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Qwillis     With the walls going up around Shanty town, there are plenty of people who are more interested in making Shanty Town at least look better. Gathering together, people have been spreading resources around, helping each other with what they can on the buildings. The streets themselves were cleaned up and some of the bigger projects were left to groups to help raise buildings similar to the main city, El Dorado! One of which was a good saloon within Shanty town, another would be a bank, to help people store their caps. Finally, they'd have another store open up for general goods.

    Or.. at least. That's the idea. There's four plots where people have been piling building materials that aren't.. too.. messed up. Qwillis, for his part, was by that bank's location, looking through the parts there and ignoring the whispers about the cyborg.
Rexus Rexus is on light duties, as per Doctor Iris... really it's Nurse Iris, complete with the little paper hat and that Nurse Ratchet outfit. He leaves the heavy lifting to others, looking at the array of junk and debris. "Remind me again why Shantytown is not apart of El Dorado proper... it almost has the same.. if not more infrastructure... and residents..." he says to no one in particular. "Bigger and bigger areas require more walls and more troops to guard them...." he looks south towards the wall.
Kaydin     Kaydin came into the area from the north and looks around, red optics of his helmet glowing faintly. "So we what, just pick up garbage and throw it away?" Kaydin asks as he makes his way over to something and picks it up, looking to find a place to trash the can he picked up.
Iris Lark Iris walks along, a broom in hand as she sweeps up some debris that someone left on the road. "I'm pretty sure that Shantytown is seperate from El Dorado because they want to be." She glances back at Rexus and shrugs. "Don't quote me on that, I just lived here for about a year, they're pretty proud of what they made of this place." She leans on the broom and glances around. "So they're building more here? That's good of them."
Jacqueline Don't ask Jacqueline Wayne's opinion about the wall, not lately. She's put enough work and materials into that thing to have formed an opinion on it. She's pushing the disposal cart, looking around for choice... /stuff/ lying on the street to be put into it. "That seems to be the right idea."
Rexus Rexus pauses mid-step, giving a bit of trash a nudge with his foot. "If so, where's the Mayor?" he inquires, looking back at Iris. "Speaking of, I don't think i've ever met the Mayor properly... even the Marshal, other than a few words." he says before bending slightly, grumbling a bit as he picks up the bit of trash, holding onto it till he reaches the trash pile/cart.
Qwillis     Qwillis stands there a moment, looking over his pip-boy and looking at the parts. "Right.. Well.. it's a start." Looking to the others, he'd start waving people over as a metal rod is picked up and started to drag in the dirt that was cleared out. "Alright.. We're looking at using this space for it. We need to put in the floor first, if we're going to do this right." He'd smile as some people started helping with putting parts into place. Walking off to the side, he'd look around and wave towards Iris and Jackie at the least. Kaydin too once Q sees him. "Hey guys! We're trying to build up this bank.. you guys want to help?"
Kaydin     "I was there when the mayor spoke with the sheriff, but that was about it." Kaydin says as he picks up more garbage and throws it into the disposal cart to be taken away. He turns when he hears someone yelling for him and approaches Qwillis. "Alright you got me. what do you need done?"
Iris Lark "You're not missing much, they're nice folk, but busier than others." Iris says, smiling over at Kaydin and Rexus. She walks over to where Qwillis is gathering people and sets aside her broom, folding her arms over her chest. "We're going to build something? Oh, I hope I don't mess up." She murmurs, pulling worriedly at the ends of her hair.
Rexus Rexus places the bit of trash into the bin before joining the others at the building site. "I'll supervise?" he offers helpfully, looking about for his donut and coffee mug. "Bank.. Saloon... store.. or what?" he asks, looking around for a moment, "No foundations at all? Just sheetmetal walls?"
Jacqueline Jackie, blinking, realizes Iris and Kaydin are there. She waves to the more distant Kaydin, and to Iris as well, offering a smile. "Hey! Hmm... I don't know much about earth-moving. I can at least move stuff, though."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles as they'd come showing up. Rexus is eyed a moment, then shakes his head. "I'm not giving up my pip-boy. But you can help direct people, huh?" He'd look to the others, then points out the frame. "We're putting a base now. We need to put down the metal for that, nail it in.. with.. well. We have mostly nails. Then we'll start working on the walls."
Matt Matt comes along the road now, from outside of town and trudging along a bit. It looks like hes been out digging through something, having acquired a leather strap to string his rifle across his back. He recongizes people though, and halts amongst them attempting to put up walls and such. "Howdy folks, building something? You need to dig ditchs for the sheet metal, and provide enough space for something to moor with it. Rocks or concrete if you can manage it."
Iris Lark Iris looks confused and she inches over towards Jackie, reaching out to give the woman a firm hug. "Hey you, how are you doing?" She asks, before she turns her attention back to the various men talking about foundations, walls and bases. "Got any idea what all this is about?" She asks, jerking her thumb towards the construction.
Kaydin     "I havent got an idea what we are supposed to be doing. other then nailing something to the ground." Kaydin says as he looks to Qwillis and then to the others as he waits for further instruction.
Rexus Rexus listens quietly to Qwillis. "A frame then... that's fairly easy..." he says, pointing and gesturing, "Get two to lay out the frames on the ground.. another two to start hammering them together...." he looks at the others. "Get the frame together, then we'll get the walls up... we doing floors out here? Basements?" He doesn't just stand around though, he takes up one of the vertical posts to hold steady for the others to measure off of so the crew can start working together with some unison.
Jacqueline Jackie returns that hug fondly. "Hey, you! I'm good, I guess... clueless, but good." She takes hold of the cart again, moving to get it loaded. "I'm sure there's /something/ we could use to build up that area."
Qwillis     Qwillis frowns, glancing over to the others. He'd nod slightly and point out some rocks to some of the other guys. "Get those set at the corners. We'll use them as a base as best as we can with the frame." Looking over to Jackie and Iris, he'd flash a grin. "Hey. You're both welcome to lend a hand as you see fit.. It's a basic frame. Mostly just putting together a box and work from there for now.. If you want to grab a post and hold it up for the guys to set?"
Matt "Ya'll never raised a barn before?" Matt hems-haws a bit before he pulls his rifle tighter across his back and acquired a shovel from somewhere. "You need a deeper base otherwise the winds'll tip your stuff over real quick." He shovels down at a 45 degree angle towards the proposed walls. "Ah. I saw you at the sawbones' house, didn't I?" Towards Qwillis.
Iris Lark Iris grins at Jackie for a moment and then moves forward to help. She picks up a hammer, holds it the wrong way and looks around for something to hit. She shifts on her feet, and looks slightly uncomfortable, waiting to trail behind someone to pretend to do what they are doing.
Rexus Rexus does his best to lend a hand where he can, avoiding the heavy lifting. "Turn it round." he offers to Iris, holding the post for her to nail the bit into. "Just a few taps to get it seated proper before you start whacking it..." They're getting the frame up bit by bit. All he needs now is one of those carpenter toolbelts and to lose his shirt and he'd be styling. "I thought they wanted to keep with the shantytown aesthetic?" he teases Matt.
Jacqueline Not sure if that question is directed at her or not, Jackie replies anyway. "Um... no? I guess you'll have to teach us, huh?" Nodding to Qwillis, she moves to assist in holding a pole, hugging it tight to her to lend more support.
Kaydin     Kaydin helps nails down part of the frame, looking to the various people to see how they are doing. When He see's Iris he moves over to help her out. "Like this." He says as he taps the nail a few time before pounding it in.
Qwillis     Qwillis nods slightly, watching Matt a moment, before he'd start directing other guys to follow along with what he does. Q would pause, watching Kaydin with Iris and chuckles quietly. "I guess.. better to just leave you to healing people..?" He'd smile warmly to Iris, then shrugs as he'd do hsi own part to help people around the building of that bank's frame. "Shanty Town will always be shanty town.. But this is the bank. It needs to be more secure. Have an actual floor too."
Silver Silver Comes limping down the street from the direction of Roswell.
Iris Lark Iris turns the hammer around and she whacks at the wall, misses and thankfully does not hit her thumb. She hands the hammer to a man silently laughing at her a few feet away and stomps off to set up a triage nearby. She sets her rucksack on the ground with a thump, opens it up and begins to take out supplies.
Matt Matt hands off the shovel as others catch on and start to take over the ditch digging. He reachs up and holds his shoulder, moving towards Qwillis. "People will probably get discouraged before you get deep enough to get a decent cellar in today. You may want to add it in later."
Jacqueline Holding up that pole, Jackie waits for someone to get it connected to its neighbor, then lets go once it can stand up on its own. She moves to help Iris with the medical preparations. What does she know about building /buildings/?
Rexus Rexus does his best to suppress a grin as Iris throws in the hammer.. as it were. Once the pole is steady and nailed in, he gives a wee look about. "Yeah... but... it'll be easier to get the dirt out when the walls aren't up... and who knows, he might run across a molerat den or.. a cache of caps..." he raises an eyebrow a moment as he looks to Qwillis, "Which totally won't happen, right?"
Silver Silver Comes walking up, his silver hair blowing to the side. His Service rifle is slung over his shoulder casually. "What are all of you squirrles doing?"
Qwillis     Q hesitates as the rest of the men would get to work digging in, getting that ditch down enough to at least set the rocks and then from there, start with the frame. He'd nod to Matt with a small smile. "It's a start. I'm sure they'll want to expand too." Looking around, he'd watch Jackie and Iris set up the triage and nods slightly to himself.
    Looking to Rexus, Qwillis just shakes his head. "No. I don't see that happening. Everyone has gone over this area well."
    Looking over to Silver then, Q would study him a moment, then points out the triage spot. "Hey.. You should probably go see Iris and Jackie? You look a little messed up. They can probably help you out?"
Rexus Rexus lets the ones who aren't so banged up do the digging and earth moving. While there's a bit of a lull, he takes a pause for the cause, trudging over to the aid station and sitting down. "Think something's come loose..." he says, lifting his shirt a bit and peering down at the wraps about his ribs.
Kaydin     Kaydin is digging the ditch with the rest of the folks doing the labor. He then stops for a minute to watch Iris and Rexus and goes back to digging for now.
Matt     "I think, as long as a door doesn't get put in, getting dirt out won't be too big of a hassle." Matt is also in the, don't rip your stitches, phase of healing. "We can block out the stairs at the very least. A man's foot and a half is the typical width, with depth of a foot. Go down about 14 steps total, 8 steps dug straight down?"
Iris Lark Iris leans in, her fingers probing at Rexus' ribs, a frown on her face. "What did you do?" She asks, narrowing her eyes at him as she checks to see what might be wrong. "I might need to rewrap this, lift your shirt up a little higher and I'll get some pressure bandages." She murmurs, turning to kneel next to her rucksack. She rummages around for a few minutes, pulls something out and turns back to Rexus. "Then you sit on the sidelines, you hear?"
Silver Silver looks over at the triage area and with a nod to Qwillis he heads over there. He has deep gashes on his face and small bite marks on his legs.
Rexus Rexus tries to look innocent. "Hey you were with me all day, I didn't do anything.. I think they just slipped down a bit... all I did was hold that post there and... lay about all day." he protests, lifting his shirt as requested. "At this rate we'll need a full on hospital, not just a clinic... this place looks like the main ward at the Citadel."
Jacqueline Finding a few pieces of planking, Jackie lays them across the top of the cart she'd planned on using for hauling refuse before it turned out there was building going on. She moves this makeshift table over to Iris's equally makeshift triage, just in case. "He's got a point, Doc. The clinic is great and all, but the client base is outgrowing the facilities."
Iris Lark "He might be right Jackie, but as we just saw, I can't build a hospital. I do my work where it finds me." Iris says, wrapping Rexus up with the pressure bandages. She leans in, her eyes narrowed. "The innocent face isn't working mister." She turns to nod at Silver, pointing to a place where he can sit down. "I'm going to clean and bandage up these gashes. Sit still for me." She murmurs, pulling out a cloth and some alcohol and water. Each cut is cleaned, spread with salve, and dressed in quick order. "Take it a bit easy tonight, you can help, but if it starts to bleed again you'll need to take a break."
Qwillis     Qwillis nods to Kaydin as he'd keep helping with that digging. He'd muse and then nod to Matt. "Good idea." Looking to the other guys, Q would relay the directions given. He'd step back as the people got to the digging with gusto. Tilting his head to the side slightly, he'd muse. "That.. would be easier with a robot.." Glancing to the gate, Qwillis frowns, then shakes his head and looks around. "Alright. Let's keep going. I'm sure if we spread out some we can help clean this up further. Try to make the roads at least two people arm's spread wide.. So people can walk without running into each other. If we want this to look good, then we need to clean it up!"
Jacqueline "Maybe now's a good time to talk to someone else about building one," Jackie suggests, nodding to Rexus and Silver. "I'm going to see if I can find a better table than this. Looks like it'll be in demand." Casually saluting Iris, she heads for an alley where a lot of stuff has been piled up due to lack of immediate demand.
Silver Silver stays real quiet as the doc does her stuff. He mutters "I was on patrol, saw a small pack of feral chompers so I made holes in their heads... the thing was I was laying down on a nibble rat mound. It's so cute when it's trying to eat your knee cap." Silver looks at all the hubbub. "What's you all building? a Space ship?"
Rexus Rexus grumps, wincing a bit as Iris touches a sensitive spot with that stinging alcohol. "Surely... the militia... has a military hospital... with enough medics to staff it.. and the supplies.. ask them." he says, grimacing, "We had a full medical ward at the Citadel, staffed with doctors and supplies to take care of an army... you can't have an army and no hospital... that's just foolish. You'll be tearing up bed linen for bandages before long. Surely need that more than a bank right now." he says to no one in particular.
Matt Matt nods along to Qwillis as he specifies road widths, "This far out from the main city. Think there would be a way to get ahold of enough space to raise some horses?" He reachs up to tug at the ratty new strap of his rifle. "Not everyone can afford the gas to run these motorbikes I've been hearing of."
Iris Lark Iris frowns and when she's finished working on Silver, she pats his shoulder and offers him a smile. "Off you get, don't bang your finger with a hammer." She turns then and has a seat, glowering briefly at Rexus. "Why me?" She asks, throwing her hands in the air briefly. "I travel, I do things where they need to be done. Surely, out there somewhere, is a real doctor like Sarah who wants to open a hospital and be administrative and have rules and the like." She folds her arms over her chest and her chin juts out stubbornly. "That's not me. Not gonna be either."
Rexus Rexus lowers his shirt a bit. "I didn't say it would be you. I said the militia should do it, let their doc or their medics worry about it." he murmurs, "You can't make someone do something you think they should... even if they are the most qualified." he says, mostly to himself, grumbling.
Silver Silver hops off the table then cocks his head to look at Rexus "I hear from the small plant people that if you go to the militia's doctors they will plant small plant people in you... wait did I just say plant three times in a row? oh crap now four... I'm going to accidently summon a plan...errr cadalack monster. You know the one I'm talking about big green headlights and a dash that will not quit. Oh hey you all are building something... Can I watch?"
Qwillis     Qwillis looks to Matt curiously, then shrugs in response. "I don't know that.. Shanty Town has always been take what plot you get.. You might get space out of the wall though." Looking over to Iris and Rexus, he'd point north towards El Dorado. "If I remember right, I saw an actual militia hospital. The clinic is for dealing with civilians.. not army types. There's a difference there, right?"
    Q glances to Silver, studying him curiously, then looks to the bank as the guys continue their work. "Ah.. sure? Or you could help pick up stuff. Anything solid enough to be building material should be kept. The rest we're putting to the side so it can be tossed."
Matt "Well. I think I'll wait until *after* this horde comin moves through or on from this area before I try and build outside a wall." Matt shrugs his shoulders towards Qwillis. "I can stockpile materials on a plot in here though, at least. Hey! Don't use that, its rusted through the center." Matt walks off to be all foremany over bad pickers.
Rexus Rexus raises his eyes to Silver and glowers, "You listen to plant people now? Think you spent too much time in Roswell." he mutters. He points towards the bank under construction, "Go there and lend a hand. Do something useful." he says.