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Iris Lark The sun is streaming through the front windows of the Acme General Store on this fine day. Several folks are already in, roaming the store and rummaging through crates of armor, weapons and even some clothing. Iris sits behind the counter on a tall stool, bottle of water sitting in front of her. She glances about curiously, seeing a lot of new faces, and she makes an attempt to wave hello.
Esscast Esscast sonters in from the hot sun as he walks up to the store front counter "hey iris what could i get if i trade in this" Esscast asked while holding up a aep5 laser pistol
Iris Lark Iris leans in and gazes at Esscast and shrugs, tapping on her chin. "I have something like it in a rifle, it depends on what you're looking for really." She smiles at him and folds her hands in her lap. "What do you do out there?"
Trashcan Jack One thing about Trashcan Jack? You can smell him before you see him. The smell of ash and baked sewage wafts into the store as the stooped figure pushes the door open with a gnarled green hand. He hobbles on into the shop, a hefty burlap sack carried over his shoulder with one hand. A pair of opaque black round-frame sunglasses obscure his eyes, but beneath his bedraggled suit and fedora, there's no mistaking that the figure is a ghoul. He peruses the goods on display, one bony finger tapping against his patchy chin-stubble as he does so.
Esscast esscast shrugs "honestly i could use more .223 ammo since im the militias support guner" he says off handedly
Iris Lark Iris gazes thoughtfully at the man who just walked in. She would offer him a smile if he looked her way, but after a moment she turns her attention back to Esscast. "I don't have any of that kind of ammo in stock, I have a gun that uses it, but I'll keep an eye out for you if you would like." She shifts on her stool and crosses her legs. "How are things going with the Militia?" She asks, grinning at Esscast. "Sounds a bit exciting, support gunner."
Esscast esscast nods "its fine i guess im used to being in the military honestly so thats all ok but the support gunner part thats interesting since its basicly my job to keep large groups of units from taking down my fellow team members" Esscast says with pride
Iris Lark Iris nods to Esscast, an interested look on her face as he explains his job with the Militia. She leans on the counter and props her chin on her palm, an easy smile on her face. "So you use energy weapons, or mostly firearms?" She asks, her tone curious. "I've been trying to be a better sniper lately, and if I wasn't so busy otherwise, I might have joined the militia myself."
Esscast "Well i mostly use firearms but if i have time later mabie i could give you some tips on sniping" Esscast said smiling
Trashcan Jack The ghoul picks up an assortment of tattooing equipment after a couple of minutes, carrying it under an arm as he makes his way further into the store. He comes to a stop in front of the Batman shirt that's hanging from one of the hooks toward the back wall. "Well, hot diggity damn!" he says with muted surprise, his voice like gravel. "Who woulda figured?" He reaches to pull the item off the rack, then shambles his way over to the counter, dumping the heavy tattoo supplies on it along with the shirt. "Heya, sweetheart. How much're you lookin' for for these surgical tools and the Batman shirt?" he asks Iris.
Iris Lark "Fifteen caps for all of it." Iris says to Trashcan Jack, grinning at his enthusiasm over the shirt. Her gaze shifts briefly to Esscast and she nods at him, clapping both hands. She sees a few other folks walk in and her attention is grabbed for a moment, waving hello when they make eye contact.
Sarah Sarah walks into the store, slipping around close to the door. "Good day." She offers when Iris has a moment to hear her.
Iris Lark Iris sees Sarah walk in and she hops down off her stool, hurring over to the young woman. "Sarah, I'm glad you came in today. I was wondering.." She pauses and fidgets for a moment or two before she continues. "Do you have a stimpak? If you want one?"
Corwin The door opens, punctuated by the sound of whining servos and the thud of metal footsteps. Ducking through the entryway, a suit of Brotherhood-branded T-45 trudges on in. Despite the size of the suit, it takes care to gently shut the door. There are a lot of people here. For a moment, the head swivels, looking at the throng that has gathered here, before the vox communication system crackles, "Hail, I'm looking for Iris Lark?"
Trashcan Jack "Fifteen caps?! That's ridiculous!" Jack exclaims with obvious offense, both his brows popping up behind his shades as if he's being mugged. "Look, doll. Fifteen caps might be too much for this bunch o' needlework, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna pay less than fifty for a genuine Batman shirt." His brows lower with a 'harumph' that appears to be genuine annoyance. "Now, I might let you talk me down to forty-five, but why don't we see if we can't come to an arrangement." The burlap sack is plopped down on the counter with a heavy metallic 'kerthunk', and he fishes around in it. Out comes a pair of what look like some kind of leather bracers or leg protectors. "Howsabout fifteen caps, along with these? You can put 'em up on display. I betcha they pull a good thirty caps, easy."
Sarah Sarah starts towards Iris to meet her at the middle so to speak. "I do not have one, and I would like to get one." The woman says in a smooth faint Mexican accent as she looks over Iris. Then she glances back at the sound if mechanical stomps, her rich tan paling a couple of shades and she swallows. Moistening her lips even as her hands tighten. "I.. That would be. Yes, please."
Iris Lark Iris turns when someone with power armor steps into her shop. She doesn't recognize the suit and she freezes for a moment before she answers. "I'm Iris Lark." She says, gesturing to herself for a moment before she blinks at Trashcan Jack. She leans in and sees the bracers and glances at the man again, her lips pursed. She opens her mouth to reply and then huffs out a sigh. "Okay, okay..I mean..if you insist, 45 caps and the leg guards. I'm not going to argue with you." She leans forward slightly and lowers her voice. "Do you know what that symbol means or something?" She remembers that Sarah doesn't like power armor so she deftly moves the woman by the shoulders so she's standing on the staff side of the counter, putting plenty of space between Sarah and the power armor.
Matt Time for bartering with resources! Matt actually has those, and its time to make to use them all up buying things he doessn't need. He slows his gait as he gets closer. Lot of people in a lot of big armor. Matt didn't know the BOS was around these here parts. "Uhh. This heres the swap meet, ain't it?" After pushing through the door as well.
Corwin Corwin's Power Armor shuffles a bit awkwardly to the side to let Matt through. The head looking down to him with a crackling, "Excuse me." After Iris identifies herself, she begins stomping forward in the way that extremely heavily mechanical suits of armor do, before stopping shortly from the counter with a glance at Sarah. "I didn't mean to frighten you," reaching up, Corwin unlatches the helmet's enviro-seal and lifts it off her head. Lowering it, she clips it to the metal ring on her torso. "My name's Knight Corwin, of the Brotherhood of Steel. I've come from the Mojave, and I'm new here. It's a pleasure to meet you, Iris."
Iris Lark Iris steps briefly away from behind the counter to smile up at Corwin. "Pleasure to meet you." She calls up, reaching out a hand to shake. She aims a bright smile at Matt and waves him in. "Yes, we're buying and trading and ..more." She points briefly towards the back door of the store. "There is a cooler next to the door there, if anyone is thirsty, please feel free to have some cola or water."
Sarah "Excellent, thank you, Iris. How much do I own you for it?" Sarah says, clearly grateful for being moved away from the Brotherhood. Then it.. She follows. The stimpack is examined and slipped away to the folds of her dress. "Hi." Sarah offers, politeness making a run at over powering her nerves.
Trashcan Jack "Oh, now, here I was sayin' I'd pay fifteen plus the leather whatnots," Jack says with a defensive air, raising his hands. "But you drive a hard bargain. Here," he says as he reaches into a pocket, then pulls out a pouch, dumping it out on the counter alongside the leg guards. "Thirty caps, one pair of leather legwarmers." He reaches into another suit pocket and pulls out a pack of cigarettes, perching one between his impossibly-chapped lips and letting it hang out the side of his mouth, unlit. "Final offer." Jack turns around to follow Iris's movement, one hand tucked in a pocket. "Damn, lady. You really don't wanna get ripped off today, huh?" he says to Corwin at the sight of her armor.
Corwin Corwin smiles a bit, the smile turning into a bit of a wry smirk at Jack's comment. "Something like that." Slowly she extends her arm and gently takes Iris' hand in a purposefully loose grip. Don't want to accidentally break something, before lowering her arm again. Claire shakes her head. "I'm not here for trouble. I'm just looking for work. I heard Ms. Lark is the one to see about that sort of thing." Glancing up at the wall, she adds on. "And I'll take that laser rifle. How much is it?"
Iris Lark Iris briefly gives Sarah a smile before she shakes her head, her hands still shaking with Corwin. "Oh no, nothing for that, as long as you help others." She murmurs to Sarah, and when Jack hands her the leg guards she nods, wide eyed and clutches them to her chest. "The laser rifle is 100 caps, and you're looking for work?" She eyes Claire for a moment and then smiles anew. "What kind of work do you do?"
Kaydin     Kaydin walks into the store and moves to take off his NCR helmet and smiles. "Heyas Miss Lark. I have something for you to sell in your shop." Kaydin says as he pulls his duffle bag off and beins to root in it for stuff, pulling out a club, a knife and a cattle prod.
Matt Matt meanders away from the large gathering, let them barter for awhile before picking up and heading towards Iris with a holodisc entitled 'Construction So Even You Can Do It!'. "Um. Ma'am? How much for this holodisc? It looks informative."
Iris Lark "One hundred caps." Iris says, grinning at Matt as she eyes the holodisc in his hand. "Do you build things?" She asks, pushing her hair out of her face as she moves back behind the counter. "Do you have a Pip-Boy to put it in?"
Matt "Those little wrist computer doohickeys? Nah. I don't have one. I couldn't find someone's holodisc viewer and borrow the use of it to learn from the disc?" Matt looks at the holodisc and squints his eyes towards Iris.
Corwin Corwin digs into some pouches on her belt, starting to drop little leather pouches on the counter, each one jingling a little bit. After she drops five, she pushes them forward, each one containing 20 caps. "Done." She smiles, "As for work, I shoot things, but I'm also a doctor and a companion. To the right company."
Trashcan Jack The wizened ghoul starts to meander around the shop, one hand in his pocket, the other plucking the cigarette from his lips and twiddling it absentmindedly between two fingers as though it were lit. He ends up making his way to where a poncho is hanging on the wall, and leans closer to squint at it. "Mmm. Looks pretty damn genuine to me," he muses aloud, before turning toward where Iris and hollering, "Hey, lady. How much for this here poncho? I been lookin' for one of these."
Iris Lark "Well unfortunately you can't load these discs on anything except a pip-boy, I never really understood why." Iris murmurs, gazing down at the little disc with a slight frown on her face. She blinks at Corwin and her face brightens into a smile and she leans against the counter, smiling at her. "Sounds like we have a lot in common, and I can probably find work for you, we should get togethter to talk a bit later when it's quieter." She pulls the poncho out and turns it over, looking at it before she smiles at the ghoul. She holds up the poncho and shakes it out once, and then again. "Two hundred caps for the poncho, it will keep you quite warm."
Sarah Sarah starts to say something, trying to be steady and even toned again. "Thank you." Then as her mouth opens to say something else, it closes suddenly. So sudden there is a soft teeth pop. She steps back to the wall, a bewildered expression as she stares at Corwin.
Matt Matt hmms, and returns the holodisc into the box it came from. Guess a pip-boy is on his list of things to do in the near future. He begins to peruse the clothing, pulling out a multi-strapped...something, and promptly puts it back. As well as jeans with zippers in odd places. He does pull out a combat armor chestpiece and heads back towards Iris. "This looks like something I could use, no fangled pipboy for it, right?"
Corwin Corwin smiles back, giving a small wink to Iris. "I'm sure we do, and I'm glad to hear it. I'll come back after hours to catch a conversation?" She reaches down and takes the laser rifle from the counter, checking the power and lowering it safely. New shiny. Yaaas.
Trashcan Jack "Well, alright. That'll suit me," Jack growls as he gets out some more caps to pay for the poncho, this time from another pouch on his person. One might wonder just how many of those the ghoul has secreted about his antique suit. He turns a little back toward Corwin, one hand knuckles to his hip while the other twirls the cigarette betwixt his fingers. "Say, toots. If yer lookin' fer temp work, I got somethin' you might be interested in. Might be some easy caps for a dame with the right attitude."
Iris Lark Iris grins at Matt and nods. "No pip for the armor, you can just strap it on and use it." She leans against the counter and grins at Jack. "Sure thing, here you go, Sir." She folds up the poncho and slides it towards him. She eyes Kaydin when he mentions a cattle prod, thinking of all the trouble she could get into with one of those.
Corwin Stepping back from the counter, Corwin glances at Jack. If she's disgusted, as Brotherhood usually are by ghouls, she doesn't show it. Or at the very least is good at hiding it. She thinks about the question for a moment, before resigning with a sigh, "If the caps are good -- What do you need?"
Kaydin     Kaydin taps the power armor Corwin is in with his knife and then turns to IRis. "So I have things to sell. What would you give me for this?" He asks laying the objects out on the counter, a knife, a club and a cattle prod
Sarah Sarah knows it is impolite, possibly dangerous with the BoS, but she stares at Corwin like a specimen. She waits a second, and turns back to Iris. She hadn't even really noticed him before, speaking when she didn't mean to voice the thought. "A ranger?"
Iris Lark "Three hundred and fifty caps for the lot." Iris says, smiling at Kaydin as she picks up the club to give it a once over. She nods distractedly to Sarah and shrugs. "He's a pretty nice guy, though." She hands the armor over to Matt and then kneels behind the counter to bring up a sack of caps. "What do you say, Kaydin?"
Kaydin     "NCR rangers." Kaydin says to Sarah and gives a head bow. He then turns his attention back to Iris and nods. "Sounds good to me. I expected alot less." He says as he hands the items over to her to peruse. "Also got some combat chest piece."
Trashcan Jack Jack takes the poncho and pulls it on, letting it drape across his shoulders once it's been paid for. The overall effect is to take the grungy ghoul from looking reasonably respectable - for someone who smells like a garbage heap - to vaguely ridiculous. It makes him look smaller and older, somehow. The cigarette disappears as Jack's arms do, folding underneath the poncho. "Like I said, easy caps," he says as he pulls something out of his poncho. It's a scrap of paper, which he hands over to Corwin. "Come to this location. Wear somethin' you don't mind getting sweaty in. And, uhh... bring a shovel if you got one. The password is..." He leans closer to Corwin to say it out of earshot.
Matt "Thank you kindly, miss." Matt takes the combat armor and finagles with it a bit, before removing and leaning his rifle against the desk, then donning the chestpiece. He re-slings his rifle then turns to see a giant doorstop. He strafes around Corwin, staring a bit before exiting.
Iris Lark "If you think I'm overpaying you, feel free to add the chestpiece in as well." Iris says, an easy grin on her face as she winks at the Ranger." She folds her hands in her lap and repeats herself. "If anyone is thirsty, there is cola and water in the cooler in the back, feel free to grab a drink if you need one." She glances at Trashcan Jack in his poncho and presses her lips together so that she won't start to giggle.
Sarah Sarah steps closer to Iris and returns the protective gesture of before, lifting a hand to the woman's shoulder and press guiding her out of near miss line of fire between the BoS and the Ranger. "Are you lost sir? There are caravans still that can get you home. Cut off by the Legion?"
Corwin Corwin narrows her eyes slightly as she takes the piece of paper. She glances at it momentarily, before stowing it in one of her pouches. When she leans in for the password, her eyebrow perks before she straightens up her posture. "Alright, I'll be there. Thanks."
Rexus Rexus trudges into the general store, grumbling a little. "Tripped over a rock.. no... stumbled in the dark? No... fell out of bed? No.... tripped over Bacon... yeah.. yeah that'll do..." he says to himself, trying to find the best excuse to use on Iris as he enters the store, looking around for the owner, "So yeah.. had a wee accident...."
Iris Lark Iris glances at Rexus, as she is gently moved away from the Ranger and the power armored Corwin. She's distracted so she manages to grin at Sarah before she does a double take, glancing back at Rexus again. "Wha..what what happened? You're supposed to be taking it easy!" She splutters, before she shifts her gaze at Kaydin. "Do we have a deal, because if so, I need that cattle prod." She murmurs, glowering towards Rexus.
Trashcan Jack One hand comes up to doff the hat on Jack's head at Corwin. "Oh, pardon my manners, miss. The name's Jack. Some call me Trashcan Jack. Anything you heard about me, complete lies and fabrications." His expression is difficult to read between the blackout shades and the generally poor definition of his features in general. "Unless they said anything nice, that is." Jack starts to meander his way back toward the door of the shop to a creaking sound - whether it's the shop's new wood flooring or the old man's joints is hard to say.
Rexus Rexus tries his best to put on an innocent face, "I tried over Bacon in the morning.. he's fine... i'm fine just.. got a little scratch. It's not too bad at all, just a ding but... i'm not healin that fast from the other bits so... hey this is the wasteland not some cushy spa... you're bound to run into something at some time!"
Corwin Corwin looks at Rexus and chuckles, giving him a knowing look before nodding her head at Jack. "A pleasure. We'll be seeing each other again, soon.. Until then." She looks to Iris, "We'll talk as well. Afternoon, ya'll." And she starts heading for the door as well.
Iris Lark Iris walks over to Rexus, a slightly grumpy look on her face as she pulls out bandages. "You better not have broken my pet piglet." She murmurs, wrapping up some of the cuts and bruises. "How about you tell me what really happened." She says as she gets closer, nudging Rexus gently with her elbow. "I promise that I probably won't yell..or grumble much."
Rexus Rexus sighs, "I was out helping with the walls at Acme... think someone dropped something on me and I wasn't looking." Yep, he came clean, not a patrol just a construction incident. "I was just hammering some boards with nails and.. yeah..." he sighs, but feeling much better now! "Thanks! Much better now."
Sarah "Pardon me Iris it is quite the walk back to El Dorado." Then she starts out, giving a baffled look again to the ranger on her way towards the door.
Iris Lark Iris watches as the store starts to empty and she squints at Rexus. "You got this injured working on the wall?" She asks, and she doesn't look convinced. "Let me drop some of this stuff in the storage room, and if you'd like, you can come back to Avalon with me." She points towards the door. "One of these folks told me you told her to look for me."
Rexus Rexus looks to the door. "Oh? Her? She's... new... was looking for stores and a Doc... I figured you had the best shop in the area and should have a look." he says, "I recommended she meet as many as she can, get the lay of the land before charging off and doing something she'll regret... like taking on a dozen deathclaws."