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Lee     With the mist coming out of Dunwich, it's become obvious that there has to be a pickup of patrols near that dark city. So, a squad was sent out on one of those patrols. Walking in formation, the group is near Dunwich around noon. While everywhere else in the wasteland was blistering noon.. Dunwich looked like it was almost dusk.
    Lee walks along with the others, wounded, but rallying gamely enough as he'd keep an eye out for potential troubles. The dull thud of power armor steps showing where he goes. Pausing, Lee peers in the direction of Dunwich and curses softly. "Oi! We got contact! What the.. hell? It's a buncha.. teddy bears? Uh.. they're comin this way guys!"
Esscast Esscast blinks and has to do a double take "lee lay off the chems" esscast says as he lays in the ground bypod on his lmg unfolded he understands somthings heading this way but teddy bears no way untill he sees it "the fuck?" he says as his rolled cig drops from his mouth from shock "ok well i guess shoot?" he says waiting for them to get into medium range he starts shooting.
Marcus Marcus glances over towards the mists of Dunwich and blinks, "That's what?" He raises up his carbine a bit to get it ready because it's Dunwich and who knows what kinda junk is heading outta there towards them. "So we need to burn it with fire right?"
Fiona Fiona readies her carbine, moving to the side of the unit. She takes a bead in the direction Lee calls out. "Stay loose. Lock load and hold. Scopes provide details. We are not going to open fire till we know what we are shooting." Fiona says clearly and sternly, frowning. She'd rather shoot, but..
Lee     Lee grunts. "Roj Sarge!" He'd seperate out a little from the others, crossbow coming up ready for firing as he'd continue to peer at the swarm coming at them.
    As the things get closer, it's easier and easier to see what they are. A mass of teddy bears and other stuff animals. With legit claws and rather nasty looking teeth! They're scrambling over each other, swarming together as the whole mass comes at the patrol. When they get out of the mist around Dunwich they seem to slow a little bit, but that hasn't stopped them from coming, chittering at the group!
Esscast esscast waited till they were in range before unloading two thirds of his belt into them taking a good chunk out of there numbers
Lee     The swarm gets all the more pissed off from Ess' gun chewing some of them up and with a flash of speed, is apon the patrol! They'd swarm over the gunner, ripping into him with sharp claws and small pointy teeth that go.. wait, wrong movie. The swarm of fuzzy animals surrounds Ess as they'd tear into him from all sides!
Esscast "marcus get them off me" esscast yelled in pain as the furry creatures tore into him
Marcus Marcus sights in on the teddy bears but them mauling Esscast and his screams of pain seem to have thrown off his aim a bit so he ends up impacting the ground around them but not hitting a darn thing.
Fiona Hostile enough, must be robots? Fiona frowns, shouldn't have hesitated. Hind sight, damn it. Fiona squints when they hit the machine gunner, locking in her aim and squeezing off the rounds in rapid fashion. "What in? Damnit. Esscast, get out of there."
Lee     Lee grits his teeth as the swarm literally swarms Esscast! He'd narrow his eyes and with a moment's pause, launches that bolt, tagging several of the toys clean through the head and dropping them out of the swarm. Grimly, he'd switch over to that sledge hammer as he'd stalk the swarm. "a'right.. Time ta take out the trash!"
Esscast esscast fires blindly after topping off his feed hitting nothing but air
Lee     The swarm is quick to spread over the others in the patrol, all of them being lashed at by the mass of toys! Lee manages to get out of the way, if barely in time as they were lined up with a perfect shot to turn him into a eunich! Poor Ess though is being covered all over his body with those bite marks!
Fiona Fiona focuses on first avoiding the teethy fluff toys of doom. Then she starts locking on and firing rapidly at them, the double clacks ejecting rapidly with the five milimeter casings as the things explode around the squad. "Every body okay? Essecast, we'll get you to a medic. Lee.. Figure out what this was."
Lee     Lee hesitates to enter the firefight as Fiona manages to level the stuffing out of the toys. Warily, he'd nod to Fiona and moving a bit stiffly, starts rummaging in the bodies. Only to come up with.. stuffing. "Uh.. Sarge? Ain't nothin here.. I mean.. they're just toys.. Even the teeth and claw are just cloth.. I dunno.. this is pretty messed up, fer sure.."
Fiona "I am still a corporal, Lee." Fiona states calmly, stepping over a kicking a fluff pile. "Hmm. Lets leave. I have to.. Try to think how to report this." A hesitation, "Yea, lets move out now."