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Corwin     Stomping along the town is a suit of T-45 power armor. Sporting the standard Brotherhood of Steel insignia and paint job, the armor is fairly pristine aside from the usual battle-scars, repairs, and some scorch marks from a recent incident. The mechanical servos whirr with each step as Claire sighs audibly, voice reverbrating in the helmet as she passes a few wary individuals. On the HUD of her helmet, the casette icon plays, 00:11 seconds left on the audio loop.
    The short distance radio message repeats on channel frequency 51.8, BoS frequencies: 'Hello, my name is Knight Corwin. If you are listening to this message, I assume you must be from the Brotherhood. Please find me and report. This messages repeats.' And repeat it does.
Rexus Rexus is not, however, wearing his power armor. Instead he's wearing just a ragtag set of wastelander attire. It's not that he doesn't ever wear his power armor it just... is often easier to wander around armorless, helps him blend a bit better.

     He's just sat outside the General store, looking up as he sees the familiar-ish set of power armor trudge by. Once he presumes the suit is within earshot, he looks away, speaking stage-left style, "Ad Victoriam."
Corwin The power armor trudges by the general store, about to pass Rexus when the 'Ad Victoriam' is caught. The power armor halts abruptly, Corwin's eyes darting over the sensors as the head swivels to glance to her side. "Hail," she replies. The first people who she looks to are just passing by. Not the people who greeted her. She turns in place, facing Rexus.

    Trudging forward and stopping before him she looks down. "What can I do for you?"
Rexus Rexus lifts a hand to idly inspect his nails, taking a few moments before looking up at the suit of armor looming over him. "You can tell me who you killed to get that armor." he says firmly, "I've a mind to not ask questions but you've caught me in a bit of a curious mood." he states flatly.
Corwin Corwin doesn't respond for a moment, pausing as her expressionless suit peers down at Rexus. Her hand lifts and rests at the AEP7 on her hip, "It's mine, Mojave Chapter. If you want it, come and take it." There's a moment of tension, "And may the steel be with you, should you try."
Rexus Rexus stands, dusting himself off. "You're not too too far from home, from Mojave. What brings you down here then?" he says as he slowly walks around the armored figure, "You're either running from something or too something, to be all alone like this."
Corwin "I suppose you'd know," Claire dryly remarks back. She doesn't move much, allowing Rex to walk around her, but hand still on her pistol. "Look. I've been sent here to look for the local Brotherhood. Have you seen anyone wearing armor with this symbol?" she points a metal finger to the brotherhood sigil.

    "We heard the distress signal," she adds a bit softer.
Rexus Rexus shakes his head, "You won't find them, at least I don't think so. I found a patrol out east, burnt to a cinder with an Enclave vertibird leaving the scene." he reaches into a breast pocket, taking out several id tags and holding them up. "I'm holding onto these for now. I buried them properly, I'll have their fates entered into the Codex next time I find a Librarian."
Corwin Corwin pauses at that reply, as if processing it. Her hand lifts from the AEP and up to her helmet. The mechanical latches disengage and the environmental seal is broken, allowing in the hiss of fresh hair as she lifts her helmet. The redhead blinks a couple times, taking in a deep breath of fresh air, and exhaling it as a sigh as she lowers the helmet to her side, clipping it to a utility latch. "A fitting burial, for their lives to be subsumed for our next generations. Ad Victorium, brother? Are you the last of them?"
Rexus Rexus replaces the tags into his pocket. He doesn't seem surprised at all that it is a female under the helmet, not such a rarity these days at all. "No, I am from the Capital, it has been quite a long walk." he says as he returns to his seat. "And some years since i've met another Knight in my travels, at least one with a pulse." He reaches for a bottle of nuka cola, taking a sip. "No, my planned short stay has grown to more of a longer rest, I believe my assistance is needed here more than back East, for now."
Corwin "The Capital?" Claire blinks in surprise. "That's across the dang wasteland, that's a hell of a walk. I barely made it here in my truck, and the damned thing caught fire." She scoffs, kicking the wooden step gently with her metal foot. "Everything just catch fire out here, or is it just things I care about?" She chuckles, darkly. "My name is Knight Corwin. It's a pleasure meeting you."
Rexus Rexus chuckles, "Hence why it's taken the better part of... five years? To get here." Another sip of cola is taken, "Knight-Captain Rexus Morev... though I have not used the title since I started traveling west." he admits, "I think that makes us the only two knights around here... there were a few but... they seemed scattered... weak-willed, signed up with the local Militia.. evidently they are not as dedicated to the cause as us."
Corwin Corwin frowns slightly, "Maxson won't be happy to hear this." She sighs, "I was hoping to find a chapter out here, we need the supplies out west. All I have are rumours. Rumours don't feed people. And if the other knights disassembled into the militia, what are we supposed to do?"
Rexus Rexus shakes his head, "Not all.. i've only known of one who did... but I wouldn't be too bothered. We do what we have always done, we press on. Others will see by our actions that we are to be taken seriously. We gather what we can, send out our reports. If the other chapters hear of our exploits, they will send support. The East and the West have been reunited as of late... we are in the middle.. un-tapped territory for the most part. We are the front line, you and I." he says with a hint of a smile.
Corwin Claire's brow furrows for a moment in thought of those words. "You're proposing we join forces. Form a unit and establish a base of operations here." She purses her lips, "It's romantic, but how will we survive? We have no miltitary assets to speak of." She pauses, thinks, "...What the fuck, why not? Prove to me you're worth a damn, and I'll join you."
Rexus Rexus seems nonplussed at the challenge. "Join forces? No, we never split to begin with. Brotherhood are Brotherhood regardless of Chapter or rank. As I said, this is an untapped wasteland.. we can find all we need. Roswell is here, Dunwich... there are many places we can investigate to gather our resources. There are still abandoned bunkers and areas we can control for ourselves, establish a safe basecamp, as it were. The old New Mexico chapter surely has some leftovers.. and perhaps even some remnants who do not want to join the Militia... as the old saying goes, build it, and they will come. There are more than likely more... like you... searching for others... we can continue to gather our forces." he pauses a moment...

     "We have the popular support here, so long as we keep to ourselves and help the locals where we can. They can keep us supplied with the basics, medical assistance.. even firepower if we need it. The Enclave is still about, I've seen their vertibirds, we might even be able to restore one if we find it... the possibilities are endless... Knight Caldwell... the former Brother who joined the militia just didn't have the gumption to stick with it."
Corwin "Given, yes, we are all and always will be brothers." Claire responds neutrally, "Regardless of our state of being, I still serve under Elder Maxson in Mojave. Without her permission, under Article 43D.5704 from Scribe Mason, I would be defecting my post to setup a new chapter her in El Dorado without consulting him first. You know the rules." She crosses her arms, the power armor servos whining in slight protest. "--But. I've been given leeway and command to secure resources for our bunker. I'll run with you for now, prove to me you're worth it. That you walk the walk, because you talk the talk, and I'll send my missive of intent."
Rexus Rexus gives a bit of a shrug, "You do as you please. I've been out here long enough to know the rule book gets thrown out the window in the real wasteland." he says, "I applaud your instincts to hedge your bets. The proof is in the pudding. Caldwell tried to get too big too fast and it fell apart at the seams. You need a solid foundation before you build a home."
Corwin "That is also part of my concern. Situations like that," Corwin responds, "My frequency is 51.8, short-wave radio. Assuming I'm not dead or asleep, I'll respond for any mission you have."
Corwin Corwin laughing, "Usually the two are about the same. Until then, I've got your back, Knight-Captain."
Rexus Rexus nods at that. "Very well. As with all new units, a patrol or two is in order... then we can see about digging around Dunwich... for now." he says, "I recommend getting around to meet the locals. Miss Iris Lark is a good one to be on the good side of... she is trustworthy and honest, a fine ally... be wary of the militia... and the Gunners... best not to reveal too much at all to them, keep your cards hidden. I fear if they catch wind of what we do, they will greedily try to steal it for themselves."
Corwin Corwin mmns, in response. Glancing to the side for a moment. She looks back, "A patrol. As you wish. I'm sure it will be helpful team-building and getting to know one another." She unclips the helmet from her waist and lowers it back over her head, clicking it back in to position. As the speaker crackles back to life, she resumes, "I'll get to know these people. If I'm going to be around for a while, I might as well. We didn't speak here, today. Drop the rendezvous on communications in beta-cross 3 format, I'll be there." The armor dips slightly, "Until then, Knight-Commander."
Rexus Rexus gives a nod, returning to his soda... looking for all intents and purposes just like all the other local yokels!