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Iris Lark Iris is sitting on the back porch of her home, her feet up as she swings back and forth while reading a book. She's sent out word that people needing medical treatment who can't get helped at the clinic are welcome to bother her at home, and several people have taken her up on that. The sun is setting in Avalon and a cool breeze is starting to move through the city.
Lucette     A trip to Avalon is a good business opportunity anyway. Lucette's been mostly on break and amassing non-important deliveries. Today she's doing a bunch of them to Avalon, with the intention of visiting Iris for a second opinion and help. And so she's standing off the porch (after having peeked around up front) and murmurs to herself. Walking with a little bit of favouring to her right side and kit clinking a little. Not hard to spot by far.
Iris Lark Iris glances up at the sound of clinking and she crooks a finger at Lucette as she puts down her book. "Come on up on the porch, sit on the swing with me." She says, pushing her hair behind her ears. "Been a while, Lucette, how are you doing ..well besides being injured." It's then that Iris realizes how she's dressed and she wrinkles her nose and tries to brazen it out. She pulls her medical kit over onto her lap and rummages full it.
Lucette     Luce nods to the invitation and makes her way up onto the porch to go and join Iris. She works on unfastening her cuirass and shimmying out of her duster. "Not too badly. Think I missed something and wanted to get checked in before it's bad enough to need anything worse than an easy reset. Things have been alright since Mexico though."
Iris Lark "I'm glad that things have been good for you." Iris remarks, turning on the swing, sitting indian style as she leans in to check out Luce's injuries. "This doesn't look good, let's see what we can do with this." She murmurs, her lower lip poked out slightly as she concentrates on what she's doing.
Lucette     Luce sighs and remains still to point out where she had and is having trouble. She's no stranger to doctoring people and is helpful. "Just hard getting a proper opinion when my angle of observation is.. off." she remarks. "Did a bunch of mail and packages on my trip out here, gonna try to round up what I can before I head back to El Dorado."
Iris Lark "Be careful, there..." Iris narrows her eyes and glances out towards the wasteland, a frown on her face. "Been seeing a lot of strange things around here lately. So be extra careful, and come back here, if something comes up. You know?" She sees the source of the problem and starts to smooth salve over the wound before she wraps it tight. "That'll keep your ribs from being too sore while you're walking, or are you on a horse?" She glances around and then lets out a yawn. "Oop."
Lucette     Lucette smirks. "Dunno about strange, maybe for the area. Seen some weird things out east, DC is terrifyin'." she admits. "Mexico was bad but we kept moving, helped me feel better not to be hunkered down in strange, hostile land." a small breath. "No horse, feedin' myself and a horse would be a chore and I wouldn't want to run the poor thing to the ground with all my trekkin'."
Iris Lark "Mexico was bad, and it left a really bad taste in my mouth, which is why I'm in Avalon and not in El Dorado." Iris remarks, nodding towards Luce. "I'm fairly certain no matter how much we prepare..things aren't going to be safe here..I'm..not sure these walls are going to do the trick."
Lucette     Luce nods. "Roswell left a bad taste in my mouth, my indiscretion made everything more difficult. I came back and losses weren't so terrible, and we disabled some old-world ghosts. Or atleast made them not a threat." she rumbles. Then a slow breath. "Preparations only slow down what happens. Sometimes it's enough to give you a fighting chance. Preparations aren't meant for you to be idle through whatever yer kittin' up for."
Iris Lark "Everything has been fucked up lately." Iris remarks, a slight frown on her face. "I'm hoping that things change soon, because...this isn't working." She gets to her feet and starts to pace, tapping her fingers on her arm. "You know, I heard a rumor, and I tried to pass it along to the mayor?" She glances at Luce. "The southern horde, the one that was going to south america? It's headed here. They're acting like an army, not a mindless group now. Something has changed."
Lucette     Luce listens. "Well, if the horde's coming. We better arm up good and find a way to make Dunwich work for us." she answers. "Think either the mutants have a new brain, or maybe Zax is doing something to coax them this way." a slow sigh.
Iris Lark "Something is going on, and it needs to be addressed, but I won't be the one to take the information to Katherine." Iris remarks, getting to her feet and walking towards the back door. "Want some tea before you go? Or shall I get you something in a thermos to take it with you?"
Lucette     Lucette sighs. "I'll. See about getting word to the Mayor through the post. It's something to help atleast. I'll just say the address is from Avalon." she pauses, "Your handwriting notable or should I use my offhand." she offers. Then. "Tea sounds nice, walking all day, hydration is good."
Iris Lark "My handwriting is notable, as in terrible. Childlike." Iris remarks as she walks back out the open doors to settle back on the swing. She hands the thermos to Lucette with a smile. "If you could do your own offhand, it would be appreciated." She pushes her foot on the floor and sends the swing going again before she pulls her legs close to her chest again.
Lucette     Luce gets her legs off the ground and procures a small charcoal from her pack and a loose slip of paper. Stretching out her right hand into the air after fiddling with the charcoal before she goes to try her best on something legible. The thermos is pehaps the most content here, with its spot on Luce's chest while she goes on. "Adorable, probably." is her correction to Iris' prior statement. "Notable, adorable. Childlike handwriting in an adult is not terrible. Either lack of proper instruction, practice, or from a sense of ease."
Iris Lark "I didn't get schooling, which is why I'm a bit awkward sometimes." Iris admits, her head down and her hair covering her face as her shoulders hunch up. "It's ignorance, and while some might find it adorable. I'm mostly embarassed." She fidgets with the hem of her shorts. "Thanka you for doing that for me Lucette, I appreciate it."
Lucette     Luce nods understandingly. "Dad always felt 'You can't serve your country if you can't match their values, the three 'R's, kiddo." she explains. "Nothing to feel embarassed about, I don't see any schools standing and don't expect a rounded education standard like what my folks got. Surprised when I see literacy to be honest. But maybe that's just raised stereotypin' at it again."
Iris Lark Iris chuckles quietly at Luce and when she looks up again, a smile is on her face. "There weren't any schools where I was, and honestly, the things I learned have got me through life so far without too much trouble." She lets a lanky leg drape off of the porch swing again and her foot gives another push, sending the swing moving again. "I can read, but that's mostly because I pushed myself to do it. Wish I could teach more people how."
Matt Ah, the great outdoors. Dusty trails, happy trees. Gay little tumbleweeds. And a random elderly man shambling across the wasteland on an odd looking cane wrapped in canvas. Bright red shirt billowing in the wind, bright red undershirt underneath it. Spotty stained bright red pants...theres a theme here. As the geriatic shambles closer, its easier to notice light brown hair, missing the grey tint of age, of the bent-over head. A breeze may carry his groan upon it as he needs to start going up hill.
Lucette     Luce nods to Iris then. "I hear you on that." then she turns the paper over to Iris. It's neatly scrawled onto the paper, scratchy black print 'Horde in mexico turned around. Coming this way, Organized.'

    "Look about right to you?" she asks. Now, bright red is usually an indicator of explodey things or is... well it's notable. Luce turns her eyes off the porch to take note, or attempt to, of that oncoming colour parade.
Iris Lark Iris points at the paper and then hands it back to Lucette. "Add that the South American horde has moved to join the northernmost horde, doubling the size of what we'll be dealing with." She requests, her cheheks going pink. She glances out to where Luce is looking and she narrows her eyes at the sight. "Is..that a person?" She asks quietly.
Matt Ah, plants. Matt slows to a halt now that he is between planters and looks up to lay his vision upon the two ladies upon the back porch. A voice creaks out of his mouth now, of almost extreme youth banishing any thought of excessive age. "Ma'ams. I reckon I bled through my favorite shirt. Ya'think one of yous angels could give it a wash for me?"
Lucette     Luce nods and goes to scribble it all in too while her eyes are looking on the newcomer. "Looks like. Don't see any guns our way though." she remarks. And then the request of laundry. "I'm not sure abour laundry." she murmurs quiet, "You're probably better at people fixing than I am, too. Definately." a nod towards Iris as Luce turns to refasten her cuirass.
Iris Lark Iris gets to her feet, and she nibbles on her bottom lip as she holds out her hand. "I can wash your shirt, hand it here." She requests quietly, and then she points towards a chair. "Have a seat, I'll bring you out some tea..and..something to eat if you need?" She asks, both eyebrows quirked slightly. She smiles at Luce and shrugs. "I'm okay at people fixing, but I'm pretty excellent at laundry."
Matt     He hobbles up and onto the back porch of whatever home this place is. He looks around a bit, mostly cognizant, then eases his way down onto the vacated spot on the swing, pulling his cane across his lap. Which is definitely a rifle. "I think its stuck." His fingers pull the shirt away from his buddy and finagle at the buttons as best he can.
Lucette     Luce murmurs, "I'm not so good with buttons either to be honest." she admits, "Short of tryin'a cut them off or something. Lemme see anyway." she chuffs while finding her feet and moving over to Matt to give him some assistance. It doesn't turn out terribly, either, buttons unstucked woo!
Iris Lark Iris leans in and takes the shirt, disappearing into the house. When she comes back out she's carrying a plate and a glass, both of which she hands to Matt. "I have your shirt soaking, so lean forward a bit as you eat and let me take a look at what stained the shirt." She kneels down and opens her kit, pulling out a needle in case sutures are needed.
Matt He smiles to Luce as she helps with the disrobing. "Oh...thanks kindly." Matt leans forward a bit, then reachs down to pull the canvas wrapping around his chest off to reveal a few trickling bullet holes, through and throughs and least, but still bleeding and somewhat dirty. "They killed my caravan, ma'am." Matt mutters, as if Iris might have the context for his statement. "All of'em."
Lucette     Lucette seats herself again and cricks her back. "Let Iris give you an over, if anything she missed I'll see to patchin' up. Doubt it though." she chimes. Opening up the thermos provided earlier to sip at the tea she was given. "Can't say they killed'm all, yer not dead lookin to me. Nor do you seem particularly zombielike."
Iris Lark Iris leans in, checking each bullet wound, probing with gentle fingers. After she's looked over each wound she strings the needle with catgut and begins to sew at one harsh looking exit wound on Max's back. She stitches quietly and as she works she speaks up. "Eat the sandwich, Matt and when I'm done, I'll see about giving you something for pain." Once the wound is stitched up and the other ones are tended, salved and dressed she gets to her feet. "Paron a moment, let me go check on your shirt."
Matt "Iono. I ate radscorpion, I *feel* dead." Sandwich starts to get eaten now, however, much better than Radscorpion. Matt stiffens up as he gets pierced by some needle. "Ahhhhh. Ow." He says, calmly. He lifts the canvas cover off of his very fancy looking rifle and offers it up towards Iris. "Ya need this, ma'am?" Canvas is a nice gift.
Lucette     Luce relaxes where she's seated up and sips more, sighing. "Radscorpion's alright. Cazadore's the bad stuff." she remarks. "Never forget that taste." shaking her head a couple times. Canvas is a cool gift, can sew that into all sorts of stuff, but Luce remains quiet and lets Iris get her pressies if she desires.
Iris Lark "Don't you need that?" Iris asks timidly, not used to getting gifts out of the blue. She takes a seat on the porch and leans back on her hands as she watches Matt nod off. "Hrm, he can answer that when he wakes back up." She gazes up at Lucette and quirks both brows. "How are you feeling now that you're tended?"
Lucette     Luce giggles a little. Finishing a sip, she murrls, "At ease having practiced hands taken care of me. Can't get to everything myself and I knew I'd missed something. Don't hurt after patchingup so long after that kind of ow and still have pain unless something was missed."
Camilla     Suddenly Camilla! Quite literally to, the sounds of people talking on the back porch no doubt drawing her attention and her pressence to them. "Iris?" she calls out as she rounds the corner of the house, peeking around to see if Iris is present or not.

    Cami is geared up as well, AR hanging over her right shoulder and medic bag strapped across her body. Seems someone was out helping the Milita Patrol, though the limp on her right leg might lead one to think she got hurt. Upon seeing other people present she pipes up at Iris, "Oh, you've got company over. I can come back? I don't want to intrude on anything.."
Iris Lark "Well I'm glad something wasn't missed then." Iris says, a soft chuckle escaping before she blinks in Camilla's direction. "You're not intruding, come on in, have a seat. Are you hungry? I can get you something.." She gestures towards the kitchen as she pushes to her feet, stretching her arms briefly above her head. "Maybe some tea?"
Lucette     Lucette may vaguely recall Camilla.. from Mexico. Even if she's not quite sure they ran anything together. Her thermos is polished off with a last sip and set off to the side for now. Her bladder will thank her later, in a sort of scolding way assuredly. Both Iri and Cami get looks from Luce but she's quiet.
Camilla     Camilla doesn't seem to recall Lucette at the moment as she glances over to the woman and shoots her a smile. She turns to iris and nods a yes, "Oh, ok.." she replies with a smile, giving Iris another nod yes. "I could eat, and some tea would be amazing. Thank you.." she replies as she moves up on to the porch to find a seat.
Iris Lark Iris nods and walks into the house, glancing over her shoulder with a grin. "When I get back, I hope you'll tell me how you got injured. I'll look at you while you eat." She ducks inside the door and sounds eminate from the kitchen for a few minutes before silence descends again. Iris steps back out, plate and glass in hand and she hands it to Camilla. "Did you say you were patrolling? WHy in the world would you do that, it's dangerous."
Lucette     Luce slumps more onto the swing and relaxes. Does she sleep in her kit? Probably, can't relax in it if you don't.. relax in it. Eh? Why was someone patrolling? Luce can think of loads of reasons about that, but for the time being. Will let Cami tell her own story.
Camilla     Camilla looks rather confused, she never mentioned anything about patrolling, though her carrying the rifle and limping might have given it away. "I, no, I didn't mention it.." she replies to Iris plainly as she takes the offered plate and glass. "I uh, managed to trip and twist my ankle.." she adds in regards to how she got hurt. "It's nothing, really, I'm fine and well, the Milita needed a medic on hand, so.." shoulder shrug.
Lucette Lucette quietly doses off as things settle around her, not one for being too socialiffic amidst her long trek out to Avalon while still injured.