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Rexus It is a dreary winter morning. Rain thunders down from the heavens, soaking everyone who is currently helping to build the walls for Avalon. The clouds hover low and forboding over the area, casting their shadows down on the poor peons hard at work. Mingling with the workers is Rexus, using his power armor to do the heavy lifting. Those not currently working on the walls are gathering materials. Wood and stone, earth... trenches must be dug and spears embedded in the ground to keep the future mutants at bay.

     It is still quite early so, most of the patrols haven't even left Avalon yet for their daily routes.
Iris Lark She doesn't have rain gear, but being in the rain never bothered Iris much. She stomps along the mud to get to where people are gathering supplies, her medikit on her shoulder. When she gets to where most of the people are gathered she jumps into a final puddle, makes a bit of a muddy splash and the trudges the next few steps. "How are things going? Anyone need tending?" She asks, her voice chipper and happy.
Alasa Alasa comes along, munching on something..hard to tell what it was..."I like the spears, thats an old technique....might think about some water pits as well...something for them to trip in. Just sprinkle some dirt on the great at night." As she looks about at the supplies. "Each builds with what they have...quite interesting...anyways..lets see what we can do to help."
Rexus Rexus nods to Alasa, "It keeps them.. well.. at bay for a little bit. Keeps them from tearing at the walls too much and gives you a few more seconds to shoot at them." he says. He's not wearing his helmet so, he's fairly recognizable. "I just hope there is enough food stored up to keep folks fed for a lengthy siege.. sieges usually end when the defenders get starved into submission." he says, clambering to the top of the wall to peer off into the distance.
Iris Lark Iris glances around for a bit and wrinkles her nose. "Yeah, lets build." She says, moving to put on a pair of gloves and get down to business. "How are you both doing today?" She asks, smiling at them both. "The weather is delightful isn't it?"
Alasa Alasa looks to Iris, "Oh yes, the sky spirits shower us today with hope and renewal. Plus my lawn really needed watering this saves me the time." She smiles turning to Rexus, "Well, I do hope that there is going to be a system to check on each place. So it doesn't come down to food of flight....I mean, all the settlements around here are stronger if they work together."
Rexus Rexus nods in agreement to Alasa, "Indeed. Part of me wishes everyone would just gather in one spot.. more people, more defenders.. maybe a better chance at living rather than everyone sort of off doing their own thing... the mutants might just attack one settlement at a time and take them over easily.. rather than all at once." he says with a bit of a shrug. "But i'm sure one or two people could act as messengers..." he says, still looking out into the distance, squinting at a lone figure that seems to be running towards Avalon.
Iris Lark Iris gazes up at the rain, squinting a bit. "I hope there is a way for us to keep trach of each other. We can build these walls, but if we're not watching each others backs ..well working apart is far less effective than working together." She starts to help move supplies in one direction and she shakes her head. "Even with the bombs dropped there are a lot of the horde left..I would be happy if I never had to see it again." She glances towards El Dorado and frowns. "It doesn't seem like much is being done in the big town though. I haven't heard anything about the information I gave to the Sheriff or the Marshal. I have no clue if they told the Mayor..she needs to know that the horde is larger than they're expecting."
Alasa Alasa says, "Oh, I've found its hard to make people listen, to something they don't want to hear. Sad as it try to pass off important information, and people think your making things up." She shakes her head, "Still, we do what we can with what we we'll build walls and help those that do listen.""
Rexus Rexus is working on the walls with Alasa, Iris and the other Avalon townies, getting things ready. The walls are about half-built by now? Almost done but there is a lot of work yet to be done! Rexus pauses as he spots that moving figure getting closer and closer... eyes going wide as he realizes that the poor fellow's being chased.
Iris Lark Iris looks upset as she glances at Alasa. "I don't think that they think I'm making things up, I think they're lazy." She shrugs and goes back to her work. "If the militia doesn't believe the information that I got then next time I'll give it to people who will pay bloody attention." She stomps off in the mud, carrying supplies to another part of the staging area. When she glances up she sees something in the distance and she points towards where Rexus is looking. "That person is being chased by deathclaws!"
Gunkata gunkata walks down the old highway kicking the sall stones to big to be gravle as he scavenges for anything usefull in the area on his way to the town his creators mentioned pulling his trench coat closer to him as he walks the frills and tears blowing in the wind with each step making him look ominis
Alasa Alasa hmms, as she gazes out into the distance...."he is?..well, thats not good. I wonder if they are saying anything...still, not good...perhaps we should lend a hand."
Rexus Rexus raises a hand to shielf his eyes from the rain as Iris gives a more definitive description. "Shit." He reaches down for his helmet, pulling it on over his head. "Sound the alarm, Iris, get people up on the walls." he says as he reaches down for his pistol, "Try and get their attention.... we'll give him as good a chance as we can." he adds before vaulting over the wall, landing on the ground below with a loud thud.
Iris Lark Iris moves into the town proper to sound the alarm, and soon people are stirred and moving in the direction of the wall being built. Snipers gather on the wall and Iris joins them, pulling her rifle from her gear. A few shouts and screams can be heard as other women make their way indoors to safety.
Alasa Alasa reaches back and grabs her bow, as she leaps up and over the wall landing on the other side, "Right...if it's not human, its a target..." As she moves with Rexus
Gunkata gunkata rode a horse twords the deathclaw his arm outstretched with revolver in hand in attempt to get the deathclaws attention off the guy its chasing
Rexus The Deathclaws are closing on the fleeing figure. That is, until Gunkata rides out on his horse, very cowboyesque. One Deathclaw is indeed distracted, bellowing a challenge as it turns towards Gunkata. The other Deathclaw continues right on towards the wall, at least until it spots the figure in power armor and the lone woman beside it. Power armor must be quite tasty for the Deathclaw as it turns towards Rexus, about 30 feet or so as it gets closer and closer, just within range by now.

     "Get to the side, get'em distracted so the ones on the wall can figre." he barks, readying his pistol... here we go!
Alasa Alasa starts to move, trying to get to the the critter makes for Rexus..they do like those suits...she draws back her bowstring, and lets an arrow fly..that just hits rain.
Gunkata gunkata continues to ride strait for the deathclaw fireing both rounds off and hitting with both
Iris Lark On the wall Iris is gazing down the sight of her gauss and she sizes up the deathclaw that has peeled off from its first victim. She follows it with her rifle for a moment before she squeezes the trigger gently, once and then again. The high powered sniper rifle sends out two bullets at high speed, striking the deathclaw and making it stumble, but it keeps moving foward. She wrinkles her nose and tries to line up another shot.
Rexus Rexus fires twice at the deathclaw closing in on him, leaning into it a bit as the claw gets within range.... this next one is going to hurt!
Rexus Deathclaw1 turns on Gunkata, roaring as the little pistol-bullets plink at its body. The beast hunkers down a moment, drawing its strength into those legs before lunging forward towards the horse-rider, leaping with all its might at the pair.
Alasa Alasa keeps moving, never good to stay in one place as combat is going on...she grabs an arrow from her quiver and sends it flying at the Deathclaw..."I wonder how fire proof these things are..."
Gunkata the deathclaw lunged nocking the wind out of gunkata and nocking him off his horse however he fires back a volly of bullets when his gun clicks empty putting the weapon in its holster he stands with his fists raised ready to do fist fighting with a deathclaw
Iris Lark Iris tries to square up another shot and unforunately when she goes to fire, something distracts her and she fires wild, nearly pinging another deathclaw but completely missing the one she was aiming for.
Rexus Deathclaw #2 closes on the power armored figure, letting out a blood-curdling cry of defiance as the bullets and arrows chink off its armor. One claw comes up.. and down, straight at poor Rex.
Rexus Rexus manages to.. somehow.. dodge the low-swing of the Deathclaw, dipping his head just inches below that big'ole claw. The speed of the creature knocks him off-balance though, both his return shots going wild as he backpedals towards the walls.
Rexus By now the alarm has gone out, the walls beginning to be manned by the townfolk of Avalon with their spears, bows and a few firearms. They pelt the Deathclaws from up on high, raining down annoying bits of clutter that help to drive away the Deathclaws a few inches... certainly will be more as time goes on.

     Deathclaw#1 continues to swing at Gunkata and his horse, smelling blood now that his first swing has connected. He closes in on Gunkata, rearing back with both hands outstretched to claw at the horse-riding cowboy once again.
Alasa Alasa continues to move, never staying in one spot.."Come on, come...theres got to be a soft spot, somewhere on this thing..." as she lets loose another flight of an arrow.
Gunkata gun doges the swipe at him as he vaults over the strike punching it right in the snout
Rexus Deathclaw2 takes another hearty swing at Rexus, its body shuddering slightly from the barrage landing on it from the walls. It's got to hit that thing in the power armor at least once! Its pride is on the line!
Iris Lark Many people are scattering now, frightened and screaming. Iris stays on the wall, her rifle following the deathclaws as they run among the group, attacking people. She gets off two shots, the first goes wild again and the second slugs into the creature.
Rexus Rexus takes a good hit to the chest, knocking him back a bit. He's a little tanky though, so it's not too too bad. Both his shots fly off into the air.. he may as well be firing at airplanes for all the accuracy he has. "Get back to the walls!" he calls out to the unknown Cowboy who seems to be flailing at the Deathclaw with his fists, this won't end well.
Rexus Deathclaw#1 is now in a fist-brawl with Gunkata, both claws coming down towards the human, it's been a long time since its eaten human!
Alasa Alasa stops for a moment, as she sights down her boy. "ok, lets try a new tactic..spirits guide my arrow." As she pulls back on the bow string, and lets the arrow fly...
Gunkata gun dodged its attack effortlessly by rolling out the way but when he returned he hit nothing but air "bring it on you overgrown iguana"
Rexus Deathclaw2 continues to swing at Rexus, having dug its claws into that metal armor once, it is looking to do it again! Indeed, Iris seems to be doing something right on the walls, the more people that get up to fire.. the more hesitant the Deathclaw seems to be to continue swinging at Rexus, but he'll have a go first.
Rexus Deathclaw1 takes another swing at Gunkata, the big lizard-beast furious at the little human for dodging.. and probably more than a little mad at itself that it can't quite land a hit.. yet...
Alasa Alasa watches as the last arrow hits the deathclaw, and she tries to fire again in the same spot...she yells out to Rexus..."Could you stop him from moving, that would make it easier to hit him."
Rexus Deathclaw2 manages to evade Alasa's arrows. But it's attention is still on Rexus. Not exactly a fire-magnet.. more a.. claw magnet. Either way, another swing is tossed to the armored figure.
Rexus Deathclaw1 and Gunkata continue their duel, trading swings.. both missing.. or one hits but doesn't seem to be doing much damage to the other.. keystone Deathclaws.
Alasa Alasa fires off another arrow at the Deathclaw..."Thanks...thats working better now..." As the deathclaw seems to really like that armor...."
Rexus Deathclaw2 takes another swing at Rexus, its body now decorated with another arrow thanks to Alasa.... and the fire from the walls is starting to sting a bit more now.
Rexus Rexus fires off another pair of shots that actually hit this time, his whole body shuddering back as he gets thwacked in the chest by those claws, he felt that one.. right in the feels.
Rexus Deathclaw1 and Gun continue their.. now it's getting a little sad, dance of.. swinging and missing by and large.
Alasa Alasa sees that Rexus has decided to fight back, "Right, right...thats the way uh huh I like it..." She lets loose another arrow flying at the beast..sadly as Rexus hits it, it moves out of the way..."Drat!"
Rexus Deathclaw2 continues to claw at Rexus, tearing shreds here and there from the slow-moving armored figure. It's like how many claws does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll.
Rexus Deathclaw1 is barely nicked, and so continues to brawl with Gunkata, taking another swing at the surprisingly agile cowboy.
Alasa Alasa draws another arrow back, "You know...I really need to think about flamming arrows..wouldn't that be...bitching.." As she arrow sails through the air, but hits nothing.
Gunkata gun was going to be here till judgement day if he kept this up so instead he ran to his horse and rode off into avolon " sorry deathclaw im board of playing with you soooo im off"
Rexus Deathclaw2 weighs its options. Stay here and keep chipping away at the armor whilst taking constant fire from above or.. find an easier nut to crack. It elects for option 2, turning away from Rexus and the wall, to lope towards its companion and head off into the wastes...
Iris Lark Iris jumps down from the wall and turns to get back into the village where it's safe. She calls out for someone to try to chase off the big beasts, but everyone else is hiding as well.
Rexus Rexus.. joins the others, as the Deathclaws trundle off. He turns and... limps towards the gate and into Avalon. That was a loooong slog, and he's sweating buckets as he re-enters Avalon with the others.
Alasa Alasa shouts to the running Deathclaws, "yeah, you better run!...and tell the others!...I know you can talk, I've heard you!"
Gunkata gun dusts himself off before removing his cowboy hat letting his crimson hair pale white skin and black eyes with no whites show "that was fun but if one of you could point me to el dorado that be swell