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Iris Lark Iris just got done cleaning up, sort of. The notice that she put on the general store to gather items for sale turned out better than she thought. Crates of ammo, discs, weapons and ..weirdly enough some t-shirts have been piled in a corner of the room where she can't trip on them. Bacon seems interested in some of the items, mostly the clothing which he has curled up in and gone to sleep on. The front and the back door are wide open, letting in a nice breeze.
Vuk Vuk hasn't been around recently, not that it mattered, he had things for Iris, proceeded by him kicking in a crate of ..things. Random tidbits. "Hello Iris! I'm not blind any more!" This time, things are good like this, yes? "Though I advise avoiding Dunwich." He hisses outloud, mostly to him self.
Iris Lark "I know you're not blind." Iris laughs, and she she smirks at Vuk, pointing at a couch. "Sit down, you're still injured." She rolls her eyes and moves towards the kitchen, putting a kettle on the stove. "I don't know how many times I've told you to avoid Dunwich, but now ..after you've been beat to hell and back you're gonna parrot that advice back at me? I should smak you."
Vuk Vuk won't argue to much, he'll move towards the couch to settle in. "Eh..I actually avoided it recently. You know I'm not all that foolish..but I expect you to enjoy those goods, and to give me a cut of the action." He says, stretching slowly. "Power armor doesn't in Dunwich. The Cars attack people."
Iris Lark "I heard." Iris says, walking out of the kitchen and taking a seat on the couch opposite of Vuk. "Eden came here a few times bruised to hell and back because of that car." She glances at the crates and she chuckles at Vuk. "I won't be making a huge profit out of these, it's mostly me trying to get people kitted before the hordge gets here. Plus to get them to come to the general store more often." She shrugs and pulls her legs up on the couch. "So how old are those wounds?"
Qwillis     Qwillis would come stepping out of the workshop, soot covered and looking at what.. was probably a device of some sort before. Now? it's black and smoldering a little with whisps of rather black smoke coming off of it. He'd hesitate with seeing Iris and Vuk there. "Oh! Uh.. sorry.. I can go out the other way.."
Vuk Vuk goes to peel back clothing to reveal a variety of less then pleasent injuries. "Weeks? They didn't slow me down to much..and I wasn't -near- any thing I'd call civilized to have them looked at. So I thought I'd wait for my lovely doctor of choice to yell at me as she stuck needles in me." He says with a slight grin. "Yah...fucking car. I don't think it's just one car to be fair." Then Qwillis is showing up and he glances over.
Iris Lark Iris tilts her head slightly as she studies Qwillis. "Are you okay? You look like you exploded." She smirks at Vuk, but says nothing about being at a civilized place for the moment. She gets to her feet and walks closer to Qwillis, looking at the device in his hand. "You didn't blow up the workroom, did you?" She looks nervous.
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles sheepishly and shakes his head. "I'm fine.. I didn't get hurt. It just flared.. mostly smoke." He'd shrug, watching Iris as she'd look at him, then the device. He'd hold up whatever it was. "I was trying to get one of those mini-stoves working. I think there was something stuck in the ignition point. Which explains the flare once it cleared.. I didn't burn anything, I promise. Just a singe on the table.. I put it all out as I knew there was a chance."
Vuk Vuk lifts an eyebrow at Qwilis when he ..apparently help blow up a mini-stove. "You should probably just stick to wood and coal fires if you risk of blowing up a mini-stove." He says to Qwillis and looks towards Iris again. "So what's the cure for cars attempting to kill me, eh?"
Iris Lark "Avoid Dunwich, the same thing that I've been saying for ages." Iris replies, turning to shakes her head at Vuk. She pulls out her medical kit and walks over to him, and begins to pull out supplies. "I'll take care of these injuries, and if you go back to Dunwich, I'm gonna break your leg or something."
Qwillis     Qwillis shakes his head slightly. "I thought I had it cleared. I can't fix it if I avoid it." He'd frown at the piece, then look over at Iris and Vuk. He'd set the remains aside and move over to help Iris tend to Vuk by offering the appropriate tools for her work. "I could get Brutus to kick him for you if you want, Iris..?"
Vuk Vuk will scowls a bit when she mentions breaking his leg. "I think the car did a good job of almost doing that. I felt bone crack through the power armor. You know, things are fun like that." He insists to Iris and glances at Qwillis. "Yes, avoid Dunwich, and don't threaten me with others. I have no issues using my mini gun on those who are supposedly friends. I have already been fired upon by supposed allies." He says and glances back at Iris. "At least I'm not blind, and lost."
Iris Lark Iris facepalms and lets out a low groan, a frown on her face. "Okay, I require silence to treat your leg and the rest of you so hush!" She says, her voice rising each octave as she yanks things out of her kit now. She moves to set, and splint Vuk's leg, still speaking as she moves. "Brutus doesn't need to kick anyone, I want people healthy and not being tortured by nightmares, mists or deathclaws!" Once his leg is set she begins to clean the scratches and other injuries.
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles faintly to Iris and shrugs a little. He'd help as best he can. But Iris is certainly the master at work here and Q just the nurse in this case. He would mention as an aside to Vuk. "Brutus is the 20 foot tall robot building the walls for Shanty town.. then I'm going to get it to come help Acme too.." He'd shrug a little as he'd watch Iris work and do what he could to help.
Vuk Vuk makes a slight dismissive wave of a hand when she mentions Deathclaws. "Those aren't the worst of issues, Deathclaws. The fact the town it self seemingly comes to life, to kill..well. It's either truly haunted..or we can blame the Enclave. So we should most assuredly blame Lucette.." He insists before glancing at Qwillis. "How did any one activate such a bot?"
Iris Lark "You would blame the bombs on Lucette if she were alive back then." Iris mutters, rolling her eyes, she finishes dressing Vuk's wounds and makes her way back into the kitchen to gather the tray and the kettle for tea. When she walks back in she adds. "Also, you better not sneak in the window of the Clinic anymore, Camilla is staying there and I'd like it if you didn't get shot."
Qwillis     Qwillis Muses, watching Iris finish up and he'd sit back a little himself. Looking to Vuk curiously, he'd simply shrug. "I helped lead the group that rebuilt it. We put the parts together correctly and from there I reprogrammed the OS so that I could control it. Then I told it to start."
Vuk Vuk scowls at Iris when she makes him sound that bad, he truly isn't. "No, but I am sure her ancestors did. She should be reminded of this from time to time, if she hasn't sold out half the tribals of this region already." He insists and flexes to see if the work Iris has done will hold up. "I haven't snuck out of a window in..a while."
Iris Lark "Well just so you're not sneaking into the window." Iris replies, squinting at Vuk with an amused grin on her face." She pours the tea, and settles down on the couch, a mug in her hand as she tucks her legs underneath her. "I'm probably going to be heading to the store soon. I've got a lot of things to do."
Qwillis     Qwillis looks at Vuk curiously, then shakes his head a little. He'd watch Iris walk off to get the tea and smiles a thanks to her at accepting his own cup. Glancing over to the mini-oven, he'd sighs oftly. "I'll get that cleaned up and try to remove the smell. I'll need to find a fan. But it should be ok.. after a few days. Just smells.. sooty."
Vuk Vuk will hold his tea, but not drink it, still to warm, for him. "Besides, I thought you had a no weapon policy concerning the clinic..along with strapping me to the bed there." He says to Iris and winks a bit to her. "And good luck trying to sell off every thing. You ought to make a pretty penny, yes?"
Iris Lark Iris shrugs and smiles at Vuk. "I'm not looking to try to make a pretty penny, I'm rich already, remember?" She takes a sip of her tea and gazes at the firepit for a moment or two. "I'm just trying to help, the horde concerns everyone and we have to be ready. All of us."
Qwillis     Qwillis sips his tea quietly, glancing between Iris and Vuk. He'd muse to himself then nods slightly as he'd get to his own feet. The tea kept with him, he'd go pick up the remains of that machine with that metal hand. "Thank you for the tea, Iris.. If you'll pardon me. I'm going to go clean up and all.."
Vuk Vuk cocks his head a bit at Qwillis. "Don't blow up the fan too, or you really are hosed." He says and glances over at Iris. "I do not think the caliber of weapons I have provided will truly stop a Supermutant. We need to raid Enclave depots. Maybe we can convince Lucette to reveal some."
Iris Lark "You're welcome for the tea, if you need any help cleaning up.." Iris offers, her worried eyes on the workroom. "I'll be around, once I move some of these crates to the general store."
Qwillis     Qwillis eyes Vuk and shakes his head a little. "I.. you know what.. sure. Thanks for the advice." He'd sigh, then smile faintly to Iris with a small nod. "I may need it. If you don't mind peeking in when you're done." He'd quietly finish his tea then bring it over to the kitchen to clean the dish and put it to dry before heading for that workroom.
Vuk Vuk moves to slowly sip on his tea since heh as deemed it cooled enough, letting the fluid nourish him, especially because Iris threatened to break his leg, again. See how this goes? "I suppose I shall need to consider revisiting Dunwich, it offers a wealth of artifacts of the Ancients." he says..trying, oh yes, trying to upset Iris!
Iris Lark Iris sets down her tea and shakes her head briefly. "If you end up going to Dunwich, you'll just get your other leg broken, remember?" She pushes to her feet and holds out her hand. "Twenty resources, please?" She says, one foot tapping on the floor, her eyes flashing with simmering impatience.
Stockton Stockton's heavy boots give him away before he shows up, those jangling spurs growing closer. Appears that he doesn't even bother knocking. Just kinda barges right on in and sniffs about quickly. "The hell is that smell?" he grumbles and then squints over at Iris before glancing to Vuk and Qwillis, "Morning," he grunts and tips his hat to them before stepping in completely. He caught the tail end of the talks of Dunwich, "Or yah could just start chargin' double fer any injuries from Dunwich?"
Vuk Vuk lets his eyes lazily drift to Stockton when he dares mention charging double! "Iris adores me to much to do that. I'm a big damn hero, I'll forever abuse that fact to never be charged double." Well, he will, especially given how oft he can get injured!
Iris Lark "Uhm, something made soot and smells in there." Iris vaguely gestures towards the workroom, a slightly strained look on her face. She grunts at the notion of charging double, because most of the time she doesn't charge period. "Want some tea, Stockton?" She asks, smiling in his direction as she takes Vuk's teacup away from him.
Stockton Stockton snorts at Vuk, "Sure, just a big damn hero," then he looks at Iris, "Charge him double for the ego alone," he teases with a wink, or was he teasing. The offer of tea gets him to give his crooked smile, "Of course, Miracle, would love some." He sniffs after the workroom and wrinkles his nose, "Why are things catching fire in your workroom?"
Iris Lark "Qwillis is using it for his lab, and..I'm not sure what he did.." Iris says, and she's fidgeting now, her hands wringing. "He mentioned that he could accidently blow it up and..I really like my house." She takes a breath, mutters something softly to herself and stomps towards the kitchen. "Have a seat on the couch, I'll bring you some tea in a moment." Bacon's little tail wags back and forth as he tries to decipher what is going on.
Vuk Vuk makes a dismissive gesture when some one doubts him being a hero! "You ask Iris about it, I even went blind doing it. Then she threatened to tie me down to a cot when I kept wandering off. Never did take, I still managed to meander off, blind, and accomplish things." Some how.
Stockton Stockton only makes a bit of a face, "There's Acme, why isn't he doing experiments /there/?" he asks rather demandingly before looking towards the workroom again. Then back to the homeowner and her hand wringing. His lips thin some and he offers, "You just say the words." At the offer, he moves towards the couch, scooping up Bacon along the way to plop the pig in his lap and give him fond scritches. Looking at Vuk he just smirks, "I ain't ever gonna call a fool with luck a hero," he intones at the man and shakes his head amused.
Iris Lark When Iris walks out of the kitchen, tray in hand, and sets it on a low table. "Say the word?" She asks, pouring the water in the cups to brew the tea. She wrinkles her nose and sighs as she shakes her head at Vuk. "You did a good thing, and I don't tie people to cots." She mutters, handing him a newly warm cup of tea. She settles down on the couch again and pulls her feet up. "Where are you staying Vuk, if you're not at the Clinic?"
Vuk Vuk rolls his shoulders at the question when Iris poses it. "Where ever the night falls, I don't stay in towns much..why do you think I brought so much for you to sell? I explore the wastes and Dunwich. Some one must, in time perhaps, I will find things useful for my own cause..or at least, some thing that'll even scare back these muties."
Stockton Stockton waves the question off and smiles as tea arrives. "No, she just threatens to tie everyone down what wanders after treatment," he shakes his head and reaches for his cup to take a slow sip, bumping his shoulder into Iris' in thanks. "What is yer cause?" he asks of Vuk curiously as he takes another slow sip.
Iris Lark Iris squints at Stockton and dramatically attempts to look injured. "I haven't tied anyone down in at least a week." She sasses, taking a sip of her tea. She curls up and leans against Stockton as she eyes Vuk. "He probably won't tell you. Vuk likes to pretend he's a secret agent or something like an agent of chaos." She chuckles softly. "He used to practically live in the Clinic."
Vuk Vuk narrows his eyes a bit at Iris and Stockton when she mentions he's a secret agent. "No..I am no agent of Chaos, I merely wish to reclaim a past lost to my people, the few of us left. Perhaps see a new beginning...though I have no issues waging war against Super Mutants. They are a common threat to all."
Stockton Stockton blinks slightly, "Who were - are your people, Vuk?" he asks quietly, ignoring Iris' sass witha little smirk and some side-eye. The curling has him leaning into the Doc and settling heavily into the couch with tea and warmth.
Iris Lark Iris ducks her head, she knows the answer to this question but has managed to keep it a secret for a while now. She takes a sip of her tea and reaches over to gather her piglet and cuddle him in her lap. "We agree on that at least, we need to do something about this horde, something more than walls."
Vuk Vuk makes a dismissive gesture at Stockton's question. "Some of us keep our secrets close..and even if you were to know? It would mean nothing to you. Either way, has the Enclave entered this fight yet? They may..not be any friends of ours, but they do have...firepower."
Stockton Stockton blinks at Iris as she ducks and blinks a little with a quirked, scarred eyebrow. Turning attention back to Vuk he nods, "The Enclave has always been in the fight. We just don't know which side they're on. They had the giant robot in the secret bunker, we know we didn't kill any of them with the bombs the Mexico trip set off, and they're proceeding towards whatever their goals are - probably continuing to amass weapons and then turning them on us."
Iris Lark "The NCR want to take over New Mexico, and maybe with luck they'll deal with the horde and then we can drive them off." Iris says, muttering grumpily at the mention of the Enclave. "Why do we have to rely on anyone other than ourselves?" She glances at Vuk and frowns. "After what happened below Roswell, you would think that you wouldn't want anything to do with those people."
Vuk Vuk shrugs his shoulders a bit at Iris when she mentions what happened below in a Bunker. "Yes, well. They have -big- guns and we do not have as much as they do. Even my power armor isn't nearly as advanced as I understand it. Not that I overly claim to understand Enclave designs." he admits.
Stockton Stockton growls a little bit, "We're not becomin' part of NCR, if they want a claim out here, they can negotiate with us. We made El Dorado what it is, we're making the outlying settlements what they are. NCR has sent a few operatives and then played big damn hero," lookin at you Vuk, "Yeah there's a lotta folk with bigger guns. But we got bigger heart, this is our community, no one else's."
Iris Lark "We need them though, as much as I hate to say it, the NCR and the Enclave both. Especially if the horde is going to double or triple in size." Iris says, wrinkling her nose. She lets Bacon hop off the couch to head off towards the back porch. "You know, Vuk. You could always stay in Acme. It isn't like you can't get into the store or the backroom. There are some cots back there in the mechanic's shop."
Vuk Vuk scowls when she mentions living in the back of a store! "I could probably pay some kids to properly patch a home, and set up running water and the like. I have the caps to do so. I just..I don't know. I'm still prone to wanderlust unless Iris is going to strap me to a cot again. Which she did. Even if she claims other wise.." He says and glances at Stockton. "I hope at some point, El Dorado finds a functioning, fully automated munitions factory and starts passing out rounds. Muties don't die easy."
Iris Lark "I. Never. Tied. You. Up." Iris growls, glowering at Vuk as she picks up the nearest thing she can find, a fluffy pillow, and hurls it at Vuk. "Well go talk to the Mayor, and tell her to do something like that." She smirks towards the Raider, shaking her head. "No wonder people follow me around, how many people have you told that I tied you up?"
Vuk Vuk catches the pillow and playfully tosses it back at Iris. "No one really, you just -threatened- to do it how many times when I was in the Clinic? Like, daily? I think half of Shanty Town heard you yelling threats at me at some point.."
Iris Lark Iris shakes her head at Vuk and lets out a sigh. "You've got a very active imagination." She remarks, catching the pillow and hugging it to her. "There is nothing wrong with staying at the store, you should at least to check it out." She shrugs and adds. "Some other people have bunked there a time or two, there are cots."
Stockton Stockton nods once, "I threatened to tie you down a time or two when you were running off after every injury." He shakes his head at hte other man and hmms, "Stay at the store, the cots are there, in and out, it's safe and securable. Plus only friends in and out," it's not even his store and he's encouraging this.
Iris Lark "I should really put the cot from here in the carport at the store." Iris says, wrinkling her nose slightly. "It isn't like there is a car in there lately, and that space can be used if someone needs it." She blinks and then perks up slightly. "Plus Harlan's house is sitting empty since he's been away as well."
Vuk Vuk makes a dismissive wave at both of them. "I am not sleeping in a damn store. The last time I was left alone at the store, molerats tried to murder me, and I ended up saving a town from flying insects. When I was blind. Then people refused to cook it, yes?" He asks Iris pointedly, trying to guilt her about -that- time!
Stockton Stockton chuffs once and nods, "I'll just start haulin all the cots o'er to the store then. Makes separatin' the rest easier." He blinks and looks at Vuk. "No one wants to eat flying insect," he counters, "Not when we got Brahmin farms."
Iris Lark "You slept in the clinic, what is wrong with the store?" Iris asks, looking peevish. "Fine, you know what, if you want to sleep out in a field and possibly get molested by deathclaws or whatever is coming out of Dunwich, you go ahead. I won't worry anymore." She gets to her feet and waves Vuk off the couch. "Go on, get on with you. Shoo."
Vuk Vuk winks at Stockton when Iris tells him to shoo. "I will then! Then you'll miss me and wonder if I died...or come to find me, to acquire my power armor." He says, making to move, because Iris is kicking him out! "Or..I'll buy some fancy house some where, with..actual windows." He teases.
Stockton Stockton blinks as Iris goes to peevish and just smirks a little because for once it's not aimed at him. Instead he watches as Vuk gets shoo'd out of the house and he just chuckles, "Get a big fancy house already! With fuckin windows," and he's laughing as he finishes off his tea.
Iris Lark "Get your bloody windows, and you won't die, you're too silly to die." Iris grumbles pushing Vuk towards the door. "Out you go, but look in on the store while you're out. It's partly your responsibility too." She starts to clean up the tea cups, piling them on the tray.
Vuk Vuk makes a dismissive motion at them -both-. "I will! Then Iris will stop making it sound like I can't even find a proper place to sleep in between bouts of being taken care of by a Doctor." He says and goes about stomping off. "Have good sex!" He calls out before -sprinting- away!