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Maria The Militia's medical center is quiet, half-lit by lamplight that illuminates the front desk. Patients and medics alike haven't roused from their sleep quite yet, with the exception of Maria Cuevas, who sits with her boots on the desk, idly paging through a book. The red cross sewn onto her jacket clearly denotes her as a member of the medical staff, albeit a new face.
Fiona Fiona comes in, slipping her hat off and on a hook. The duster follows to a hoom. She is quiet, glancing around and rubbing at a bandage on her arm. Spottinv the new one, she limps faintly close. "Hi, umm. So see on patrol... I sorta ran a foul of a half dozen ferals. Corporal Fiona Caine, by the way."
Maria Maria stands, sliding the book away from herself. She looks to Fiona, stepping around the desk and offering an arm for support. "Well, let's see what we can do about it," she says, clicking a tongue and motioning behind her. "Let's get to a room and take off these bandages." She hovers near Fiona, offering her support on the move.
Fiona There is a little flush at the offer to help her walk, Fiona nods. She is a trust to pros sort. "Thanks Doc." She takes the offering gesture, but shifta little weight to the woman. "So haven't seen you before Doc?"
Maria Maria nods her head, "New in the city, actually. My name's Maria Cuevas, just started working with the Militia a few days ago. Figured I'd make myself useful here." She ushers Fiona on to a room, where she motions to a medical bed. "I haven't seen you around. What d'you do around?" She moves to a cabinet, shuffling inside of it for supplies.
Fiona "Welcome to El Darodo, Doc Cuevas. Need any help getting settled, just let me know." The woman says, scanning the room thoughtfully before settling to sit on the bed. "Me, I mostly shoot things. I am with scout-recon." One leg is placed on the bed, extended while the other hangs off.
Maria Maria takes her time withdrawing a few supplies from storage, setting them next to the bed. She turns, sliding on a pair of nitrile gloves and making her way over to Fiona. "Well, you look like you need more help than me right now. Thankfully, the Militia has provided me with somewhere to hang my hat, but if you know any good bars around town with cheap booze, I'd be grateful," she says, grinning and then giggling lightly. Leaning over, she takes a moment to size up Fiona's wounds, getting a good look at them.
Fiona "As a matter of fact, my cousin owns the Gold Digger. Pretty nice place. And there is a girl B north of town that sells from her still." The militia woman says, motioning to her thigh on the favored right leg and her left forearm. "Can get rooms at the Digger too, if you don't mind the brothel traffic and don't want the barracks." She looks the woman over with a grin, "Any way, it is the arm here and the thigh that took the worst of it. Don't knee a feral, they bite back."
Maria Maria listens intently as she slowly unwraps the bandaged arm, setting aside the old bandages and withdrawing a small cotton swab. Cradling it between two fingers, she dips it into a small tin of antiseptic and begins to gently apply it to the wound. "Well, I might head on down to the Gold Digger later tonight, if nothing comes up. Could always go for a good drink." She clicks her tongue, "Well, the wound to your forearm shouldn't be too bad... Hopefully the one on your thigh doesn't need stitching." Taking a fresh set of bandages, she quickly wraps up the woman's arm again. Adjusting her seat slightly, she looks to the right thigh, looking over the wound. "Might look into getting a place to stay once I get some pocket change. How much do they charge?"
Fiona There is a hissing inhale at the antiseptic to her arm. No more complaint though. "I think it is about two hundred. Not sure." The belt is undone after the arm is treated. She slide the camos off the leg, exposing the thigh bite after the bandaging is removed. It is the harsher one. "Well, there is the barracks in the meantime, Doc." She offers, laying back.
Maria Maria scratches her chin, looking over the bite. She leans back, withdrawing a small plastic bag from her pack. She slowly dribbles the water over the wound, irrigating it to the best of her ability. Setting aside the small package of purified water, she slowly digs around in her pack, withdrawing a small suture kit. "This shouldn't hurt too badly, you look tough enough to handle it." She stands, pouring the remaining water into a small bowl. She lays the needle in it, mixing it with peroxide. "The barracks are fine, I just need a place to stash my booze. Someone where nobody'll get to it. You know how people are."
Fiona Like most, Fiona's eyes will watch the movements of the needle. Tough enough, sure. Yet, nobody would call the idea pleasant. A hand runs through the blonde hair. "Well, it is not too bad around here." Her gaze averts from the process, better not to watch. "Pretty cheap around here too." Her breathing leveling as she picks a stare point.
Maria Maria slowly brings the needle out of the water and peroxide concoction, about as sterilized as you could get in the Wasteland. She quickly threads it with sterile thread, positioning herself over Fiona's thigh. Taking a moment to steady her hand, she slowly pierces the skin with it, beginning to suture the tissue. Maria goes slowly, trying to lessen the pain of the process as she slowly brings the wound together, closing the laceration. "Well, perhaps a drink would help you relax after this. You probably need it," she comments idly.
Fiona Fiona grits her teeth when the process starts, moving her right hand to her torso to drum her fingers. "I have a couple of bottles. Give you one." Heavy exhale as she waits. "So, drinking aside, what's fun, Doc?"
Maria Maria slowly ties off the last of the sutures, ensuring that the wound edges are all aligned. She brushes her forehead of sweat, disposing of the needle. She takes a moment to dab another cotton swab, gently applying peroxide to the area before wrapping a bandage over it. She sets aside her supplies, disposing of her gloves and wiping her forehead of sweat. "Well, I appreciate it. I'm new in town, so I'm not quite sure what there is to down around here. What do you get up to?" She runs a hand through her own hair, "I picked up drinking back south, so that's what I've been doing to pass the time. Drinking and reading. Swear I'm sober most of the time, though."
Fiona Fiona looks down once it is done, clearing her throat and blinking a little. Tough enough doesn't stop her eyes from watering, "Nice work Doc, thankee. What do I owe you?" She asks as she sits up. "I drink too, fish, poker, hunt, ride.. And I like my job, to be honest" The woman says, giving a couple of minutes before worrying at the pants. "There is stuff to do for all tastes, I suspect."
Maria Maria shrugs her shoulders, "Well, you're a member of the Militia. It'd be rude for me to take anything from you just for doing my job. The booze is enough, I think." She listens intently, taking a moment to relax and scratching her chin, "I can't gamble anymore, swore to my abuela that I wouldn't do it. Blew a lot of her caps on it when I was a teenager," she says, smiling at the memory. "Well, you're braver than me, that's for sure. I probably couldn't handle a wound like that, I'd faint." Arching a brow, she continues, "What d'you ride?"
Fiona "What is an abuela?" Fiona shakes her head, "Still need to re-supply, militia or no." The woman insists lightly as she pulls the pants up with a wince. "Like to swim too, but it is off season even here for that." A pause and a look up, "I forget sometimes, we've always had them. Horses, I have a strong palimino stallion. And, I am sure you would do fine. You get all hyped in the moment."
Maria Maria nods her head, "An abuela is like a grandmother, in old Spanish. Sorry, she always insisted that we call her that. It's like second nature." She runs a hand through her own hair again, thinking back. "Horses, huh? I think I might have seen one around town, but we didn't have any where I came from. Mostly rode around on carts pulled by Brahmin. My dad worked- works a caravan. It'd be cool to see one up close sometime." She leans back, "Well, you can just give me a few caps. Thats' all I'll need to get my supplies back."
Fiona "Ah, I hadn't heard that title." There is a grin, "Sure, there is a stable close to here.. But, I'd be happy to take you riding Doc." The woman says, offering a fair hand of caps over to the woman. "Nice meeting you, Doc. I'll speak with ya soon. Gotta jump on patrol now."
Maria Maria stands, taking the caps and pressing them into her pocket. "Sure, I'd like that, I think. Nice meeting you, stay safe out there." She offers a wave, holding the door on her way out.