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Manuelito Outside rain fell from the skies, soaking the dry ground and patrons whom ventured forth outside. As if that wasn't enough, a strong southern wind blows, causing the rain to chill to the very core of people.

Foot fall outside of the Hotel room is heard followed by a soft knock upon the door. Standing outside of it was Manuelito, with his hands carrying a drink holder with coffee and a sack of food. He appears a bit wet, however a charismatic smile can be seen on his face. As she answers, he says "Hello Lilu."
Lilu Lilu glances up from the bed. She had yet to sleep, but had found a way to cocoon herself in whatever blankets there were to be had in the room. Her violet eyes dart to the door when she hears footsteps, waiting for them to pass as most of them did. They didn't. Listening to the knock, she keeps still for a breath before moving, blankets in toe, and answers the door. Draped in the bedding, making some of it bundle up and over her head like a hood, the woman is surprised, obviously, at who greets her. "Oh, s'you, Manny. What y'doin' here?" She questions, allowing him in after noticing his state. "Y'cold? Dey got towels in here. /Towels/. I c'n get y' one."
Manuelito "Well, I was in the area... And thought I'd check in on you. See how things were going." Manny replies kindly as he steps inside. His shirt is soak completely through. His cheeks flush a little as he shook his head "No... but thank-you kindly on the towel, though." a beat and adds, "Though, I would not recommend going outside at the moment." with a bit of a chuckle as he looks for a table and proceeds over to set the drinks and food down. Then off comes his cowboy hat to placed there before looking back to her. "So, how are you doing?" He asks kindly.
Lilu Lilu was already gone for the towel, shuffling back toward him with her blankets' tails rippling behind her. Arm out, she presses two towels toward him, staring somewhat expectantly at him. "Y'catch cold. Dry off." She suggests/commands maternally. To his question, she shrugs lightly, slinking back over to the bed and reclaiming her seat, pulling her legs up and under the covers so she turns into a ball of sorts. "S'ok. S'odd, but maybe dat's jus' me. I ain' been 'round people f'long time now. Some jus' seem t'be in dere own lil world. Don' really pay 'ttention when bein' spoken to. How're you, doin'?"
Manuelito Biting his lip as the towels are given, Manny turns slightly to set them on the chair. He turns a bit to remove the soak through shirt, setting it on the back of a chair before taking one of the towels to dry off himself off. moving the two around his neck, he looks back to Lilu, saying "Yeah, El Dorado has a interesting crowd of people. Most are good people, though. We've also seen a influx of out of towners, people hailing from NCR, brotherhood and the like recently." A frown creases his lips "Of which we've apparently have two NCR ambassadors in town now too." He doesn't seem thrilled with the idea of having them in town. The frown softens to a smile as he continues "As for me, I am doing well." He turns, taking one of the coffees and pulls out two tinfoil wrap tacos "Boars meat, egg and cheese." He says as he hands them to her.
Lilu Lilu blinks, looking at the food, and it being offered, with a bit of a question in her gaze. Question, and disbelief. Moving off the bed, she slinks closer and plops down on the floor, accepting the food with timid fingers and a smile. "Really?" She voices, pulling the taco closer and allowing some of the bedding to fall off her shoulders. "T'anks. I, well, 'm little outta touch wit t'ose t'ings. Who's who n'why. I tried meetin' wit de May'r t'day, too. Dey pretty much kicked me outta de buildin'." She frowns, pulling up the meal and studying it before taking a bite. Freezing, her eyes wide, and then she starts eating more, so much so that both of her cheeks round like that of a chipmunks.
Manuelito "Let me talk to him." Manny replies softly as he sits on the floor next to her with his food and drink. "The Romero family is prominent in town... Pretty sure I can pull some strings, get you a farmhouse." He replies. As she takes the bite, then packs the food in her cheeks, Manny face shifts to amusement as he stifles a chuckle. A twinkle in the eye and his facial features shift to a amused grin. "I see you like my cooking." He says teasingly as he unwraps the taco and bites into it before sipping the coffee.
Lilu Lilu gawks, cheeks stuffed and lips thinning, but together. She chews, and chews, muffling out something that might be words, but the blockage of food turns them to nothing. Then, she swallows, choking slightly and tapping the flat of her chest. "You'd do dat? B-but why? Y'don' know me, n'I jus' came dis way de otha day." Her brows slope in confusion, shifting in place, she moves to looking at him more directly, hands still gripping the food. "I do." She admits, taking smaller bites now. "S'good."
Manuelito A soft shrug is given in reply to her line of questioning, an affectionate smile on his face once more. "I help out with the town, make sure those that are new are settling in okay." Manny replies lightly in a cordial voice; Though with the influx of people it has been harder to do. "And I want to make sure that what your wanting to do here comes to fruition." He adds with a slight blush to the cheeks as he takes another bite of his taco.
Lilu Silent, she nibbles at her food now, tiny nips and polite chews. She doesn't speak, not for some time, and not until she finishes the entire taco. "S'nice 'f y'. I don'...I know m' a lil awkward 'round folks. W's out dere f'a few years. Dunno why I jus' turned tail n'came dis way. I t'ink, maybe, dis where de spirits be leadin' me." A beat. "I wanna stop wanderin'." She admits and then straightens her posture. "Y'Militia still need s'mbody like me?"
Manuelito A fond smile crosses the Navajos face as he nods about the spirits. "Mother Goddess and the Spirits will always guide us in the right direction. You being here is of no accident; we could use more farmhands and medical people." He says in a softhearted voice. A pause is given and the smile grows kinder, softer "Aye, we could use someone with your talents in the Militia."
Lilu "I don' know many 'round here, like I said. Most jus' go 'bout dere business. Maybe, maybe t'ings jus' changed on me in dose years." Offering him the foil, not ripping it or ruining it, her smile finally returns and she nods. "I t'ink I wanna help y', if y'let me."
Manuelito "Yes, they do it seems." Brushing his hand against hers as he takes the tinfoil, his head nods. "Well, we could always use a medic. I'll get your paper work filled out and have you sign them." He says softly as he sets the tin foil to the side and looks to her. "And I'm always around, Lilu." He adds with fond smile.
Lilu Lilu glances at the brief contact, her hand lightly jerking away and hiding itself back under her blanket armor. She nods and clears her throat, moving to stand and slipping back onto the bed. "'lright. When y'need me t'sign dem?" She pauses, "N' what dey gonna say?"
Manuelito Moving to stand, Manny places he tinfoil's of the food in the bag before looking to Lilu. "Just standard papers really. Saying your joining up as a field medic. Militia doesn't hold you in for any amount of years, so you can leave whenever you'd like." He says kindly, shifting a bit as he runs the towel over his bare chest again before placing it on the chair.
Lilu "Oh, I see. N'bout de barn? I c'n work de fields, 'r do y' got y'own set up?" She questions, canting her head to the side. "Manny," she then voices in an after thought. "Why'd y'join dem?"
Manuelito Moving to the bed, Manny sits down on the edge. A soft smile crosses his lips as he says "What would you like?" He inquires thoughtfully, pausing to add. "I joined out of a sense of honor, but also because the Romero's have always served. My grandfather help found the Militia. He was the first Colonel."
Lilu "I don' know. Honest. S'all, well, s'all so much. M'still gettin' m'feet, but I'd like..." She stalls, resting with her back against the wall and keeping her covers closer, tight, snug. "C'n I tell y's'mt'ing? Y'keep it t' y'self, ok?"
Manuelito A slight nod is given as the Navajo replies "Well, think it through about the farm. Let me know what you ideally like to do. No pressure, and take your time on it." He says kindly. A pause is given as his brow furrow in curiosity, head canting to give a nod. "You can tell me anything, Lilu; and I promise not to tell."
Lilu "I use t'have a fam'ly." She admits, thinning her lips briefly before allowing them to fill back out naturally. "We had de homestead n'm' siblin's 'n me learned how t'tend de land, n'help people when dey came a'callin'. I liked wanderin', ever since I was yay big, still do, I s'pose. I was away, n' dere was a fire. Dey died n'I jus' lost m'self, I t'ink. Started walkin', didn' stop 'nless m'body made me. Now, m'here." A beat, she looks over to him. "I don' know what t'do. M'scared 'f doin' anyt'ing."
Manuelito Sadness crossed the Navajo's face as he listens to her talk about her past. Out of instinct mostly, the man stands up and sits closer to her, hand gently befalling on one of hers to squeeze if allowed. "I am so sorry that had happened to you, Lilu." He pauses, sighs "I know how to feels to lose family. I was only a few months old myself when raiders killed my tribe. My father, David, and his wife took me in. I always felt out of place; a Caucasian family with a Navajo child." He smiles gently to her "I know you don't me too well, but ... consider me as someone you can talk to about your fears and concerns. I understand how displacement can feel."
Lilu "S'mtimes, I t'ink fam'ly's not all jus' blood. S'dey people 'round you. M'sorry if dat don' help, but maybe m'jus' talkin' out my ass right now." She muses, smirking in spite of herself. The touch was allowed, and she even turns her hand to his, palm to palm, and squeezes. "T'anks. I neva, well, y'de first person I got t'talk to 'bout it. I stayed 'way fr'm people afta dat. Maybe-maybe growin' t'ings'll help." Her eyes flutter in a few rapid blinks, and then she stares at Manny for a moment. "Y'got dem horses, right? Y't'ink...y't'ink I c'n go ridin' s'mtime?"
Manuelito "Blood isn't the only thing makes a family." Manny replies quietly with a soft smile, his hand squeezes her hand in return. "Family are those that stick by, those that truly help raise you as one of there own. That's what the Romero's did.. and most of the town." His cheeks flush a little as his hand gently moves to interlace hers and squeeze again. "We all have a way to cope with what happens to us. My parents saw my displacement feelings and when I was ten.. got a hold of a Navajo Tribe. I.. spent eight years with them before coming home." He tells her truthfully, eyes looking away and towards the ground as he spoke.

Looking back to her, he smiles ever so slightly "Maybe you've spent enough time in isolation. Maybe Mother Goddess thinks that now is a good time to reintegrate with people and find a home." He says thoughtfully to her. A pause and nod is given. "Aye, I can teach you a little bit about horseback riding." A look to the window "Though, it'd be after it stops raining." He says in a teasing voice.
Lilu "Teach me?" She muses, a smirk finally pressing at the corner of her lips, setting a dimple into her cheek. "Non, don' need t'be taught. T'ink I still 'member a t'ing or two 'bout it." She explains, leaving the rest of the conversation behind, or now. Looking out the window, she nods, listening to the rain as it falls. "S'nice 'f y', t'check up on me. T'anks."
Manuelito "Oh, so you can ride, huh." Manny jests a little, turning to look at her. "Well, then after it stops raining, I'll show you a few places nearby; Pecos River, Bitter lake.. a few other scenic places." A pause "Well, as scenic as it can get considering it being the wasteland and all." He muses. He squeezes her interlace hand, nodding and gives a warm a smile; saying "It's ... my pleasure, Lilu."
Lilu Lilu smiles all the more, drinking in a breath and leaning forward, slipping her arms around the man in a gentle, yet somewhat awkward, hug. It's brief, amazingly so, and soon enough, she pulls away and nestles back into her blanket hive. "I don' got a shirt f'y'." She frowns apologetically. "Y'gonna be ok out dere? If y'get sick, I c'n help y' get betta."
Manuelito He returns the hug with a gently smile of his own. A look to his shirt is given as he hmm. "I should be okay." He replies before looking back to her. "And I probably enjoy that a bit much." He flirts, cheeks tinting slightly. "But, even so.. if I get sick, I'll seek you out first." He adds.
Lilu Lilu nods, but her brows dip at his comment. "Y'...y'feelin' a feva already?" She ponders aloud, though her comment is soon marked with a yawn. "Sorry. Suppose I c'n get s'm sleep afta all."