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Kaelyn It's a nice day out, in the desert, there's even a number of clouds rolling over from some random front coming in. Kae and CORA are sitting up on a rock underneath a random tree near the town of Eldorado, the odd white-haired, pointy-eared woman talking at the holo-sprite hovering just abvoe her wrist... "This is a Patrol CORA.." CORA then beams and returns "I know, but it's so much more fun to pawn it off like you would a tour!!!" "Kae blinks again and stares at the sprite "Umm CORA? I swear yer getting wierder all the time..." CORA then grins and sticks out her tongue at Kaelyn "Nope, same wierd, yer just a stick in the mud!" She then winks at Kae who sighs and swipes her hand through the hologram making it disperse for a bit. CORA calls out "HEEEEY that's not nice!" Kae grins a bit "Neither is calling me a stick in the mud..." Cora, after she reassembles her little holo sprite grins "Touche!"
Lee     Lee with a rather serious looking sledgehammer strapped to his back and that x-bow in hand, would walk up to that target location that he was told the patorl was suppose to start at. Eyeing funky chick and odd holo, he'd sigh inside the helm, then click on the comm to talk Kaelyn "A'right. So yer the one leadin this chicken outfit, that whatcha sayin? Ya gotta count fer who all's comin?"
Abigail Caine     "S'long as no one does anything stupid don't imagine it will end up mattering too much, Gale observes. She is dressed as she usually is. That is to say, bandana over her lower face, dark Aviator's glasses, a broad-rimmed black hat sitting on top of her head. Militia uniform over combat armor. The diminutive woman shows no skin whatsoever, with even her hands gloved. "Just a routine patrol. Let's get this done."
Esscast Esscast walked up to the meeting place his chainmail leggings clanked with each step on his back was a bullpup lmg on his hip a 9mm in his hands a carbine "Esscast reporting for duty sir!" he said with a salute before he began to check ammo
Rexus Rexus trudges along as he joins the group. "I have a bad feeling about this." comes his monotone, electronic voice. The looming figure in power armor turns his helmet a bit, this way and that, to better view the group. Not wanting there to be a case of too many chiefs and not enough indians, he keeps his words to himself as he listens to Kaelyn.
Cleo     Cleo had the order to accompany this patrol handed to her at the last minute by one of the other militia officers. Now that she's here, she's not entirely sure that it wasn't a joke, but she's dressed for the occasion in the standard militia duster-and-hat combo. She's not as heavily armoured as most militia members typically are for combat duty, and her black officer's uniform is visible under her coat. "So, you have a concern to investigate?" she asks Kaelyn as she trudges up, looking a bit unsure of herself. For some reason, she seems to be speaking in a slightly deeper voice than normal and keeping her hat tipped down, as if she's trying to avoid recognition.
Kaelyn Kae glances up from CORA and smiles... "Well yah, I found out there might be some Mafia activity nearby, so figured I'd set a patrol up and see if that wre the case. Sometimes I'd do this by my self, but from what I understand, these guys don't come in small numbers..." She glances to CORA, who then turns to stare at Kae and then oohs "Oh right!" Suddenly the sprite dissapears and a geographical map appears in its place, a few feet across and well strikingly detailed as far as the geographical data of the area.. It's a wireframe all greens and blacks... "This is where we are.." An arrow appears "This is where we start our patrol
Rexus Rexus raises an eyebrow at Kae, "Mafia, out here?" he sounds suspicious. The big galoot ambles closer to Kae and CORA, peering down at the screen. "I see... may I suggest a single column with flankers on either side... to prevent an ambush." he says as politely as his electronical voice will allow.
Lee     Lee studied Cleo for a moment. Although the helm of his much less cool power armor than Rexus, didn't show any facial expressions. Attention turning to CORA, then the map, he'd take a moment and with a small nod to Abagail and her comment, hefts his x-bow. "A'right. then.. might as well get goin, yah? Since yanno where we're goin.. yer leadin, eh? I can cover flank ifn yer wantin.."
Esscast Esscast cocks his carbine "ill cover the rea.r" he says after looking to the two power armor units then back to the person leading.
Abigail Caine "Let's see if I can spot anything. I'll range up ahead and scope things out," Gale calls. She's already getting lower to the ground and movign into the desert landscape. Strangely enough, the desert camo works. It wouldn't be hard to lose sight of the scout as she breaks away from the main group. "I can provide covering fire if something strange comes up."
Cleo     Mafia? Cleo's eyebrow rises slightly beneath the brim of her hat, but she doesn't show much beyond that reaction. "That you, Rexus?" she asks the man in the functional power armor as she steps closer. "Did you finally decide to follow the others and join up, or is this another freelance job for you?" She nods at Abigail as she starts to move off ahead. "Rexus' plan should work. The Corporal will do forward recon. Lee, Rexus, take the flanks. Marching order'll be me, Kaelyn, Esscast. Report anything suspicious, especially before you shoot anything."
Esscast Esscast nodded his head "aye ma'am" he responds takinging a knee but keeping his head on a swivle to make sure no one shows up to arm the patrol.
Rexus Rexus peers down at Cleo, "Others? No. There are no others, I'm the only one wanderin these wastes, for now." he says. He looks about, "I am not that fast on foot, i'll stay in the middle and keep their attention to allow the faster ones to flank and surprise them." he says, afterall, no one in power armor is gonna be sneaking up on anyone. "They will hear and see me coming a mile off."
Kaelyn Kae looks up from the map, then to the others.. "I can be stealthy to if y'all like, and I have my battle rifle with scope.." She says, motioning to the FAL residing on her back... "Am better off at the back of a firefight anyhow." she adds and grins just a bit as the girl stands.. "Sooo, Ayone here have a pip that you want me to send this map to before we go?"
Lee     Lee grunts, eyeing Rexus, then gives that nod to Cleo. "Roj LT." He'd move into the position assigned, waiting patiently for the others to sort out rather they're going to actually listen to Cleo or not. Either way, he'd stay alert and ready to go, when they are. "I ain't got one, so ain't needin it, mate."
Cleo     "You don't know about - nevermind, I'll tell you once this is wrapped up," Cleo says to Rexus as she checks the magazine on her rifle. "Lee and Caine will take up recon and flanking. Rexus, you'll lead the column. Kaelyn, follow Rexus and keep him pointed in the right direction. Esscast, on your feet, keep our six covered. Once we get closer to where we're going, if we don't have any contacts, we'll regroup."
Esscast esscast gets up with a nod before doing as hes told
Rexus Rexus levels his gaze at Cleo. This eye-pieces remain fixed on her for a long moment before he turns away, drawing his pistol as he ambles out into the desert, following Kaelyn's given bearing. "Stay with me and mind your feet." he says as he tries to pick the rockiest bits of ground to walk over in an attempt to avoid any buried surprises.
Abigail Caine Gale gives a quick thumbs up before disappearing into the sand. Because you can't see people who aren't there. She ranges ahead with her carbine close to hand and her eyes ssquinted slightly behind the veil of dark aviastor's lenses. The young woman's attention isn't just on the world ahead of her but also the ground near her feet in case there is any sign of people passing by recently.
Lee     Considering Caine has already vanished into the nearby area, Lee would frown at his HUD. There's a shrug from the poor man's power armored figure. "Roj LT. In position." Lee would fall into that flanker position. he might not be AS loud as Rexus. But.. well.. at least if they shoot from the back, they'd hit him first?
Kaelyn The trail the group folows eventually leads to a cut, or a draw, this being a steeply walled set of valeys that follow an old riverbed. Sounds echno now and then, including the occasional animal sounds as wel, and the power armor can be heard clanking through the trails as well, Though it may not carry too terribly far. There's plenty of rocks and sand, and the number of scrub type trees, and desert trees can be seen growing in number. Seems the low area probably holds water better.

For all those who even looked up, they might notice a seguaro Cactus with a red bandana tied around it near the base. The Bandana is new, and it seems to have caught Kae's eye, the girl now tilting her head as she looks at the cacti with the bandana, she glances to the power-armor folks and those nearby her as she mentions "I think someone left a marker..." She mutters, and then her right ear twitches and perks somewhat, the long tapered appenddage raising it's tip maybe an inch as she looks around... "Dun think we're gonna be aone any time soon." She says through her coms, the girl's free hand actually coming to her throat mic.
Esscast Esscast says just loud enough for his squad leader to hear "sir i heard car doors shut location unknown" esscast reported
Lee     Lee trails after the others, watching his surroundings as he does. That click over his own comm went to those who was relevant at least. "Confirm. Contact. Close. Vehicle. men talkin. Unknown sources. Unknown direction."
Abigail Caine "...I have the trail of a vehicle. Looks like it was probably a jeep or ATV. Seats four? Riding low in the dirt. Thirty minutes out? Less?" There's Gail over the radio, calling back in a muted whisper. "Left flank is clear for now. Anything right side?" Gale is currently belly down in a clump of grass, squinting down at tracks some meters away from her. Better than poking her head up. "Confirmed. Should have a direction on the vehicle..." She relates coordinates over the comm.
Rexus Rexus looks down at his feet, then back at Kaelyn. "Tell them to keep their eyes on the flanks. If they keep their heads down I might be able to move up and draw their attention.. might give them a chance to move round them if they keep down."
Cleo "Alright. Lee, move to flank those coordinates. Caine, try to move closer and get a visual. Kaelyn," Cleo says quickly, turning to the elfin girl, "move up ahead of us. Caine said that the vehicles roughly in..." She points toward the direction estimated by Abigail's coordinates, "that direction. Stay low, see what you can spot. We need to ID who we're dealing with here."
Abigail Caine "... Check that. I have eyes on a gunner overlooking the valley. You'll be walking right in front of them on your present heading," Abigail relates abruptly over the radio. "Looks like there were two other vehicles. One was carrying a very heavy load. Maybe a flat bed or pick up?" A pause. "Can't estimate the number of potential assailants anymore. Advancing slowly to see if I catch another guard." And so Abigail does, keeping as low and quiet as she can manage.
Esscast esscast shakes his head slightly before looking to the rest of the team "i got a bad feeling about this sir" it was true if somthing was being transported and they have a overwatch unit it has to be somthing big and bad he then begins keeping his eyes on his sector trying to look for anything out of the ordanary
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head at hearing what Abigail has said, then frowns... She motions to the folk in armor to halt their approach for now, then frowns and she now slips up the side of the wall silently as she gets on the coms... "I'll try to get up where I can give you cover, if one of us has to shoot, the valley aught to give us just enough cover from the shot to keep things confused a little bit..." She says her hands left hand on her throat mic as she shoulders her rifle and begins to scale the sloped sides of he valley they're in, trying to be quiet as she uses the clump grass for the foot holds.
Rexus Rexus halts in place, shifting a bit to the side so he's at least in some semblance of cover. "We're fish in a barrel if we stay in this valley." he mutters. He settles down though, leaning against the rock wall, watching Kaelyn climb up.
Abigail Caine Abigail continues along the edge of the path, crouched lo and using any available cover. She scans the terrain through the scope on her carbine, examining everything for any sign of other people along this rute. More sentries, the vehicles... Anything that she can use. Her path necessarily takes her slowly closer to the person she'd pointed out for the group at large but it can't be helped.
Esscast "sir further up there's a lot of cover to move around and they possibly don't have a great view of our approach" Esscast pointed out to the squad lead
Abigail Caine Abigail straightens slowly, squinting at the man crouched against the sage overlooking the main path. She starts forward slowly, shifting her weight. Just to test if he sees her. The soft rumble of gravel crushed beneath a boot is allowed. Just to check. Then she sighs softly and straightens. The tiny woman walks over as inobtrusively as possible and proceeds to punch the man in the jaw hard enough that he wrenches about and collapses to the ground. She picks up his gun and then shoulders it, shrugging. "Lookout fell asleep on the job. Canyone appears to be clear but-- be careful." Then Abigail adjusts her hat and her gloves and starts to quickly frisk the incapacitated man. IF he has rope she'll tie him up really quick.
Esscast esscast set himself up on higher ground neer a rock aiming down sights of his light support weapon "in position sir" he wisperd threw his throat mic
Cleo "Roger, Corporal," Cleo says in response to Abigail's report as she keeps her carbine held in a low ready. "Alright, let's keep moving. Rexus, take up the front and head straight up. Everyone else, keep to cover as you're moving. Corporal, can you identify anything about who we're dealing with from the lookout?" For her part she keeps moving up the canyon, using outcroppings and rocks to try and stay in cover while maintaining her position, now at the back of the marching order.
Rexus Rexus lurches out from behind his rock, pistol to hand. He waddles up the main ravine, heading more or less straight at them. Nevermind the maneuvers. The big lug in power armor steps over rocks and through bushes, the clank of his armor quite audible in the canyon as he waddles along.
Kaelyn As the group gets psat the bottle neck, they'll notice that Abigail is up on a small ridge, having taken out the fellow watching there... He's dressed well not for here, he's ina slicked up pinstriped suit, with a fedora style hat, and has a knife and thompson sub machine gun. Definately a mafioso.. At least Kaelyn was right about one thing. Abigail can see Kae now on a very high ridge, slipping along it, but staying low, just barely above the sage there...

As they get out of the narrow trail they were in, and get into the scrub and rock piles, they might notice the glare off a windshield.. Then as they move closer and begin to flank, they'll notice another vehicle, this a heavy truck parked under a tree. Nearby is also a cave, or maybe a couple old buildings that look to be newly cleared out and cleaned up, yet someone has made an effort to drape branches and various other vegitation on them to kind of hide things.

On the tops of the ridges, there are 3 other lookouts, though they all face another direction. All are armed with Thompson sub machine guns.
Esscast esscast speaks into his throat mic "i got two patrols 3 in each moving round the buildings sir weapons unknown"
Kaelyn Kae is now maybe visible to Abigail, the girl having gotten into a rocky outcropping overlooking the valley with all the bulidings. She's also got her rifle wrapped with a bit of burlap, and stucken some grass and twigs in it to better hide the weapon. Kae attaches the scope to her rifle now and rests it on one of the rocks, now in cover and in a prone position. Over the coms her voice can be heard "Guys I got 2 more groups out there, two, they're near what looks like a still I think... 5 minute intervals on the roving squads, if y'all are careful you can slip left and get one or two folks behind them. Power armor, I think if you walk up behind the craig to my left, you might get close enough to suprise em when y'all step out, but I'm seeing several sub machine guns, Just out here now, I'm counting 8.... There's also mobsters inside the buildings discussing things... They're so close together I think if we go inside that valley it's going to turn into a firefight. Reccomend staying near heavy cover, firing from it and holding back up again.."
Esscast esscast nodds his head eyes still on a patrol "i got a clear shot on a patrol with my bullpup, premission to fire sir"
Abigail Caine Moving between bits of cover and using the brush to limit visibility Abigail continues to work her way toward where the vehicles are and their quarry is likely to be past that. ALl she can really do is keep her rifle ready and her eyes on the prize. So long as she remains unseen it should go well. When Kae speaks ale calls back, "Going to go ahead and slip around behind them, set up a covering fire position. Possibly identify VIPs if they are being too obvious about it." Gale picks up the pace slightly now, not quite running. The most important thing is to be able to make it to cover if people start shooting. Hopefully the main group draws their attention.
Rexus Rexus moves to follow Kae's directions, she can see more than he can obviously. He ambles along, trying to be quiet but... still trying to move with a purpose as he heads towards the craig to her left. He gives the others time to move though, holding still every other step so the others have a chance to get into position.
Cleo "Roger, Esscast. I see them. Two patrols, three people in each. We can assume they're armed. Vehicles just got here. They're probably either making a delivery or having a meeting. The fuck did they come from, any-nevermind. Gail, do you think you can take another one of the lookouts quietly? If not, go for high ground and take overwatch. The rest, let's see if we can isolate one of the patrols and capture them. If we can force them into an obvious no-win, they might surrender. Esscast, stay on overwatch with the big gun. Rexus, let's get you into position to ambush the patrol and Kaelyn and I will move to box them in," Cleo recommends as she moves up to try and get into position.
Abigail Caine     Abigail adjusts her gloves briefly, squinting at the groups of patrolmen standing near the buildings. She sights down the barrel of her rifle, carefully adjusting the weapon as she marks off a shot for each. One bullet for a man, person by person. Like a sharpshooter might. Then Abigail opens up on full automatic.

The selector clicksi nto place and she depresses the trigger, bullets screaming down on the patrol positions. One man is caught in the gut and others dive for cover. Gale fires in quick five round bursts, filling the air with lead thrown by her 5mm carbine. So much for surprise.
Kaelyn Kae frowns and after Abigail fires, she takes aim at the patrol group she shot at first. A slight smirk spreads across her face as after one fellow jerks and turns from getting hit, suddenly Kae has a couple of them in a row to try and hit. She double-taps the first guy, his head exploding as a 7.62 round blasts through his temple. The duo of rounds carry over and impact the first guy's shoulder, slinging him to the ground as his 'partner' is thrown into him by the impact of the rifle rounds. Kae tilts her head then waits a heartbeat, the third fellow lining up with her shots, and she cuts loose at him as well, Both rounds impact the allready lightly injured man's chest, flinging him to the ground where he lays still. Kae's rifle barrel smokes briefly before she says over coms, rather earily coldly. "2 down." she says. Then adds "Nice shooting Abigail."
Cleo     As the gunfire starts to break out, Cleo slips into the natural cover of the terrain. "Alright! Fire at will! Lee, take your shot when you have it! Focus fire on the patrols!" She gets her own carbine ready to fire. "Once they're down, Kaelyn and Gail, take out the lookouts. Everybody else, targets of opportunity."

    Even as she's doing so, three bolts fire from where Lee's kneeling off to the flank and lodge themelves in the last standing of the patrolmen, causing him to drop to the ground clutching the bolt in his chest. "Patrol one's down, LT."
Esscast Esscast spots the guys in the building and fires his entire mag of 30 rounds into it killing one guy from one group and mutalating the two from group two "ahhhhhhhhh!" he screamed as he let bullets fly
Rexus Rexus hears all the shooting, moving slightly so he has a shot on the group closest to him, looks like Building 1! He raises his pistol, aiming down the sights before firing off two aimed shots, trying to hit and draw the attention of the group, keeping their eyes on him and not the others.
Kaelyn With the suddenly appearance of gunfire, a number of mafia thugs are suddenly dropped Abigail sprays a number in two groups, making them duck and run about a bit, then Kae opens up with her larger rifle, dropping another two. More fire hits that patrol, and they're finally finished off with an arrow to the last guy's nether regions. Then another bunch hail of laser and gunfire is brought down on the group inside one of the tin buildings, several dropping out of sight with one remaining. Shouts can be heard, in Italian as men rush to windows and start poking the barrels of tommy guns. Meanwhile that first patrol is running this direction, they actually have baseball bats. The lookouts turn and bring their sub machine gun sup, trying to localize where all the incoming fire is from. All in all, there are now 5 dead thugs and more starting to stream out of the woodworks as it were.
Kaelyn Kae calmly sweeps her weapon up trying to find a target. She then catches site of a lookout who's looking for a target. Kae tries to steady her shot, but rushes it a bit as she sees the fellow trying to settle behind the cover of a rock. Both rounds explode into the sandstone, ripping part of it apart, but doing no real damage to the thug, accept maybe making him loose his hat.
Cleo     "Lee, aim for the lookouts. Guys on the ground have bats, let 'em have it!" Cleo barks as she levels her assault carbine on the patrol now rushing her position with bats. She's not ready to get clubbed to death. She takes aim for center mass when a sneeze suddenly hits her.


    The slight jerk causes the barrel to dip downward slightly, and the bullets strike the mafioso right in the crotch of his pinstripe trousers. Sucking air through her teeth in empathy, Cleo swivels her rifle to the next and aims higher. This time, the double tap puts two neat holes in the man's fedora - along with his cranium.

    Lady luck is not on the House's side today.
Rexus Rexus rises up a bit as the group starts charging out. He levels his pistol at group 1 and fires hitting one pretty solidly. He is rewarded by some return fire, his upper body twitching to the side as his armor absorbs one hit. He shudders a little, his HUD showing him that all systems are still functioning as he clunks about a bit, not wanting to get left out all by himself.
Esscast esscast opens fire with a two round burst on the crew in the building once he got his lmg put up
Kaelyn More fire goes out and more thugs are going down. Those that can still fire start trying to return fire but right now it's largely inneffective as the group is still largely unorganized... Now there's a loud yell as a whole slew of angry, and probably drung gansters are now racing toward the groups, all wielding a bunch of bats. The better ones probably aluminum loisville sluggers, who knows! It's not long before there are now 9 angry gangsters almost in close quarters with folks with firearms, a crazed look in their eyes as the race toward everyone with wild and reckless abandon.
Abigail Caine Gale squints down the barrel of her rifle as the patrol is closign in on the group. She takes a deep breath and rises slightly. No one has actually seen the tiny scout yet- and no wonder, laying behind brush as she is, carefully croushed with her profile broken up by desert camo and mismatched gear. The woman takes a deep breath. She lifts her sunglasses off of her face to reveal her blue eyes and tucks them into a pocket of her uniform. The bandana is pulled off next. Gale adjusts the black broad-rimmed hat she always wears... And then she vaults the edge of the cliff. The woman careens down fifteen feet or so, slowing herself with boots against the craggy hillside, and then drops down on top of one of the patrol men. She flips him bodily into one of his buddies as a rifle comes to bear and then drives in low to knock this man to the ground as well. A flurry of kicks and punches levels three men in twice as many seconds.
Kaelyn Kae is still after that one dude that was able to avoid her shots. She hates missing, especially with this rifle... Kae takes aim again, setting crosshairs center mass on the man. She fires a pair of rounds actually hitting him hard enough to stand em up. She frowns and adjusts aim again as the fellow who was just stood up falls over, twitching. She settles on the third lookout as this fellow is moving to get closer to fire his weapon. Another two shots ring out from Kae's battle rifle, and nearly floor the fellow from the sheer impact. "One more down." Kae calmly announces over the radio...
Cleo     Four cracks of gunfire ring out from Cleo's carbine as, with relative calm, she double-taps the trigger twice, firing at the bat-wielding gangsters still assaulting their position. "Everybody! Focus fire on the lookouts and anyone on the ground with a gun. Take out their shooters and we're golden."

    Meanwhile, Lee fires a barrage of bolts toward the last remaining lookout. "Copy that, LT."
Rexus Rexus manages to fire off another few shots at the Building Group 1, putting down the last of the mobsters with two shots. "That's all of'em." he mutters to himself, rising up a bit to better look at the other groups.. and to see how well the rest of the group of do-gooders is doing.
Kaelyn The gun-gurus amongst the Mafiosos are going down one by one! And the melee guys are noticing it. Stll they're attacking, but instead of being wide eyed in anger, they appears to be a bit of fear rearing its ugly head. The last fellow with a gun is shouting encouragements as they fire, wholly missing his target, but the ratatata from the thompson is at least mildly encouraging. As Cleo screams out to go after the guns, the groups of bat-fellows go after the Power armore wielding fellows, and power armor-lite wielding fellows too, however the baseball bats are largely inneffective against that advanced technology.
Kaelyn After she hears what Cleo has to say, Kae notes the lookout. Instead of using that big rifle of hers, Kae stands up, taking a kneeling position. She squints down the sites of the pistol, lining up the blade and fork on the weapon, before squeezing off a pair of rounds. Both catch the fellow in the leg, knocking him down and pretty much ruining his day. Kae stands now, pistol leveled on the baseball bat wielders and screams out. "Drop the bats now!!" She shouts pointing out "NO point in carrying this on any more, your gunners are down, and there's only just a few of you left, Drop em!!!"
Cleo     The militia lieutenant pops up and starts moving forward as she takes aim at the nearest mafia member, ready to pull the trigger of her rifle at any moment, eyes glaring daggers. At this point, they're clearly in the advantageous position. "On your knees, assholes! Drop the fucking bats! One step closer and you all die!" The scowl on her face says that she's serious about her threat - which may or may not be in line with standard procedure for the militia. Truth be told, it's mostly a gambit that none of them would want to be responsible for the whole remainder of the crew dying even moreso than saving their own skins, but right now Cleopatra McKinsey like enough of a bitch to actually order the threat carried out.
Lee     Lee grunts as he'd scramble for those bolts to get the next shot up. That bat came swinging at his back. It took him a moment to actually register.. hey.. that guy just HIT him! A slow crank of that helmet had him glaring at the bat guy and he'd swap weapons, drawing that massive sledgehammer from it's place on his back. "That ain't how ya hit someone.." With the whine of it's engine starting up, Lee would draw back and swing, smacking the guy in the chest, even as the impact accelerant within the super sledge fires, adding to that impact and knocking the guy flying to skid to a stop on his back! "That! That's how ya hit someone. Now.. Stay down!"
Rexus Rexus steps out as the group starts to faulter.. the baddies that is. Perhaps the big looming power armor and.. the stern voice of its occupant will sway things? He clunks his way towards the bat-wielders, keeping his pistol pointed at them. "Drop your weapons." he intones in that electronic monotone voice of his. Even the littlest bit of hesitation on the bat-wielders part draws a second, "Drop them."
Kaelyn At this point what with their big guns down, and another bat-swinger being knocked on his can. The rest of the mooks start to back away... They look like they want to run, and realize that well, there's guns on them as well as a guy swinging a giant hammer. Finally they back away ore hands being held in the air as they drop their weapons and put their hands on their heads.. "We give up! We give up!!!" Kae begins to come off her perch and head toward the fellows, gun still raised as she makes her way toward the fellows... She peers around and tugs a long thing of leather cord from her pocket, the girl glancing at the cartel folks... "We gonna tie them up and take em back to town?" She asks curiously, looking to the others....
Cleo "Rexus, Esscast, start tying them up. Everyone else cover them. After that, militia, secure the area. We'll figure out what the operation here is," Cleo says, her voice more hoarse but less violent as she moves toward the mafia men, gun still at the ready, not approaching close enough to risk disarmament. Finally, once they all appear cooperative, she'll sling her carbine and swap it out for her sawed-off, moving closer so she can keep it on one of the ones that's being tied up. "Who do you work for?"
Lee     "Roj LT." Lee would nod, watching the others go to tie them up, he'd once more shoulder the sledgehammer to draw that x-bow. The click of string sliding into place and that bolt noched was smooth and simple as he'd eye the guys, leveling the x-bow. He'd wait until they're tied up, then sweep the area to make sure there's no one lingering or hiding.
Rexus Rexus ignores Cleo. He watches the thugs giving up. With security well in-hand, the big galoot holsters his pistol, turning his attention to the buildings and whatever stockpiles the mafia are.. more or less, leaving behind. He says nothing as he pokes through the buildings, looking for documents, maps or holodisks.
Kaelyn The Mobster with his hands still up mutters "I won't tell ya!" Trying to be at least a little tough... Kae then glances to Cleo at this point and looks over one of the dead bodies, before handing a card to Cleo, this having a casino over in New Vegas listed... Kae then grins a little bit, and sets about tying the men up, the girl actually is rather good at this... Meanwhile CORA makes another appearance "See!!! Behold my powah!" Kae blinks and sighs "Yer being goofy...." Cora then nods repeatedly "YUP! Because well, we survived and now is the time for goofy!" Kae shrugs and sighs, then looks to the others "I imagine we can find out where they're from by digging through their belongings, but this really just looks like a still... " she says and shrugs slowly... "Proximity to water, and the number of cacti I'm seeing harvested... they're probably making swill to sell to the local peoples for large amounts of caps..."
Cleo "Right," Cleo says, deflating a little as Rexus ignores her outright and goes to start poking around. She only glances after him for a moment before looking back at the mobster she's holding the gun on. "I think there's something else here. You need a hell of a lot of booze to be worth having that many guns and this many hands to hold them on board." She snorts at the whole situation with some derision. "Once we've searched the place, take them back to El Dorado. I'll work with the sheriff's office to figure out who they are. Gale, if you're up for it I'll leave you here with Esscast till we can send a second patrol to search and secure the site properly." If all this bloodshed was over a booze op... Cleo sighs inwardly. No use thinking about that yet.