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Owner Pose
Martin Martin sighs heavily, "No no." He says to some day labors. "See, these chairs, are just far too disimilar. I know I can't get a matching set. But can we at least get matching colors? Paint them for fuck sakes?" The workers nods, and one of them replies. "Yea. Alright. So the wood chairs, we can defiantly sand down, then repaint it. Sure. Might be hard to get that much paint. We can try mixing our own but we aren't likely to get the same finish." Martin listens. "Well, we wont have bright lighting in here, so as long as they look good in the lighting, I can be happy with that." He dabs his head with a hanker cheif, as there beads of sweat forming. None of the vents are working, and with the walls being worked, with the artists using blow torches to bring out the natural patina of metal panels. The heat is just getting trapped in this room, making it into an oven. And its not even mid day yet. And then more works come in, with crates. Martin walks over. "Well, come on, open it up." And then inside, are actually white linens. Cotton linens. "These cost a fucking a mint. And we got the right count, right? We got 45?" He ask them. The other set of day workers go, "Yea, its 5 a crate and we got 9 of them." Martin smiles, "Great great. Getting tables that dont wobble is enough of a head ache, let alone matching fucking table. The clothes is going to be great for that."
Qwillis     Qwillis, taking a break from his other work, saw an ad in the paper. A place needing help with HVAC? Yeah. That'll be easy enough for him to help out. Why not?
    Q would show up a bit after that second set of guys, the click of metal foot echoed by booted step as he'd look around, raising a brow at the heat within, he'd shake his head a little. "Hmm.. I see." He'd start asking guys who's in charge, eventually getting pointed towards Martin.
Martin Martin shakes his head, as he wipes away more sweat. "You'd think after walking around not one or two but three deserts, I'd be acclimated to heat? No. No no. Thats just life to be like that." As he says to himself more then anyone else. And he gets tapped on his shoulder and pointed toward Qwillis. He extends out a hand to be shook. "Hi hi. Welcome there, son. Bishop. Martin Bishop. Welcome to what'll be the Empty Chamber. What can I do you for?"
Qwillis     Qwillis nods to the one who pointed him Martin's way and walked over, that metal foot continuing to click on the floor as he'd step up close. Q hesitates as Martin offers than hand, shrugs slightly and shakes it with that metal hand of his own. It's only got 3 fingers to it and a thumb, but seems rather well articulated. Surprisingly, other than it being cold, it seems more like shaking a person's hand, than a robot from the plating on it. "Mister Bishop. I'm Qwillis. I saw your post about needing some help with HVAC, so I figured I'd swing by and help out. I don't mind some light work before I get back to my work in the lab.."
Martin Martin smiles, and squeezes whats left or whats built of Qwillis hand. He doesn't seem phased by it in the least. "Great great great." He then starts to lead Qwillis over to one of the corners. "So as you probably know, El Durrado, was once a theme park, before the bombs fell. Some sorta plcae where folks went to go on rides and stuff." And there is a wrought iron circulur stair case, its not yet anchor to the floor. Instead there is a rope ladder. leading to the second story. Martin starts to heft himself up. And then turns to look to him. "If you can't manage, I'm sure we can make a harness and hoist you up." As Martin continues to climb.
Qwillis     Qwillis nods to Martin, chuckling. "I grew up here.. in Shanty town anyways. So I know about it." He'd follow Martin to the ladder and eyes it. Shrugging as he'd look up at Martin, he'd shake his head. "I'm a bit heavier than I look. But if it can handle weight, I'm fine. Is the AC up there?" Qwillis would start up the ladder, climbing up smoothly as anyone else might.
Martin Martin dusts himself off. "Yea. Its above this floor, in the false cieling." Martin says, getting one of the ladders, and positioning under a few panels. "Pretty sure the MFC is fine. Kinda the only two ways you find those things. They're charged, or drained. But the fuck if I know if the HVAC isn't doing anything. Might not be getting water. Raditors might be busted. The entire thing could have gotten fused during the bombs." He says and holds the ladder steady. "I dont of course expect it fix today. But I'd love to get an estimate, a once over to see if its shot." He then pauses for a moment. "Or maybe our attempt to redirect the air flow just isn't working and we're pumping cold air to the new mexico desert. See these spaces are under the park. There lots of them. They were used for storage or adminstration."
Qwillis     Q nods and finishes climbing up with Martin. He'd balance well enough as he'd look around, the pipboy coming up to make sure they had enough light as he'd sweep the area, then look to Martin. "From what I've seen? It's usually a matter of engaging the system to blow the right direction. If it works. But from the sound, I think it is working. So we'll just have to see once we get there." He'd motion for Martin to lead on. "Let's see where it's at. Hopefully I don't get you too dirty before your club opens.."
Martin And the pair of them are now in a utility crawl space. Lots of pipes and wires and junction boxes. Martin shuffles onward, to a spot that opens up, a little bit more, and turns on some lights. "Here it is. Its meant to cool what was a store above here, or a few of them. Or maybe not a few of them. I'm not naked around old world tech. Like your hand." He says. "Though I'd wager you've been making it yourself out of scrap." And goes to take off the covering. "But I just never dealt with any of these HVAC. Whatever that means."
Qwillis     Qwillis nods slightly to Martin, he'd touch his metal hand with the flesh one, then shrugs a little. "I've done what I had to. As we all do, hmm?" Qwillis moves closer to the system, shutting off his pip-boy as Martin turns on the light. He'd look the system over, studying it for a few moments to try and determine what's going on.. and how to fix it.
Martin Martin kinda stands idly. Then asks a totally random question. "Ever dealt with mining equipment?"
Qwillis     Qwillis nods and starts pulling out tools from that labcoat, going to work promptly on the unit. He'd pause a moment to pull out a schematic on the pip-boy and started using that to work on it. "Hmm? Well, I lead the group that helped to rebuild Brutus who's been building the wall. I've never been in a mine.. but I can probably figure out how to deal with it, if needed."
Martin Martin still standing idling around as Qwillis does the manly man work of working on manly man things. "I might need to break into some of these other storage rooms, that don't have access ways anymore."
Qwillis     Qwillis pauses, glancing to Martin. "If they have computer access, let me know? I can probably hack the door to just open and let people in. Otherwise, I might be able to help after we finish getting the walls built. That's taken most of my time in getting them constructed."
Martin Martin nods. "Well, I dont know if anyone ever conduct a survey of them. The city might be sitting on top of a huge sink hole, waiting to cave in. And be like the Necropolis in California. Just a city sunken in on itself."
Qwillis     Q nods in response, doing a few more bits to the machine and then finally with a dull THUD of metal on metal, it'd cough, then start to life, the effect quite immediate in the club as it'd start passing in that cooled air. "You should mention such to the Mayor. I believe she's put out posts of jobs to help the city. It's something that should be addressed and before the mutants get here I suspect."
Martin Martin expression brightens as he hears what he hopes is a good hum. "That sounds like a working machine." He says, and comes over to take a closer look. "So how much do I owe you?" He asks. Shootting himself in the foot for not getting a price seattled first. As hes in a weaker position to haggle for the price.
Qwillis     Q muses, then gives an upnod to Martin. "How about we call it 25 caps? I didn't have to use anything serious. It was relatively minor repairs." He'd look over at the machine, closing it up then grins to Martin. "But everyone should be happy now. So I'm glad I could be of help."