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Katherine Caine The Gold Digger Saloon is bustling with activity tonight, seeing as it's the monthly half-off hooker night. (Gotta bring extra business in somehow!)

Miss Kitty is currently behind the bar, talking with a wealthy looking gentlemen who she directs over to one of the girls waiting by the stairs, "Yall have a good time now."

Looking towards Archene who was not far away, she dropped the friendly act for a moment and lost the smile, assuming one hell of a bitch-face for a second, "You just going to sit there or are you going to do something with yourself?"
Archene Caine "I'm already sitting here and looking all unfriendly so no one tries to make trouble for you, KC. Why can't you appreciate a honest man's work?" Arcchene chuckles quietly in reply, before chugging down some beer, immunity to hellish bitch is something nurtured over decades! Just gotta be sure to remain outside punching range while demonstrating such immunity.
Guardian Caldwell Clanking metal is heard outside before a man dressed in various degrees of bloody bandages and armor with the Brotherhood of Steel logo on each shoulderpad. The man was none other then William Caldwell who had strolled into town just yesterday, who had probably made a scene since who really expected brotherhood this far from a base? "I'm looking for Miss Kitty." he says out loud before walking over towards the bar and popping a squat on one of the seats, adjusting the bandages on himself so they don't fall off as they had recently gotten loose from all the walking he's done.
Katherine Caine The bitch-face is lost immediately and Katherine aka Miss Kitty turns her attention towards the newcomer asking for her. She fought every instinct to narrow her eyes, it was rare to see the Brotherhood of Steel here and well, Archene and her had history with the group.

"Well, hello darlin'." Miss Kitty purred out at William before reaching a dainty hand out to run along the hand of William and up the side of his arm, "What can Miss Kitty do for ya?"
Archene Caine Proceeding with his job to just looking grumpy and the like, Archene puts his hand on his waist, his eyes narrowing as he slightly turns his body towards the customer. The best part, the worry and the feeling that someone should shoot the man are all natural! But this is KC's place and he'd probably miss anyways.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell simply stares blankly at Miss Kitty as she puts a hand on his arm. He remains calm however and turns to look at Archene, his gaze unflinching to show he ain't fraid of no gambler. He turns back to Katherine and speaks clearly and with purpose "I need your help. A month or so ago a platoon of BoS soldiers were ambushed at what we thought was a technological gold mine. We couldn't get halfway through the door before raiders swarmed the hell out of us, raiders who, if my theory is correct, may be coming towards this little town in a matter of days, weeks, or months. Depending on how fast they locate this place. It'll be a slaughter for everyone involved and i've been warning people about it. Nobody seems to listen though. I was the only survivor of this squadmates are all dead, our power armor destroyed, what I need from you, Miss Kitty; is the ability to get help from my allies in the local Steel chapters and hopefully get myself some allies to help defend this place and take revenge for the brothers we have lost. To do this, I need to send a signal from the radio tower your town has. I plead for your help as you are the only one who can do this for me. Everyone else has told me to go to you, so I feel you are the only one capable of this."
Katherine Caine Everything said was of interest to Katherine, so much interest that she slowly dropped out of the Miss Kitty act, "So exactly, where was this 'gold mine' that you all got ambushed at and how did you make your way here? I need some kind of information, some way to check facts if I am to believe you."

Katherine's hands rested on her hips now, watching the Brotherhood of Steel Knight with a discerning eye. No wonder nobody believed the poor soldier, his story sounded like something out of a fairy tale.
Archene Caine Archene does listen to the story as carefully... but KC asks the very questions he wanted to ask. Though he'd ask them in more insensible ways. His hand never relaxes though and he keeps an eye at the BoS Knight, even as his other hand bring his drink to his mouth, for drinking. It will get hot if it is just left there because of some possible fairy tale from some crazed BoS Knight.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell trembles as he recounts the acts of slaughter that happened to get him to El Dorado. He lowers his voice slightly "If I tell you you can't go around spreading it to everyone, the brotherhood still wants whats down there. It was one of the Posiedon Energy Research Facilities in Mexico. I've been walking here for weeks only stopping to sleep and hunt and drink what dirty water I could find. I don't have an exact location of the research facility, i'm just a knight. If you can find that research station I guarantee you'll see bodies everywhere..unless those bastards have cannibalised us." he continues shaking as he sits there, taking deep breaths in an attempt to calm himself.
Katherine Caine Katherine nodded, looking between Archene and the man before asking, "Mexico is still a bit away. How did you make it from Mexico to New Mexico? Did you have transportation of some kind? If you fled just on foot, the raiders would have caught you." William was going to have to give her more, because right now? This was sounding like the tale of a con artist.
Archene Caine Research station, bodies, loot. A very wild story, but one that certainly got Archene's attention fully he even put down the beer, and took his hand away from the gun. "Sincerely, you can't expect for anyone to believe that you outwalked a horde of raiders."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell nods to Kat before speaking "We had a vertibid transportation for some of the way, but the transport was damaged during the escape and we crashed here in New Mexico. I've been walking the rest of the way up to here. I'm the only one who made it from my squad. The vertibird claimed the lives of everyone else on board."
Katherine Caine "Well Tinman, your story just got a little more believable. I'll tell you what. Archie, is going to grab a map from the back room. You're gonna mark out approximately where you think that Vertibird crashed and well, where you think that Poseidon Energy Facility is." Katherine said without a hint of nicety or pleasantness, direct and all business, "I was going to re-open the Silver Dollar, but, I'll put the caps out to gather up a posse and we'll all head down to your little crash site. If it checks out, we don't kill you and sell every last thing you're wearing." The last part might have been a joke on her part, if a dark one. Hopefuly William was telling the truth.
Archene Caine "Alright, alright, KC." Archene stands up up with a huf, looking at the tinman, "And you better hope that the things you are wearing are worth more than this trip if there is nothing there in the end." With that he goes to the back room... and comes back, soon enough, with a map in his hands. He walks over to the Knight's table and opens it, just in front of him. Staring at the man, "Well, where is the crashsite?"
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell looks over to Kitty Kat and nods "I can do that." he says, frowning at Katherines threat "You don't have to threaten me, i'm not lying." he looks over to Archene and his very same threat, "Jesus, try to warn the town of an impending disaster and you get told you're gonna get killed and your shit sold." he grabs hold of a marker that HOPEFULLY Archy was smart enough to bring, and marks down the crash site and the poseidon research facility. "There...and...there. Geeze, thinking back I walked in a lot of fucking circles. I feel like an idiot now."
Katherine Caine "It was a joke, relax." A joke if William was telling the truth. Katherine grabbed the map and stuffed it between her decolletage before smiling, like everything was normal once more, "Well, we're known our hospitality in El Dorado sweetie. So you can consider yourself a guest here at the Gold Digger, we'll start ya up a tab and you can eat and drink as much as you like."

Moving back behind the bar, she grabbed a key from beneath it and tossed it over to William, "Second room to the right on the top floor. Ya get rested up sugah, we're going to ride out in a day."

Leaning in close to Archene she said, "That's down where the Rad Snakes are. Better make sure you bring your best, I have no clue how this guy got out of there on his own, on foot. He's one hell of a fighter or a liar."