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Xavier Xavier leads Maria right down to the Salon where he opens the door to let her in first, hitting the light switch just as she enters so the lights flicker on. A single chair awaits any patron there for a haircut - a sink for washing hair included! "Please, come in, have a seat. You wanted a water, yes?"
Maria Maria makes her way over to the chair, carefully tracing out each foot step as to avoid stumbling. She takes her pack off of her back, setting it next to the chair along with her sweater. She reaches up, letting down her hair from a pony-tail. "Yes, please. I'd appreciate it." She leans back in the chair, placing one leg over the other.
Xavier Xavier watches her a moment, taking note of how careful she's being when walking. Well they were a few shots in a piece, but he'd been carefully managing his intake where as she had a few in a row. None the less, he watches as she releases all that hair and gives a nod of his head. "You really have gorgeous hair though.." Stepping behind, he fluffs it a bit and smiles. "Want me to wash it as well, or just get to work?"
Maria Maria nods her head, "Well, thank you. I get it from my mother, I think. My father was bald," she says, giggling. Even though she was somewhat experienced with liquor, her light weight and intake certainly weren't doing her any favors. "Well, I think it could probably do with a wash as well." She shifts in the chair a bit, getting comfortable. "I have to wonder, where did you learn to hairdress in the wastes?"
Xavier Xavier reaches into a fridge behind him and pulls out a bottle of water, clear in looks, and he hands it to her. "It's filtered and cleaned the best it can be, I promise." Saying this much before looking over her hair again and carefully scoots her movable chair back to the sink, coaxing her to shift down so her hair is in the sink itself. "Uhm, magazines, mostly. And my sister, she used to find these dolls while out in the city, and I would practice styling hair on them. Then my sister, my mother..and it just seemed what I was good at." Explaining this, but...from the looks of everything, he lived alone in the salon - even while saying El Dorado was his home. Perhaps a black past himself?
Maria Maria reaches over, taking a quick drink of the water before she leans back, setting it to the side. She brushes her hair back around her shoulders, letting it fall into the sink. "Well, that's nice," she smiles, "I've talked about myself so much, I feel a bit rude that I haven't asked anything about yourself." She slowly glances around the salon, at least, what little she can see with her head tilted up. "You seem like a good person. What was it like growing up here?"
Xavier Xavier seems to flush again as she lets all her hair into the sink which he quickly shifts the water on and begins to make it warm and works it into her hair. "Oh please. I'm a very boring man, I assure you." He says this while beginning to work some soap into her hair. "Growing up here was alright. The more things shift in the world around us, I think, the more people have opened the city up a bit. For a while it was a bit on the stale side. Same people, doing the same things..." Finishing with the soap, he rinses her hair out thoroughly and then grabs a rag/towel to begin drying it out so it's just damp.
Maria Maria sits idly, tapping her fingers against the chair and listening intently. "Well, you might be boring, but I'm interested. You know, everyone has their story. I've told you mine, why don't you tell me a little about yours?" she says, pryingly. "If you're comfortable with talking about it, I'd be glad to hear it." She smiles, "What about your family? What are they like?" Maria closes her eyes, relaxing in the chair.
Xavier Xavier chuckling a little, he sits her up in the chair a bit again and gently pushes her forward a bit. Grabbing a brush, he begins to pull it through her hair while they talk. "My family? My sister, she decided to be a bit more of an adventurer than myself. Likes to travel and fulfill her curiosities. I haven't seen her in quite some time..." Saying this much before he shrugs. "It wasn't too difficult, just me and my sister, and our parents." Pulling the brush through her hair a bit more while he considers what he plans on doing with her style. "My sisters younger than me by a couple years...I do hope she comes back through town one day.."
Maria Maria opens her eyes, sitting up in the chair. She takes another light sip of the purified water, listening. "That was certainly brave of her. I hope she finds her fortune out there and comes back to share it with your family," she says with a confident smile. "I'm sure that she's doing just fine." Maria lets out a sigh of relaxation, it's clearly been a while since someone has cut her hair. "I was an only child myself, though I did have a few cousins that I grew up with. What about your parents? Do they live in El Dorado too?"
Xavier Xavier gives a nod. "I don't even care if she comes home dirt poor, covered in a burlap sack. I just want to see her again." This much offered as he takes scissors and begins to cut, brush, comb, and gives her hair a bit of layering though keeping most the length of it. That last question seems to go over his head, or otherwise is completely ignored. "What was that like? Being an only child?"
Maria Maria bites her lip for a moment, noting that he chose to ignore her. She elected not to press an uncomfortable topic, perhaps saving it for another day. She thought on it, "Well, it wasn't bad. Traveling with my parents meant that I got to meet a lot of different kinds, so it was never really lonely. We never really had a home or anything that tied us down. It was kind of liberating. I think about what it would have been like if I had a sibling but... well, I don't really know. I always kind of envied people who had siblings to watch out for them, I suppose." She chuckles, trying to lighten the mood. "If you ever wanted to go out and find your sister, I think I'd be rude not to offer some help. I mean, you offered to help me. So, don't be afraid to ask."
Xavier Xavier nods a little. "It has it's ups and downs. Moments of annoyance, but there's love there that you can't really describe." Saying that much and then he sighs. "Sorry about not talking of my parents. They...sort of disappeared. No words, nothing. Woke up one morning and they were gone." Saying this much as he shrugs, continuing to work on her hair a bit more. "I appreciate the offer, and if I ever think to embark on such a journey, I'll keep you in mind for certain." Giving a nod of his head then. "Almost done with your hair.."
Maria Maria frowns, obviously having stumbled onto an uncomfortable topic. She glances up, "No, no, you don't have to apologize to me of all people. You didn't have to say anything if you didn't want to, I understand completely." She rolls her shoulders, "I'm sorry about your parents, though. It must have been tough," she says sympathetically. "Now, I am interested to see what you've done with my hair. I expect good things."
Xavier Xavier flushes again and then nods. "Well I figured I owed you a little bit of an explanation. It's not something I'm...quite comfortable with talking about just yet. Perhaps in time." A nod given and then he smiles, brushing her hair out once more before giving her a bit of a turn to face the dirty but useable mirror. "There we go, voila!"
Maria Maria nods her head as she sits upright, rolling her shoulders and letting out a relaxed sigh. "Well, if you feel like it, let me know." She taps her fingers against the armrests of the chair as she's turned, giving her hair a quick inspection in the mirror. She runs a hand through it, looking it over. She stands, looking to Xavier. "It looks wonderful! Thank you," she says, offering him a thankful hug.
Xavier Xavier smiles and nods, returning that hug. "It was a pleasure, Maria. Thank you for letting me do this." A little smirk remaining as he steps back some when the hug ends.
Maria Maria turns slightly, looking into the mirror once more. She reaches down, putting her sweater back on and strapping her pack around her shoulder. Taking a sip of her water, she turns back, looking to Xavier. "It's my pleasure, truly. It was nice to meet you," she says, smiling. "But, I think that I should probably lay down. I'll see you around?"
Xavier "You as well. And surely! I look forward to seeing you again." Saying this much as he smiles. "Rest well, Maria."
Maria Maria nods her head, offering one last smile before making her way out of the parlor and onto the street.