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Iris Lark Iris sits on the back porch watching the quiet wasteland evening. She pushes herself a on her swing and hums quietly under her breath. Her little piglet Bacon trots around trying to catch fireflies, but he's not really having any luck.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell approaches Iris's home, giving a light wave to her. "Hey there Iris. How goes it?" he asks, looking down at Bacon and giving him a light petting if he'd stop to check him out.
Iris Lark Iris looks up and she blinks, gazing at Caldwell silently for a few moments. Pushing to her feet she waves back, smiling politely. "There is a face that I haven't seen in quite a while, how are you doing?" She asks, waving him up on the porch. "Come on up, have a seat wherever it's comfortable."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell smiles and removes his power armored helmet. "I'm quite well, whatcha been up to?" he asks, sitting down besides Iris and watching the fireflies dance in the evening light.
Iris Lark "Not more than getting this house built, trying to...relax for the first time in my life." Iris grins over at Caldwell and pats him on his armored arm. "Where did you disappear to? I know that people were worried for you. I figured you went on some great quest."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell pat pats the porch "It's a nice house, I looked for you in the medical clinic and didn't find you. People told me you were out here." he admits, looking over to Iris "I actually did go on somewhat of a quest. Big brotherhood operation I was invited to. Recovering some sort of high-tech equipment. Wasn't really allowed to know much other than "Shoot these people, collect what they had."
Iris Lark "Shoot these people, collect what they had? How did that go?" Iris asks, blinking at Caldwell, but as always curious for a story. "Oh yes..well..the Clinic is in good hands now, a young lady named Camilla is running it, and she seems to be doing well."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell nods "Pretty much the jist of it, we fought raiders, feral ghouls, and super mutants mostly. Lost a good chunk of our manpower." he said, continuing "I see..that's cool I guess. Anyway, there was a reason i came to see you. I'm sorta fucked up in the way of chest injuries and was hoping you could help me out. Got a laser shot to the torso and needed some help patching it up."
Qwillis     The click of metal step echoed by booted one would give Qwillis away as he'd step out onto the porch. His problem is he's looking at a file on the pip-boy strapped to his arm, so desn't even really notice the other two are there. At least, until it beeps at him. He'd already walked a few steps away before glancing back. Hey.. someone was talking. "Oh.. uh.. hi?"
Iris Lark Iris smiles over at Qwillis and gives him a wave before she turns back to Caldwell. "How did you get hurt in that big gangling armor that you're wearing?" She asks, getting to her feet and moving to take a look at the injury. She makes a grumbling noise as she check Caldwell and squints at him. "How long have you had *this*?"
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell looks over towards Qwillis and gives a brief wave of his hand "Hey there. I take it you're Iris's boyfriend?" he asks, cracking a smile and then looking at Iris, his stoic expression returning "What happened between you and Achilles, eh?" he asks before scratching his chin in thought "Err..months upon months? I never bothered to get it checked out cause I thought it'd go away on it's own..I guess I was wrong."
Qwillis     Qwillis raises a brow, looks to Iris and well.. flushes a little. "Ahh.. not.. quite. I.. I mean." he'd shift on his feet, boot and metal foot shuffling in the dirt before he'd move back to the porch. "I got into a.. uhm.. disagreement with somewhere where I was. Iris is helping me out.."
Iris Lark "Achilles left, Caldwell." Iris says, pulling things from her medical kit to treat the wound. "Well it's not infected, but the scar its left is certainly going to be something you can tell a story with." She leans in a bit, her eyes narrowed as her voice lowers. "Also, it's none of your business about Achilles, Qwillis or anyone else in regards to me. I don't ask who you're shacked up with, now do I?"
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell frowns "Sorry to hear that Iris. I'm sure you'll find someone new in no time." he sighs "Fuck..a scar. Just what I need." he mutters. Then blinks as Iris leans in and he leans back. WAY BACK. "Woah..Chill out. I'm just making conversation. No need to get all hostile, we're friends. Friends inquire about another friends well being."
Qwillis     Qwillis raises his brows at Iris' response. He'd muse slightly, then nod a little. Moving closer, he'd fall into that same sort of thing he did plenty of times before for Iris, helping her with her tending to the work by handing the appropriate tools. He knew, overall, what to do. But didn't have her skill. Plus, the whole metal hand probably wouldn't help any. "It's complicated.. uhm.. right. I'm Qwillis, by the way.. nice to meet you. Caldwell?"
Iris Lark "I'm not sure I want anyone new right now Caldwell. Need some time to find myself." Iris replies and she gives him the evil eye for another moment before she relents. "You and other people have my name and my situation in your mouth way too often. Find someone else to gossip about." She cleans the scar and folds her arms over her chest. "That should do it."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell nods to Qwillis "Nice to meet you Qwillis. I'm an old friend of Iris's. Met her when I first came in to New Mexico. Nice gal she is." he looks over to Iris "Makes sense, well I wish you luck in that endeavor." he slowly rises to his feet after the wound is patched up, entering his suit of Power Armor once more "Thanks for that Iris, i'll be out of your hair now. Good luck with whatever it is you're doing." he begins to walk off unless stopped
Qwillis     Stares after the man and his armor. He'd muse for a quiet moment, then shakes his head a little, looking to Iris. "I'm.. I'm sorry I cause that kind of issue for you Iris.. I didn't realize you guys were out here."
Iris Lark "People are always in my business. You staying here? People are going to assume I'm fucking you, because...apparently that's what I do." Iris looks exasperated and she sighs as she pushes her hand through her hair. "It's whatever, people always have an opinion and they're rarely right."
Qwillis     Qwillis nods slowly and looks back out at the wasteland. "I don't think that's what you do.. if it's any consolation.. People need to grow up. It's possible to have a relationship as a friend with someone.." He'd shake his head slightly. "Just like school.."
Iris Lark "It doesn't matter, I'm done worrying what other people think." Iris says, shrugging a shoulder as she packs her stuff back into her medikit. "Regardless of if it bothers me or not, they're still going to do it." She offers Qwillis a brief smile. "Good night, Qwillis."
Qwillis     Q sighs softly, nodding as he'd look back to Iris. "Oh. uhm.. Yeah. That's a good idea, Iris. Good night." He'd flash a smile her way, then look at his pip-boy, pulling back up what he had been looking at before as he'd start to walk again.