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Maria Few patrons mill around the saloon at this hour, keeping their heads down and attending to their own business. Maria, herself, leans heavily on a chair at one of the tables near the entrance, idly flipping through the pages of a book in one hand, and a small glass of liquor in the other. On her arm, a red cross is stitched into her woolen sweater, denoting her as a doctor of some sort.
Sarah Sarah enters the saloon, a weary glance about the room. She wears a lab coat over a curve flattering red dress. She moves to get a Rum and Nuka Cola. Then she looks about, starting towards one table, but shifting as she sees the old medical mark. "Good Day, Ma'am." A look about, "Company so no one will accuse us of drinking alone?"
Maria Maria looks up from her book, taking her first glace at Sarah and smiling. She looks her up and down, nodding her head and motioning to a chair. "Oh, I welcome the company," she says, taking a sip. She leans forward, setting her book to the side. "My name's Maria," she says, offering a handshake. "What can I call you?"
Sarah Sarah offers her hand to the other woman in a gentle shake. Then she releases, tucking the dress and coat beneath herself as she sits. "Sarah, Sarah Wayne." The woman offers, a tiny hint of Mexican accent, just enough to make her voice fluid. "In medicine?"
Maria Maria speaks with a Mexican accent of her own, though much more explicit. She nods her head, motioning to the small red cross on her sweater. "Yep! I've taken to working with the Militia as a doctor, as a matter of fact. New in town." She glances over the woman's lab coat and dress, "You look like a woman of science yourself, Miss Wayne. What do you happen to do?"
Sarah Sarah takes a sip from her glass as she looks to the other woman. "I am a medical doctor, I trained with the Followers." A group that might well be relatively unknown. "I have dabbled in a few other research fields, mostly around medicine.." A grin, "Some might stretch that definition. Welcome to El Dorado, I try to help with the militia, but it is good to see they have a dedicated doctor."
Maria Maria nods her head, scratching her chin. "Thank you kindly. It's my utmost pleasure to serve the people here. El Dorado is much more exciting than California." She says, taking a light gulp of her liquor. She raises an eyebrow, "The Followers? Small world. The woman who taught me worked with the Followers herself, for a little while. Learned most of what I know from her." She smiles, "I expect you do good work. What sort of research fields do you dabble in?"
Sarah "Nice, pleasant to have a friend of the Followers." The woman gives aa bright smile, nodding lightly. "Well, lets see, there is alternative pharmaceuticals. Other biological sciences. I supported my training through prosititution. I am a good cook, I am told." Her dark eyes drifting over the other one in light fashion. "I've never been to California. I was in New Reno when the Followers arrived. They completed my training."
Maria Maria nods, listening intently. At the mention of prostitution, she shifts in her chair slightly, clearly caught off-guard. "That must have been quite a job," she says, giggling. "New Reno... I've heard so much about it, but I've never traveled there. Maybe I could try your cooking sometime? I'd pay, of course." She takes a light sip of her drink, "I lived in a town called Brawley, on the frontier of the Republic for a little while. That's where I did most of my training. Worked as a ranch doctor and then traveled around Sonora for a little while, working with the caravans."
Sarah "You would hardly have to pay me for it. I would enjoy hosting you." A smile remaining on her face, "And I didn't say I gave the other field up, it has medicinal and psychological benefits. It is a caps friendly profession that allows me to subsidize other medicines for the less fortunate." A glance around before another sip, "I am originally from here, long ago. I traveled aithd the caravans for a while as a cook and medic, looking for more advanced medicine. There was a feral uprising here, many people died not from the trauma, but infection."
Maria "That's the first I've ever heard of a feral uprising... that sounds terrifying," Maria says, solemnly. Not one to dwell on the negative for too long, she perks up only a few seconds later, "Well, if it pays well, it pays well. I can't really blame you. It just seems kind of dangerous. I bet you certainly have some stories." She taps her finger on the table, "This might seem like kind of an odd question, but... have you ever heard of Cuevas Caravans? They're a small company down south," she asks, taking a drink.
Sarah "There are some stories. But, I was rarely in danger. I was very fortunate. I had a good look, I only worked for brothels, high class ones." Sarah lets the topic fall away though, searching her memory. "I am afraid I haven't heard of them, or cannot recall it. I haven't been far south of El Dorado. My mother was from the south, it gives me the traits."
Maria Maria nods her head, "Of course, of course. Just wondering," she says idly, tapping her glass. "Well, I'm from down south originally. Born and raised in the Sonoran wastes, though I lived in the Republic for a while, 'cause of the Horde. My parents sent me up north to get away from the danger." She leans forward, "Well, you're certainly more brave than me. I don't think I could make it in a job like that."
Sarah "I didn't have a choice. I wasn't forced into it. You'd have to know New Reno. With my skills when I arrived, well it is a bad place. Not a choice is .. Well, wrong. I didn't see one then." Sarah says, motioning for another drink, then downing her current. "I have heard the Republic is nice, if getting a little intrusive. Most of the Followers in New Reno were NCR."
Maria "I'm sorry to hear that, for what it's worth," Maria says, finishing off her own drink. She scratches her chin, trying to recall a distant memory. "Well, I lived on the frontier of the Republic, so there weren't too many prying eyes. Occasionally, troopers would come through to collect taxes. But otherwise? We didn't hear much from the Republic. My teacher, Doctor Dwyer, didn't seem too enthusiastic about it, though. She was from The Boneyard, if I remember correctly." She motions for her own drink, withdrawing a few caps to pay for it, looking to Sarah. "What makes New Reno such a bad place? All I know is that it's a fairly rich city. I figured it'd be a nice place to live."
Sarah "Imagine a town run by crime families, fueled by Vice." Sarah shifts her shoulders, "It is a mine field of turfs. Junkies at most street corners, thugs in the alleys. The nice places in town are casinos and high priced brothels. Living there makes you believe in miracles, because every day it doesn't break out in gang warfare is nothing but. Mercenaries, drug dealers. Under all that, some cogs endure, good folks keeping heads down. Working to survive." Sarah takes a heavy swig from her new drink. "Yes, what did the NCR people say, taxes, titles, and territory, the holy trinity of the Bear." A head shake and a grin, "Sorry, we drinking.. Before we get to sad drunk, what makes you a happy one?"
Maria Maria listens intently, hand on her chin. Her drink arrives as well, and she sips it idly as time passes. "You're right, you're right. I should stop asking about these things. Let's just say I'm morbidly curious." She thinks on it for a moment, "Well, now that I think of it, it's kind of hard to say. For the most part, I've just been drinking and reading since I got here. I'm not exactly sure what there is to do to pass the time around town. But, when I was in the Republic, I liked to fish... and I was apart of a band, embarrassingly enough, so I guess you could say I like music, even if ours wasn't very good." She looks to Sarah, "What about you? What makes you happy?
Sarah "I like music, there are instruments for sale at the radio station in Roswell. Bitter lake for fishing north of town. Horses for riding. A new night club here in town." Sarah says as she tries to match the ideas to the mentioned hobbies. "Be happy to go to any of them. Even if I am not trained at fishing. Hunting too." Sarah smiles as she looks across the table with a grin, "Cooking, reading, riding.. And what can I say, I actually like my jobs."
Maria Maria nods her head, gulping down the last of her drink. She glances around the bar for a moment, before looking down to her wrist. She seems to be recalling something, before looking to Sarah. "Well, I hate to cut off our meeting so early, but I've got some work to do around now." She stands, slinging her pack around her side. "It was good meeting you! We should talk another time," she says, hurriedly making her way out of the bar.