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Vera Vera once again has gone out on patrol. It is after all what the militia is suppose isn't it. Today though she has some back up with her..she hopes they are a better shot then she is. She is operating light today, having left her rifles back in the barracks. Sometimes its just better to not be hauling around a ton of gear. "Usually these patrols are rather quiet, so I don't see much in the way of trouble happening..." Thats like the universal sign for saying you only have 2 days till retierement..means your about to die.
Marcus Marcus has come along with Vera on her patrol dressed in his armor and stuff his service rifle slung over a shoulder as he plods along, "So we heard anything about the area? It's looking pretty quiet figure it's gonna be another easy one." Yup he just jinxed it.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell is with the group. The former leader of the New Mexican Brotherhood is a great asset to have in terms of firepower and tankiness. He continues moving ahead of the group, cracking his knuckles as he looks around the area. "Not much out here in terms of life, is there?" he asks mostly to himself. His visor scanning the area for any life that may be apparent. He unholster his alien blaster pistol and looks it over, beginning to aim around the area in case any trouble shows up.
Vera Vera hmms, "Well, theres life and theres life...always something out here. But refugees coming in were talking about things out here...something about a picnic area, thats been overrun..."
Marcus Marcus nods a bit as he continues walking with the small team, "So picnic area overrun by something. Sounds fun." He unslings his rifle but thats it for prepping for now.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell kicks a bit of sand in front of him "So a picnic area...that sounds boring. What, did radroaches come and try to eat the food?" he asks, sighing. "I feel like we didn't need to send nearly a squad to deal with a picnic area. This could be much better handled." he says. He raises his alien blaster pistol and begins to fiddle with it, checking over it's ammunition before lowering it once more.
Vera Vera laughs, "Well, thats just what I'm calling it..they said some kind of roof on 4 poles. But thats where they stopped for a meal." As they continues to move, "Should just be around the next bend...and side, what else would you be doing, if you weren't here?"
Marcus Marcus shrugs, "i'm good with it... Not like I've got much else going on back at the barracks besides counting rocks."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell sighs again and nods "Alright I guess, so it's a merchant stall pretty much? Sounds boring." he utters quietly. "What else would I be doing? Probably something else." he says, smiling underneath his power armored helmet.
Vera Vera ponders to herself, this new alliance...and how these knights seem to be..well asses. Then again, maybe its just this one.

As they round the bend, the group sees what must be the structure. Moving around beneath its cover are a few ghouls, pawing at something on the ground.
Marcus Marcus blinks as they spot the ghouls and his snaps his rifle up into a more ready position as he sights down at one of the ghouls, "Think they're feral? I'm figurin most likely but don't wanna just shoot til we know for sure?"
Vera Vera draws her militia issued pistol, "Well, we got two choices...some one can go ask them..other then them reaching out to grab me, I don't know of a good way to tell."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell raises his alien blaster and aims it towards the ghouls, stepping towards them and firing off two shots at them "Why would a pack of regular ghouls have scared off a bunch of wastelanders? Clearly feral. Please shoot them." he says, backing off after the 2 shots are fired.
Vera The ghouls are just sorta milling about, until suddenly a blast of energy slams into one of the groups. Its then that a loud noise is heard, as from the rafters of the roof a new ghoul appears. Dropping to the ground, the glowing ghoul looks at the group..and the fearl ones see this....yes, as the start to move towards the group...the glowing one moving with them.
Vera The glowing ghoul takes off at the knight, swinging widly...never having seen such an out fit....the group that Caldwell shot, being the closest also goes after the guy that shot them....though if there boss can't hit him, what chances do they have.
Vera Vera blinks as the knight fires, "Ok, well I guess we are doing this the hard way..." as she fires off a quick couple shouts at G3.
Vera One of the swarms makes a beeline for vera as she fires, as she dodges out of the way as there they try and grab her.
Vera Vera seems to be ghoul bait, as another group swarm after her.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell raises his alien blaster again and fires an additional two shots towards the glowing one, gritting his teeth as he dodges out of the way of it's swing. "Jesus. This thing is fast." he mutters out loud. "Hey uhh..could use a hand here." he calls out to his two companions.
Vera The glowing one swing wildly at the knight, striking his armor....and actually thinking its doing something.
Marcus Marcus blinks as the glowing one had closed in on the power armored knight so he pops off a few shots on the glowing one agian. And splot one of them hit... Who knows where that second one went it missed Caldwell.
Vera Vera has two groups going after her, as she tries to keep out of the way of both of them, she continues her shooting at 3.
Vera Vera really does seem to be the bait here for the lesser enemies while the others worry about the glowing one. She has to keep moving, to keep out of the way.
Vera As the leader gets shot again and again, one of the groups changes its target and charges the knight..but to no avail.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell has had enough of this, he walks up to the Glowing one and attempts a swift karate chop to the neck, after that fails he attempts to fire a blue bolt of plasma into the glowing ones head, failing that as well. Such a sad day.
Vera The Glowing one and the knight seem to be doing some kind of dance, swing and miss dancing...
Marcus Marcus sights down his rifle at the glowing one again and snaps off two shots to get that nasty radioative death machine out of the fight, "Scratch one."
Vera Its not the walking tin can thats the threat, its the other guy..yes, he killed the glowing G2 now ingores the knight, and goes for Marcus.
Vera Vera continues to dance with the 3 step...yes, the others are now worring about someone not her, thats she fire again from her pistol...surely she has to be able to hit something.
Vera One of the ghoul packs move at the knight, scratching at his armor over and over...
Vera The Ghouls having lost there leader..and having taking such injury..finnally have fear take over, if there is fear in a ghoul and start to move off...making it easy for the patrol to pick them off.

Vera says, "Well, thats no picnic..but for least its safe.
Marcus Marcus nods a bit, "Good lil fight. Ready to finish up the patrol?"
Vera Vera nods, "Come poncho, we ride...wait no horses..ok, lets go someplace thats not here