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Abigail Caine It's a brisk Winter afternoon and the Militia is nominally out on patrol following up on reports of molerats rambling their way through the maize being grown by a farmer on the outskirts of El Dorado. Though they are obliged to check when the reports come these reports are nearly always pparanoia. The maize appears to be undisturbed and there are no molerat holes around for them to have ducked down. Still, it leaves some free time.

The booze ended up in one of the bags. There's nothing to do and no danger in sight. While someone has to have their rifle on hand... There's plenty of room to just sit down next to a tree, look out at the creek, and get drunk on confiscated moonshine. What's one bottle, right? Or three.
Lee     Patrol. Even a useless one like this, still meant that Lee was suited up. Afterall.. never know what MIGHT actually be there and it makes the farmers feel better when they see the power suit showing up to protect them. At the least, they look it.

    Finding that spot near the creek, Lee would take off that helm and set his crossbow aside, sighing softly as he'd glance over to the others. "Whadda joke.. oi.. 'lest we ain't expected back fer a bit.. huh?"
Cleo The moonshine confiscated from the mafia's still was almost certainly not Lieutenant Cleopatra McKinsey's idea. After all, it would be unethical to take a bag full of moonshine out on patrol. On the other hand, it would be immoral to let that moonshine fall into the wrong hands without testing it to be sure it's safe, right?

"Molerats. Heh. Well, if any of 'em do pop up, maybe I'll get a chance to test out my new toy," she says as she sits down on an old stump near the tree that the group has taken up a position under. She did make a point of picking a spot on the other side of the maize from the farmers' view. "Alright, so, keep your ears open for digging. Other than that, at ease. This should be an easy shift," she tells the other two.

She'll take off her duster and hat, though she keeps her sawed-off and pistol out on a rock beside her. "Hey, Gale. You're not gonna keep all the booze to yourself this time, right?" She looks over at Lee. "How well do you shoot after a drink, Private?"
Abigail Caine "No, ma'am. Not this time. Last time was for your own good," Gale calls from her place against the tree trunk. She took the moonshine from the still and she isn't apologizing for it either. Gale pulls down her bandana, showing some of that skin she usually keeps completely hidden, and props herself against the stump beside Cleo. She's staring at the old glass bottle in her hand.

"Johnny Walker," Gale mutters, arching a brow. She unscrews the cap on the bottle and sniffs the air. "...Nope, still turpentine." Shrugging, Gale takes a wig of moonshine before ofering the bottle over to Cleo. A slow, deep breath follows while Gale sits there.

"If any of them do show up I'll probably punt them into the next farm. Messing with my drinking a time's worth a punting, I think." Gale squints at the skyline now. Despite her words she is always wary of her surroundings. "So... Cleo, what have you been up to? It's been a bit. Since we've really caught up." Leo gets a nod as well and Gale adds, "And you as well. Fancy bit of armor you have there. Drinking with us?"
Lee     Lee would disassemble a portion fo the armor, helm, gloves, the chest piece shows that uniform on under it at least. He'd stretch a little, then chuckles quietly, grinning at Cleo. "Eh.. Depends on what's bein drank and what's on the line fer the shootin.." Lee gives a small upnod to Gale then. "Name's Lee. Nice ta meetcha. Good work the other day.. happy ta have a good scout, fer sure.." He'd tap that chest plate then. "I found this actually.. when out on patrol, yah? Ya'll be hard press ta have me pass up on drinkin with two hot women there mate. So, pass on when yer ready, LT." He'd flash a grin at Gale and Cleo both, then chuckle.
Cleo "Mmm. Sweet, sweet turpentine," Cleo says as the bottle passes over to her, taking a sniff of the contents and crinkling her nose. "You know, we probably did a good thing, shutting down their op. This stuff smells like it could kill a horse." Cleo is not a horse, so she knocks back a gulp, her face scrunching up as the alcohol goes down. "I was tryin' to decide if one of us needed to stay sober to keep a steady gun hand - or bow hand, as it were - but it sounds like Gale's got us covered, anyway, Lee. Just don't shoot her in the foot when she goes to punt 'em."

Cleo holds the bottle over to Lee as he gets closer. She glances aside at Gale. "I guess he must be sincere, since you're not eligible to give him a promotion," she says to her. "I was startin' to wonder." She winks at Lee as a smile spreads across her lips, expression slowly recovering from the first drink.

"Been patrollin' a lot. Went up to the Drake place on New Years to check on the party during the storm. Storm was an absolute pain in the ass, by the way - spent part of it patrolling, most of it tryin' to figure out what happened to the other patrols, and the rest usin' my spare time to help fix up the wall in Shantytown. And maybe did a bit of drinkin'. Oh, and I got me this thing." She pats the sawed-off indicatively. "What've you been up to?"
Abigail Caine "Gale. Nice to meet you too." Gale watches Lee past those mirrored aviator lenses, studying theman thoughtfully from head to toe. Not that one can really to tell what it is she is actually lookingat at the moment. Lee's nod is returned and the woman twists slightly, adjusting herself against the tree she's leaning on.

"Well, if he's sincere I guess we'd better be nice to him," Gale notes with a faint snort, though there's a hint of a smirk behind those words. She nods as Cleo is explaining what she's been up to, taking deep breaths. "Same as always. Sneaking through the brush sniping raiders, molerats, and the occasional super mutant. Kicked a flaming deathclaw in the head..." She shrugs slowly.

"Nice to sit down and pretend there are molerats out here for a little while."
Lee     Lee smirks at Cleo, shaking his head as he'd take the drink. A small inhale, then he'd take his own swig of it. "Gah.. man.. they need ta work on their work.. that's fer sure.." He'd pass the bottle off to Gale with that easy nod. "Oi.. I was leadin a merc group 'fore the whole crap hit the wall.. so I ain't that interested in movin up. Ifn ya'll need me to? Sure.. I will.. but otherwise.. I'm here ta help people.. ain't got anything better ta do.." Lee smirks at Cleo and Gale both. "And ya'll both would be hard pressed ta be called anythin other than hot, huh?"
Cleo "Well, we both outrank him, so being nice is still our prerogative," Cleo says to Gale with a grin as she sits back, hands palms down on the stump to prop herself up. "Probably wise to be nice to Gale anyway, Lee. She's got one of the meanest left hooks in the barracks, and her right hook's just as bad. I wouldn't say I'm too hot right now, though. Weather's cooled off a bit this time of year. Besides, are you sayin' we can't be called strong, smart, or badass?"

Cleo's eyes shift over toward the maize thoughtfully as she looks for molerats that probably don't exist. "Was the deathclaw on fire before you kicked it, or because you kicked it?" Cleo asks Gale with a grin, turning a look her way. "Wish I'da seen that. I think the most badass thing I've done lately was have someone hit me in the leg with a cleaver."
Abigail Caine "It was flaming on account of the fact it apparently could actually breathe fire at people," Gale responds with a slow shrug of her shoulders. "Found it out in Dunwich. Kept shooting until I was out of ammo then ran over and kicked the fucker in the skull a couple of times. Worked better tha I expected if you want the truth."

Gale's eyebrows loft as she looks between the two and then nods slowly at Lee. "I think the Lieutenant has a good point," Gale adds thoughtfully. "Though as a matter of fact I am actually getting kind of hot under all this armour so at least that checks out. Was starting doubt your grasp of the obvius, Private." Gale shrugs then and folds her hands over her chest.

"I'll stick with not getting hhit in the leg with a cleaver, all being equal." Gale reaches out and snags the bottle of moonshine. She takes a swig before passign it on once more.
Lee     Lee laughs, holding up both hands with a grin. "Nah nah. Ain't like that at all LT. Just havin beauty, brains and brawn? Ya'll short out most guy's head ifn ya show it all at once." He'd snicker, flashing that grin as he'd give up the bottle, then take it back to take another swig. "I've been on both ends of a CO. So.. rather have the good ta the bad.. but.. like ya said, yer choice either way.. grunts gotta be along ta grunt, afterall.."
Cleo "And that's why I prefer to stay away from Dunwich. Hey, let's not keep the superior officer out of the loop," Cleo gripes, before she reaches to take the bottle for another swig. This time her reaction is less pronounced, but still similarly cringey. "The last thing deathclaws need is fire. They're bad enough as it is." She grunts a little. "Worst thing about getting cut in the leg is getting it stitched up, after."

She smirks at Lee, "That's why I always make sure to look my worst when it comes to leading a firefight, Private. Can't have too many casualties chalked up to head short-outs, it'll look bad on my report."

She draws in a breath through her nostrils. "Honestly, Lee, I'm glad to have you under me. You do a better job of following orders than most. Then again, I suppose I can't blame some of the volunteers for not respecting the chain of command..." She gets a slightly distant and faintly annoyed look as she says so.
Abigail Caine "You two've stumbled on the secret of why I always operate alone," Glae observes then, lofting her left eyebrow as she glances between the pair. She reaches up and lfits her sunglasses for a moment, just long enough to allow a clear view of her brilliant azure eyes. "The only way I can make this not look good is by covering every inch of skin. Which I do. Half the time it's still not enough. A nun was hitting on me earlier."

Gale shrugs at this and then straightens slowly. "Glad to have yo ualong, Lee." Gale is putting the glasses back on and tying the bandana back into place, leaving the only hint she is female to be her size and the long brunette tresses she cna't hide under her hat. "Aw, hell. Looks like there's a molerat 'r two out here after all. You two keep drinking. I'mma introduce 'em to my boot. I kicked a deathclaw in the noggin I can handle a couple rats. Enjoy yourselves. I have a radio if something goes south."

Then it's off Gale goes through the field to track down the mighty molerat menace.
Lee     Lee sniggers and of course offers up the jar to Cleo at her request. He'd make a face. "I hear ya 'bout the fire.. wouldn't want em fraggin my crossbow.." He'd glance at it, then shrug a little, smirking at Cleo. "Huh.. Guess I'm just so use ta it, I didn't notice.."
    Glancing over to Gale at her words, Lee can't help but chuckle with a wry grin shot her way. He'd shrug in response. "Pity. Loss fer the world.. although I can see why the nun hit on ya anyways."
    Lee muses as Gale heads off to go stomp in mole skulls and glances to Cleo. "I can.. ifn yer gonna volunteer? Great. Then yer temporarly signin up. That means, ya fraggin listen or fraggin leave. Not followin orders is worse than not bein there."
Cleo "You know, that's brilliant. All I need to do is get a full facewrap and sunglasses, and I'll never have to worry about throwing the grunts off their game again. Or gettin' flirted with by anyone that's not a nun," Cleo muses as she strokes her chin thoughtfully, before fluttering a little wave at Gale as she goes off to hunt 'n punt the local wildlife.

Turning to Lee, she says, "Yeah. I guess I'm specifically referrin' to someone who's not interested in joinin' the rank and file. You know, big guy, power armor, has a bunch of flashy laser toys, keeps turnin' up when we're patrollin'." She lets out a small sigh. "Hard to turn down the help, though." She furrows her brow thoughtfully for a moment, before giving Lee a questioning look. "So, did I hear you right, before... sayin' you were a merc before the War? I feel like you implied somethin' a bit incredulous, but I didn't want to poke at it at the time, before I got to know you a bit better."
Lee     Lee chuckles, shaking his head. "I dunno LT. Probably take a massive hit ta morale ifn ya did that.." He'd flash a grin at Cleo, then take another swig from the drink, making that face and offering it back. "Ahh.. yah.. I'm a popcicle Cleo.. I was 'round 'fore the war.. when the big bombs started droppin.. the merc group broke up. We had our families in vaults and we all froze up ta wait fer it to clear.." Lee muses, looking down then. "I came to.. ta findin em all dead. My family. Just.. gone.. I stumbled outta the vault ta find it labelled a tomb.. They had hunted us all down.. and I was what was left." He'd drop quiet a moment before finally shrugging, glancing to Cleo. "Sorry.. ain't exactly fun ta talk 'bout.. The commander? I chatted with em after helpin on a patrol.. didn't have anythin better ta do than drift.. so I joined 'cause.. well.. it's like what I had.. sorta."
Cleo Cleo's eyebrow creeps up her forehead as Lee relates his tale, taking the moonshine bottle back for another glug as she listens. She doesn't flinch this time, apparently too rapt in Lee's story to notice the burn now that she's become more accustomed to it. "No shit? You're sayin' that you're... what is it, somethin' like two hundred years old?" She tilts her head as she studies Lee's face. "And here I thought I was older than you are. Sounds like I might have to start callin' you 'Granddaddy Lee.'" She gives an amicable smirk before eyeing the bottle in her hand. There's probably enough for one more fair swig left. She considers for a moment, then takes the drink, leaving just a sip's worth at the bottom of the bottle before she offers it back to Lee with an innocent look. "It's up to you how much you want to talk about. How long've you been... awake, then, I guess?" She quirks her lips. "And what's a popsicle?"
Lee     Lee nods confirmation to Cleo, then makes a face at her. He'd take the jar, eye it, her, it, then finally shrug and take the last drink. "Ahh.. 'bout 6 months now, roughly. I stumbled inta some good folks and they helped me ta get use ta the new reality.. I'm 21 LT. I joined up when I was 18, got lead when I was 20, hmm? So.. while yah.. I'm alive from then? I was asleep.. frozen. Like.. totally frozen.. uh.. Popsicle is a frozen treat from then.. ya'll put some flavored water inta the refrige and it'd come out frozen, ya could eat it then." Lee shrugs a little and shakes his head. "I dun consider that real time.. I didn't age or nothin then.. so it's sorta whatever really.. I went ta sleep with bombs fallin.. I woke up ta hell.."
Cleo Cleo smiles sweetly back at the look Lee gives her over the moonshine. She rests her arms on her knees. "It seems like things were a lot nicer then. I don't know a whole lot about it, other'n figurin' stuff out from how it is now. I've never met anyone else who was alive back then - I mean, I hear some ghouls're real old, but you're probably the oldest person I ever met." She narrows her eyes pensively. "I mean, technically. You know." She props a hand up to rest her chin against it. "So, you said you had a family back then? Were you married 'n all? Kids?"
Lee     Lee makes a face, then shrugs. "Eh. It was. Ya dunno whatcha got til it's gone.. and lemme tell ya.. ifn I had known I was gonna be wakin ta this? I woulda done a hell of a lot more then.." He'd shake his head, pursing his lips. "Nah.. had a cutie I liked. But wasn't nothin like that fer me. Officer, runnin a merc company? I didn't have time fer none of that.. frag.. ain't ever even kissed a girl really.. Just.. I was too focused then.." He'd shake his head a little with a chuckle. "Technically.. yah yah. I know. Super old. But.. I dunno.. ya just.. go ta sleep and it's this time.. wake up and it's that time.. I wasn't suppose ta be alone.. the machine failed.. so safety feature thawed me."
Cleo "Well, I hear where you're comin' from," Cleo says as she scratches her cheek, looking a bit sheepish as the subject shifts. "I mean, I never had much time for that kind of thing. I might as well be married to the militia." After a beat, she clears her throat. "You know, as a whole. Not to everybody in it. I guess some people make it work, though - I mean, Fio and the Captain seem like they're doin' alright. I dunno what Fio's gonna do if they end up havin' kids, though..." She shrugs her shoulders, eventually, and sits up straighter, as if uncomfortable in her posture. "I can't imagine wakin' up and havin' my parents gone. Say," she gives a nod at Lee's armour, "Now that the Guardians're integratin' in the militia, you tought any about seein' if they can fix that armour up to work?"
Lee     Lee smirks at Cleo and winks. "I ain't drunk enough ta try yet, LT. Yer safe.. I dun wanna get ran out.. or shot." He'd glance to the shotgun and chuckles quietly, shaking his head. "I dunno. Dunno ifn they even thought 'bout that.. But.. it can work. 'long as they both know what's up, eh?" He'd shrug slightly then, looking at the armor. "Nah.. I dunno how to actually use this. Grunts used it.. not my crew.. we were specialist, didn't do the hard stuff, yanno?" He'd chuckle quietly with a small shrug. "I'd have ta learn ta use the real thing 'fore I'd ask them ta patch it up.."
Cleo Cleo stretches her arms out to either side before pushing herself up off the stump, dusting the seat of her trousers off as she does. "Ain't the most comfortable seat I've sat on, 'specially with it warmin' up," she mutters before sidling over to the tree to lean against it. This puts her further away from the guns sitting on the rock; apparently she's confident enough that any mole-rats in the vicinity are getting punted right now that she doesn't feel the need to keep them quite so close.

"So, permission to speak freely or whatnot. How do you feel about the militia, so far? I mean, the Romeros've been soldiers forever, so I always figured we were in pretty good hands, but I never had much to compare it to."
Lee     Lee would get to his feet too, although he keeps the treasured crossbow with him, at least having it within reach under that tree as he'd settle at it's base, looking out. "Ehh.. Ya gotta do whatcha can with whatcha got.. Guy with his toys? That woulda flew 'bout as far as a lead brick. Yanno? He'd had that crap taken from em or killed back then.." Shrugging a little, Lee glances back to Cleo. "But.. that's parta why I do what I do yanno.. I follow 'cause.. well.. lead by example, yah?"
Cleo "Well, I think that's just the way it goes 'round here. We got enough carbines an' ten mils to put one in the hands of anyone who can make muster, but if someone wants to use their own crap, ain't much point tryin' to stop 'em," Cleo says as she folds her arms across her stomach. "Least, that's my policy. Important thing's that they know what it does and that I know what it does so I can tell 'em what to do with it. Assumin' I follow what you mean." She props herself up a bit. "One of these days, I'm hopin' to start up a new outpost. I know the Captain's plannin' to start a new one, too. Gonna need to find the right place an' get the supplies together for it first off, though."
Lee     Lee grunts, then chuckles quietly. "I use the crossbow ta.. ta remember. Yanno? I know it ain't like it was.. what I had was better than this one.. but it's decent enough.. and.. it gives me.. a nod ta those who I lost.." He'd stare out at the maize a moment. "Ya sorta got it.. It ain't that he's usin his own bits.. It's that he has em ta start with.. Merc groups had ta have licences.. now? Ifn ya can shoot em, ya can use em."
    Lee glances back at Cleo, studying her a moment, then shrugs and looks away. "Well.. I dun mind workin withcha LT.. so.. ifn ya get somethin set up? I'll try ta get stationed under ya.. eh?"
Cleo     "Licenses?" The concept is all but foreign to Cleo, and she has a bemused expression. The moonshine in her system certainly isn't helping her recall the meaning of the term, now that it's starting to set in. "I think they use those... out west, right? NCR... permission things?"

She and Lee are under a tree next to a field of maize, with Cleo's shotgun and pistol resting on a nearby flat rock. "Well, I appreciate that, Private. Don't wanna give the impression I'm tryin' to pull people out from under the cap'n or anything, but it'll be good to know there're people willin' to work with me. 'Specially ones who're good at followin' orders - I don't want people thinkin' I'm gettin' fixed to start a base out where the town ain't watchin' so we don't have to play by the rules. Rules're there for a reason and I usually aim to follow 'em." She glances over at the empty moonshine bottle. "Speakin' of which, want to open up another one?"
Sarah Out on the horizon, it is a lone wonderer, well, not that one. This one is in a labcoat and carring a medical bag on her shoulder. She looks tired after the trek through the wastes. Like many, the Red Rocket Service Station provides a beacon of navigation. Almost safe. In that long walk steady stride, Sarah spots the uniforms of the militia. Good. To them she probably comes with some imagined 'Candy Man' song in crank-box tones. "Hello." The raven haired woman calls out as she closes.
Lee     Lee nods solemnly. "Uh huh.. permission thingys. License ta carry.. ta wield. Ta hide em.. all that." He'd shrug a little, then smirks at Cleo, shaking his head. "I know ya ain't tryin ta steal me or nothin.. Married ta the militia, wouldn't wanna be cheatin, now wouldja?" He'd snigger, only to have his head snap around at the other voice calling out. That hand snaps out for the crossbow, up and aimed all in one fluid movement. It's only after that initial reflex reaction that Lee relaxes. "Oh.. you.. yah, hey Doc. We were just 'boutta have another swig o' swill.. yer doin somethin good fer the city ifn ya help us get rid of it, eh?"
Cleo Cleo leans a little away from the tree so that she can look past Lee to where Sarah is approaching. Her reaction is not quite as extreme. "Oh, hey there. Molerat patrol. We got our top girl in the field dealin' with the infestation right now. Private Lee and I are... uh... on break," she explains. She pulls the second bottle of moonshine from the bag in the grass. "Confiscated this stuff durin' a raid. Gotta get rid of it before it makes its way to the populace, ain't regulated properly." It seems that she gets a bit of a drawl when she's had some alcohol in her.
Sarah First a primative arrow caster is pointed at her, then she is told by an apparently inebriated officer that this might have been the patrol that should be clearing molerats. "Umm, never turn down a free drink. Perhaps though, I should first ask if you are alright or have injuries to treat?"
Lee     Lee would settle the crossbow down, chuckling quietly as he'd glance out at the Maize. Shifting where he was standing at, he'd offer Sarah that spot, while watching Cleo get the bottle. "Eh? Yah.. got banged up a lil on my las patrol. Ain't nothin serious, wouldn't mind some patchup though.." He'd frown at his partial wearing of the armor. "Mostly my chest and arms anyways.. this is a pain int he ass ta just get in and out of.."
Cleo "Well, yeah, now that you mention it," Cleo says as she steps away from the tree, trying to straighten up a bit. "I haven't had a chance to get properly patched up recently. I, euh..." She glances down at her left pant leg, hands shifting behind her back. "Well, I took a cleaver to the leg, an' it hasn't been healin' quite... completely." She glances over at Lee, then back at her leg, her face flushing a little. "It might be better to help Lee out first. I mean, the cut's kinda hard to get to."
Sarah Sarah's dark eyes skim over Lee to check the damage he has taken, "Shuck on out of the gear and I will fix you up." She opens up the bag, barrowing their confiscated booze and getting some ointments and paste. A glance to Cleo, "Miss, you'll need to show me the wound as well."
Lee     Lee would finish stripping out of that armor, then gets his shirt off, sitting there in just the uniform pants to show the bruises and scrapes across his body and arms. There's also at least two dozen faded scars. Maybe as old as he is? Either way, he'd just grin over at Cleo and shakes his head a little. "Oi.. LT, ya should know. Work is work. yer gettin patched up fer work, I ain't sayin nothin. eh? We're on patrol and disposin of hazardous materials here.."
Cleo Cleo clears her throat and moves over to the nearby stump that she was sitting on before. Jerking her head over at Lee and then away, she ays, "Well, alright. Eyes that-a-way though, Private. That's an order." Her pants are much too long and the cut too far up her thigh for rolling the pantsleeve up to be a practical way of accessing the injury, so she starts working on shimmying the pants down the other way to her knees, eyes keeping on Lee to make sure he's not looking.
Sarah Sarah is pretty quick and professional in her cleaning up of Lee's boo-boos. Minor scraps checked for infection, cleaned and dressed properly.Then she picks up her things and moves over to examine Cleo's leg.

That cut is deeper, a chop into the tissue. The woman kneels down and pours some alcohol on the cut. "Miss, you should have had this checked." A small clamp is taken out, and then a needle and surgical thread. "This is.. Going to be briefly unpleasant. But, with your looks any thing but the smallest possible scar would be a sin. Have a swig and bite down." The quick stitching work, well that is unpleasant as states. "Give this a week, keep it clean. Then you can see somebody or just carefully remove the thread." A quick sterile bandage wrap, "Thank you both for your service."
Lee     Lee gets all patched up and nods his thanks to Sarah. Lee winks at Cleo, then does indeed keep his back as requested to Cleo and Sarah as he'd get his armor back on, at least as much as he was wearing before and waiting for the all clear.
Cleo Cleo does take a swig of her booze before Sarah sets to work. She clenches her teeth, nails digging into the bark on either side of the stump as the stitching up begins. The situation doesn't really seem to hit her, due to the amount of alcohol in her system, until Sarah is most of the way done with the needlework. She then starts to crane her neck around, mostly accustomed or numb to the pain by now, looking to see if there's anyone coming.

And then, she giggles. Just a little bit.

"Thank you, ma'am," she says once her leg has been bandaged up. "Lucky for us you stopped by - you need some caps to pay for this?" She pats at the bandage, then stands up so that she can tug her pants back up over her hips.
Sarah Sarah stands up, smoothing her hands down the lab coat, then packing her things up. "I am with the Followers of the Apocalypse, and I thank you for your service to the city.. Sarah Wayne." A pause, and she takes a swig of the bottle, passing it back to them. "We offer or services to those in need. To off set costs, we charge those that can afford it a small fee, if you can pay. If not, nothing or how ever much you can afford." There is a glance between the two, focusing on Lee first, "From you, Sir. Twenty-five caps." A turn to Cleo, "And yours would be about fifty, if you can spare it."
Lee     Lee smirks at the giggle. "Eh.. hey. dun be takin too much of that without me LT.." Glancing to Sarah and not quuuiiiite looking at Cleo, he'd nod and rummage around in his armor, pulling out some caps and counting it out, holds them out to Sarah. "I got it LT. Yer good."
Cleo "You sure, Private?" Cleo says, glancing over at Lee with one eyebrow raised. "I mean, I can afford it. Not like you owe me that." She turns back to Sarah and offers a smile. "I appreciate it. Kind of a funny way to meet. I swear this is the exception to the rule - just happened to take out a big operation out in the wastes, then got stuck on molerat patrol," she explains. "Here, I'll pay for mine." She reaches into her coat and produces a pouch, then sorts out fifty caps from it and offers them over to Sarah. "Anyhow, I better go make sure that Gale didn't get lost in the maize... heh! Lost in the maize. You need anything from the militia, come by and ask for me. Lieutenant McKinsey."
Sarah Sarah smiles as she gets ready for travel again. A look to the feul station sign and she turns to point herself at El Dorado. Hand waving off Cleo's money. "All clear, Ma'am." A glance to nod at Lee. "Abigail? Tell her Sarah says hi." She replies to Cleo. "Take care and watch out for cleavers." Then she starts on the way.