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Owner Pose
Konno     Konno and Silver are talking, Konno at the bar, Silver at a table, Silver asked one of the serverbots for something drinkable, wet and non toxic. With two caps given, he's likely given a glass of water while Konno remains at the bar, turning to face it and stretching slowly for the small lapse.
Xavier Xavier raises a brow. "I'm not sure if most things here are non-toxic...that or the water'll kill you before the whiskey does." A smirk then, watching as his whiskey's served and he tosses 2 caps onto the bartop. A glance to Konno then. "So, no trouble around here yet then?"
Silver Silver shrugs and says "Well, I'm itching to put holes in something so if there was touble it would make my night. As it is.. I'm a bored Gunner. I'm Silver."
Konno     Konno smiles to Xavier. "Not that I've seen. Or I'd have to be showing the other things I keep in my pocket." he chimes, an eye to Silver with a nod. "I'm Konno."
Xavier "Xavier. I'm no gunner, and I don't keep random things in my pocket. I do run the salon down a ways from here. If either of you need a shave or a haircut.." A grin then before he lifts his whiskey to take a sip, grimacing then.
Silver Silver eyes light up and says a little fast "Ya wanna be? We're currently recruiting. Great perks, we get guns and ummm lizard skin wallets. Hair cut? Why would do such a thing it would be like kicking a dead dog down stairs."
Konno     Konno cricks a little and sighs and straightens up. "Hairdresser you say? I might stop by. This mop's always a mess and I only -barely- manage to keep it looking passable." he remarks with a sigh.
Xavier Xavier glances back over to Silver and smirks. "You don't think people should face the apocalypse looking their best?" Then a glance to Konno and he reaches to tease the man's hair a bit. "I think I can work with what you got. Just pop in anytime, I practically live there for the moment."
Silver Silver Snorts and a small bit of desert flies out of his nose. "I'm surrounded by Pretty Boys round here. Wouldn't my mother be proud of me. It's people like us Gunners that allow you all the freedom to worry about the less important things in life."
Konno     Konno gives a purrl to the attentions X gives, and then a more wry expression towards Silver. "I wonder how many Yao Guai you've had to carve the guts from, or how many raiders you've had to get the drop on. I could go on with terrible stories, but it's better if I'm getting paid for it." he muses with a snicker
Xavier "And just what are you saving us from? I hear there may be a mound of mole rats just outside of town..." Xavier jokes before knocking back the rest of his whiskey. "Give me cards any day of the week. I leave the fighting to those more capable."
Silver Silver says, "And that's why you will always owe your life to me and mine. Militia, Gunners, Mercs. For we are the heroes of the wastes. Slayers of the other things. Finder of lost children.. Hey wait a second have you ever seen Ghoul children? I was just thinking about it and I don't recall ever seeing any."
Konno     Konno raises his brow. "Last I checked ghouls can't do that procreationally. I've seen a ghoulified kid once or twice in my time though. They never grow up." he remarks. "I'll see about stopping by when I'm not on shift."
Xavier Xavier shudders, "This is where things get hairy. I've never truly ventured far from El Dorado. This is my home, but credit where it's due, because I know this town has been kept mostly safe from outside forces. I'm not saying the militia and all that isn't needed or necessary.." He tosses two more caps on the bar for a refill. "Just...not for me. Besides, your hair gets too long it'll ruin your sight down the barrel, right?" A smirk as he glances to Konno then. "I look forward to seeing you. When are you not on shift?"
Silver Silver says, "That's what string is for, to tie your hair back. I and my crew made it all this way west from.. well in my case New Haven. I've seen, I've Shot, and I've killed more things than many people. You don't get to be my age without knowing how to kill. Tell you what Havi you come by the Militia camp sometime and I'll be happy to teach ya how to point and click. Same goes for you Blueberry."
Konno Konno quietly excuses himself to attend something upstairs, slipping off with little other word given.
Silver Silver says, "Well Time for me to get back to the barraks. Nice to meet you snips."
Xavier Xavier nods to those departing. "I'll get you in my shop one of these days...just you wait."
Xavier Xavier is sitting at the bar, drowning himself in whiskey that's being served to him by the robot behind the counter. There's a scattering of patrons but they're all minding their own while he shuffles the deck of cards he has that's filled with mismatched pieces.
Maria Maria enters the saloon, taking a moment to scan each of the patrons as they go about their own business. She mills around the entrance for a moment, before sidling her way over to the bar, taking the next empty stool. Tapping her finger against the counter, she looks to Xavier, and then to the robot. "What's the best drink they've got here?" she asks.
Xavier Xavier side-glances over to Maria as she sits next to him, lifting up his glass to sip at before tossing two caps onto the bartop. "Whiskey for my friend here." Saying this much before he slighty turns towards her, a bit of an accented lift to his words as he gives a wide smile. "I don't trust anything but whiskey...might be a personal preference but you did ask for an opinion." That smile shifting into a smirk as he offers his hand. "Xavier Hoyt. Pleasure to meet you Miss..."
Maria Maria nods her head, taking the man's handshake. "Maria Cueva, the pleasure is all mine," she says, offering a smile of her own. "My father was a whiskey drinker himself, I'm more of a Tequila drinker myself." She takes the drink as it arrives, looking to Xavier. "So, what do you do around here, Mister Hoyt?" She takes a cautious sip of her drink. Her facial expression makes it clear that she's feeling the burn of her first drink.
Xavier Xavier retracts his hand when the shake is finished, going back to shuffling his mis-matched deck of cards. "Well that depends on what sounds more appealing. I'm a gambler and a hair dresser. I run the salon just down the road from here...but to some that doesn't seem like the best trade to be in." Admitting that much with a shrug of his shoulders. "Also, please, call me Xavier. And you, Miss Cueva? What do you do?"
Maria Maria runs a hand through her hair, "Well, likewise, you can just call me Maria. I'm a doctor by trade, myself. Been working with the Militia for a little bit now." She takes another sip, "Maybe I should stop by the salon and get my hair cut. It's getting a bit long,' she says idly, "Why do they say that? Hair dressing seems like a fine profession. Plenty of folks in the Wastes certainly need their hair cut."
Xavier "The militia you say? Plenty of you folks around here then, course you patch them up while they riddle holes thru the wasteland, right?" A chuckle from him then as he sips his whiskey again. "I think I could do something nice with your hair. Give you some layering, maybe take inch or so? Just to clean it up a bit." He shrugs then. "Some people just don't know what a good haircut could do for morale and such. They get all burly in the chest and think they're supreme for helping protect the wasteland. Which is all well and good, but why not look good while doing it too?" A flush to his cheeks then. "Sorry. I don't get to talk much, so...I tend to ramble."
Maria Maria places a hand on her cheek, listening intently and occasionally taking a sip of her drink. "Yep, though I haven't seen anything too bad just yet. Had a girl come in with some ghoul bits, big chunk out of her thigh. Worst I've seen so far, though." She giggles lightly, offering him a consoling pat on the shoulder. "Hey, I don't mind. I'm interested. The gunslingers and fighters are a dime-a-dozen in the Wasteland, you know? It's not every day that you meet someone that's a hair dresser. It's a lost art in the Wastes." She idly bounces a leg, "So, how much do you charge for a cut?"
Xavier Xavier gives a nod of his head. "Dime a dozen indeed. Doctors are a bit more scarce though too, aren't they?" He wouldn't quite know, not having met too many doctors in his time. "Usually the first time through is free of charge. This way I can do my work, and if you don't like it, we can adjust until your hair is how you like it. Then, if you happen to come back, I charge five caps. Which when you think about how often you might need a hair cut, isn't too bad, right?" Asking this much as he finishes his drink and puts another four caps on the counter. "Whiskey again, or would you prefer tequila?"
Maria Maria finishes off her drink as well, setting aside the glass. "You're too generous, I'll have a tequila," she says, smiling, "I'll be sure to stop by whenever you're in, then. I haven't had a hair cut since I left California. Those are some good prices." She places a hand on her chin, thinking on it. "I haven't met any doctors besides the ones that work for the Militia, personally. So, I suppose it's in high demand. I don't charge much for my services, though. Usually only enough to get my supplies back."
Xavier Xavier accepts the new glasses of whiskey and tequila respectively. "I don't mind buying drinks for nice company. So you're from California? What was that like? I...actually haven't ever really left El Dorado. Been my home since I was born." Admitting that much as he finally sets his mis-matched deck of cards onto the bar. "Well, no offense, but I hope you'll be needed my services far more often than I'll be needing yours, but I will certainly keep you in mind if ever I'm ailing."
Maria Maria scratches her chin, taking a cautious sip of tequila. "Well, I wasn't born in California, but I lived there for a long time. I was born in the Sonora wastes, down south," she has a slight Latin twinge to her English, "But, when the Horde started coming up to Mexico, my parents sent me to live in California with my grandmother. It's nice, honestly. Feels a lot safer than the other wastes, 'cause of the NCR. I lived in a little town called Brawley, worked as a ranch doctor for a while 'fore I left." She nods her head, "But, El Dorado is a nice town, honestly. It's the first time I'd ever seen a horse in person." She chuckles, "Of course, of course. With all luck you'll never need my services, unless you need a band-aid or something."
Xavier There's a sort of 'ah' expression as she begins to explain about her past a little bit. Though he looks a bit confused. "The Horde? What a plague of ghouls or something?" No, not well versed in the history of the land outside of his home, and perhaps that was one disadvantage for never venturing further out. "I've heard of the NCR, they never did seem to make their mark here though. No one really did, and we've sort of just...made our own for the longest time now." Admitting that much more before he sips at his whiskey. "So, did you always travel alone?"
Maria Maria chuckles, shaking her head. "Well, there might be some ghouls in the Horde, but they've got all types of other mutants too. We called 'em the Horde. They're all over the south. I'm surprised you haven't heard of 'em, guess they haven't poked their heads out here yet. Lots of refugees are coming north to get away from them," she says, sipping down another gulp of tequila. "Well, I didn't always travel alone. My dad owned- owns a caravan, has good business relations with other caravans. So I was usually able to hitch a ride in exchange for being their wagon doctor." She seems taken aback, recalling something dark. "But, well, I traveled to El Dorado alone. Caravan got blown away in a sand storm and I decided to walk to the nearest town. Guess it was just luck that brought me here."
Xavier Xavier frowns a little. "No. I mean I could probably hear stories if I listened enough or someone stopped into my salon to regale me, but alas, I don't get many customers just yet." Saying this much but he does listen to her story and after a moment he gives a tilt of his head. "The way you explain that... something tells me there's more to the story...perhaps in exchange for the free haircut you could let that little bit off your chest, hm?" He reaches, then, to place his closer hand over hers if she lets him. "No one should keep secrets locked inside, no matter how dark. It'll begin to eat away at you, and your light is too bright to let that happen just yet." A grin then. "Besides, there's always me, and from what I understand we hairdressers are the rare breed of gossip queens and secret stashers."
Maria Maria doesn't seem to mind the presence of his hand, using her other one to take down another gulp of tequila. Clearly she hadn't prepared to talk about this tonight, as she gives a moment's pause, contemplating something. "Well, I don't think you'll find this gossip very interesting," she says, forcing a chuckle. "It's just that... I left California to go work with my dad and mom. I hadn't seen or heard from them for a little while before I left, so I decided to go out and find them. But, well, I couldn't. No sign of them around Sonora. Couldn't go further south because of the Horde." She shrugs, taking another heavy gulp of the tequila. "So, you know, I'm just kind of drifting now. Maybe I'll find them somewhere else." She looks to Xavier, clearly trying to move the topic along. "Now.. about that haircut."
Xavier Xavier gives her hand a squeeze. "I'm sorry. I hope you find them too, and if you need any help, I'll be glad to lend a hand." Saying that much at least before he turns to down his whiskey in one go and then he stands from his stool. "You want it now? I wouldn't mind giving you a cut now if you wish." This much before he looks towards the door of the saloon, perhaps making sure no one else was coming in that might be wanting company. "Like I said, it's just down the street, and I can probably find a stash of whiskey or tequila or some sort of alcohol if you get thirsty."
Maria Maria takes another idle sip of her tequila, finishing off the bulk of it. She leaves the glass on the table, pressing herself up from the bar as well. "Well, now's as good a time as any? Unless you're waiting on someone." She looks to the door, making her way over. "I should probably take it easy with the alcohol, though. I don't wanna get plastered tonight."
Xavier "Well I do have some filtered clean water if you'd rather drink that." Saying this much as he presses onwards, leading her from the saloon to the salon.
Maria Maria nods her head, "That'd be nice." She follows along, carefully watching herself as not to stumble.