol. Steady thuds of those armored feet leading where he's going as he'd keep that x-bow handy, even if not loaded. With them reaching the end of the range and ready to start back, Lee pauses and watches the one yelling help. He'd tap the HUD to try and get a better idea of what's going on, even as he'd cock and load the crossbow. "Contact. One potential civ. Multiple contacts following." It's all work at the moment. They're on the clock and that means none of the drawl or joking is there now.
Cleo As the only officer of the small patrol squad, Cleo is its de jure leader, but she's letting Fiona, as the reconaissance expert, to take point. She's wearing the duster-and-hat combo that's standard issue for the militia, and she's got a standard-issue carbine held at a low ready position to boot. She doesn't manage to notice the screeching until Lee points it out. When he does, she quickly turns that direction, rifle raised.

"Weapons up. Hold your fire until we get an ID. Let's move to intercept them. Any more details on the contacts in pursuit, Lee?"
Fiona Fiona keeps her assault carbine to the low ready as she gets in position. Her hat adjusted slightly as she bends down to a kneeled position. "Aye, LT." Her barrel coming up to sweep the horizon behind the person calling for help. "I got left, watch your front sights."

The individual comes more into view, running right at the center of the group. He, for the shirtless bird chested black haired pale teen is certainly a boy, age sixteen to eighteen likely cursed with a really bad complexion in a time when acne treatments are rare. "Oh please help me.." Her voice cracking and he is looking about desperately."Oh, thank goodness, there are women.."

Further back a group of six apparent people are running cloaks and capes on most, but one is a huge woman in bikini armor with a fez.
Lee     "Roj LT." Lee's x-bow comes up into a firing position, two steps to the side to give them a fire line on who's coming. Eyes narrowed at the boy that's rushing at them, but as ordered, his attention is on the others. "6 contacts. At least one female, large, bikini armor. Rest covered. Cloaks or capes." Lee would keep in formation with the other two as they'd move to intercept per Cleo's orders, his words coming across that comm from the power armor. "Mebbe best one of you deal with the civvie. He seems to be seeking a female's help?"
Fiona The teen is barefoot and wearing cut a little too high tattered jeans and is wet with sweat, smelling severely of.. Nuka-Cola. He is armed, or seems to be armed with baseball in one hand and a broken Nuka-Cola bottle in the other. Painted on his chest in something red is a crude circle surrounding a dot on his chest.
Cleo "Drop the bottle, get over here, get behind me and get your head down, kid," Cleo yells at the youth in a voice more commanding than she'd normally use even with her fellow soldiers. She keeps a standing position with her carbine still raised, aimed not at the youth but past him to his pursuers, particularly the woman in bikini armor. More quietly, to her comrades-in-arms, she says, "Aim for the leader, but don't shoot until my mark or they open fire on us."

When she thinks that the pursuing party is within earshot of her, she shouts at them: "EL DORADO MILITIA! This is OUR JURISDICTION. LOWER any WEAPONS for or we will OPEN FIRE."

She squints.

What the hell is that woman wearing?
Fiona Fiona levels her weapon at the brawn red haired woman at the ceter of the pursuers. The group stops suddenly with the boss type woman's arm signal. She is muscular and a bit dirty. Her armor consisting of layers of metal plates tied into position at leather straps at the side. She has a nasty looking cleaver in one hand and a big pistol in a shoulder holster. The bikini top has leather under and easily quart sized metal bowl on each.. side. (Lee can tell, the quarts might be a bit tight.) And don't forget the fez on her curly red hakr "Give us back the virgin and go in peace."

The other figures dropping to a knee, save one cloaked, rather round form that remains standing after a look at the ground.

The teen looks at Cleo, dropping the bottle and ball, "Whoa.. QUick, save me."
Lee     Lee sights down the x-bow on the leader, eyes narrowed in that helm with a grumbled. "ifn yer thinkin I'm lettin some cult have someone, ya gotta 'nother thing comin mate.. I've dealt with that.. ain't happening.." Shifting that comm on for those nearby, he'd watch carefully. "Strong. thick. What's the call LT?" Nope. No shot. Not yet.. afterall, Cleo said on her mark.
Cleo Taking note of the cleaver in the red-head's hand and the gun in her holster, Cleo narrows her eyes. The gun remains up and trained on the apparent leader, and she looks to catch the teen's eye before jerking her head back to reiterate her insistence that he get behind her, then glances over the roundish, still-standing member of the other party. Looking back to the red-head, she calls out, "Identify yourselves and state your intentions. We don't take kindly to slavers in these parts, and that cleaver doesn't look like you're planning anything friendly for the kid."
Fiona Fiona keeps her weapon leveled, barrel aimed straight center mass on the large woman. The corporal breathing even and level as she waits for the signal.

The cloaked line remains steady, turning heads on occassion to watch the woman in the middle. The position of arms under the cloaks could well mean they are ready to draw weapons, rather than concealing already drawn ones.

The woman stares at Cleo flinching as the boy gets behind the officer and peaks around. She yells out, "It is the first holy day of the New Year. We must slay the virgin. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find one. Join us, and be blessed by the sacred darkness." A sneer, "Or die.." A hesitation as she glances at the weapons, "Or just give him back."
Cleo Cleo's eyes narrow at the proclamation made by the woman in the bikini-armor. "Alright. First off, nobody's going to be killing any virgins on my watch. Second off, if any of you takes a step closer to the kid or pulls out a weapon, we're going to open fire. Third off, since y'all've saved the trouble of me tellin' you to get on your knees, you can go ahead and put your hands on your heads nice and slow." She crinkles her nose a little, sniffing the air.

"And fourth, why the hell does he smell like Nuka-Cola?"
Fiona The large woman draws back the knife and yells, "That's the sacred annointing oil. Kill all of them!"
Lee     Shaking his head slightly, it's at the yell of the cultist that Lee launches that shot. The first crossbow bolt slamming into the woman's leg. Lee is already reloading as he'd cock, load and aim that x-bow, the next shot not quite as accurate and so misses that leader. "Blast.." is grunted as he'd promptly reload again.
Fiona The leader gives the order, and takes an arrow to the knee. The left side pulls weapons opening up their attacks at the militia females, with no-joy for them, straight misses.

Wincing in pain, the leader flings the knife at her counter-part. Surprising this flies true, sinking into the officer's leg in a nasty strike.

The corporal sends a pair of bullets down range into each cultist right of the leader, culling them before any of them can bring a weapon to fire.

Leader Wounded. Three on Left Good.
Cleo The flying cleaver catches Cleo in the thigh, digging through the leather trousers she's wearing and into her skin. She inhales sharply as she feels it cutting in; it's hard to tell how severe a cut is when it first happens, but there's no time to take a closer look at the injury. "Bitch," she growls as she starts to move forward, forcing herself to ignore the cleaver still stuck in her leg. As she advances on the leader, she swivels the barrel of her carbine to the side opposite the one Fiona's mowing down. She squeezes the trigger twice at the first follower flanking the leader before sweeping across to the next, her trigger finger holding down for a longer burst as the burning in her thigh causes her discipline to slip. The first target is lucky enough to duck the flying bullets, but the second cultist ends up with a faceful of lead.
Lee     Lee would focus himself, eyes narrowing as he'd watch the fight unfold. "Go.. down!" That line up of the bolt has him hit the leader.. BAM! Right in the heart! As she'd drop from her own personal cupid bolt, Lee would align that next shot with the round one. The bolt launching with a snap of string on the x-bow, causing him to yelp in surprise! She'd get hit, but it seems Lee is temporarly without his x-bow.
Fiona Fiona locks aim on to the one that could not kneel fire. She sizes up the target, four center mass. Down dead. "One more to go." The corporal calls out as she adjusts to clear the LT when she moves forward.

Behind Cleo, close behind, the broken voice of the would have been sacrifice rings out in cheer. "Oh wow, you showed them.. But, they might come back for me.. Others."
Cleo Again Cleo is tagged in the left leg; this time, she feels a bullet rip across her thigh, grazing the skin deep enough to draw blood but not to lodge or cause massive tissue damage. As the leader and two more cultists drop in a hail of gunfire and arrows, the lieutenant advances on the last remaining one, letting her carbine fall to be caught by its strap as she reaches into her trenchcoat. When she pulls her hand back out, it's holding a sawed-off double-barrel shotgun, which she aims for the cultist before squeezing the trigger to unload both barrels.


Luckily for the cultist, he manages to flinch under the blast as the kickback proves more than Cleo anticipated. Still, she keeps the gun levelled at him with a menacing glare.

She almost manages to make it look like she missed on purpose.

"What's that about others, kid?" she calls back to the teenager, not looking over her shoulder.
Fiona Fiona takes the duty in gathering the bodies to a pile after the fighting, pressing the last cultist into service to aid her. The militia woman letting the prisoner offer some weird words over the fallen while she douses ths bodies in moonshine. Then she wets a cloth, ignites it and tosses it on to light the pyre.

The boy continues to remain close enough to Cleo that the smell of the Nuka-Cola gets stuck in her nose. He sure is impressed. When she asks the question, the teen replies, "What if they still come after me, more of them. I am still a virgin. You could really /save/ me." Voice cracking the whole way as he speaks, and what a hopeful look he has on his face.

Lee gets to fix his crossbow.
Lee     Lee for his part, saw the cord snap and immediately shifted the x-bow on it's strap to his back as that bat would come up. Only for the last one to finally cower and surrender. Eyeing them, he'd nod and correct his x-bow with a new string. That done, he'd eye the kid. Frowning, he'd pull out a handful of caps, walk over to the teen and grabbing his hand in that gauntleted one, plants the caps in his hand. "Ifn ya wanna deal with that issue fer good? Go getcha a buddy at the Saloon. Back off from the LT, or yer gonna have me pissed off at ya.. and ya just saw. I dun miss much, do I?"
Cleo The barrels of Cleo's shotgun remain leveled on the remaining cultist as she reaches into her coat to pull out a ten-mil pistol and aim it at the cultist before he can realise that she was threatening him with an empty gun. The shotgun is tucked away into her coat. "I know you gotta be pretty desperate if you're trying to get in my pants with the smell of burning bodies in the air, but don't push your luck, kid. We're taking you both to town. What you do from there is up to you." She turns a look over to Lee. "Don't worry, Private. I can handle myself." She gives him a discreet wink; she doesn't show it to the teen, but she's clearly more amused than annoyed. "Let's get out of here. You ready to go, Corporal?"
Fiona The kid gives a nod to the two scolding soldiers, taking the caps from Lee, then giving a big. "I am so sorry." But after a little more apologitic groveling.
Fiona The kid gives a nod to the two scolding soldiers, taking the caps from Lee, then giving a big. "I am so sorry." But after a little more apologitic groveling.

Fiona gives a confirming nod, "Aye LT, coming." Soon it will be Saturday the Fourteenith.