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Iris Lark The store is a little busy today, people were out watching the Preacher speak to the public and stuck around for shopping and ice cream. Iris is the only one in the store at the moment so she's running too and fro trying to keep people happy and answer questions. The doors are wide open and the sunlight is spilling in, along with a breeze. It's a good day to be alive.
Carter Griffin Yeah so things are bad and that's probably why Carter got brought in here. A couple of other Rangers are the ones bringing him in. He's out cold, and he is burned really bad. They did the best they could to get him stable enough to transport but he looks in a bad way right now, "Hey this place is the doc's right?" One of the Rangers asks, "He's hurt bad, we couldn't make it all the way back to El Dorado."
Iris Lark Iris stares at Carter, her mind turning in little circles for a moment before she glances at all of the customers around. "Yes, yes..I'm a ..Healer." She raises her voice slightly, calling to the back room for someone to mind the counter as she crooks a finger at the Rangers carrying Carter. They end up at the back of the store, and she points to a stack of boxes. "Set him on there, and then give me some room if you would." She murmurs, pulling out a pair of scissors. "What happened to him?"
Carter Griffin They put him down and then move out of the way so she can get to him, "Legion patrol ambushed him. One of them must have got a lucky shot in, they busted up his leg really bad and then doused him in gas and lit him on fire. He managed to take a few of them down but we caught the tail end of it, along with the militia. We wiped those bastards out but yeah, we knew we couldn't make it back to El Dorado."
Iris Lark Iris looks stony for a moment and then she goes into action, using the scissors to cut away at the ruined clothing. "You likely would not have, you're correct." She turns after the clothes are cut way and begins to make some cloth wraps soaked in aloe, water and other poultices. She brings the large bowl back and begins to work on setting the bone in his leg. Because Carter is completely out of it, it doesn't take much for her to get that squared away quickly. She gets the splint ready but before she ties it on the wraps the burns there in the cloths. Splint applied, Iris slowly wraps the other burned areas of his body with the damp cloths before she turns and kneels to rummage through her rucksack for her stimpak.
Carter Griffin The two other Rangers are, for the time being, just watching. They have basic medical training but this was way past what they'd be able to treat in the field and the NCR's presence in El Dorado has diminished a lot lately, forcing them to find alternate means to seek help, which is why they're here.

Carter seems to be stirring a little bit after the treatment he's recieved so far, but he has a ways to go before he'll be up and about again.
Iris Lark Iris is in her own little world right now, for the most part, she's intent on treating Carter's burns. Each cloth that she wraps around the burned areas on his skin is nudged until she's satisfied with their placement. She glances back briefly at the rangers who carried the man in. "You'll need to let someone know who did this, and see that the rest of those assholes are found. They...they came very close to killing him." She looks pained for a moment, but after a steadying breath she glances at Carter, murmurs quietly, and then stabs him in his upper leg with her stimpak.
Qwillis     Qwillis, that alternate metal step echoed by booted step, heads into the shop with a small bundle of goods. All of which is left there by the door as he'd see what's going on. Immediately, Q would head past the two other rangers, stepping up to glance over what Iris is doing and immediately working to get her additional items to help her with her tending. "Well.. this seems bad. I'm guessing you got him stablized at least?"
Iris Lark "Until he wakes up, I can't tell at the extent of the damage, really. I have no idea, his throat could be's bad.." Iris says, and she looks quite upset, her arms folded under her bust as she gazes down at Carter. She glances back at Qwillis and sighs. "He's going to have a lot of scars after this, that is for certain." She moves away from the boxes that Carter has been placed on and pulls a drink of water from the cooler, opening the cap. "His friends.." She nods to the Rangers who carried Carter in. "..say that the Legion did this."
Carter Griffin The sharp jab of the stimpack wakes him up, as Carter jerks visibly from the sudden sharp pain. Of course he instantly feels better as the Stimpack does its thing and lays his head back down. The two Rangers move slightly but relax when Carter does, "We're going to get back out there and see if we can track down the camp they're coming out of." The second Ranger says, as she heads back outside with the first following suit, leaving Carter in Iris' capable hands.
Matt Matt wakes up from a cot out back and sits up. Confused, and a bit shaky, but he scrambles out of bed and grabs his possessions before leaving and heading into the shop from the back of the building. He stands just past the threshold, and raises his voice. "Howdy?"
Qwillis     Qwillis nods solemnly, looking over Carter. "Well.. if I need to craft replacements.. I'm certain I can do such. But if it's a critical location, I'll need to know now." Q would move over to look Carter over more closely for a moment then sighs. "We do need to find them. That they'd do this.. just.." He'd shake his head a little and glance over in surprise at the new voice. "Ah.. Hello there." This is of course directed to Matt from Q.
Iris Lark Iris spots Matt when he walks in and she moves to her rucksack, pulling a clean shirt from it that she holds out towards the sleepy newcomer. "Here you go, I got the stains out, but..." She shrugs and manages a small grin before she nods towards Qwillis. "They broke his leg, and the burns..well I've seen worse. None of the burns are to the bone or anything, but he's gonna be in pain for a while. I'll manage it best as I'm able."
Matt "Ah, you still look like a valkyrie. I hurt too much to be in Valhalla though." He accepts his shirt back and throws it over a shoulder. Another "Howdy" is directed towards Qwillis. "So. How far did my boots carry me? Did I make it to Nevada?"
Qwillis     Qwillis nods slightly, checking out Carter's leg with a small frown, then finally moves on, looking over to matt. "Well.. You found at least a portion of El Dorado. New Mexico. So.. no?" He'd shrug a little, then looks over to Iris with a small smile. "I was actually coming to see about trading in some of my stuff. So I can pay you back. heh."
Iris Lark "I ..look.." Iris goes pink at the compliment and she offers Matt a smile. "Grab a bottle of water from the cooler if you'd like." She offers, gesturing towards the back of the store near the door he walked in. "You didn't make it to Nevada, no. You're in New Mex..." She grins at Qwillis as he finishes telling Matt whereabouts he is and walks behind the counter briefly to stow her rucksack and stimpak. "Oh, what have you got?"
Matt "I don't think I'll be getting much further for now then, I suppose." Matt is adrift for the moment, but is intrigued by Qwillis' sundry items. "Speaking of much do I owe you for however long I was out, and the medical treatment, ma'am?"
Qwillis     Q flashes a smile at Iris as she'd blush some, but doesn't comment on it for her. Instead, he'd go and hoist the bundle he had carried in, bringing it over to the counter. "Uhm.. club, assault rifle.. revolver.. and some ah.. armor."
Iris Lark "No charge, really." Iris murmurs, leaning against the counter for a moment or two, gazing down at the bundle. "Oh..that's a lot of things, you're not using any of it, are you?" She asks, her eyebrow quirking upwards briefly as she grins at Qwillis. She gestures Matt closer and gives him a once over. "How much gear do you have?"
Carter Griffin "Ughhh.." Carter seems to finally be stirring, if only faintly. Everything hurts but thankfully he realizes pain means he's alive so that's a good thing, "Ow." He finally stays, though it sounds rough.
Matt "Nothing worth doing, is worth doing free Ma'am." Matt frowns towards Iris's insistence, but moves closer towards Qwillis and Iris. He glances between the two of them. "I've got my rifle. I used all my ammo in the ambush, and when they were chasing me for a day or two. Clothes on my back? My boots. A jammed stimpack."
Qwillis     Q chuckles with a small shake of his head and pats the needler at his hip. "I don't need any of it. I'm a scientist.. and if I'm pushed.. I use this. I've had it customized even." He'd shrug slightly with a smile her way, then he'd look at Matt too. Raising a brow, that metal hand is offered out to matt. "Let me see the stimpack? Maybe I can fix it."
    Q would glance over at Carter as he'd stir and vocalize. There's a small nod given at that. "Well.. he's not dead and not concussed enough to not wake up. So there's hope!"
Rexus Rexus trudges up to, and into the General store. The Wastelander has his usual bag of sundries over his shoulder, peering about the interior. "Seems busy today..." he says, chuckling a little as he joins the line of folk with wares for sale, keeping an eye out for any Khajiit's.
Iris Lark Iris moves to check on Carter, leaning in to check his eyes and inside of his mouth. "Ow is right." She mutters, before she starts the process of removing the cloths and soaking them again to reapply them. "Hi Rexus!" She says, grinning at him before she goes back to work. She quietly takes care of the wraps again and leans in to speak quietly at Carter. "Try to rest, okay?" Before she turns to walk back to the counter. "Okay, if you're going to insist on paying for what I did for you, Matt, it'll be twenty resources." She takes a seat on her stool and crosses her legs. "So, you give me what you don't need, and we'll figure out a price, Qwillis."
Matt "Ah. Twenty resources. Something like caps?" Matt pats his pockets a bit, perusing the emptiness for a bit. "When I have it, I will get it to you." He says rather sheepishly, but people keep coming in the store. "Wow, is this a big village?"
Rexus Rexus eases himself into a chair, this may take awhile by the looks and sounds of things. "Big village? I wouldn't call it big... big would be something like El Dorado... it's a modest settlement... though I've noticed these smaller settlements have grown in size rather quickly, almost outstripping El Dorado in terms of that growth."
Qwillis     Qwillis glances over to Carter as Iris would check him out. Although it's potentially a question of him watching Carter or Iris. Either way, he'd nod a greeting to Rexus, then smile to Matt. "This is just a popular store.. Mostly due to Iris, I suspect. She tends to draw people where ever she goes.." Chuckling, he'd smile to Iris and hand over the stuff. "Minus the 300 I owe you of course.."
Carter Griffin "Don't worry I'm not going anywhere.." Carter replies to Iris, keeping his head laid back and eyes closed. He's lucky he had on his armor it saved him from the worst of the burns, at least around his head and face. Still not really wanting to move at the moment though.
Iris Lark "Yeah, caps." Iris responds, grinning at Matt. "Take your time, I'm not going to take the last of your money." She leans against the counter, a slight smile on her face. "Acme is a slightly bigger settlement, maybe a thousand people live here, or close to that." She glances over at Rexus, pointing at the cooler in the back and grins. "Grab a drink if you've a need." She turns back to the others and adds. "There is a bathhouse here, an ice cream place, it's one of my favorite little towns..besides home."
Rexus Rexus rises and heads in back, returning with a cola from said cooler as he resumes his seat. "There's a bathhouse here?" he squints. "I thought that was a New Rome kinda thing.. or a strip... the las vegas kind.. thing?" he raises an eyebrow. "There's here.. there's Avalon.. Roswell... Ummm.. Jack's Town? And a few others I can't quite remember... oh New Rome, already mentioned that one."
Matt "A public bathhouse? I think I'll pass on something like that." Matt heaves a huge sigh. "Sounds like this place is busy enough to settle in for awhile. Is there any local caravans that need a gun?" Caps make the world go round, and Matt has none.
Iris Lark "The Lonestar is usually looking for folks." Iris replies, as she slides a bag of caps over to Qwillis. She moves then over to the seating area and takes a seat, pulling her feet up on the chair. "Plenty of people who need hired guns, or willing volunteers. The Militia is looking for people." She grins at Rexus and takes a sip of her water. "You see how crazy it can get in here some days, yeah?"
Rexus Rexus smirks, "The Militia." he says with a snort, uncapping his cola and taking a loooong drink. "Lonestar would be a good choice, One of those M guys runs things there...." he looks back at Iris. "You call this crazy? This is fairly tame. Put in one of those serving robots and you could open a cafe and boutique shop."
Qwillis     Q takes the caps and stashes them somewhere on his person. He'd pause, looking over to Iris. "Oh.. you took out what I owed you?" That handled, he'd look over to Rexus with a small shake of his head. "The Militia isn't bad. The Commander is pretty good. I've seen him at work." he'd shrug then and glances around. "I do need to get going though.. Let me know if you need my help, ok Iris?"
Iris Lark Iris glances around, a thoughtful look on her face as she considers. " no, I don't like robots. I want this to be a people friendly store." She says, a stubborn set to her chin. She blinks, nods to Qwillis and offers him a smile. "Yeah, we're square now, thank you for bringing me things to sell here." She nods again and smiles. "If I need anything else, I'll let you know."
Qwillis     Q watches Iris a second, hesitating, before nodding slightly. Metal hand is raised in waving farewell to the others before he'd head out, thoughtfully.
Matt "I sign up with a militia, They've got me for a year or two, pulling guard duty and on a steady paycheck." Matt sighs heavily as if being Militia would be that bad. "Lone star I like the name. I'll look them up." He follows Iris along after grabbing a water from the cooler. "Once I get some ammo, feel free to request my assistance, ma'am. So. Where is the caravan house?"
Rexus Rexus shrugs a bit, "Well you'd need some staff." he muses, hoisting up his bag of junk, "So.. how much can I get for this? Some leather... poncho... construction holodisk and... I think that's about it." he peers into the bag, "For now."
Iris Lark "About three hundred resources, give or take." Iris says, grinning at Rexus. "I staff this place, some of the rest of VT6 help out sometimes..but they've been busy." She glances at Matt and offers him a smile. "Well if you were to look up Lonestar, they're in El Dorado, kind of near the Saloon." She gestures in a southeasterly direction with her hand. "Tell Nathan that Iris sent you looking for him." She eyes Rexus again and leans in. "So you want a job?"
Eden Eden comes stumbling in, looking pretty beat up. Bruises seem to be everywhere. She looks around hoping to find Iris, and is glad to see the doctor is in. another look around and she sees that many need the doctor's services today! "Hi Iris! i'll wsit my.turn over here then?"
Rexus Rexus blinks as he hands over his little bag of loot to Iris, really he was looking for 1000 caps but, this is cash in hand and at the end of the day I got at least something for it. #pawnstars. "A job? I suppose... long as it doesn't involve any fighting, i'm grounded in that department for about a week."
Matt "I'll get a mosey on that way then, I suppose." Matt tucks his rifle up under the crook of his arm and stands up to get moving. "Uhh...Which would El Dorado be? I reckon I need to get in today if I want to eat tonight."
Iris Lark "Rexus, can you show Matt the way to town, while I take care of poor Eden?" Iris asks, giving him puppy dog eyes before she takes the girl by hand and pulls her gently over to the seating section and gently gets her into a chair. She shakes her head and waggle a finger at Eden. "Honey, you're a priority. You've got precious cargo in there, remember?" She goes to fetch her medical kit and brings it back over to where Eden is reclined." She points at Rexus and grins. "If you say yes, and show him to towm, make sure you come back, we've got a job to talk about."
Rexus Rexus grumps as he stands up, keeping his cola in hand. He gives a hearty, masculine belch as he stretches his arms up over his head. "Fiiiiine..." he exhales, such a chore. "C'mon kid, and watch where you point that thing." he grumps, ready to lead Matt back to El Dorado.
Eden "I know, and I wasn't doing anything dangerous. just, that mist isn't normal! I don't even know what hit me! The baby is ok, right?" Eden isn't very worried, becaise none of the pain seems to be in her center, but still. she needs to be sure.
Iris Lark "Well I worry about you honey." Iris says to Eden, leaning in to give her a hug as she checks her out. She works quietly on the girl, glancing at the door as the two men leave for El Dorado.
Matt "Its not loaded, sir. Ain't got the caps for the ammo. Most of its left on my horse, got shot out from under me." Matt looks at Raxus closely, before readying himself to follow the other man into the depths of the wasteland. Or down the road, he isn't sure how far El Dorado is.
Iris Lark Iris takes a seat beside Eden and puts her feet up. "So how are you doing, sweetheart? Keeping busy?" She asks, smiling over at the other woman. "I'm going to give you a few things to take home with you, vitamins and some stuff that might help if you end up being nauseated and the like."
Eden "If only I could manage to worry about myself, then no one else would need to!" Eden tries to laugh it off. She really is bothered that the mist attacked her. Now just walking could be dangerous? what next! "I have been feeling kinda sick." Eden nods. "I thought it was normal and nothing to be done for it. And you found vitamins! Thank you!"
Rexus Rexus returns, having shown the lost newcomer back to El Dorado. Yes we're timewarping a bit but who is counting? He slides back into the store, resuming his seat with his chilled bottle of cola to sip, listening to the womenfolk talk about... womenfolky things.
Iris Lark "They're really just something that Camilla and I came up with on the fly. They'll do for now though, a little extra vitamin C never hurts." Iris says, smiling over at Eden. "Well this tea that I'm sending with you will calm your stomach a bit, better than nothing." She pushes to her feet and stretches a bit, clearly a bit too animated at the moment to stay in one place. She paces as she speaks now. "You let me know if you need anything else, I'm going to be worried about you a bit, especially when you come in here banged up like that."
Eden "thank you Iris. Do you have any idea what this mist is about? Cause I don't. And I'm pretty sure I don't like it. I might just stay down in my vault house for a few days. Work on my robot and motorcylce or soemthing."
Iris Lark Iris gazes at Eden for a few moments and then she shakes her head as she comes to a stop. "I ..don't think I do know, it might have to do with Dunwich. You've..started to stay away from there, right?" She asks, nibbling at her bottom lip as she watches Eden. "I would stay far away from the place if you can help it. I know..that you want to know more about that car, but it's scary." She glances at Rexus when he comes back in and tilts her head slightly. "You two have any trouble going back to the city?"
Rexus Rexus raises an eyebrow, "Mist?" he asks after a few moments. "You mean like a fog.. or is there some sort of evil beings out there like the Wendol?" he just chuckles before looking over at Iris, "Nah, no problem.. he's just like a fish out of water, everything is new and exciting here... give it time and he'll settle in I imagine."
Eden "I didn't think outside the town would be any sort of problem. I was wrong though. Even the highway has this fog. There's something... squishy in it that pulled me. I have no idea what it is."
Iris Lark Iris looks slightly upset as she gazes at Eden, obviously worried. "Well maybe you shouldn't go anywhere alone for a bit, hon." She sits down and pats her arm gently. She taps her chin briefly and then adds. "Staying home seems a bit..too much, if you don't feel safe though, trust your instincts and turn around when you're out and about, okay?"
Eden Eden nods and smiles at her friend. "I will. Is it ok if I rest here a bit before I go home? I seem to be getting tired out pretty easy! I guess that goes with the territory."
Rexus Rexus slooowly lowers his head, resting his chin against his chest... his bottle of cola clasped loosely in one hand as he begins to snooze... yes... he is snoozing... what about it?
Iris Lark "You can stay here, sure." Iris says, smiling at Eden. "This store is part yours as well, remember that." She points out towards the back door. "I still have a cot in the shed here if you want to curl up on there." She curls up in a chair again and yawns. "Make sure you grab some food or something to drink before you trek back out."
Eden "I never know what you need here though. IF you tell me, I'd still love to be more part of things here!" Eden's belly grumbles at the idea of food. "That's probably a good idea.! Thank you Iris!"
Rexus Rexus stirrs a wee bit, looking up from his seat. "Iris needs about everything... all sorts of junk she'll buy... someone'll have a use for it I imagine." he offers, irregardless of whether it's helpful or not.
Alasa Alasa makes her way into the general store, limping as she does. "Sure, sure...I run into them when I'm alone.....where was my bait this time..where was he..." the she spots Rexus, "Oh, hi there bait...coulda used you..."
Hardman Hardman steps in through the entrance, his posture rigid and the dim glow of a smouldering cigar casting a veil of warm orange hues across a wirey, bearded jaw. "What kind of party did I fuckin' miss..." he grumbles, his voice a low rumble that sounds like someone had poured a bag of sand through his vocal cords. Green eyes dart around the room, the presence of his chest-slung carbine is ever present by one hand that lazily draps over the butt-stock.
Alasa Alasa says, "Oh, just your average day of fighting off least the mutants know when to give up." As she moves over to a stool, and sits down..."I gotta get me one of these...comfy.""
Rexus Rexus raises his eyes and glances at Alasa, smirking. "Mm hmmm, we'll i'm taking it easy for a bit. Doctor's orders... figured I earned it.." he says, attention shifting to the newcomer. "Not much of a party really, everyone's a bit banged up so this is more of a recovering afterparty."
Iris Lark Speaking of recovering, Iris gets up to check on Carter, changing out his aloe cloths again with a sigh. "I should probably start working at the Clinic at least a day or two a week again." She murmurs, shaking her head back and forth. "Treating people here is okay, but there are a lot more supplies at the Clinic." She turns to the newcomer and gives him a nod and a wave. "Welcome to the Acme General Store, I'm Iris. What can I help you with?"
Hardman Hardman munches on his cigar a bit, the tip bobbing as he does, shifting frome one side of his lips to the other, "Deathclaw, huh." he muses, eyeballing the group at hand, glancing over Alasa as she sits down, "Ya'll patched up good, or did you need a hand? I've been known to plug a hole or two..." he mutters, attention newfound on Iris as she greets him. "You the doc?" he asks, canting his head nearly to one side.
Iris Lark "Healer, but..yes..I treat people." Iris says, looking more than a little hesitant. Probably something to do with that Star cap. She gestures to Alasa from where she is by Carter and speaks up. "If you're looking to help, I think she needs some." She finishes wrapping the cloths around Carter's burns and moves to take the bowl to refill it with cold water, aloe and other herbs.
Rexus "Deathclaws... plural." Rexus corrects with a little wink to Alasa. "I think we're all sort of patched up as well can be.. just need to rest and relax and let the natural healing take over." he pauses, pondering, "Could open special clinic hours, Iris... there sure seems to be an increase in patients."
Hardman Hardman bobs his head easily, "Ah" he remarks, and glances at Iris, trailing her attention toward Alasa, though he raises his hands, including the one from the butt of his rifle and gestures over his torso and waistline, "Love to. No medpack. S'much as I'd love ta' just go stitchin' people up with my fingers, they tend to not like it very much" to which warrants the first display of emotion and the edges of his lips curl up into an amused smile, though he removes his cigar and snuffs it out against his chestplate before tucking the cigar behind his ear.
Alasa Alasa hmms, "No actually more deathclaws...I ran into some more out in the wastes...then again, maybe it was the same ones, and they were still ticked off...hard to say, but I took a couple nasty wounds....really a bother.
Iris Lark "Say no more, I'll take care of it." Iris murmurs, pulling a curved needle from her kit and threading it with catgut. She moves over to Alasa and kneels down, wincing when she sees the mess that the deathclaw did. "Well.." She says, glancing at Hardman, offering him a slight smile. "There is water in the cooler, cola as well, grab one, have a seat and ..tell us what brought you here?" She turns back to Alasa and leans in, stitching the deepest cut after she's cleaned it with a mixture of alcohol and water.
Hardman Hardman downturns his lips in a 'fair enough' sort of motion, nodding his head and moving to the cooler to get one of the offered beverages - a water - and moves over toward the operating area where Iris is patching up Alasa, whistling a low whistle, "Nice work" he offers, leaning his weight against the edge of a stool, "Not much to tell. I'm originally from out in Hub city, been around for awhile, you could say I was a waster for awhile, got told our outfit had a great gig out here with the militia, and I came out to try and make sure we don't make a fool outta' ourselves..." he explains, one hand raising to stroke through his beard as he does.
Alasa Alasa mmms, "Ah...nice work....feeling a bit better already...but still, better stay in town tonight, just to be safe..." She looks over at Hardman, "Hub City?...sorry, never heard of it, bouts where is it?"
Iris Lark "I've been stitching people for over fifteen years." Iris murmurs, getting to her feet and moving to clean the needle and stash it back where it belongs. "After a while it becomes rote." Duties done for the moment she moves back to the seating area and tucks herself back into a chair. "The militia can use some good medics, if I was interested in staying in El Dorado, I'd likely have ended up there." She chuckles softly and rests her folded hands in her lap.
Hardman Hardman burries his fingertips idly into his beard as he talks, stroking it with the sort of habitual fashion that one would chewing gum. Though it pauses as he answers Alasa, hands moving to his belt that he wrings idly, "South side'a NCR. It's a pretty major city actually. Lot'sa tradin' and stuff" he remarks, his green eyes glancing toward Iris, "I been patchin' scrapes and the like for about the same amount'a time. Color me surprised, don' see many veteran patches walkin' around, kudo's" he notes, smiling an easily upturned smile toward Iris, addressing the general room then, "Ah, James Hardman by the way, but most people jus' call me Hardy, it's easier."
Rexus Rexus listens quietly to Hardman's story, nodding slowly. "The Hub is... well.. a hub for caravans in the like, i've heard of it. There was just a guy in here earlier asking about workin for caravans... bet you two could team up and get some work done if you're in the market for earnin easy caps.... this area is pretty well patrolled as it stands so most of the jobs are fairly milk-run ish."
Iris Lark "Welcome to Acme." Iris says to Hardman and she tries not to go pink in the face at his nice words. "Not my chosen profession, but after one does something for a good amount of time, seems silly to something different." She gestures at the open shop, a bit emptier now since Carter was brought in with his burns, and smiles. "Feel free to look around, if you see anything that might interest you. Let me know." She scoots in the chair until she's comfortable, legs hanging over one of the armrests and sips at her water. "I have weird hours here, so as long as people are around...I guess we're open."
Alasa Alasa says, "Ah, ok...yeah..I tend not to roam more then a hunderd miles form El Dorado..not normally at least...enough around here to keep one busy after all." She smiles, "Oh, I normally can take care of myself...but for something like this..its best to seek the best treatment when you can.....that and the got some food here, that tastes like food.""
Rexus Rexus suddenly recalls he has a chest piece in his bottomless bag of useless sundries. "What about this, Iris?" he asks, holding it up. "It's uhhh.. enhanced?" A real merchant he is not. He grins at Alasa's words, "Yeah the food in El Dorado proper is... well it leaves something to be desired... I'll stick to eating Iris's food for awhile."
Hardman Hardman winks at Iris simply, dipping his head, "Preciate it" he comments, his lips easily held in a subtle upturn to the edges of his lips, though largely masked by the density of the coal black beard, "I done a lotta' things, stickin' things in holes that need it is just what I'm best at." he pauses, glancing at Alasa as she speaks, "Ah. Well, y'know, good thing, always good to have someone who can sew you shut" he notes, turning his attention to Rexus finally, "Yeah? Might have to look in'a that. Might make a good side gig."
Rexus Rexus looks back to Hardman as Iris and the others go back to haggling over items.. and porn. "You run with anyone in particular?" he asks, squinting carefully at the man. "I've found most mercs work for whoever pays the best... regardless of the morality of the job. What do you feel when you shoot a civilian? Recoil. That sort of thing."
Iris Lark Iris gazes at Rexus, a grin on her face as she takes another drink of water. "I have successfully snared you with my chili recipe. I'm sure somewhere out there a chef is proud of me." She then settles in to listen to the men talk about mercenary work and she doesn't input her opinion, and instead goes back to writing down things in a ledger that she's pulled from her rucksack. She keeps the book tucked close, not wanting the others to see her horrid handwriting.
Hardman Hardman purses his lips, arching a heavy brow toward Rexus as he inquires, "Well, I belong to the Gunner organization, which is contracted with the militia. So if you wanna' get technical, I'm a militiaman who's part of his own section. Though I'm still allowed to take contracts as long as they don't conflict with the primary goal of the established bargain we have with the Militia, which is the safety and security of the citizens of El Dorado. Job's a job, most'a the time, not too many people wanna' hire true Mercs to shoot up a school, more like support their side in a war. I don't run into the morale clause that often, it's pretty easy to see the evil in either side" he explains, flashing a brief, ever-so-subtle smile.
Rexus Rexus nods as he listens to Hardman. "It's a fine line. Sometimes you don't even know who is pulling your strings. A murky world we live in." he chuckles. "I'm not a terribly big fan of the militia as most will tell you." he says, shaking his head, "They aren't my type."
Alasa Alasa stretchs out her arm a bit, "See, thats why I work for myself...don't have to worry about anyone telling me what not to if I want to spend the night in the casino, so be it."
Iris Lark "Yes, he likes his power armor." Iris remarks, gesturing a distracted hand towards Rexus. "I don't fault him for it though, it's very useful." She glances over at Alasa and grins. "Amen sister, it's part of why I gave up the Clinic. I felt like I was there all the bloody time, when I moved out to Avalon..I asked someone else to take care of it. I have a lot on my plate otherwise between this and the Knox job that I do."
Hardman Hardman smirks in the most simple of fasions toward Rexus, "They mean well - doesn't mean it isn't full'a fuckin' assholes and pricks who couldn't lead a fuckin' brahmin to water in a drout but are in charge of soldiers..." his green eyes focus on Alasa then, grinning as hips lips seperate into a toothy smile, "Well, we walk a thin line, we're like Militia-lite"
Rexus Rexus grins at Hardman, "Yes. Some throw their weight around too much... all cocky... never been out in the wastes for more than a few days... they're civilians with guns and a patchy uniform till I find otherwise." he takes a sip of his cola, "Side gigs are good.. there's a new club that is probably hiring staff.. bouncers and such... then there's the Saloon... few other wee spots... maybe a Ranch is looking for help, if you can find them."
Hardman Hardman mutters a low, rumbling "Shiiiiiiiiiiit" at Rexus, offering a broad, somewhat knowing grin, "You ain't fuckin' lyin' " he remarks, clearly amused though turns his attention toward Alasa and Iris, "What's your story, huh?..." he pauses, glancing around, "So...Deathclaws a normal thing around here cause...yeah..."
Iris Lark "I don't have much of a story." Iris remarks, her gaze leaving the book on her lap to glance at the pair carrying on a conversation. "I was liberated from a Legion camp over a year ago, and brought to El Dorado. I ran a clinic for over a year..and now I'm a shop owner and ..part time medic?" She glances back down at her ledger. "Resident homebody is probably what is best to call me now. I spend most of my time at home, if I can help it."
Rexus Rexus looks over towards Iris and Alasa, "Mmm, Deathclaws aren't normal but.. not abdnormal either... depends where you go. Mostly it's ghouls and raiders... but... there's some sort of mist that's been causing a fuss lately." he shrugs, leaning over to stage-whisper to Hardman, "She makes a very good chilli dinner, highly recommend."
Alasa Alasa hmmms, "Well, heres a story..of a lovly lady..who was bringing up three very lovely girl...all of them had hair of gold, like there mother..the youngest one in curls." She nods her head a couple times. "Oh, I'm just your average scrounger...names Alasa, like the state..but without the K, for obvious reasons.."
Hardman Hardman bobs his head acknowledging everyones bit of story, "Well, good to meet the lot of you." he mentions, eyeing Rexus as he mentions the mist, "I'd heard some talk about that Mist. Seems more ominous than usual, then again, slowly crawlin' around, seepin' everywhere, makin' it hard to see shit usually does that..." he muses, pursing his lips, "Ah-well...fuck it, can't do much about it" he remarks, taking a deep breath before letting it out with a heavy-lipped exhale, emitting a low blthit-et-et-et- noise.
Iris Lark "I cook more than just chili." Iris mutters, shooting Rexus the gimlet eye as she shuts her ledger. "I need to go check the garage for something, I'll be right back, gentles." She says, pushing herself to her feet and walking towards the back door. "Don't make a mess and don't wake Carter up, those burns are likely to be painful."
Alasa Alasa says, "Well, you can hide from the mists..or hide in the mists...that could be fun too....hard to see in there..might be able to use them to scout on the horde.""
Hardman Hardman shoots a glance toward Alasa, curiously, his green eys alight with a sort of curiosity for a moment as he mumbles a soft 'hrm' and nods. Once. "Who's to say they aren't using the mists to scout on you?" he poses, a single brow raising in casual motion as he glances around the room, standing from his half-seated position and stretching his arms above his head with a low, animalistic like growling grunt, a few things popping into, or out of, place.
Rexus Rexus grins to Iris, "I know, I know." he says, waving the white flag, as it were. "The mists.. well I haven't seen it... i'm sure there's a logical explanation behind it... or somesuch.... chemicals or rads or something at the very least."
Iris Lark "Well whatever that mist is, I'm avoiding it. If I can't shoot my enemy, I avoid it until I find a weakness." Iris says, shaking her head as she walks back into the store and settles into her chair. "The mist is what injured Eden, and..she's a sweet girl, a little too obsessed with a car in that ghostly place up to the northwest, but..." She shrugs and glances over at Rexus. "I wouldn't put it past something or someone to have chemical weapons, after everything I saw in the facility in Roswell...anything is possible."
Alasa Alasa looks at Hardy, "How do we know your not a deathclaw in a brand new Edgar suit?" She shrugs, "Sometimes you know, sometimes you don't...but I ain't gonna let a little fog ruin my day."
Hardman Hardman glances down, over himself then, his beard ruffling as he peers downward, "Well...for one, I'm clearly not tall enough..." he remarks, raising his hands to his cheeks - or what would be his cheek-region, and tugging on his beard firmly, to which stretches out either side of his face, pulling his lips taught and revealing his teeth in a sort of ridiculous posture of a man slammed against a window. "I frinkh I woulsndt be scho fuchiking hrashnome eifvber" he says, then releases his cheeks and with a resounding smacking sound of flesh returning to its place, he shakes his head a bit.
Alasa Alasa hmms, "I'm still not so sure...when you talk, you sound like a both have that same gravely voice...maybe your a different breed is all. I think I'm going to have to keep an eye on you."
Iris Lark Iris stifles her laughter with a cough and gazes towards the backroom of the shop, as if she were listening for something. "I might need to leave Carter in here overnight, I don't think he should be going anywhere with those burns." She glances over at Rexus and raises both of her eyebrows. "How are *you* feeling? Your ribs still ache?"
Rexus Rexus looks up, someone is talking to him! "Ribs are... better... still a bit sore... so as long as I don't move around too much or put any pressure on'em they're fine." he insists, taking a glug of cola once more. "I'll heal up in no time, just got to take it easy."
Hardman Hardman raises both hands in a swift motion, and like a true cowboy of Old El Dorado - produces an magnificent set of finger guns aimed right for Alasa, well weathered and calloused. "Right back at'cha doll" he replies, to which, GASP! Both finger guns fire, their thumb-hammers coming down with a soft -CLICK!- from the back of his jaw, and a single green-orbed wink, his attention turning toward Iris and Rexus, "So basically just don't breath heavy and they're fine...did you want the medical perspective on that...or....?"
Iris Lark "I wrapped them for him, but he's been taking it easy and it makes me suspicious, because for a while I couldn't get him to sit still for longer than a few minutes before he had 'stuff to do'." Iris remarks, her eyes on Rexus and a slight grin curving her lips up. "So he's hurting more than he's saying." She tilts her head and wrinkles her nose a bit as she addresses Rexus. "Coming back to Avalon, or do you want a place to crash here?"
Rexus Rexus looks at the door.. then back at the shop... door.. shop... dor... "Probably head back to Avalon, at my own pace... long day... could do with another good, long, relaxing snooze."
Alasa Alasa smiles, "Oh, oh...were doing minor magic?..ok, you got fingers that click...let me try, let me try." As she looks at her hands a moment, reaching into her medicine bag..."Ok, I think I got...." As she snaps her fingers, and a small flame burst to life, then goes out..."Aw...sorry, the sky spirits say try again.." She laughs a bit.
Hardman Hardman grins abroad, near ear-to-ear at Alasa, his head canting aside and he chuckles lowly, though glancing at Iris and Rexus, "Hm. That sounds more logical..." he mentions in response to Iris, "Y'all gonna' take off?" he asks, shifting his weight and raising both hands to overlap along the butt-stock on his carbine.
Iris Lark "I don't know, I get the feeling he's making noises like he's going to walk back super slowly on his own." Iris remarks, squinting at Rexus for a moment or two. "I kinda wish the highwayman was here, I'd drive you home in that."
Rexus Rexus raises a mock cane and shakes it at Iris, "I'll be good on me own.. back in my day we walked a hundred miles.. up-hill... BOTH ways... to get home and i'll do it again!"
Alasa Alasa psssts, "You forgot to mention the radioactive snow, and the strangers with candy...those are important parts of the story."
Hardman Hardman chuckles lowly, reaching behind his hear and retreiving the half-smoked, brutalized cigar that has seen better times, "Alright, chums" he begins, placing the cigar back between his teeth with a stern downpress of his jaw into the thick material of wrapped tobacco, "The Wastes call, gonna head my way back. Nice meetin' y'all. Hopefully I can catch some of ya' when you ain't all fuckin' cut up sometime." he mentions, glancing over the room, then at the bottle of water he had never opened, "Thanks for this" he adds, returning the bottle to the cooler.
Iris Lark "You can take that with you, water isn't always easy to come by here." Iris says, moving around closing up windows and doors. She gives Carter another look over and steps in the back, yelling at a mechanic back there banging on something. "Keep an eye on the guy laid up on the boxes, if he gets worse, send someone to Avalon for me." She picks up her rucksack, grunting at the weight of it and slings it over her shoulder before she holds out a hand to Rexus. "C'mon old man, I'm not letting you walk back alone, a deathclaw would take you for sure."
Rexus Rexus grumps as he trudges along with Iris, "Back in my day, I could throw a football over a mountain." he declares loudly as he heads out the door, no hand-holding for this old fart!
Alasa Alasa turns to the fourth wall, and speaks, "Well, thats it friends...see you next adventure...same bat time, same bat channel..." She gives a wave, to the non existant audiance, and heads out herself.