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Martin Its a cold windy day in the Chihuahuan Wasteland tthat surrounds the city of El Durado. Down a metal staircase to the collection of rooms below what was a theme park, is where the eventual nightclub, 'The Empty Chamber' will open. There isn't much singage to where to find the front door. For now its marked with paper sign, and the semi frequent use of workmen and materiels going in an out.
    There has been a few advertisments for the club, looking for acts to sing to the patrons.
    Martin is sitting at a large table, with a plush chair. Hes nursing, his fifth drink, if the count of glasses on the desk are any reliable indicator.
    The club is busy with folks, moving chairs, cook wares, table clothes, speakers and some folks are blow torching the walls for some decoration.
Aura     Aura walks into what will one day be The Empty Chamber, and glances around, seeing everything that happens. She then strides forwards confidently, and in the mass of people who have been in and out today, no one's likely to question her presence as long as she acts like she knows what she's doing there. Seeing a line of empty glasses, however, she pauses. She drags another chair to the table, wipes the sweat from her brow, takes a seat across from Martin, and smiles. "Hi!"
Martin     Martin is signing a work order to his right, as someone with color swatches stand to his left. He looks over the colors, giving them consider thought and points to the burgandy. Then says, "And you're sure we can get enough yard age of that color? Honestly, I'll go with the color that can actually do the job." And the worker goes, "Yea. I got a cousion, who got a line on this person that does dye work." Martin nods at this, and sips his martini. He then turns to Aura, he smiles his million cap smile at her, steeples his fingers. "My my my, what would bring in a lithe young thing such as yourself?" He asks, "My name is Bishop. Martin Bishop."
Aura     Aura smiles back easily. "Aura Mulligan. Charmed!" She sweeps her arm out, gesturing to the room. "I haven't seen a place like this get built before, so I figure I might as well find out what happens behind the scenes! Besides, I've been trying to figure out a better way to hurry construction, my last attempt wasn't the best." She leans closer, and stage-whispers: "Incidentally... you do know the sun is still out, right?" She glances down at the cups, then returns her gaze to Martin and raises her eyebrows slightly.
Martin Martin whispers back, "I find it terribly easier to drink when I can see. Doing anything in darkness makes everything needless complicated." With that he finshes his drink. "As for learning how to build things quickly, that you may not find here. It doesn't feel like its going overly quickly." He calls over for another drink, "Would you like anything? Our stores are pretty well kept, so try to surprise us."
Aura     Aura blinks at the offer of refreshment, then smiles. "Oh, sure. Water, please!" She shifts back in her seat, her gaze sliding off of Martin and around the various workers. "And, I wasn't hoping to find out how one builds quickly, but rather how to raise people's spirits so it gets done quicker." She glances around at the decor, such as it is so far. "...That said, with something like this, it's not just physical labor, is it? Y'all are going for some kinda aesthetic appeal?"
    She returns her gaze to Martin, tilts her head a bit to one side. "And with your preference for light, perhaps you're just involved on the construction end?"
Martin     Gets his seventh drink, and her ice cold water with ice. "I am the proprietor of this establishment. This'll be my nightclub. A place of some taste, and hopefully class. A place for folks to come and unwind and relax. With live music, fine eating and gambling." Martin says. "As for their spirits. They're getting paid a fair day wages for a fair day work." He sips his martini again. "Now, I don't mean to be rude, but I do have a lot of work to get done. So unless you're going to ask me for a job, I have entertain you enough. Though please enjoy your drink, and please stay out of the way of the workers. Especially the robots. They don't adapt as fast as they use to and may just run you down."
Aura     Aura is all starry-eyed over the glass of ice water, and takes a small sip, smiling -- then pays attention to Martin's words, and the smile fades a little, though she nods easily. "Ah, of course. You're a busy man."
    She stands up, chugs down the glass of water, minus the ice, and plunks it down on the table. Then she winces, reaching towards her temple -- ice water headache!? She shakes her head, and lifts her eyes to meet Martin's, smiles down at him. "I'm a singer, and I plan to be in town for a while. Look me up once you get this place going -- but in the meantime, thanks for the entertainment~" She starts to turn towards the door.
Martin     Martin signs off on nother piece of paper, and takes a few reciets. "We're doing open casting now. We need acts before we open so that we have music when we open. Would you like to audition now?" He asks her
Aura     Aura tilts her head to one side, then the other, considering. "Maybe I'll come by another time, then, a little earlier in the day, before you've had so much to--" Aura glances down at the line of glasses, then looks back up to Martin, smiles. "--so much work." She heads towards the door.