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Sparrow Sparrow has been having nightmares and headaches for a month. It might explain why other than research and the walls, she's been pretty much keeping to herself. Today's no different. She's changed her chimera bandage wounds and went back on living. Today she's actually working on a bath for herself. She's got the last two pots of hot water boiling to add to the tub and they've got a lovely floral and herby scented array of plants soaking in them making the house smell both lovely and medicinal at the same time. She's ready for her bath, Essjay following her around as Sparrow in her Avalon nightie, high necked, long sleeved and brushing the floor. It's loose and long and off white linen that keeps her motest but also cool when it's warm out.
Iris Lark It's been a while since Iris has seen Sparrow and while she's not really the barging in type, nothing else seems to be working at this point. So she stomps up to the door and pauses while she considers if she should knock or not. Deciding that knocking is not really what one does when they are stomping, she simply opens the door, and continues on. Stomps to where she hears movement in the house. That's where she finds Sparrow and she lets out a huffy sigh and grumbles. "Why are you hiding in this house, woman!"
Stockton Stockton was going over to Iris' to bring her over anyways, he even picked up Bacon along the way. Because he's a bastard and was going to use the pig as a carrot to lead the Medicine Woman to the Wasteland Doctor. Instead he comes up to the front door to find Iris already there and banging on the house. Even he flinches a little and just moves up behind her to unlock and push in the door. "You know yellin's just counterin' any good you might do in a minute," he tells her and ushers her and the pig inside before closing the door behind. "Sparrow, yer gettin' seen by the doc," he doesn't even give her a chance to argue.
Sparrow Sparrow lifts the bucket of boiling and moves over to pour it into the huge copper tub and blinks towards the door. She's already got the second pot in hand when the door is swiftly unlocked and it swings open and Sparrow's brow lifts. "Don't you have your own key, Iri?" She wonders as she shuffles over to pour the second pan in. There's already several feet of water in the tub. Fragrent and steaming in the stone hearth area of the house surrounded in all Sparrows many and varied plants she grows mostly inside. "I'm fine." She is 'fine' technically, despite the nightmares and the festering clawmarks.
Iris Lark "I don't" Iris splutters for a moment before she walks closer and gazes at Sparrow's face. "I do the same thing when I'm not fine, I say I'm fine and hide in my room until people leave me alone." She folds her arms under her bust and follows Sparrow back and forth as she fills the tub. "If you're fine, then you'll let me take a look at you and I won't find anything that needs doctoring, right?" She sniffs at the air and grins. "Also, I'm going to need a satchet of whatever it is you have in the tub."
Stockton Stockton moves in past Iris enough that he can doff his hat, shrug his duster off and hang them both up. Inside the home the Sheriff gets comfortable, rolling up his sleeves and stepping out of his boots. He shifts around to the kitchen to get the kettle on for some tea. "I'll get her a key tomorrow," he tells Sparrow before looking at Iris, "You're both stubborn as I am when yer not fine. Thanks fer comin'," then he looks at Sparrow and sternly informs her, "Yer gonna do as our Miracle says."
Sparrow Sparrow rolls her eyes at the big Frontiersman before looking back at Iris and sighing with a nod. "All right, all right. I'll get you the satchel. As for the rest, sure thing. I'll feel better when I start restin' better." She does look a bit tired. "You wanna head up to the loft clinic area or just take care of me in a chair? It aint too bad, I on't suspect I'll need more'n a poultice and some stitches and some"
Iris Lark "The chair is fine, and if you needed stitches you should have come to me a lot sooner." Iris grumbles, a bit amused at how quickly Sparrow gave up on "I'm fine". She follows the blonde woman as she moves to get settled into a chair. "You have to stop hiding out, or I'm going to come here and start dragging you out and about with me. It's not good to shut yourself up so much." She hauls her rucksack off of her shoulder and kneels down to gather supplies. "Might need to hire someone to cart around this satchel soon."
Stockton Stockton chuffs softly at the eye rolling. He isn't effected by her sass any more. The kettle boils and he's pouring out three mugs of tea. When he's done he collects them all in his big mitts and moves to the chair and settles the cups on the nearby table. "Some stitches and something to knock her ass through the nightmares," he grunts before picking up one mug for himself for a slow drink. "I think you should drag her out and about with you anyways, and visit more often. In exchange, you can probably use Junior to haul your stuff about," he tells Iris.
Sparrow There are two people ganging up on her and truth be told, Sparrows been getting very little sleep thanks to the nightmares. And it actually takes her some efforts to tell Iris and Stockton 'no'. So she moves over to one of the chairs and sinks into it with a shigh and reaches up to untie the top of her top so she can let the nightgown fall to show some really nasty chimera clawmarks across her ribs which have been bandaged but she was planning on getting into the tub; so the wounds are exposed and not horrible not not great either. It's one of those awkward places a doctor cant get themselves. "Sometimes I need a break." She says simply with a shrug glancing at Stockton then to the Donkey who's gone to seeking out possible treats or attention from Stockton.
Iris Lark "Yeah, we all do, but when you hide from the people who care about you - they worry." Iris says, squinting at Sparrow for a moment before she leans in to take a look at the clawmarks. "Where did you get these?" She asks, running a fingertip along the edge of one of the deepest clawmarks. "My goodness, they're still *warm*." She lets out a sigh and turns, rummaging through her rucksack pulling out her curved needle. "So what are these nightmares about?" She asks conversationally as she leans in to begin to stitch up the deepest cuts.
Stockton Stockton happens to like it when it's Iris and Stockton against Sparrow, rather than Iris and Sparrow against him. "Then you just gotta say as much, darlin," he chides Sparrow, scowling at her a little bit before turning to Essjay one hand running over the donkey's muzzle and skull, scritching into his ear. Until he sees the marks and wounds and his brow furrows, "They hell trouble you gettin in without us, love?" he gestures to Iris and himself with no small amount of scowling. He frowns more when Iris says the wounds are still warm to boot.
Sparrow Sparrow says, "Same things they're always about. Blood and fire and screamin'." She replies quietly and her lashes drop as she considers the wound, "A bit." They're warm, they're not knitting right either. Sparrow blows a breath out in a minor sound of frustration, "Chimera. I mentioned, me and Stock were rescued by Deathclaws. Yeah. That's when. The nightmares have been for about a Month now." Almost exactly a month. Stock's given a sidelong expression and a little shake of her head at his memory. But it doesn't seem to bother her that he doesn't recall. Instead she just sinks back more into the chair and sucks some breaths in through her teeth while Iri works on the wounds."
Iris Lark "Well avoid any.. chimeras from now on, this isn't knitting right, and I'm gonna give you a poultice to put on it." Iris says, pulling the string and snipping it once she's done sewing. She sits back on her feet for a moment, her hands in her bag as she tries to find something to help Sparrow sleep. She pulls out a little metal bottle and hands it to the other woman. "Take two of these, and you'll probably get about eight hours easy. Half that if you've something to do in the morning." She says, wrinkling her nose slightly. "Actually, if there is anything I can do so you'll just sleep, let me know."
Stockton Stockton grunts a bit at the jog to the memory and he shakes his head, "Still tryin to logic out why Deathclaws saved us," he mutters and sips his tea down a bit more. Essjay is getting his affections to make sure he doesn't interrupt Iris and Sparrow while stitches and poultices happen. The broad smirk comes though and he just chuckles, "Well, Miracle, I've found that if she has a couple of orgasms she'll knock right out." Well Iris offered anything right? It had to be said, or Stockton wouldn't be himself.
Sparrow Sparrow blinks at Iris and shakes her head and is about to reply when Stock opens his mouth. She shoots a dagger glare that could kill at one hundred pace.. thankfully he's about a hundred and one away, since the sitting area's a bit away from the hearth area so that Sparrow has room to work. Despite the lovely rosey dust color raising in her cheeks she mumbles helpfully to Iris. "Didn't you just give me somethin' to help me sleep?" Bright blue eyes dart back to Stockton for a parting shot.
Iris Lark "I did." Iris says, and it's obvious that she's trying not to grin. "If you have anywhere to be in the morning, or anything that needs doing, I was offering to take care of that." She shoots Stockton an amused look and shakes her head. "You're bad." She pushes to her feet and picks up the tea that was made, taking a sip of the cooling liquid. "I'm pretty sure just one of those pills will knock out a horse for a few hours, so if he keeps giving you trouble, slip him one too." She says, gesturing towards Stock.
Stockton Stockton also has this weird thing where that murderous glare from Sparrow just makes him giddy, even a little snickery to stiffle the actual laughter bubbling up. He's terrible. A brow lifts, "Doubling prescriptions would be bad then?" he asks curiously before nodding at Iris, "I am. And for whatever reason, you two put up with it," he shrugs a little and then snorts at the suggestion. "No one wants to drug me, I'll end up passing out somewhere inconvenient," a beat, "For someone other than me."
Sparrow Sparrow's eyes widen a bit, "Well, I mean..if you're offerin but like. I'm sure I can only go for an hour, maybe two if I'm in tiptop shape." She blinks at Iris with a slow tilt of her head before looking back to Stockton. "Suppose ya should ask him too." She wrinkles her nose at poor Stockton and then tilts her head and smirks, "Well, puttin' a pill in him night also work." She chuckles under her breath before giving Stokcton a long look at his chuckling. "Keep it up and I just might."