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Owner Pose
Eden Eden comes running into Qwillis's workroom. "I finished Qwillis, look" Eden drops pages onto his table and looks up proudly. "Did I do it right this time?" A little flushed from running, but smiling all the same Eden pauses to actually look around. "oh, I'm sorry, i didn't even think. Are you busy?"
Qwillis     Qwillis was in the middle of reading one of the books while working on some electronic component when Eden comes rushing into the workroom in Iris' house. He'd blink in surprise as she'd offer that report, looking from her, to it then back. He'd chuckle quietly and take up the report to look it over. "I'm always busy, Eden. But I'm glad you came around to share with me. It's good that you kept up with it.. Let's see.."
Eden Eden waits a little anxiously while Qwillis reads. She just cant stay quiet. "I tried to go step by step, just like i would troubleshooting." biting her tounge, she realizes she needs to let him read. To help keep herself quiet. she opens up the nearest book and flip through it a bit
Eden "So the biggest problrm was trying to find a control. a place without gravity isnt exactly easy to get to. so i kinda had to do that part backwards. i thought whst if i dhow it will always fall unless something else prevents the fall" Eden is picking up objects now, repeating the same motion on each, drop catch, drop catch.
Qwillis     Qwillis nods as he'd look over the report, then looks to Eden with that smile in response. "Good. Thinking like a scientist in that. You did well. It was a good task if you came up with it this way. Afterall, gravity is easy to prove.. But the method? This is where you did well, Eden." He'd smile and offer the report back to her. "Congradulations on proving Gravity. So.. is there questions you have going forward from there? This same method can be applied to everything you see, to get to the answers, afterall."
Eden eden laughs, "i have a billion questions! but i think i probably have a lotta steps between this and how do i fix my robots circuitry."
Qwillis     Qwillis muses, then shakes his head a little. "yes and no.. Do you understand what electricity is, Eden?" He'd shift his attention to the table and the item he had been working on. He'd pick up a battery and two of the wires with a small smile to Eden. "Power. Electricity. It's a difference in potential that's stored chemically in the battery. That's all.. and understanding the basics helps you understand how to deal with circuits and more complext things."
Eden Eden says "yes, but only sott of. i know how to use it but not why it's there. if that makes sense. i dont know where it comes from, but i know what it needs to live"
Qwillis     Q nods in response to Eden. "Quite. Well.. it's actually a study of the differential in forces. Much like a ball that rolls down a slope because gravity pulls it down? The energy in the battery draws from the positive side, where it has extra energy and returns to the negative side. Eventually? A battery will run out. Because the charge stabilizes between the positive and the negative. However!" This is where Q holds up that metal hand, finger extended with emphesis of the exclimation. "Running that power through a circuit allows the components to use that power, based on how they are built and why.."
Eden "so, if i brought my robot here, would that be ok? could you maybe help me fix it?"
Qwillis     Qwillis muses, watching Eden. he'd chuckle quietly. "You'd need to ask Iris if you can bring the robot here first, Eden.. this is in her house, afterall.." he'd motion around to the workroom. "I've taken it over, partly.. that's Iris helping me out. But I can't just give open access, hmm?" Q smiles then. "If she's ok with it, then yes.. I should be able to help you fix it."
Eden Eden looks around sheepishly. as usual, she's been oblivious to everything while focused on a particular problem. "yes, of course, i will ask if she minds"
Qwillis     Q smiles lightly to Eden. "I'm sure it'll be fine. Just better to ask.. I had to leave the lab. So.. I haven't come up with a new place yet. I'm getting there.. just.. not there yet."
Eden Eden grins back to him. "Iris is sweet. a very cool person. but having your own spot does feel nice! what do you still need to get your own place?"
Qwillis     Q chuckles with a shake of his head. "Caps. Resources. A location to actually build at that would be a decent spot for a lab.. You know.. basically all of it. I'm hoping to find a partial vault or something I can take over and use.."
Eden "i did hear a rumor there was another vault, who knows how true that is though. maybe with all the walls now it'll be easier to find a place?"
Qwillis     Qwillis shakes his head a little. "Any place heard about means something interesting was there. Which means danger. I need one that everyone things is boring and dismisses.. The better to hide what I do."
Eden Eden raises an eyebrow in curiosity. "you need to hide it? thats surprising. what you do is good for everyone, isnt it?"
Qwillis     Q nods solemnly. "But.. it can also be turned to terrible things. Personally? I rather not have my work stolen from me and abused. So if I hide it.. then people don't see it to take it. I'm not seeking to keep it away from people. Just not be a target." Not that he knows about that happening! Q would absently flex that mechanical hand, his other hand reaching over to grab it's wrist lightly.
Eden "well that makes sense." eden falls quiet, studying his arm closely, taking it apart in her mind. "i still have a lot to learn"