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Owner Pose
Qwillis     The workshop has been quiet a day or two. Mostly due to the sand storms, Q has been out and about working on checking stuff outside of the workshop or clinic that would need technical attendance. Like Brutus. With that all done, he's back in that room, the final parts being arrayed out on the table he's taken over, to allow him to prepare for that next step. A new leg that isn't a barely working PoS.
Iris Lark Iris walks into the workroom, a cup of tea in both of her hands. She gestures to the parts on the table and comments. "I suppose it's time to get the leg taken care of." She sets down her cup and approaches the table, her eyes taking in the complicated fusion of parts in front of her. "Will this be more difficult or less so than the arm?"
Qwillis     Q glances up from his pip-boy at Iris' entrance and smiels her way. He'd look it over and nod slightly. "it's.. probably actually easier. The elbow and knee joints are fairly close to the same. Ankle to wrist, but this ankle isn't a standard foot ankle still. So with it being a flat point, it's not as hard as the hand." He'd nod and flip points on the pip-boy, taking it off his arm to set it on the table edge and have it project that display. "I don't have to scavenge as much from my leg as I did the arm. I also have both hands this time."
Iris Lark Iris takes a seat and after a few moments she nods and smiles at Qwillis. "You only having the use of the one arm was ...a bit scary." She admits, folding her hands and settling them in her lap. "Just tell me how to help and I'll be more than happy to do whatever is needed."
Qwillis     Q flashes a smile at Iris, then chuckles and would roll up that pant leg carefully. Metal to flesh is high up on the thigh and much like the arm, the connection just looks crude. "Well.. This is the part that if you can handle it again? I'd appreciate it. Trying to work through the pain.. is.. hard." He'd reach over and tap a few keys on the pipboy, getting it to enlarge the location int he schematics. "It should be fairly simple.. step by step?"
Iris Lark Iris nods and gets to her feet, ready to work on the connections. She nods to Qwillis and takes a slightly shaking breath. "Step by step." She agrees, picking up some tools. She leans in and gets started, slowly removing one connection and pulling apart the outer sections of the old leg.
Qwillis     Q would quietly grip that edge of the table with his flesh hand, nodding to Iris. As she'd start the disconnection process, he'd hiss softly in pain after a sharp inhale. Shifting slightly where he's sitting, he'd use that metal hand to help Iris carefully with the securing braces, shifting the leg carefully with gritted teeth to let Iris get to those points to actually disconnect the leg, stopping it from telling Qwillis he just broke his leg.
Iris Lark Iris works steadily and slowly, checking with the Pip-Boy's mapping to make sure she's working at the correct place. She leans in close and after a moment or two she points to a brace and frowns. "This one seems stuck, almost." She mutters, looking slightly frustrated.
Qwillis     Qwillis nods slightly, watching Iris as she'd work. He'd grab a screwdriver and carefully work it into point. "It was.. I.. kind of used a hammer on it. Long story.. Let's see.." He'd have another small hitch in his breath, then nods. "There.. ok. Grab the mallet.. and.. give the screwdriver one solid wack.."
Iris Lark Iris doesn't look as if she agrees with this but she'll do as she's told. She picks up the hand mallet and winces as she whacks the screwdriver. Almost immediately after she squinches her eyes closed and bites down on her bottom lip, almost as if she is waiting for an explosion. When she gingerly opens her eyes and gazes down, she nearly whispers. "Did that work?"
Qwillis     Qwillis yelps when Iris hits the screwdriver. He'd shudder hard and groan softly. But.. hey! no explosion. After a moment, he'd finally get a grip on the pain to slowly withdraw the screwdriver with a small nod. "Yeah.. t-that should of done it. Felt.. like it worked, anyways." He'd look at the connection and very carefully tug on it, finally baring that core connection that will finally unhook the metal from flesh. "There.. that's the last part of this.."
Iris Lark Iris takes a breath and sinks back on her stool for a moment, looking slightly shaken. "That was a bit stressful." She murmurs, but offers Qwillis a bracing grin. "Hard part over, right?"
Qwillis     Q smiles weakly. "For you. I have one last burst of pain.. and then this is done. We have a quarter of this to take apart. Filling in gaps in that one.. then it's attach it and put it all together."
Iris Lark Iris nods and she gets to her feet, taking another look at the schematics before she leans in to see the parts Qwillis was speaking about. She points at several places on the leg and glances up at him. "So we're taking this apart, and then we're rebuilding from that point?"
Qwillis     Q would nod as he'd finally take that leg off. A soft sigh of relief and it's set up on the table. "Yes. We have to have those parts as I was not able to find new ones. Or.. newer ones. It's not that easy to get solid parts sometimes." He'd smile with a soft chuckle and nods to the leg. "So we take it apart.. Then put those parts into the new leg. Then we rebuild the clamp and attach it. Like with the arm only easier."
Iris Lark Iris nods and she glances between the removed leg to the pip boy schematics. She starts to slowly take apart the leg, pulling parts and setting them aside. She works steadily, and slowly, her hands steady. "When I'm taking things apart, if I set something aside we're not going to use..just toss it."
Qwillis     Q looks at Iris surprised, then sheepish. "Oh. Uh. Yes. You're probably right. I've kept everything before, because having parts I know at least works can be hard. But I don't have the space here.." He'd muse, then nods slowly. "I'll make sure to go over any of the parts we don't use to verify they won't be of further immediate use, ok?"
Iris Lark "If we need to expand to have room, we still can." Iris says, smiling over at Qwillis. "I was also going to offer to help you build a lab somewhere, if you'd like." She glances around the small room that they're in and lets out a soft sigh. "I'm sure you want more room, equipment...things."
Qwillis     Qwillis laughs, shaking his head slightly with a grin at Iris. "Of course I do. That's always the case.. As for a lab.. I'd prefer to have something seperate from the house.. just.. in case. If I get into electronics I rather not blow something up, hmm?" Q frowns, musing, then shakes his head, getting to work on converting the parts over to the new leg. "I mean. I don't want to blow myself up anyways. But if it's not part of the house.. then it's better for the house."
Iris Lark "Where would you like to have a lab set up?" Iris asks, still slightly distracted by what she's doing, her hands moving as she speaks quietly. "Ideally." She glances at Qwillis and pauses in what she's doing, interested in his answer.
Qwillis     Qwillis slows himself, musing for a moment. He'd look around, then nods slightly. "I'd want a 300 foot clearance between the lab and another spot. For safety. Probably safety signs up too.. Then, dream creation? I'd have several rooms, with the rooms dedicated to the experiments it's designed for. Electronics, chemestry, study of physics and then the supernatural."
Iris Lark Iris nods alogn as Qwillis speaks and then she goes back to work, pulling apart parts and setting them aside. "But where?" She asks again, smiling over at him. "I'm not sure it would work in a setting like Avalon." She glances out the window as a man in full armor stomps past. "What place would be best for your work?"
Qwillis     Qwillis nods in response, musing as he'd work for a moment, then glances outside. "I'd be better semi-remote. Acme is actually not a bad place. Otherwise? I'd want to find a bunker or a mini-vault or something that I could claim and use.. That'd be best. The way to secure my work as well as make sure I don't hurt anyone if something goes wrong."
Iris Lark Iris nods and she seems to be at the point where she can't disconnect anything else. Parts lie around the tables and on other surfaces, and she looks pleased for a moment. "That went a lot faster than it could have gone." She gets to her feet and stretches, raising her arms above her head. "So remote...hmm.." She nods along and looks introspective for a few moments.
Qwillis     Qwillis sighs and shrugs a little. His work of combining the parts into the new leg is a bit slower, afterall, he's having to compare the work to the schematics on the pip-boy. "People.. will abuse power. Tech is power. So I have to be mindful of that. Look at Ashur and Sparrow. It's power that could easily be controlled? Sparrow figures out how to resolve that.. and it suddenly becomes a weapon. That's why remote helps.." He'd shake his head a little, looking to Iris with a small smile. "But.. I'd want to be near enough you might visit.."
Iris Lark "Well I am in Acme a fair bit." Iris remarks and grins over at Qwillis. "I have to be to keep the store running." She paces now, one end of the room to the other as she thinks. "I can ask around, see if there are any small bunkers that we might be able to repurpose for a price. Some of the towns do need money."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles to Iris with a small nod. He'd muse a moment. "I have.. that quantum cap. A portion of it goes to you. Since you helped me with the sandstorm, Iris. But the rest could pool into getting a place." He'd shrug a little, returning his attention to that leg. "So.. my own lab at Acme. I don't mind working with Sparrow.. but I like my independent work too."
Iris Lark "With a quantum cap, you'd be able to finance most of it on your own." Iris remarks, leaning against the table. "I've two and a star cap as well..not to mention the caps I make while working." She wrinkles her nose and sighs. "I might buy myself a motorcycle or something."
Qwillis     Qwillis chuckles and nods to Iris, pointing the screwdriver at her. "Hmm.. if you do? Bring it to me. I can work on it for you. Keep it tuned up and everything. I grew up doing mechanic work, afterall.." He'd muse and nod slightly. "I.. used my caps to get a holodisk. Then the storms hit.. so I'm a bit behind. That's all."
Iris Lark "Thank you, I'd appreciate it, though..maybe a horse. I'm not sure if I would be any good at driving anywhere really." Iris wrinkles her nose and sighs softly. "I could use the motorcycle that Jude has, but..I probably shouldn't." She nods at Qwillis and waves away the explination. "We all get behind sometimes, especially out here in the Wasteland."
Qwillis     Qwillis pauses, musing. "Hmm.. Probably better to leave it be. But I should still tune it after the sand storm. That stuff will wreck it otherwise. For when he comes back?" Q smiles slightly towards Iris, then carefully finishes up that bottom part of the leg, foot to shin. He'd start working on that knee next. It was kind of complicated. "Yes well. I still try to be on top of my debts.. Easier to go forward when not oweing others.."
Iris Lark "That's very true, luckily for me, I'm not used to having resources so I tend to horde it." Iris remarks, a wry smile on her face. "I get flustered though when people attempt to overpay me, it's not necessary, but they still do it." She leans in to help the work on the knee. "It also helps me to give things away on occasion to people who might need them."
Qwillis     Qwillis flashes a smile of thanks to Iris at her help and continues the work, using her help to get the tricky parts in place and locked in. Something that very easily can be done with 3 or 4 hands, is tough with only two. Hmm.. maybe he should make another metal arm. That's a job for another time. "Like the needler.. that has helped me so much, Iris.. It's saved my life and others, when I'm forced to use it."
Iris Lark "Well you couldn't run around unarmed, especially in the wasteland." Iris says, smiling over at Qwillis. "I would be a poor doctor if I just let people go out and get injured all willy nilly. We all should be able to defend ourselves." She points to one of the loose parts on the new leg and comments. "So uhm, is that supposed to be loose, or no?"
Qwillis     Q blinks and peers at what Iris points out. He'd curse softly, but it's a long string. "No.. That.. bah.." He'd start carefully disassembling the items they were just putting together. "Control module for the gyro stabilizer.. it has to connect or well.. I'd never be able to lift the foot."
Iris Lark "Glad we caught it then." Iris murmurs, and she watches as the loose part is repaired. "How hard will it be to attach it once we're done?" She asks, leaning in to see what Qwillis is doing. "You said it would be easier than the arm, if I recall?"
Qwillis     Qwillis goes half-way down the shin before he can finally fix the loose part. "I am so glad you caught that. Having to tear it down to this?" He'd just shake his head and start rebuilding it again. "Hmm.. Well, you'll need to do like you did for the arm.. the brace itself needs an updating. We took most of it apart taking this off. I secured it differently due to it having to take my weight. Now? Well.. the upgrade I have is in parts right there and I'm hoping you can do your medical magic to make it not be a constant throbbing pain in.. well.. everything I do."
Iris Lark "Let us hope." Iris says quietly and she glances at the display on the pip boy for a moment and taps at her jaw with slender fingers. "It might take a bit more work than the arm because there is weight resting on this and it's different than the arm, but I'm fairly certain we can figure something out."
Qwillis     Q flashes that grin at Iris then. "I took that into consideration. The end for the leg is more cradle than shaft now. So it's going to be able to allow that holding without forcing the weight or impact onto the leg itself.. It's a more advanced design I wasn't able to set up initially due to lack of resources." He'd pause in the work to show Iris the point on the pipboy, then smile her way and with that help, gets the knee locked into place. "There.. that was the last hard part of the rebuild.."
Iris Lark "Well good, the advanced design should help a lot with the pain, and how we place it and attach it should take care of the rest." Iris smiles back at Qwillis and she leans in to make sure everything is tight and ready for attaching. "How long did it take to come up with the redesign? I don't know when you started to work on it, but it seems as if you gave all angles a lot of thought."
Qwillis     Q smiles sheepishly to Iris. "When I was building the first leg." He'd shrug slightly. "I've been figuring out how to make this since I made the first one.. The pain is a good reason to do just that." Q smiles as Iris leans in, he's happy to have her close and carefully finishes up those last parts of the thigh of the leg, the last part securing those more solid plates, the same ones that got him in trouble for hammering before, into place. "Hmm.. there. Ok. Now we just have to work on that connection." He'd show Iris the actual connection structure on the leg and with a few taps to the pipboy, brings up the schematics for the leg connection. "There's one part left to remove, the plate on my leg that it use to use. Then we put the new frame on.. and then slot the leg in and lock it all together."
Iris Lark "That doesn't sound horribly difficult." Iris says, and she sets her tools out to get ready. "Locking it all together will be the easy part, yes?" She tilts her head and looks at the schematics for a few moments, trying to memorize the spots where the connections need to be made. "So many.." She murmurs, biting down on her bottom lip as her eyes scan the Pip for a few moments.
Qwillis     Qwillis just chuckles softly, watching Iris. "It's.. easier than the arm was?" He'd shrug a little, then shift so he can start rolling up that pant leg. Carefully, while Iris read over the schematic, Qwillis would finish disassembling the plate. His actual stump was clean, whole. It wasn't like the arm where he had to have that connection for feeling it seems. Then again, a foot is not a hand. The stump had healed over and was well padded as Qwillis would silently go through that work of removing the old frame, then start on building the new one. "There's going to be three contacts you have to make.. against the bone. That's going to hurt to start with. But it'll go away. Kind of like teeth fillings I read. The contact however, will give me better and stronger control of the leg."
Iris Lark Iris nods, and while she looks nervous she doesn't hesitate. She gets to her feet and looking between the schematics and the leg she works on the connections, one right after another. She might pause as pain shows, but she plows on, knowing that after the pain it will be fine later. She lifts up and places each tool that she uses when she needs it. Every so often her eyes go to Qwillis' face to make sure he's doing okay while she works.
Qwillis     Q shifts in the chair to let Iris work, While that flesh hand would grip the chair, hiding the fact his knuckles go white in that grip, He's actually showing no serious sign of the pain as Iris works. In fact, he'd give at least a wan smile when Iris would look to Q to see if he's in pain while she did that work. She was good and this is probably the main reason Q wanted to work with her on it. Afterall, another may not understand and so not do it as effiently. Once she was done, Qwillis would just take a few moments to recover from it, releasing that hold on the chair to slowly flex his hand. "Ahh.. that.. thanks.. I forgot how much that hurt.."
Iris Lark Iris gets to her feet and takes a few steps back her eyes wide. "Are you okay? I'm sorry that I hurt you." She wrings her hands for a few moments and shifts on her feet. "How is the connection? Does it feel secure?" She waits to see if he's going to try to stand.
Qwillis     Q waves his hand. "I knew it was going to Iris.. I told you it would. You're ok.. honest." He'd smile weakly her way. Looking at his leg, he'd shift that stump, nod slightly and then reach for the main leg. Pulling it off the table, he'd slot it into the connection and it was indeed simpler doing the locking into place to secure it to the stump. That done, he'd take a small breath. "Here goes.. everything.." And with that, Q would try to get to his feet.
Iris Lark Iris stands, slightly breathless as she waits to see how the new leg works. She stands back near the door and gestures for Qwillis to walk back and forth a bit, if he can. "Let me know if you feel anything that might be out of place."
Qwillis     Qwillis wobbles a moment, a slight hiss of pain at the new connections settling in. He'd blow out a small breath, looks to Iris and smiles weakly with that nod. He's on his feet! Q would slowly start to walk, and much like with the hand, it's taking some work to get it going as the connections are being used for the first time. Q keeps his hand on that table as he'd walk around it in a slow circle. "Nothing seems out of place. It feels functional.. I.. I haven't felt a leg there.. for a long time, Iris.. you just gave me back feeling in my leg.."
Iris Lark Iris smiles at Qwillis and gestures to the door. "Walk around more, get used to it." She encourages, following him to make sure nothing happens. "Tell me how it feels, not just there still a lot of pain?" She catches up to him and walks beside him. "It looks as if all of the connections and joints are holding the weight well."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles to Iris and would head for that door. He'd get more steady as he goes, walking with her as the kinks from the leg being asleep seems to settle out. "Ahh.. no.. no. It aches a little. But you had to cut. So that's to be expected. However, you did a wonderful job on the connections. They're all solid. It.. well.. it feels like my leg now. Mostly. The foot is still being slow to respond.." He'd look down at the leg, it'd wobble and almost collapse, having him reflexively grab onto Iris' arm to keep up as he'd gasp slightly and shudder, resettling himself on his feet. "Ah.. sorry. It's.. still getting use to the new control too.."
Iris Lark "I'm glad it feels good, I think in time it'll be just like the old one." Iris grabs at his hand when it locks on her arm and she gives him a concerned look, before she smiles. "It's okay, the more you practice, the better it will be." She takes a breath and continues to walk along with him. "Okay?"
Qwillis     Q chuckles weekly and nods slightly, holding her hand for a moment as he'd walk a bit more. "Yes.. yes I think you're right. Because the foot.. isn't a foot. So it's.. hard.. really to describe how it feels. But I will get there. It's definitely thanks to you, Iris." He'd smile her way, then blush slightly as he realized he had kept ahold of her hand and would let go, looking away a moment. "Hmm.. I think this is the first step.. I.. uh.. didn't mean to make that joke." Qwillis shakes his head a little. "Once I know it's solid.. then I can try to take a shower.. for the first time in a long time."