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Sparrow The town of Avalon is working together today to erect walls that will help to protect them from the Horde. They've got men and women in light chain mail, tunics, and breaches working on setting up beams and masonry to strengthen points in the wall. Scrap has been gathered and worked and stacked neatly, horses have been brought in to help with pullies and transporting construction materials.

Crossbowmen keep watch at points around town a trained and ready small force of knights keeping an eye out for the dangers of the Wastes. Sparrow's here since it's her home away from home, already with her sleeves rolled up and helping to rivet some of the beams into place as other people mix mortar. There's room for everyone to contribute to the unique anti-tech little town. The locals don't even balk too badly at the El Doradans and their weird science loving ways. Now's the time to come together.

The sounds of leather and metal move in time with he soft snorts and light neighs of horses as a wagon slowly moves by to provide water and bits of cold roast on sandwiches and something called Yorkshire Pudding with gravy to the weary folk working hard on getting the wall built on the frames that have been designed in part thanks to the help of Jude.

A couple of older men chat with each other as they stack bricks and mortar. Laughing amongst themselves and teasing the blacksmith lightly about one of the buxomer 'Maidens' lingering nearby to help to make eyes at him.

Sparrow moves up and nudges the young women with a smirk wiping her brow. "Either go say high or stop distractin him, Beth." She chides with good humor using a nearby bucket of water to wash her hands.
Iris Lark Iris walks out of her house, and she sets down some drinks and snacks for the workers. Slowly she begins to unpack the gear from her medical kit, offering a wave to some of the people she recognizes. She gathers her hair into a messy bun and walks towards Sparrow, a smile on her face. "I'm going to feel a lot safer once this is done, if we're being honest."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell is busy stacking bricks and mortar along with the older men, his power armored helmet clipped to his belt as he moves around securing the wall in place. "This is gonna take awhile..." he says, sighing and continuing his work. He gives a wave to Iris "Hey there Iris, how goes it?" he also gives a wave to Sparrow cause apparently Iris knows her, and a friend of Iris is a friend of his! He takes a hold of a sandwich and some water and noms on it. Downing it with a quick swig of water.
Aura Aura is on the outside of what will eventually be a wall, looking in. She walks alongside it, tilting her head from side to side a little as she watches people construct it, then glances around to the surroundings, here and there, a vaguely quizzical expression forming on her face. She taps her fingers on the bricks nearby, and gets a little mortar stuck on her hand, which distracts her for the moment as she stares down at it.
Sparrow Sparrow grins at Iris and nods, "Yeah me too. Given what's been happening lately. I tell you I and Stockton got attacked the other day comin' outta Acme? Buncha centaurs. weirdest thing? A bunch of Deathclaws came in, destroyed the mutants and.. uh.. They just sort of left." She blinks at Iris. "Like.. we were standin' right there and they left."

The cowgirl spots KNight Caldwell and inclines her head, "Afternoon."

Knight Caldwell's companion nods, "Yeah, but it'll hold up better out here, gotta worry about Ferals as much as Mutants." The older man explains why the choice of Brick and Mortar. One of the Guards outside the work area spots Aura and gestures towards her, "Miss, you may go inside. In fact, you probably should. There's been word of Mutants attacking walls."
Iris Lark Iris gives Caldwell a smile as she turns to tend to the first injury, a broken finger. She and the man quietly joke with each other as she carefully splints the offending digit and then after she sends him off to do something that doesn't require lifting bricks. She blinks at Sparrow and raises both brows. "That is a little bit strange, you're both okay right?" She glances around the small town and sighs. "I didn't arm myself, damn it." She stalks back towards her home, disappearing inside of it briefly.
Sarah Sarah is here. Her useful might be in question, she will carry water and food up to those not working on things that look too dangerous, or likely to ruin her green dress. There seems to be an abundance of healers present. She does offer a few nods of greetings, but seems to also keep her distance from the man in power armor. At least she didn't scream and set off the locals this time.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell looks over to Aura and blinks "You err..may wanna come inside like the guards said. I doubt that being on the outside of the wall when it gets completed will be a good thing." he says, continuing to stack up bricks and mortar. "Deathclaws leaving people alone? That's..rather strange." he says, thinking it over in his head "Were they intelligent in any way? Could you tell?" he asks, finishing his coldcut and then finishing off his water, placing the empty plate and cup on the pile. He looks over to Sarah and gives a light wave of his hand "Hey there." he says cheerily.
Aura Aura crouches down to wipe the mortar off her fingers on the dirt below, and looks over to the Guard. "Mutants?" Her eyebrows furrow slightly, and she turns her gaze to Caldwell. "That's fine, but there's some rather serious architectural--" She fades off, hearing about Deathclaws.

    Processing Caldwell's words, her eyes light up. She takes a step back, then jumps over a shorter part of the building wall, landing on the side with everyone else. "Friendly deathclaws? Now that /does/ sound interesting."
Sparrow Sparrow shrugs, "Hard ta say. They just left us be." She presses her fingers to her ribs and smiles a little. "I'll probably need ya to take a look at a present he Chimera left me." She tells Iris before turning herblue eyes back to the group who've come to help the Avalonians with protecting their little Settlement. The Knight's question is asked and Sparrow can only lift her shoulders in a clueless shrug. "All I know is they were very focused on killing the Mutants I.. didn't really ask you know."

Sparrow shakes her head, "I wouldn't say they were friendly. Aint gonna go askin' folks to yanno, try and make nice and risk loosin their face."
Iris Lark "Of course I'll take a look, last thing we want is for you to get infected." Iris murmurs, nodding at Sparrow. She takes a seat on a set of blocks and watches the activity quietly. She crosses her legs and the next person steps up to get a scrape tended to. "I need to talk to you alone at some point anyway, Sparrow."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell shakes his head at Aura "Theres a difference between 'friendly' and 'intelligent' ma'am. Intelligent deathclaws are rare, but they do exist. Whether they're friendly is an entirely different case. And even rarer. I don't recommend approaching any, and highly recommend running if you do see one. Deathclaws are still Deathclaws." he says, finishing work on one side of the wall. He grabs another coldcut and water cup and bites into it. "Delicious whoever made these by the by." he says through a full mouth. He looks over at Iris as she deals with various scrapes and cuts, frowning as the medieval men get small enough to shrug off booboos tended to, yet says nothing, instead going back to work on the wall.
Sarah Sarah returns the wave to the Brotherhood, starting to wondering briefly at the frequency of knights at the super retro community. Mostly she sticks to minor things, occassionally a word of encouragement, or a little help steadying things for folks.
Aura Aura tilts her head a bit to one side. "I'd try to make nice, but I'm guessing no one knows where they went, by now. If I see some other Deathclaws acting friendly, though...." She shrugs her shoulders. "Maybe later!" Her eyes sketch around the settlement. "This /is/ on the way to El Dorado, right?"
Sparrow Sparrow says, "I'm sure I'll be okay, no goo. I'm no so sure we woulda survived without the intervention of the creatures though." She says as she frowns. The wound is not doing much for the quality of her work and she is finding herself quickly releved and regulated to helping hand out snacks and do first aid. "Sure, you know where I live and you're welcome anytime, Iri." She says with a twitch of a smile before looking over towards the wall as the wood and steel is carefully fixed together so that the wall can be built tall and thick.

Caldwell's nearby notage of the cook and Sparrow chuckles, "Iris did a lot of work and the Tavern owner here has some really interesting recipies. She makes something that sounds like Rat Tutu, I was sceptical at first but it's not bad."

One of the women helping work on the wall nods at Aura. "We're along the road to El Dorado, but you have to get there by way of Rosewell. There are travelers along the way all the time though." She gestures at the obvious otsiders; most of the peopel here wear strange layered and almost shapeless clothing, cloaks and metal plate armor."
Iris Lark Iris glances at Sparrow and a slight impish grin curves her lips upwards. "Maybe you secretly can control Deathclaws." She raises her eyebrows briefly and adds. "If you can, bring them out for the horde." She pauses and props her hands on her hips, moving to help lift and move blocks now that she has no more patients. "Any progress on the serum?"
Sarah A little more go-fer work to help where she can, but Sarah slowly starts to extract herself from the work. She simply reaches the result of wrong tool for the job. It is a long walk back any way.
Sparrow Sparrow chortles softly at Iris, "Yeah, like I need -that- kind of legend on my head. No thank you." She winks at Iris then takes a breath, "Well, we're making progress. We're gonna keep workin' on it I think. Ashur stopped talking like a Toddler, not that he got much brighter. Says that his headache and the weird disconnect he was experiencing had dissapeared. Felt clearer. So I'm on the right track. You'd have to ask Q about the weaponization."

The locals seems welcoming to the young woman in the holy robes, despite seemingly unusual lifestyles they do seem to have some respect for people of the cloth. Sarah and Knight Caldwell are thanked for their help and welcomed back to Avalon, if in Caldwell's case a little cautiously.
Iris Lark "Oh you'll end up with a legend in any case." Iris says, gazing at Sparrow with a slightly amused look on her face. "If there is anything that I can do to help, I hope you'll let me know." She turns then and smiles at Aura. "When we're finished, I can show you the way to town, if you would like?"
Aura Aura is glancing at each of the people who look like outsiders, pondering who to attach herself to, when Iris offers to show her to El Dorado. She blinks, then smiles at Iris enthusiastically, giving her a thumbs-up. "Perfect! Tell me when you're ready to go." Her current mission secured, she walks back over to a more central location of the current wall-building.

...but rather than trying to help physically, she starts singing to them: About the beauty of their town. Very vague things about what will come in future days: about the people they care about, about their children, current and future. And about the gentle wind that blows past them, wiping away their sweat as they labor, leaving nothing but strength. There's a repetitive chorus and rhythm in the song, and she tries to build it into a call and response, but will the townsfolk play along, or even listen?
Sparrow "I hope not." She mutters and shakes her head with a little wrinkle of her nose. She barely settles under the yolk of 'Hero of Avalon'. She rolls her shoulders out and then nods, "If course I'll let you know. You've been a help to this whole thing, honestly so've the folks in Acme." She sighs sincerely.

Aura's singing does draw some fans, a couple of younger folks. Most town have a radio that can be tuned in when the town gathered but in this town there's nary a radio to be seen. Tech is not favored here and so when Aura sings it seems to help boost the spirits of folks who've been working a long, long day.
Iris Lark Iris slings her rucksack over her shoulder and she stops what she is doing to listen to Aura. She shifts and sits on a pile of bricks, and while some folks keep working, others draw closer. She smiles over at Sparrow and pushes her hair away from her face. "A good end to a decent day, hopefully the work keeps on here, not sure how high the walls need to be."
Aura Displeasure flickers over Aura's face as some of the people stop working, but it's gone in an instant. She finishes up the song she improvised, then walks away from the wall a bit so the people who are drawing around her just for song don't get in the way of workers, and begins singing an ancient song, instead -- "Que Sera, Sera".
Sparrow It's been a long day and no one's considered bad for taking a break from building the wall. It'll be another few days of hard labor but if it continues as it has, especially with the help of El Doradans to keep the strange unique Tribe from Avalon safe. In the evening, ther will even be a little festival in the clear open area that's being built in the center of town. Aura is invited to come and sing there as well if she'd like, or even in the tavern for something to drink and a roast rad-boar dinner.
Iris Lark Iris has disappeared a few minutes ago, helpign the tavern finish up the prep for the food that is going to be served. Once things have been set out on tables and drinks were being offered the Healer approaches Aura, a smile on her face. "Do you want me to show you the way to El Dorado now?" She asks, glancing over her shoulder briefly at the festivities. "Or, if you wish, we can find you a place to stay here for the evening."
Aura Aura smiles back at Iris, then shakes her head at the suggestion of festivities. "This town, sweet as it is, isn't going to change the world anytime soon." She points dramatically towards somewhere on the horizon, odds are, in the wrong direction. "Let's go -- to El Dorado!"

    She pauses, then lowers her arm. "Ah! But since I'm imposing on you, I should at least introduce myself: I'm Aura Mulligan." She tilts her head a bit to one side, gesturing towards Iris. "And yourself?" She leaves her hand out for a moment, in case Iris is the handshaking type.
Sparrow Sparrow smiles and moves to pat Iris on the shoulder, "Take Blue and Red? It'll make the trip faster. I'll be sticking around Avalon for a few days. Come get me healed soon." She dips her head to Aura, "Ma'am." She says before heading off to go help the Tavern owner.
Iris Lark Iris glances at the horses and looks more than a little nervous. They're big! She offers Aura a shy smile and nods. "Nice to meet you Miss Mulligan, I'm Iris Lark." She does reach out a hand to shake and smiles while she does it. "So uhm, do you like horses?" She gestures to the two standing in the clearing, one stomping like she might be looking forward to the trip.
Aura "Pleased to meet you, Miss Lark!" Aura dips her head to Sparrow. "Ma'am!" She looks over to the horses, and tilts her head a bit to one side, then glances back to Iris. "I do like them! First time meeting them, though." She walks up to the one who's stomping. "You're eager to go too, aren't you?

" Her eyes flit over the horses' riding gear or lack thereof as she figures out how exactly one is supposed to get situated to ride them -- she's seen the holovids, it's can't be /that/ hard, right? -- so she takes a couple steps back, then tries to vault up onto the horse in one go.
Iris Lark Iris has been taught this part, but she's still nervous so Belle shies a little bit and the Healer finds herself petting the horse until she's calmed again. Once on the horse she turns and offers a hand to Aura. "I'm fairly sure we can both ride one and be okay, maybe. Probably."