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Bane      It had taken a couple of days of riding and scouting, El Dorado has a lot of traffic coming and going it is suprising just how much has to come in and go out to keep a city of that size running in the wasteland. Finally however Bane and Rose had come across the remains of what look to be a few caravan guards, hard to tell after the buzzards have had a few days but the weapons and armour seem consistent. It isn't until Rose finds the tracks of a heavily laden wagon they know for sure, this is definitly the armourers wagon and it was definitly attacked and taken by bandits. Luckily it is moving slow, the tracks suggest a broken wheel and damaged axle.

     It doesn't take Bane and Rose long to return to El Dorado the ranger and the bounty hunter quickly putting together a team of anyone that is ready and willing to go out and take on a well armed team of bandits. Time to track down the wagon recover the goods and bring some justice down upon those that are willing to kill good men for just a few caps and some stolen goods.
Rose      When you've got to work with time constraints? Sometimes you have to work with new faces. Sadly for Rose, who'd been in town for only a single (if not very busy) week. They'd take who they could get, but they'd set off regardless. Wrapped in her Ranger gear, the blonde woman checks her belt one last time, both her revolvers resting in their hip holsters. The Ranger takes the time to tie her hair back, securing it out of her eyes before her helmet is slid back over her head.

"These guys are armed," she begins briefing those they'd recruited. "They attacked and killed the people on this caravan and they probably won't hesitate to try and do the same to us. They know if they go back alive, it's likely death for them anyway." A pause, the woman's helmet gives her voice the slightest mechanical tinge. "Don't take any chances. They draw on you? Put them down or get out of the way."
Tobias Tobias isn't a fighter, he's a scrapper, a scavenger, a low-life who chases the carnage just to pick up afterwards without so much as an apology. If he caught wind of a run down caravan you better believe he'd do his very best to tag along and stay to the back of the war party with a quiet grin.

The short statured mechanic stands an unassuming five foot ten and his patchwork armor makes for a unique appeal. His odd hair, filthy skin and bad teeth are enough to keep most folks at bay with little more than a grin. Still, there is a fervor to him and as he tags along he flashes crooked teeth at anyone who catches his eyes along the way. Gregarious zeal despite being otherwise a silent observor.
Skittles It wasn't hard to convince Skittles to join. Really, she might've jumped at the opportunity, but well-armed bandits meant a serious risk. Confident though, she stepped forward and offered her assistance. Hoping that her quick intellect and own abilities would be enough to pull her through this.
     Without a horse, she makes her way a little ways behind the horses, jogging every once in a while to catch up. This is how she finds herself tracking down the heavier tracks of the wagon along side Bane and Rose, "Can any of you get a good count on how many this might have been?".
Sparrow Sparrow decides that there are worse things than helping a couple of folks in need. The blonde Rancher offering her help and, of course, Toni's as well since they'd been bargaining over some repairs when Rose and Bane had arrived with news. She'd left her horse in the care of a friend and joined the others while checking her gun. "Best we go in quiet-like then. I don't have my supplies on me." Sparrow seems amiable if a bit straight-faced. Something of a counter to Tobias more excitable air.
Finley The brown haired girl is sitting cross legged on the floor as shes when shes recruited. A sawed off shotgun is slung over her lap and despite the grim circumstance she looks calm, casual even. Shes quick to jump to join the gathering posse of people looking for the crooks. Its funny considering how ill prepared Finley looks.

But she tags along behind the horses, shotgun in hand. "Do we have an idea of what they look like? Or are we shooting anyone who pops up?"
Bane      Bane looks to be studying the tracks carefully as he moves along following them, they are clearly getting closer as the tracks edged are slowly getting more defined. He drops from the side of his horse retrieving a piece of jerky from one of his saddlebags which he idly chews on as he walks. He tilts his head down over his eyes and rubs at his coppery stubble before turning to look towards Skittles "Looks to me that their are eight to twelve of the bastards. You don't need to many when you are lying in ambush." He spits out part of his jerky that was clearly not agreeing with him. He looks down at the custom lever action in his hands and racks the first round into the chamber, clearly ready to fight.

     He continues to walk his eyes scanning the tracks carefully before raising up to the horizon, looking at the dying sun. "Aye, you are right. We want to get some eyes on them and know what we are dealing with before we start shooting." He nods to Sparrow as before holding a hand up before slowly lowering to his side before he goes into a crouch. he looks back towards Finley with a small smirk "They are raiders. We don't have a clear idea on what they look like, but I have seen the bodies they have dropped. Unless their hands are bound chances are they are going to try and kill you."
Rose      "About nine or so, yeah," Rose nods as she studdies the tracks, glancing back at the others behind them. Only Skittles she really knows, but she isn't bothered by the prospect of working with newcomers so far. "Quiet as we can for as long as we can, but don't be suprised if they make this messy." Drawing her revolvers, the ranger gives them a little needles twirl in each hand before she glances between those gathered. "I can get close, but these guns will make it pretty obvious when the shooting has started."

     Talk of recognising the raiders earns a grim smile and a nod. "The'll likely have the raided gear close at hand, and almost certainly will be trying to kill us. You'll recognize them."
Tobias Tobias is half-jogging/half-walking along with the more somber Sparrow and his lop-sided grin persists as his hyper alert hazel eyes scoot over the sights. "Eight.. nine.. raiders, maybe.." He mutters from the corner of his mouth to Sparrow as he maintains a careful approach near the rear of the procession. "And me without a gun." He takes the wrench off his toolbelt and lolls his wrist once to let it flop in a practiced roll motion across the back of his knuckles and once more into his palm. It makes a sharp clink that garners a cold grin from the scrapper.
Skittles Skittles takes a moment to catch her breath while Bane dismounts and unpacks a quick snack. She to recovers one, her's in the form of a not to appealing hard biscuit. She bites into it though, and then takes a couple sips of a water.
"8 to 12", she states, "Alright then.". With a glance to the rest of her party, she nods to herself. She glances back to the rolled over caravan, "Do you think they planned it, or just got really lucky? If they planned it, they could be miles from here. If they just got lucky, then their camp might not be that far off.
Sparrow "Yeah well, We'll have to remedy that later, Tobi. I was just bringin' ya along to help fix the wagon." The cowgirl's lips pull into a thin line drawing the somber expression into something more sharp at the mention of Raiders. She nods towards Rose and Bane taking a breath and crouches lower making sure her revolvers in her hand. "If ya get hurt, I'll cover ya and draw back to me. I'll do what I can with what I've got." The young woman's eyes are hard. She scans across the area quickly to find good vantage points.
Finley With a tiny sigh, it looks like Finley accepts their answers. Or doesnt care. It could be fifty-fifty really. The short girl has a reputation of running around and poking into things without fully knowing whats going on, after all. As they follow the tracks, her eyes keep darting from the ground, to the backs of the people on horses, and then to either side of the group as they make their way. She seems nervous.

Hearing that there might be 8-12 raiders and that one of the group didnt have a gun? It doesnt help ease her nerves. "I have a pistol if you want it?" Her brown eyes glance sideways at Tobias. "Youll get shot long before youre in range to smack em with that." She gestures vaguely at the wrench. "Unless you plan to throw it."
Bane      Banes nostrils flare visibly as he looks back towards the others in the impromptu posse. "Woodsmoke." He looks back towards Skittles "They are near. They definitly planned it. But we got lucky. They damaged the wagon when they took it. They have been moving painfully slow. Good for us, means we don't have to chase them down on horseback."

     He looks over the others quickly his intense blue eyes quickly getting a measure of each individual. He shakes his head as he looks over Tobias "Stay behind the gunslingers. You spanner won't do any good here until they are all dead. After that you can see what you can do for the wagon. Don't want it to take us a week to get back to town. Think the girls in the Saloon are just starting to warm up to me."

     He looks towards Rose with a nod and a twist of his head towards the small rise ahead of them. The message is clear to most, he can smell the woodsmoke. They are close. Time to get a look at what they are dealing with.
Tobias "Its more of a comfort blanket at this point, don't think I can't grog that much..." The smarmy fellow chuckles though and slips the wrench back into his belt as he steps off in Finley's direction. "Wouldn't say no to a pistol for the afternoon. I'll even tune her up for ya 'fore I give it back. If yer of the mind to allow minor tinkering..." Tobias holds out a greased covered hand wearing a fingerless grubby leather glove, he's nodding cheekily, "Real forthcomin' of you to offer. Thanks neighbor." There is something off putting about his attempts at charm and manners, they don't quite ring hollow but the sincerity is certainly forced. He was just reaching for the gun and if he gets a handshake he blinks and snorts out a stifled laugh.

Even with the weapon in hand Tobias nods to Bane's direction to remain behind the gunslingers, "Don't have to tell me twice."
Bane      Bane rises with the others that are going to go slightly ahead of the others to scout out the bandit camp over the rise. The slope is gentle but the terain is rough and rocky. The sight below is pretty clear to those that look. They have definitly found them, and they were clearly getting ready to settle in for the night. If they wait just a little while they may be able to get in while they are sleeping and make this fight more of a slaughter. Or a clean arrest whatever your preference is. Sadly it is not to be. Bane slips on the slope a rock dislodging from under his foot and falling with several loud thunks down the slope. He quickly moves to hide but it is not enough. Eyes move up the slope centering on the large moving form of Bane, a couple of them start to rise to their feet and hands go for weapons. Damn.
Rose      And so in Rose moves, once more a ghost in a duster as she sweeps across the sand towards the unaware raiders. There's a smile on her lips as she draws in. After the last night? This felt nice, normal...sane. How odd was the world that the hunting of deadly criminals was reassuring for the Veteran Ranger? She's perfectly silent, but it doesn't matter for much as another of their team stumbles. You're only as stealthy as the loudest companion.

Time to move, time to react. If they can't have suprise, she'll settle for confusion. Fire from all directions in the dark was the next best thing they could manage! There was no order to shoot, the others would know soon enough as she squeezes the triggers on her revolvers.
Tobias The pound and a half of tools Tobias carries around in that big steel framed backpack he wears doesn't make him an especially stealthy individual. He stays far back from the scouts and those that going on ahead, "I'll be fine back here, I'm sure, if you want to go on ahead with everyone?" He sets up post by the caravan for now and begins tinkering with things around the area. The .45 Finley loaned him stays close at hand while danger is on the horizon but he's attempting to keep away from the altercation. Instead of taking the pack off he straps in! Tobi fastens a chest and waist strap with a series of clicks and a little hop that jangles the tools in his bag. "Ready Freddy." He mutters to himself as other people stealth off..
Sparrow Sparrow hangs back. "I'm not a gunslinger, just good with a gun. Keep down." Not far, she gives the others the space to operate and is back far enough finding a nice edge that she can take cover behind to help cover the people going ahead. She checks to make sure Tobias is still keeping back before looking foreward towards the trio of folks moving foreward. And winces when the biggest one looses his footing. She she takes aim at one of the few figures she can see in the low light, and readies to take her shot. Comfortable with offering cover fire from afar.
Skittles Skittles freaks the hell out when she hears Bane's slip, her heart nearly seizing in her chest. Unsure of what it's from, she presses herself down to the ground where she managed to find a hiding spot, even if it had a crumby vantage point. She hadn't been able to get a very good look, but she knew they all must've heard the rock fall, but whether or not it was from their group or not remained to be seen by her. She grips her pistol tight, awaiting the next sequence of events. A breath of silence passes over, and suddenly the popping of shells signifies the dance of death.
Finley A half smile, half smirk flickers across her face as Finley hands over the gun to Tobias. No handshake, none of that nonsense for this girl. It's a nice gun too, .45 Semiautomatic Pistol, not too beat up or damaged. "Do whatever ya want to it as long as you hand it back in one piece." She says with a small wink. "If not! Better hope the bandits get ya." An unlikely threat from someone as dainty looking as Finley. From the playfulness in her tone, it was likely just teasing.

Her expression gets a hell of a lot more somber when Bane dislodges a rock. Tensing, she crouches low and prays that the bandits have only spotted one of them. Itd at least give her time to get a shot off. Maybe. She aims her shotgun at the bandits, nervous but determined.
Rose      And so Rose announces her presence with thunder and earthquake and great noise like the perverbial divine wrath, appearing from the darkness to the flashes of her revolvers and the smell of gunsmoke as the two handcannons roar. Her aim narrows on the 'big guy', shreading him with fire and dropping the intimidating figure in a furious moment of violence. Kill the big one, bring panic to the rest. Already Rose is moving to take aim on her next targets.
Finley Two shots go off from the short, brown haired girl. And they both miss. Finley flinches and quickly starts to reload.
Skittles Skittles presses the contact on the side of her pistol, switching it into charged mode. She rolls out of cover, glances over the camp, and picks out a target with the aid of her VATS system, which is linked to her pistol via the Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV.
% A bright flash of vivid blue light leaps from her hands. Although instead of following the tracer to check her mark, she glances over the camp hoping the illumination will help her spot anything, before half rolling, half skittering, to another defensive position.
Sparrow Sparrow's expression goes somber when gunfire erupts and keen blues scan for the perfect shot. Aiming at the first head she'd seen she lifts her Revolver and takes her shot. Thankfully the dude was already missed up and so her shot takes the guy out leaving one fewer Raider for the frontrunners to deal with. Exhaling she looks for another target that's sufficiently visible from her distance and readies herself for another attack, ducked back behind the large rock's edge as much as she can be while still lining up her next shot.
Tobias Tobias lets out an alarmed undignified squak when a bullet pings into the concrete near his head, drawing his pistol with sure hands he pops off a shot that cuts into a raider's arm. In the hail of gunfire a return bullet whizzing back and sinks into Tobi's shoulder, "Mother cu-" A torrent of curse words leak from him with the blood and his gun goes to cover the wound as he ducked down.
Bane      Bane runs for cover after his foot slips, the rock he dislodged starting up an absolute perfect shitstorm of bullets and shattered rocks. Bullets impact all around him, sharp shards of stone slicing through the skin of his cheek. He takes cover behind a boulder before raising himself for a moment his hands move rapidly as he fires his custom lever action reaping bloody retribution on those below him. One is torn from his feet as his first round near rips his head off, the next round plunging into the already dead mans chest. And then it all goes wrong. Two bullets make their way around his cover slam through his armoured duster and rip huge chunks from his heavily muscled chest. The beast of a man known as Bane lets out a loud growl as he grits his teeth so tight they look like they may crack. It is not enough to stop him.

     The bandits are firing rapidly up into the hillside as it comes alive with the report of many different weapons. Their leader is immediatly riddled with bullets the massive hulking metal armoured man going down in a shower of sparks and blood. The worst thing is they can't even see if they are hitting their foes. There certainly doesn't seem to be any decrease in the volume of fire.
Rose      A bullet in the dark catches rose, slamming into her leather vest and duster. That was going to leave a nasty mark, but she was still standing. Those twin revolvers ring out again, held akimbo at two seperate targets. The one that shot her? He's dead before he even realises he hadn't managed to kill the ranger. The other? He falls, bleeding heavily and perhaps wishing she'd managed a killshot.
Finley Reloading, Finley fires another shot! This one actually hits. And kills someone. Who would have guessed? Not Finley.
Bane      Bane comes up from behind the boulder again, he is now bleeding heavily his duster once again coated in a thick layer of fresh hot blood. His rifle however is still steady in his hands, the old man has true grit there is no doubt about that. His eyes are squinted as rocks slash across his face, bullets still impacting all around him. He spots one of them. Looks like the bastard is trying to get away in the chaos. Not today. Retribution roars again, the .45/70 round punching through the spine of the fleeing man spilling him to the rocks with a fountain of blood.
Skittles Skittles glances about just in time to see Bane take two shots to the chest. The man's drive onwards though empowers her, and she flips her attention back to the bandits or bandit. Since the other two were running, and the shell from Finley exploded the other guy. Taking aim, she ignites the reactors once, then twice.
Two beams of light rip through the night, as they collide with the remaining bandit's torso and head, their vivid blue illumination turning his insides to ash, and his skull into something resembling a microwaved plastic pumpkin lantern.
Sparrow The only good Raider, in the eyes of Miss Sparrow Drake, is a dead Raider. And without even thicking she turns her revolver on the one who dared to run. Can't let them summon up reenforcements while they fix the wagon. Sparrow's bright blue eyes narrow and the Revolver fires once into the night and the man running off in an attempt to get away from the massacre falls silent as part of his head goes missing. Sparrow holsters her pistol, "All good, Tobi?"
Tobias Tobias sticks his arm out to take a look at the bleeding and find he's only been grazed by a bullet, "Nothing serious." He agreed in Sparrow's direction but put his hand back over it with a wince. After a moment he moves to find the owner of the gun he borrowed and he returns it with a grim little grin. "Thanks again for that.. real lifesaver."
Rose      One bullet left in each gun, Rose has her weapons raised to fire...only there's no more threats left. An exhaled breath later and she steps up now, looking over the carnage and calmly preparing to double-tap any raider that might be playing possum. "Everyone okay?" she calls, whincing a little at her newly forming bruise. "Or at least still breathing?"

With another perhaps unnecessary but very satisfying twirl, her pistols are holstered once more.
Bane      The last bandit falls. No survivors and no mercy being shown. Bane leans against the boulder for a moment, blood dribbling from his lips his torso is a bit of a mess. But he pushes on for now, the man is a damn machine driven foward by guts and willpower. Maybe he should invest in some better freaking armour. He shakes his head and looks around for the others before heading down to the broken wagon. He calls out his voice pained and clearly strained "Any casualties?"

     Well none of them are dead. That is good. And he is by far the worst wounded. But they have the wagon. The enemy are all dead. Now they just have to try and get the heavy broken piece of junk and its cargo all the way back to El Dorado.
Skittles Skittles rolls to her side then stands, brushing the grit off of her, or as much of it off of her as she can. She checks her weapons, stowing the pistol away, and pulls free her MP7 PDW as she begins to pick over the bodies, looking for signs of movement.
"I'm good, just scratches from the rocks.", she calls back. "Not seeing any movement.", she continues.
Sparrow Sparrow comes around the boulder nodding to Tobias to let the gearhead do his thing with the Wagon as she starts making the rounds, making sure no one looks like they're going to fall over. After spotting Bane though and noticing he's the one who looks worst off she heads over and with the limited supplies she'd managed to grab from her saddlebags before they came to grab the wagon. "Nope. None that I can see. Here, let me see if we can't keep you from leakin' all over the desert." She nods to Rose and glances to Skittles before waiting to see if Bane will let her get the bleeding stopped.
Finley After all the bandits were dead, Finley finally allowed herself to peek out from hiding. Somehow, she was completely uninjured. The brown haired girl stands on unsteady feet and takes a few steps towards the rest of the group. Her eyes are still a little wild, glancing over at the dead bodies every once in awhile. "I think everyone's mostly okay." She murmurs in response to the words of concern.

When everyone is accounted for, she drifts over to the corpses and starts to rifle through them. Finley doesn't seem very disturbed by the gore. Her main concerns seem to be the contents of their pockets and guns. Speaking of guns. Her head pops up from her grim tasks, long enough to call out towards Tobias. "Remember to give me back that gun!"
Tobias Tobias starts with the wagon once he's got his arm to stop leaking and he pops open the clasps on his steel framed backpack to do it. Sliding out of the huge rig when the bag is on the floot is stands almost four and a half feet tall with at least 20 different pockets, zippers and flaps. Its it toolkit, he dips a hand into the back and pulls out a screwdriver and a strange glowing sodering iron.

The sound of tinkering and quiet zaps can be heard from the undercarriage of the wagon. A pair of dingy boots poke out and his toes move to unheard tunes. From under the rig, "I thought I gave it to you?!"