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Qwillis     Einstein was working on trying to stop the mist that has been slowly taking over more and more area out of Dunwich! He's contacted a few of the Eggheads and they came up with a system to capture some of the mist. They need more information and the group that gets gathered for it? They're to go in and get it!
    Qwillis, with that extra canister strapped to his back, is meeting with the others. He's going to need help getting a good sample and everyone is warned to be wary. This could be dangerous.. this could be nothing. The mist, it seems, is fickle.
    They'd meet within sight of the mist, the sun setting and a hazy film seems to hover over Dunwich, already putting it into darkness. There, the mist creeps out, defiant of the last rays of the sun.
B B shouldn't be here. She made promises to stick close to home but .. *hic* .. those somehow don't seem important right about now. Slightly more than buzzed, the petite raven-haired woman is here, clutching her assault rifle to her chest rather than aiming it anywhere. Qwillis called for help, so here she is, ready to .. *hic* .. help. Hopefully all goes well and she doesn't report home with more wounds then she already has. She's not ready to face -that- catastrophe. She looks over at the mists, remembering her last time here and shivers a little in her armour.
Vuk Vuk knows...of Dunwich, he knows it never pays to move there on foot when injured. That even the most mundane of things take a life of their own. Thus, when he shows up, it's on his Harley, strapped with ...spare equipment, his power armor sealed up...not that he's very sure it helps with ...Dunwich. "Be wary of cars, they try to consume those who yet live." He cautions ..well, outloud, he fully expects any one here to be -aware- of Dunwich!
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell had arrived to Dunwich in an attempt to help the Eggheads and the town of Dunwich. If the mist got out of hand it would head to El Dorado eventually, that would mean the end of his new job. So here he was! He was armed with brand new T-51 Power Armor and was armed with a Laser Musket. Ready to go! He approaches Qwillis and offers a wave of his hand "Hey there. I'm here to help." he offers politely.
Lucette     Lucette has sparsely been to or near Dunwich since Mexico. She'd decided to steal the bitch seat on Vuk's harley and complains to him the entire trip over, she's got a good bit of experience with the place herself and she's cautious. But not terrified. Otherwise quiet once the mists are in view, readying herself to move at the drop of a cap.
Hardman Mist..? Yeah, yeah mist made sense. Sort of. Why not? Hardman had heard of the weird mist in the area since arriving in the El Dorado area, and when the chance was had to call to investigate that mist, of course he would show up. He approached the gathering of personnel, his pressed fatigues still fresh under his combat armor, clearly he hadn't had it strapped on long before this. His carbine slung lazily across his chest, pointed toward the ground, and he draped his hands along the buttstock easily, a cigar between his lips bobbed subtly as he munched on its thickness, "Well that looks...fuckin' ominous..." he remarks, his green eyes clearly pointedly addressing the mist.
Qwillis     Qwillis looks over those showing up and nods grimly. "We're going to have to go deep enough into the mist that it's at chest level. I have to get as much of this in the mist as I can to draw it in for extraction. That said? Dunwich as you all know is quite protective of itself and anything in it. I expect it to be hostile to this. So please.. be ready. I'm not a fighter." Qwillis would smile a little at that, eye the town then nods. "Alright.. I'm not a militia guy.. so I'm guessing someone should probably take point. We need to keep in sight.. or well.. I've had my own run-ins there. Let's go."
    With that, Qwillis would let people sort out who wants to lead and all that, heading with the group for that mist and what they were there for.
Vuk Vuk will secure his Harley, even if -some one- likes to complain, he'll scowl under his helmet. "Silence Enclave Girl, you didn't have to walk." He says, chambering a round on his auto shotgun before beginning to stomp off into the mists. "Watch for cultists as well." he barks out through his comm unit. Cultists..killer cars..
B B can't help but giggle at Hardman's assessment of the mist. "Watch out for the ..*hic*.. tentacles. They have a bit of a sting to them," says she in a sing-songy voice. "I'm no good at point," she declares to Qwillis, letting someone else step up to take that position. She'll fall in near the middle of the group. That's where she's most comfortable.
Hardman "I fuckin' got it..." he grunts, a low grumble around the glowing cigar in his lips though as he takes a few steps toward the front of the group, he lets it plop to the ground in stride and crushes it into oblivion under a heavy, booted foot. "Eyes up, scan the fuckin' horizon and I swear if I get gakked and non' of you fuckers so much as try and save me, my feelin's are gonna' be right fuckin' hurt..." he rumbles, wringing his hand around the pistol grip of his carbine and raising it to what those tactically inclined would recognize as a 'Low Ready' position. "Let's get chest deep in some woogie shit..." he adds, finally, and heads - slowly - toward the mists.
Guardian Caldwell Nodding to Qwillis, Caldwell looks around the mists and begins to enter after Vuk, looking around the Dunwich mists with his Power Armor Helmet Light illuminating the mists slightly for him. "This is spooky as fuck...It's like walking right into a horror movie." he mutters to himself, pulling out his Laser Musket and keeps it aimed up, looking around for any real woogie shit as Hardman put it.
B B's eyes widen. The barrel of her gun dips as she squints into the mist ahead. With another girlish giggle, B gives her head a shake. "Careful now. I think I might be seeing things. Wouldn't be the first time here in Dunwich." If she saw something, she doesn't comment any further on it. She does, however, actually aim her weapon towards the misty darkness before her, on alert.
Lucette     Luce dismounts the bike and gives paperman a pat on the shoulder. "You're right. I camped out here for a week once in some house and got beat up to hell and back more than a couple times." she chimes brightly. Left hand going into her left holster and tugging out her current favourite toy from it. Power on, the glock shines a friendly yellow light.

    "Vanguard form up to watch eachother's flanks while you advance, Q try to stay center of everyone, Shiner stay near Q. Everyone else should cover Q's sides, we need someone on the rear. I suggest our own C-man here but I'm not heavy enough to keep the tail end moving if things get hot." she suggests, starting to move in close to Qwil with 'Cross aimed to the ground for now.
Hardman     "The..f..." Hardman's words trail off from his lips easily, squinting into the distance as he doesn't so much as raise his weapon higher than it was currently, though he seems as if to do a double take of the environment before turning his attention back toward scanning the horizon along the front of the group in the direction of their travel, "This place is...fucky" he remarks, to nobody in particular.

    At the mention of various tactical suggestions, he peeks over his shoulder briefly to catch a glance toward Lucette, the one who was issuing them, in which - had anyone been in front of him, or perhaps rather attentive, would see the edges of his lips tug into an amused sort of smirk, "Someone who knows somethin..." he mumbles, nearly inaudibly.
Qwillis     Qwillis nods in response to Lucette with a brief smile. "Yes. Of course." He'd shift that metal grip on the needler as he'd keep alert but move with them. While he might not be a fighter.. he's not helpless either. But.. this is Dunwich.
    The group slowly moves in closer. The sun is a dim red orb on the edge of the horizion, the light already all but snuffed out within this haze. There's a slowly growing background noise of.. murmuring. Something moves here. A swing suddenly sways there. That tree's branches start blowing in a wind that nothing else feels.
    Ahead of them, along the road to Dunwich, the streetlights start to flicker on. Although the sickly glow they cast seems to almost be worse than the gloom surrounding them now.
Vuk Vuk slows to a halt and leans forward a he's sniffing the wind..the mist, trying to clear through it some how. "Are you sure we can't collect a sample here?" he asks Qwi, over his shoulder, filling chilled to the bone, even inside his enviromentally controlled armor. "Some one make sure B doesn't puke her guts out or the like.." he says and shuffles in closer to Lucette. "Now would be a good time to inform us we actually have a Vertibird.."
B B, aka Shiner, falls in step next to Qwillis. See? She can take direction. She barely blinks at the lights as they turn on, or the trees reacting to a wind that doesn't exist. Could be she's too drunk to notice, though. Maybe. "I won't puke. I didn't drink -that- much .. *hic* .. and besides, a good shiner needs to sample her wares to make sure they're .. good. Unless you'd like to volunteer ta try it out next time ..?" Still, despite the liquor, she keeps her voice low enough so it doesn't echo through the darkness, drawing unwanted attention.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell stops next to everyone else, looking around through his helmet visor. He doesn't say much. But he was thinking a whole lot. Things like 'oh god we're fucked' and 'what was that noise?' clearly he had never been to Dunwich, and after tonight he would probably never come back. This was SCURRY. Caldwell was adept at fighting enemies he can see, not the god damn boogieman. The BoS nor the Militia never trained him for this.
Hardman Hardman Nearly, almost, but not quite, groans. His face contorting into a bemused grimace, was she...yep...that B woman was...drunk...sort of. His attention turned back to the group only briefly, though as he focused his eyes back toward the front, he raised his free hand, that is, the one that wasn't resting around the grip of his carbine to about shoulder level, all fingers extended in a knife-like posture toward the light, "I figure we don't go into the light - I figure nothin' good is gonna' come of that...." he mentions, more open-endedly than directively, though he clearly doesn't seem intent to walk directly into the ominously glowing street lamp in the middle of the mist, and that didn't even include the strange non-windy-wind.
Lucette     Luce sighs. "A bird would only disrupt the mist and make gathering harder. And would have been better suited as reserve to extract anyway. I'm sorry there wasn't time to enact a presidential tithe for the glory of our country back on the oil rig, but it was rather chaotic." eyes peel- HOT DAMN. "I see bicycles. Moving with nobody on them, near a light. Be wary for drive-by." she warns. "Anybody sees something closing in we need to be able to concentrate fire, have to get to our target and maintain position."
Qwillis     Qwillis shakes his head a little at Vuk. "It's too dispersed. The sample would be useless here. We have to go deeper." He's certainly un-nerved by all the things going on around them, staying close to B and certainly paying attention to Hardman's path to follow where the other man goes.
    Eyeing the light, Q frowns, then shake his head. "Yes. I think you are right. We don't want in that light.. we should go around." He'd shift the strap for the unit on his back a little as he'd continue keeping his eyes looking around. Qwillis frowns and glances to Lucette, then tries to see what she sees without any success. "Huh.."
Guardian Caldwell Keep your eyes peeled? Que Spongebob ripping off his eyelids cutscene. "Something just fucking kissed me." he chokes out, shuddering violently. Was it a ghost? A spectre? A spooky spirit? Whatever it was it was frightening. "What the fuck is wrong with this place?!" he asks as quietly as a man about to shat himself can.
B B is -not- drunk. Not really. Okay. Maybe a little. Still, she wouldn't give Hardman the satisfaction of being right. Instead, she sticks with Q, smiling at him pleasantly before squinting into the misty darkness again. "Bicycles? Hunh. That's now what I saw, but to each her own, right?" She grins a toothy grin before looking straight towards one of the lit lampposts. "It's Dunwich," she says simply in response to Caldwell's inquiry as if that explains everything.
Hardman     Taking the lack of complaint, and Q's admission as compliance, Hardman deftly leads the patrol...that's basically what this was, right? He'd led those before - to the left of the light post, a wide arc to curve around the post in the mists and then curve back into the 'straight' path direction they are on after passing it. Despite the obvious akwardness of the mists, he doesn't seem too terribly upset by it all, as if maybe...maybe he sees his own things on occasion even when they aren't there. Who knows.

His green eyes trail the mists, free hand raising to scratch along his cheek, "Is there a fuckin' city in there, or does the mist just go on forever? Hard to tell..." he mutters over his shoulder, leading them further into the abyss.
Lucette     Caldwell gets a kiss and now. "Looks like whoever our current friend is they found the stash of Live and Love magazines and are trying out those 'how to spice up the bedroom' tips. Keep your pants on and try not to trip on anything." Lucette suggests to everyone idly.
Vuk Vuk glances at..Caldwell, then Lucette. "This is why I was just saying I might prefer the Enclave to the Brotherhood. Now the Brotherhood are having initiates enjoy wet dreams with ..the dead. Still, lets ..just hurry this up. I am not even sure these weapons will matter." Then he glances at Hardman. "There is a city..but it's all like this. Corrupted." He admits.
B B's squinting into the gloom ahead results in her sucking in a quick breath. Raising her weapon, she aims ahead. "Three in front," she reports, all serious now, "Including me. Just .. don't shoot -this- me, okay? Cause Derk would be royally pissed at me for being shot. Again." As she speaks, she lines up a shot and takes it. No one told her she couldn't shoot at things.
Qwillis     The whole area seems to hold it's breath as B raises her gun. The seriousness is quite real as she'd light up that mist, firing at.. something. Up ahead, even as she called it out.
    Ahead of the group, B(!) ducks out of the way of the shot. Vuk(!) leans out next to a car (it's not animated) as that mini-gun starts to rev up to fire and Lucette(!) Is posted a little behind the other two, already taking bead on the group!
Hardman Bang. That was the starting gun to Hardman's Olympic marathon, and he was off the starting blocks like it was second nature - his carbine raised from Low-ready to shouldered and barking out two rounds in a flash, both literally, and metaphorically.


In a flash, the head of what looks...remarkably like the B woman, but...not, cranially explodes into a mass of chunky, fleshy cheeky matter as either shot rips of her cheeks forcing her into a hellific...what...was she...forcibly GRINNING now?

Bang! One more shot rips into the torso, tearing a hole through the 'flesh' like it was paper, or, you know, flesh, and sending the 'Other' B down into the mist like a sack of potatoes..or...well...a corpse.
Qwillis     While the other B goes down in all it's visceral gory death from Hardman's shots, the Vuk glares evily at Caldwell, the humming mini-gun yelling as it'd shoot those massive rounds his direction. While he's missed, the mini-gun continues it's dance, tracing over everyone forcing them down!
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell proceeds to pull out his wicked dodging skills, doing moves that looked straight out of Johnny Bravo. Hoo! Hah! Man i'm pretty! He suddenly realises that shit actually got real with the minigun fire tracing over the entire group and gets down into cover
Qwillis     Qwillis grits his teeth and gets down as the supressive fire comes in. He'd get low and try to shoot at the others, frowning as he'd miss them. "Blast it.."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell proceeds to fire a clean shot into Shadow Lucette's stomach, causing blood and gore to spill out of the misty figures guts. It was sickening and frightening at the same time. He was shooting his friend in the guts when she was standing right there next to him!
B Contact front? Wasn't that what she said? B cants her head to the side and squints down the sight of her gun. As she lines up her shot, this time to the Vuk that is not at her side, she summons up her spirit and cries out to her allies that they've got this. She waits for them to take a shot at the two remaining .. Scratch that, one remaining foe before she takes a shot herself. Despite the copious amounts of liquor in her system, she feels the distinctive sting of a bullet grazing across her left forearm the same time it lands on Misty Vuk.
Vuk Vuk has plasma washing over him, near misses of a minigun..a minigun he should know so well..and then he bursts into annoyed anger, his shotgun suddenly barking into the mists as he braces one foot forward. There is almost a beastial elegance as spent casings spew out beside him and he slams a new mag home, repeating the processes, trying to force things back into cover. "Hurry up with your Satansoft damned sample!" He howls out at Qwillis.
Lucette     Lucette starts off strong. Shiner's inspired her on to wing it. Her shot comes out more like a punch, sending the bolt of cross-shaped plasma wide.. curving in the air, and pelting down on COMMUNIST Lucy's leg, setting the way for her to get gunned down. "DAMN COMMUNISTS, GIVE UP ALREADY!" she shouts into the air, aiming for Vuclone and letting off a single shot, going wide. Then squeezing off a pair more with uncanny closeness, "THIS IS AMERICA, YOUR FACSIMILES HAVE NO PLACE IN OUR GLORIOUS NATION" she spouts as the two crosses singe into Vuclone's armour.
Hardman     Blood. Brutality, and a bit of gore. But this time it was all too close and all too real, more directly, it was the mass that used to be the majority of Hardman's right leg. It had erupted into a crimson shower when struck by one of the misty bastards and he let out a hellacious scream of pain, more akin to an animalistic roar than a man.

TAs the fighting continued, he took a few, painful, hobbled steps backward, trailing a line of blood as he did so and immediately went to work on his own leg. Taking a knee, he fished what bandaging he could from one of his fatigue pockets and began to wrap it around his thigh as tight as possible. It wasn't great, but he could treat himself later when they had the time.

    Gaining as much balance as he could, he raised his carbine toward the Misty Vuk and squezed off two rounds, though they seemed to impact, it didn't seem to do much, if anything, in the way of actual damage. In a roar of anger, irritation, and pain, he unleashes a hail of gunfire downrange toward his target, at the very least, he'd make them keep their fucking head down.
Qwillis     Qwillis grits his teeth as Hardman loses most of his leg. Shaking his head, he'd focus himself a moment, ignoring Vuk's yelling to narrow eyes and with that juuust right shot, pegs the misty copy with that needle. Making it woozy!
Vuk Vuk begins to advance after barking at Qwillis, leaving the others in the mist, a burst of shotgun shells hammering out at his clone, grinning slightly to him self as he advances to close in with his clone. "I know my own tricks to well Brother!" He barks out.
B B crouches in the mist, willing the Vuk that is not Vuk to remain still long enough for her to fire. It's hard, though, when there are like three of them all circling round and round. Hmm. Maybe she might have had too much to drink. Naaah! Regardless, her shots go wide. She blames the hiccups.
Qwillis     The misty Vuk starts to yell as he'd unload that minigun on everyone like a very serious baws! No one.. well.. almost no one gets away from the hail of bullets!
Qwillis     There's heavy fire at that misty copy of Vuk. It's not the damage done by the group it seems, but something else that has it dissapate into Mist instead of actually die. Qwillis is quick to move, pulling that container on his back to do his best to lock that mist in that was the misty Vuk!
    "I got it!!" Q would call to the others. This.. pissed off Dunwich. How can it be told? The whole area suddenly starts this low howl that quickly raises to a high pitched roar of anger!
    Qwillis ducks and runs. He's limping and wounded, just like everyone else as they'd flee that place with their triumphant gathering!
    When Qwillis looks at it in the final rays of light from the sun, as they get free of the gloom of Dunwich.. he finds that the container? It's empty.. the mist evaporated into the light.